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73:1  O thou who art enwrapped
73:2  rise by night except a little
73:3  the half or deduct therefrom a little
73:4  or add thereto, and chant the Qur'an chanting
73:5  Verily, we will cast on thee a heavy speech
73:6  Verily, the early part of the night is stronger in impressions and more upright in speech
73:7  Verily, thou hast by day a long employment
73:8  but mention the name of thy Lord and devote thyself thoroughly to Him
73:9  the Lord of the east and the west; there is no god but He; then take Him for a guardian
73:10  And endure patiently what they say, and flee from them with a decorous flight
73:11  And leave me and those who say it is a lie, who are possessed of comfort; and let them bide for a while
73:12  Verily, with us are heavy fetters and hell-fire
73:13  and food that chokes, and mighty woe
73:14  On the day when the earth and the mountains shall tremble and the earth shall be as a crumbling sand-hill
73:15  Verily, we have sent unto you an apostle bearing witness against you, as we sent an apostle unto Pharaoh
73:16  But Pharaoh rebelled against the apostle, and we seized him with an overpowering punishment
73:17  Then how will ye shield yourselves if ye misbelieve from the day which shall make children grey-headed
73:18  whereon the heaven cleaves - its promise shall be fulfilled
73:19  Verily, this is a memorial, and whoso will, let him take unto his Lord a way
73:20  Verily, thy Lord knows that thou dost stand up to pray nearly two-thirds of the night, or the half of it or the third of it, as do part of those who are with thee; for God measures the night and the day; He knows that ye cannot calculate it, and He turns relentant towards you. So read what is easy of the Qur'an. He knows that there will be of you some who are sick and others who beat about in the earth craving the grace of God, and others who are fighting in the cause of God. Then read what is easy of it and be steadfast in prayer, and give alms, and lend to God a goodly loan, for what ye send forward for yourselves of good ye will find it with God. It is better and a greater hire; and ask ye pardon of God: verily, God is forgiving, merciful