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70:1  A doubter once demanded that punishment be immediately meted out
70:2  to those who deny the truth. No power can hinder Go
70:3  from punishing them. He is the Lord of the Ascending Stairways
70:4  by which the angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him in one Day which will last for fifty thousand years
70:5  Therefore, [O believers] behave with seemly patience
70:6  They see it [the Day of Judgement] to be far off
70:7  but We see it near at hand
70:8  On that Day the heavens shall become like molten brass
70:9  and the mountains will become like tufts of wool
70:10  and no friend will ask about his friend
70:11  though they shall be within sight of each other. The guilty one will gladly ransom himself from the torment of that Day by sacrificing his own children
70:12  his wife, his brother
70:13  and his kinsfolk who gave him shelter
70:14  and all the people of the earth, if that could deliver him
70:15  But no! There is a raging blaz
70:16  stripping away his skin
70:17  and it will claim all those who turned their backs [on the true faith] and turned away [from the truth]
70:18  and amassed wealth and hoarded it
70:19  Indeed, man is born impatient
70:20  when misfortune touches him he starts lamenting
70:21  and whenever good fortune comes to him, he grows niggardly
70:22  But not so the worshipper
70:23  who are steadfast in prayer
70:24  those who give a due share of their wealt
70:25  to those who ask [for help] and to the destitute
70:26  and those who believe in the Day of Judgemen
70:27  and are fearful of the punishment of their Lord
70:28  for none may ever feel secure from the punishment of their Lord
70:29  those who preserve their chastit
70:30  except from their spouses and those whom they rightfully possess [through wedlock], for which they incur no blam
70:31  but those who go beyond that limit are transgressors
70:32  and those who are faithful to their trusts and to their pledges
70:33  and those who stand by their testimon
70:34  and are steadfast in their prayers
70:35  They will be honoured in the Gardens of Bliss
70:36  But what is the matter with those who deny the truth, that they come hastening towards yo
70:37  from the right and from the left, in crowds
70:38  Does every one of them aspire to be admitted into a Garden of Delight
70:39  Certainly not! They know quite well out of what We created them
70:40  But nay! I call to witness the Lord of the Easts and the Wests, that We have the power doing this
70:41  to replace them with others better than them: nothing can prevent Us from
70:42  so leave them to indulge in vain idle talk and amuse themselves, until they face the Day which they have been promised
70:43  the Day when they shall come out of their graves in haste, as if they were racing to a goal
70:44  with downcast eyes and faces distorted in shame; such is the Day which they are promised