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74:1  O you shrouded (in your mantle)
74:2  Rise up (and) so warn
74:3  And so your Lord magnify
74:4  And so your clothes purify
74:5  And so defilement forsake
74:6  And be not bountiful, (hoping) to gain more
74:7  And to your Lord (endure) patiently
74:8  So when Trumpet is sounded (Literally: trumpeted)
74:9  Upon that Day then it will be a difficult Day
74:10  For the disbelievers, other than being easy
74:11  Leave Me with him whom I created alone
74:12  And set up (Literally: made) for him extensive wealth
74:13  And sons always in presence
74:14  And made (life) smooth for him in an accessible (way)
74:15  Thereafter he expects that I increase (My favors)
74:16  Not at all! Surely he has been stubborn to Our signs
74:17  I will soon oppress him to a (hard) mounting (in calamities)
74:18  Surely he did think and he determined
74:19  So, may he be slain, how he determined
74:20  Again, (Literally: Thereafter) may he be slain, how he determined
74:21  Thereafter he looked (round)
74:22  Thereafter he frowned, and he scowled
74:23  Thereafter he withdrew, and he waxed proud
74:24  So he said, "Decidedly this is nothing except sorcery, transmitted relics
74:25  Decidedly this is nothing except the speech of mortals."
74:26  I shall soon roast him in Saqar
74:27  And what makes you realize what Saqar is
74:28  It neither spares (i.e., no survivors remain) nor leaves (anything) behind
74:29  Shriveling mortals
74:30  Over it are nineteen
74:31  And in no way have We made the Wardens (Literally: companions) of the Fire except Angels, and in no way have We made their (right) number except as a temptation for the ones who have disbelieved, (and) that the ones to whom the Book has been brought may have certitude, and that the ones who have believed may increase in belief, and that the ones to whom the Book has been brought and the believers may not be suspicious, and that the ones in whose hearts there is sickness and the disbelievers may say, "What would Allah intend by this as a similitude?" Thus does Allah lead into error whomever He decides, and He guides whomever He decides, and in no way does anyone know the hosts of your Lord except He. And in no way is it anything except a Reminding to the mortals
74:32  Not at all! And (by) the moon
74:33  And the night as it with draws
74:34  And the morning when it shines (forth)
74:35  Surely it is indeed one of the greatest things
74:36  As a warning to mortals
74:37  To whomever of you who decides to go forward or postpone (i.e., performing righteous deeds or falling into evil)
74:38  Every self will be pledged for whatever it has earned
74:39  Except the companions of the Right
74:40  In Gardens they will ask one another (questions)
74:41  Concerning the criminals
74:42  "What inserted you into Saqar?"
74:43  They will say, "We were not of the ones who prayed
74:44  And we did not feed the indigent
74:45  And we used to wade with the waders, (i.e., wade in vaintalk)
74:46  And we used to cry lies to the Day of Doom
74:47  Until the Certitude came up to us."
74:48  So in no way will the intercession of the intercessors profit them
74:49  Then what is it with them that they are veering away from the Reminder
74:50  As if they were stampeding reddish asses
74:51  Fleeing from a fierce beast? (Or: animal
74:52  No indeed, every person of them would like scrolls spread open to be brought him
74:53  Not at all! No indeed, (but) they do not fear the Hereafter
74:54  Not at all! Surely it is a Reminder
74:55  So whoever decides will remember it
74:56  And in no way will they remember, except that Allah decides. He is The Source (Literally: The only Qualified One) of piety and The Source of forgiveness