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73:1  O you who are covered
73:2  Arise at night, but not all night
73:3  Half of it, or a little less
73:4  Or a little more, and sing the Quran in moderate, well-arranged tones
73:5  Soon We will place on you a weighty message
73:6  Truly the rising by night is most conducive and most suitable for the Word
73:7  Certainly there is for you, by day, prolonged occupation
73:8  But keep in remembrance the name of your Lord, and devote yourself to Him whole-heartedly
73:9  Lord of the East and the West, there is no god but He, therefore take Him to manage your affairs
73:10  And have patience with what they say, and leave them with dignity
73:11  And leave Me with those in possession of the good things in life who deny the truth, and bear with them for a little while
73:12  With Us are shackles, a fire
73:13  A food that chokes, and a terrible penalty
73:14  One day the earth and the mountains will be in violent commotion, and the mountains will be as a heap of sand poured out and flowing down
73:15  Indeed we have sent to you a messenger to be a witness for you, as We sent a messenger to Pharaoh
73:16  But Pharaoh did not follow the messenger, so We seized him with a terrible punishment
73:17  Then how will you, if you deny God, guard yourselves on a day that will make children gray-headed
73:18  When the universe will be cleft asunder? His promise must be accomplished
73:19  Indeed this is a warning. Therefore, whosoever wills, let him take a path to his Lord
73:20  Your Lord knows that you rise nearly two-thirds of the night, or half the night, or a third of the night, and so does a group of those with you. But God appoints night and day in due measure, He knows that you are unable to keep count of it. So He has turned to you. Therefore read of the Quran as much as is easy for you. He knows that there may be some among you in ill-health, others traveling through the land, seeking God's bounty, and others fighting in God's cause. Therefore read as much of the Quran as is easy, and establish prayer and give zakat, and loan to God a handsome loan, and whatever good you send forth for your souls, you will find it in God's presence. Yes, better and greater in reward. And seek the grace of God, for God is Oft-Forgiving, Redeeming