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73:1  O you Enwrapped one
73:2  Stay up during the night, except a little
73:3  For half of it, or reduce it a little
73:4  Or add to it; and chant the Quran rhythmically
73:5  We are about to give you a heavy message
73:6  The vigil of night is more effective, and better suited for recitation
73:7  In the daytime, you have lengthy work to do
73:8  So remember the Name of your Lord, and devote yourself to Him wholeheartedly
73:9  Lord of the East and the West. There is no god but He, so take Him as a Trustee
73:10  And endure patiently what they say, and withdraw from them politely
73:11  And leave Me to those who deny the truth, those of luxury, and give them a brief respite
73:12  With Us are shackles, and a Fierce Fire
73:13  And food that chokes, and a painful punishment
73:14  On the Day when the earth and the mountains tremble, and the mountains become heaps of sand
73:15  We have sent to you a messenger, a witness over you, as We sent to Pharaoh a messenger
73:16  But Pharaoh defied the Messenger, so We seized him with a terrible seizing
73:17  So how will you, if you persist in unbelief, save yourself from a Day which will turn the children gray-haired
73:18  The heaven will shatter thereby. His promise is always fulfilled
73:19  This is a reminder. So whoever wills, let him take a path to his Lord
73:20  Your Lord knows that you stay up nearly two-thirds of the night, or half of it, or one-third of it, along with a group of those with you. God designed the night and the day. He knows that you are unable to sustain it, so He has pardoned you. So read of the Quran what is possible for you. He knows that some of you may be ill; and others travelling through the land, seeking God's bounty; and others fighting in God's cause. So read of it what is possible for you, and observe the prayers, and give regular charity, and lend God a generous loan. Whatever good you advance for yourselves, you will find it with God, better and generously rewarded. And seek God's forgiveness, for God is Forgiving and Merciful