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7:1  Alif Lām Mīm Sâd.
7:2  A Scripture which was sent down to yousg, so let there be no discomfort in your chest because of it, that you may warn with it, and a reminding for the believers:
7:3  “Followpl what was sent down to you from your Lord, and do not follow other guardians apart from Him. Little do you remind yourselves.”
7:4  And how many a town have We annihilated, such that Our chastisement came upon them while sleeping at night or while they were napping at noon.
7:5  But their only cry when Our chastisement came upon them was, “We were indeed unjust.”
7:6  We will most surely ask those to whom messages were sent, and We will most surely ask the emissaries.
7:7  Then We will most surely relate to them with knowledge, for We were never absent.
7:8  And the scale on that day is the truth. So those whose scales weigh heavy—those are the successful,
7:9  while those whose scales weigh light—those are the ones who have lost themselves on account of the injustice they used to do regarding our signs.
7:10  And very truly We have established youpl in the earth and made for you in it livelihood. Rarely do you give thanks.
7:11  And very truly We created you, then We designed you, then We said to the angels, “Prostrate to Adam.” So they prostrated—but not Iblis; he was not of those who prostrated themselves.
7:12  He said, “What prevented you from prostrating yourself when I commanded you?” He said, “I am better than him; You created me from fire and created him from clay.”
7:13  He said, “So get down from it, for it is not for you to behave arrogantly in it. So get out! You are indeed one of the belittled!”
7:14  He said, “Reprieve me until the day they are resurrected.”
7:15  He said, “You are indeed of those reprieved.”
7:16  He said, “So because You have deluded me, I will most surely waylay them on Your straight path.
7:17  Then I will most surely come at them from before them and from behind them and from their right and from their left, and you will not find most of them appreciative.”
7:18  He said, “Get out of it, despised, vanquished; whoever of them follows you—I will most surely fill up Hell with you all.
7:19  And O Adam, settle in the Garden, you and your spouse, and eat of whatever youdl wish. But neither one of you shall approach this tree lest youdl become of the unjust.”
7:20  But Satan whispered to themdl to reveal to them what had been covered from them of their private parts. And he said, “Yourdl Lord has only forbidden youdl this tree lest youdl become angels or become of the immortals.”
7:21  And he swore to themdl, “I am most surely a sincere advisor to youdl.”
7:22  So he lured themdl with deceit. So when theydl tasted the tree, their private parts became visible to them and they began covering themselves with the leaves of the Garden, and their Lord called out to themdl, “Did I not forbid you both from this tree and tell youdl that Satan is an evident enemy to you?”
7:23  Theydl said, “Our Lord, we have been unjust to ourselves. And unless You forgive us and have mercy on us, we will certainly be of the losers.”
7:24  He said, “Descendpl as enemies to one another, and in the earth you will have a place of settlement and enjoyment for a while.”
7:25  He said, “In it youpl live, and in it you die, and from it you are brought out.”
7:26  O Children of Adam, We have sent down upon you garments to cover your private parts and for luxury. But the garment of mindfulness (of God)—that is better. That is of Allah’s signs, that they may constantly remember.
7:27  O Children of Adam, never let Satan lure you like he brought your parents out of the Garden, stripping them of their garments to show them their private parts. He surely sees you, he and his clan, from where you cannot see them. Indeed, We have made the Satans allies of those who do not believe.
7:28  And when they commit an obscenity, they say, “We found our fathers doing this, and Allah has commanded us to do it.” Say, “Indeed, Allah does not command to obscenities. Are youpl saying about Allah what you know not?”
7:29  Saysg, “My Lord has commanded justice. And set your faces upright at every mosque and call upon Him, devoting religion to Him. Just as He originated youpl, so you will return.”
7:30  A group He has guided and another group has deserved misguidance. They have taken the Satans as guardians apart from Allah and they assume that they are guided.
7:31  O Children of Adam, take your adornment at every mosque, and eat and drink, but do not be extravagant; surely He does not love the extravagant.
7:32  Saysg, “Who has forbidden Allah’s adornment which He has brought out for His servants and the good things among (His) provision?” Say, “They are for those who attained faith in the Earlier Life,exclusively theirs on the Day of Resurrection.” Thus We detail the signs for people who know.
7:33  Say, “Indeed, My Lord has only forbidden obscenities—both manifest and secret—and sin and unjustified aggression, and that you associate with Allah that for which He has never bestowed any authority from on high, and that you say about Allah what you know not.”
7:34  And for every community there is an appointed term. So when their term has arrived, they cannot then delay by one hour nor can they advance.
7:35  O Children of Adam, whenever messengers from among you come to you, relating to you My signs, then whoever becomes mindful (of God) and reforms no fear shall be upon them nor shall they grieve.
7:36  But those who disbelieved in Our signs and were too arrogant to accept them—those are the fellows of the Fire; therein they abide.
7:37  So who is more unjust than someone who has fabricated lies against Allah or has considered His signs to be a lie? Those—their share of the decree will reach them. Until, when Our messengers have come to them to take their souls (at death), they say, “Where is whatever you used to call upon apart from Allah?” They say, “They have strayed from us,” and they testify against themselves that they were deniers.
7:38  He said, “Enter with the communities of unseen beings and humans who have gone into the Fire before you.” Every time a community entered, it cursed its sister-community till, when they were all in it, the last of them said about the first of them, “Our Lord, these are the ones who led us astray, so bring upon them double punishment in the Fire.” He said, “Each will have double, but you know not.”
7:39  And the first of them said to the last of them, “Thus you had no advantage over us, so taste the punishment on account of what you used to earn.”
7:40  Indeed, those who disbelieved in Our signs and were too arrogant to accept them—the gates of the heaven will not be widely opened for them, nor will they enter the Garden (of Paradise) until the camel passes through the eye of the needle. And thus We repay the criminals.
7:41  For them is Hell as a resting place, and above them are sheets of fire. And thus We repay the unjustpl.
7:42  But those who have attained faith and have done righteous deeds—We never task any self beyond its capacity—those are the fellows of the Garden (of Paradise); therein they abide.
7:43  And We removed whatever malice was within their chests; rivers flow beneath them. And they said, “Praise be to Allah who has guided us to this, for never would we have been guided had Allah not guided us; most surely, the messengers of our Lord did come with the truth.” And it was called out to them, “This is the Garden (of Paradise) you are made to inherit on account of what you used to do.”
7:44  And the fellows of the Garden (of Paradise) called out to the fellows of the Fire, “We certainly found what our Lord had promised us to be true, so did you find what your Lord had promised you to be true?” They said, “Yes.” Thereupon an announcer called out in their midst, “Let the curse of Allah be upon the unjust,
7:45  who bar (people) from the way of Allah and seek to make it crooked, while regarding the Hereafter they are deniers.”
7:46  And between them is a partition, and on the elevations are men who recognize everyone by their features. And they called to the fellows of the Garden (of Paradise), “Peace be upon you.” They have not entered it, but they are ardently hoping.
7:47  And when their sight(s) are directed towards the fellows of the Fire, they say, “Our Lord, do not place us with the unjust people.”
7:48  Then the fellows of the elevations called out to men whom they recognize by their features. They said, “In no way did your multitude avail you, nor did your arrogance.”
7:49  “Are these the ones youpl swore Allah would not touch with mercy? Enter the Garden (of Paradise); no fear is upon you, nor shall you grieve.”
7:50  And the fellows of the Fire called out to the fellows of the Garden (of Paradise), “Pour some water over us or some of what Allah has provided for you.” They said, “Allah has indeed forbidden them for the deniers
7:51  who took their religion as a distraction and a game, and whom the Earlier Life deceived." So today We forget them like they forgot the meeting on this day of theirs and for how they used to repudiate Our signs.
7:52  And most surely, We have given them a Scripture which We have detailed with knowledge—guidance and mercy for people who believe.
7:53  Are they waiting for anything but its fulfillment? The day its fulfillment comes true, those who forgot it earlier will say, “The messengers of our Lord did come with the truth, so do we have any intercessors to intercede for us? Or could we be returned back to behave differently from the way we behaved before?” They have certainly lost themselves, and whatever they used to fabricate strayed away from them.
7:54  Indeed, yourpl Lord is Allah, the One who created the heavens and the earth in six days then settled over the Throne. He causes the night to overwhelm the day, pursuing it persistently, for the sun and the moon and the stars are subjected by His command. Truly, His is the creation and the command. Supremely Blessed be Allah, Lord of all realms.
7:55  Call upon your Lord in supplication and in secret. Indeed, He does not love the transgressors.
7:56  And do not corrupt the earth after its reformation, and call upon Him with fear and ardent hope. Indeed, Allah’s mercy is close to those who excel in doing good.
7:57  And it is He Who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings ahead of His mercy until, when they carry up heavy clouds, We drive them to a lifeless land where We send down water, and with it We bring out all kinds of products. Thus We bring out the dead, that you may remind yourselves.
7:58  And the good land—its plants come out by the leave of its Lord, whereas that which has become nasty does not come out unless useless. Thus We diversify the signs for people who give thanks.
7:59  Very truly, We sent Noah to his people. So he said, “O my people, worship Allah; you have no god other than Him. Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a great day.”
7:60  The chiefs of his people said, “We surely see that you are in evident misguidance.”
7:61  He said, “O my people, there is no misguidance in me, but I am a messenger from the Lord of all realms.
7:62  I proclaim to you the messages of my Lord and I advise you, and I know from Allah what you do not know.
7:63  Are you amazed that a reminder has come to you from your Lord upon a man from among you, to warn you and that you might be mindful (of God) and that you may receive mercy?”
7:64  But they disbelieved him, so We saved him and those with him in the ship, and We drowned those who disbelieved in Our signs. Indeed, they were a blind people.
7:65  And to Ād, their brother Hud. He said, “O my people, worship Allah; you have no god other than Him. Will you not be mindful (of Him)?”
7:66  The chiefs of his people, who denied, said, “We surely see that you are in foolishness and we surely think that you are one of the liars.”
7:67  He said, “O my people, there is no foolishness in me, but I am a messenger from the Lord of all realms.
7:68  I proclaim to you the messages of my Lord, and I am a trustworthy adviser to you.
7:69  Are you amazed that a reminder has come to you from your Lord upon a man from among you, to warn you? And call to mind when He made you successors after the people of Noah and increased you greatly in stature, and remember Allah’s blessings, that you may succeed.”
7:70  They said, “Have you come to us in order for us to worship Allah alone and leave what our forefathers used to worship? So bring us what you threaten us with, if you are one of the truthful.”
7:71  He said, “Abomination and wrath have surely befallen you from your Lord. Are you arguing with me over names which you and your forefathers invented, for which Allah sent down no authority? So wait; I am indeed with you among those waiting.”
7:72  So We saved him and those with him by mercy from Us, and We cut off the roots of those who disbelieved in Our signs and never attained faith.
7:73  And to Thamûd, their brother Saleh. He said, “O my people, worship Allah; you have no god other than Him; an evident proof has certainly come to you from your Lord: this she-camel of Allah is a sign for you, so let her eat in Allah’s land and do not touch her with any harm lest a painful punishment seize you.”
7:74  “And call to mind when He made you successors after Ād and settled you in the land, taking for yourselves palaces on its plains and carving out houses of the mountains. So remember Allah’s marvels and do not go wickedly about the land, corrupting it.”
7:75  The chiefs of his people, who acted arrogantly, said to those who had been deemed weak and oppressed—those who had attained faith from among them, “Do you know that Saleh is an emissary from his Lord?” They said, “We are indeed believers in what he has been sent with.”
7:76  Those who acted arrogantly said, “Indeed, we deny what you believe in.”
7:77  So they hamstrung the she-camel and defied the command of their Lord and said, “O Saleh, bring upon us what you threaten us with, if you are one of the emissaries.”
7:78  Thereupon the Tremor overtook them, and they became lifeless bodies in their home.
7:79  Then he turned away from them and said, “O my people, I have proclaimed to you the message of my Lord and I have advised you, but you do not like those who give advice.”
7:80  And Lot, when he said to his people, “Do you commit such obscenity with which no one in all communities has preceded you?”
7:81  “You do approach men with desire instead of women. Rather, you are an extremist people.”
7:82  And his people's only response was to say, “Evict them from your town; indeed, they are a group of people who always keep themselves clean.”
7:83  So We saved him and his family, except for his woman; she was of those who lingered behind.
7:84  And We rained down on them a rain! So look what the outcome was for the criminals.
7:85  And to Midian, their brother Shuaib. He said, “O my people, worship Allah; you have no god other than Him; an evident proof has come to you from your Lord, so give full measure and balance, and do not defraud people of their belongings, and do not corrupt the land once it has been reformed. That is better for you, if you are believers.
7:86  And do not sit on every path, making threats and barring from the way of Allah those who have attained faith in Him, seeking to make it crooked. And call to mind when you were few, then He made you numerous. So look what the outcome was for the corrupters.
7:87  And since a faction of you have come to believe in what I was sent with and a faction have not come to believe, then be patient until Allah judges between us, for He is the Best of judges.”
7:88  The chiefs of his people, who acted arrogantly, said “O Shuaib, We will surely evict you from our town, along with those who have attained faith with you, unless you do indeed return to our creed.” He said, “Even if we are reluctant?
7:89  We would definitely be fabricating lies against Allah if we were to return to your creed after Allah has delivered us from it. And it is not for us to return to it unless Allah, our Lord, wills. Our Lord has encompassed everything in knowledge. In Allah we have placed our trust. Our Lord, legislate justly between us and our people, for You are the Best of legislators.”
7:90  And the chiefs of his people, who denied, said, “If you follow Shuaib, you will definitely be losers.”
7:91  Thereupon, the Tremor overtook them, and they became lifeless bodies in their home.
7:92  Those who disbelieved Shuaib—(it was) as if they never prospered therein. Those who disbelieved Shuaib—it was they who were the losers.
7:93  So he turned away from them and said, “O my people, I have proclaimed to you the messages of my Lord and I have advised you, so how should I grieve over a denying people?”
7:94  And never did We send any prophet to any town but We afflicted its people with misery and adversity, that they may earnestly supplicate (Us).
7:95  Then We substituted good in place of evil until they thrived and said, “Adversity and prosperity have touched our forefathers.” Then We seized them suddenly while they were unaware.
7:96  Yet had the people of the towns attained faith and become mindful (of God), We would surely have opened for them blessings from the heaven and the earth. But they disbelieved, so We seized them for what they used to earn.
7:97  Do the fellows of the towns feel secure that Our chastisement will not come upon them by night while they are sleeping?
7:98  And do the fellows of the towns really feel secure that Our chastisement will not come upon them by day while they are playing?
7:99  Do they feel safe from Allah’s scheme? None feel safe from Allah’s scheme except people who are losers.
7:100  Is it not guidance for those who inherit the land after its fellows that if We willed, We could strike them for their misdeeds, and seal up their hearts so that they would not hear?
7:101  These towns—We relate to you some of their stories. For very truly their messengers came to them with evident proofs, but they would not believe in what they had disbelieved earlier. Thus Allah seals the hearts of the deniers.
7:102  And We did not find most of them true to their covenants; rather, We did find most of them defiantly disobedient.
7:103  Then, after them, We sent Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs, but they did injustice to them. So look what the outcome was for the corrupters.
7:104  And Moses said, “O Pharaoh, I am a messenger from the Lord of all realms,
7:105  committed to saying nothing about Allah but the truth. I have surely come to youpl with an evident proof from your Lord, so sendsg with me the Children of Israel.”
7:106  He said, “If you have come with a sign, then present it, if you are of the truthful.”
7:107  So he cast his staff and, lo and behold, it was an evident serpent!
7:108  And He pulled out his hand and, lo and behold, it was white for the viewers!
7:109  The chiefs among Pharaoh’s people said, “This is most surely a knowledgeable sorcerer
7:110  who wants to evict you from your land, so what is it that you command?”
7:111  They said, “Put him off, and his brother, and send summoners to the cities
7:112  to bring you every knowledgeable sorcerer.”
7:113  Thus the sorcerers came to Pharaoh. They said, “Surely there is a reward for us if we are the overcomers.”
7:114  He said, “Yes, and you will most surely become of those brought near (to me).”
7:115  They said, “O Moses! Either you cast, or we will be the ones to cast.”
7:116  He said, “You cast!” So when they cast, they affected the eyes of the people with sorcery and intimidated them and came up with great sorcery.
7:117  And We revealed to Moses: “Throw your staff,” and, lo and behold, it swallowed what they were faking!
7:118  Thus the truth came to pass, and what they were doing went to waste.
7:119  So there and then they were overcome and they returned, utterly belittled.
7:120  Then the sorcerers fell prostrating.
7:121  They said, “We have attained faith in the Lord of all realms,
7:122  the Lord of Moses and Aaron.”
7:123  Pharaoh said, “How dare you believe in Him before I have given you permission? This is surely a scheme you schemed in the city in order to evict its people from it, but you will come to know.
7:124  I will most surely cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, then I will most surely crucify you all.”
7:125  They said, “Indeed, it is to our Lord that we will return.
7:126  You only resent us because we have believed in the signs of our Lord when they have come to us. Our Lord, pour out patience upon us and take us at death as Muslims.”
7:127  And the chiefs of Pharaoh's people said, “Will you leave Moses and his people to corrupt in the land and leave you and your gods?” He said, “We will relentlessly kill their sons and keep their women alive (in bondage), and indeed, we are subjugators over them.”
7:128  Moses said to his people, “Beseech Allah for help and be patient; indeed, the earth belongs to Allah: He gives it in inheritance to whomever He wills of His servants, and the future outcome belongs to the mindfulpl (of God).”
7:129  They said, “We were hurt before you came to us and after you came to us.” He said, “Hopefully your Lord will destroy your enemy and make you successors in the land, then He will look at how you act.”
7:130  And We afflicted Pharaoh's folk with years (of drought) and with shortage of products, that they may constantly remember.
7:131  Yet when good came to them, they said, “This is ours,” and whenever something bad would afflict them, they would ascribe the evil omen to Moses and those with him. Undoubtedly, their omen is indeed solely with Allah, but most of them do not know.
7:132  And they said, “No matter what sign you bring us to bewitch us with, never shall we believe in you.”
7:133  So We sent upon them the flood and the locusts and the lice and the frogs and blood—all explicit signs—but they acted arrogantly, and they were a criminal people.
7:134  And when the torment befell them, they said, “O Moses, pray to your Lord for us according to the covenant He made with you; if you lift the torment from us, we will most surely believe in you, and we will most surely send the Children of Israel with you.”
7:135  But when We lifted the torment from them for a term they were to fulfill, they promptly broke their promise.
7:136  So We took retribution on them and drowned them in the waters because they rejected Our signs and were oblivious of them.
7:137  And We made those who had been deemed weak and oppressed inherit the eastern and western territories of the land which We had blessed. Thus the fair word of your Lord to the Children of Israel was fulfilled because of their endurance, and We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people had done and what they were building.
7:138  And We made the Children of Israel pass over the sea, then they came upon a people who were devoted to some human-shaped idols of theirs. They said, “O Moses, make for us a god as they have gods.” He said, “You are truly speaking ignorantly.”
7:139  “What these people are concerned with is surely doomed to perdition, and whatever they used to do is false.”
7:140  He said, “Shall I seek for you a god other than Allah when He has favored you over all communities?”
7:141  And recall how We saved you from Pharaoh’s folk who inflicted upon you an evil punishment, relentlessly killing your sons and keeping your women alive (in bondage). And in that was a great test from your Lord.
7:142  And We appointed for Moses thirty nights, and completed them with ten. And thus the time appointed by his Lord was forty nights. And Moses said to his brother Aaron: “Take my place among my people, and be upright, and do not follow the way of the corrupters.”
7:143  And when Moses came for Our appointment and his Lord spoke to him, he said, “My Lord, let me see—to look upon You.” He said, “You will not see Me, but look at the mountain—if it (still) resides in its place, you will see Me.” But when his Lord manifested Himself to the mountain, He turned it into rubble, and Moses fell down unconscious. Then when he recovered, he said, “Highly Exalted are You; I have indeed repented to you, and I am the first of the believers.”
7:144  He said, “O Moses, I have indeed chosen you above mankind for My messages and for My Words, so take what I have given you and be one of the thankful.”
7:145  And We inscribed for him in the Tablets all kinds of admonition and a detailed explanation of everything. “So holdsg fast to them and command your people to adopt the best of them. I will show youpl the (final) Home of the defiantly disobedientpl.”
7:146  I will turn away from My signs those who behave arrogantly on earth without justification. And even if they see every sign, they will not believe in it. And if they see the way of prudence, they will not adopt it for a way; while if they see the way of delusion, they will adopt it for a way. That is because they disbelieved in Our signs and were oblivious of them.
7:147  And those who disbelieved in Our signs and the meeting of the Hereafter—their deeds were nullified. Will they be repaid except for what they used to do?
7:148  And in his absence the people of Moses took a calf made from their ornaments—a body which lowed. Did they not see that it could not speak to them or guide them to any way? They took it (for worship), and thus they became unjust.
7:149  Then when they felt incapacitated and they realized that they had gone astray, they said, “Unless our Lord extends His mercy to us and forgives us, we will be of the losers.”
7:150  And when Moses returned to his people, wrathful (and) sorrowful, he said, “What a miserable thing you have done in my absence! Were you impatient over the command of your Lord?” And he threw down the Tablets and he took hold of his brother’s head, pulling him towards himself. He said, “Son of my mother, the people deemed me weak and were about to kill me, so do not allow the enemies to gloat over me and do not count me among the unjust people.”
7:151  He said, “My Lord, forgive me and my brother and enter us into Your mercy, for You are the Most Merciful of the merciful.”
7:152  Indeed, those who took the calf will be afflicted by wrath from their Lord and humiliation in the Earlier Life. And thus do We repay the fabricators of falsehood.
7:153  Yet those who have done evil deeds and then repented and attained faith—your Lord, thereafter, is surely Oft-Forgiving, Bestowing of mercy.
7:154  And when the wrath abated in Moses, he took up the Tablets. And in their transcript is guidance and mercy for those in awe of their Lord.
7:155  And Moses chose from his people seventy men for Our appointment, then when the Tremor overtook them, he said, “My Lord, had You willed, You could have annihilated them before, and me too. Will you annihilate us for what the fools among us have done? This is but Your test—with it You lead astray whomever You will and guide whomever You will; You are our Ultimate Guardian, so forgive us and have mercy on us, and You are the best of forgivers.
7:156  And inscribe for us goodness in this Earlier (Life) and in the Hereafter. We have Judaized to You.” He said, “My punishment—I inflict it upon whomever I will, but My mercy has encompassed everything, so I will inscribe it for those who are mindful (of God) and bring the purifying charity, and those who believe in Our signs—
7:157  those who follow the Messenger, the gentile Prophet whom they find written in the Torah and the Gospel—in their possession—commanding them to what is fair and forbidding them what is deplorable, and allowing for them all good things and prohibiting for them nasty things, and unloading their heavy load and the shackles that were upon them. So those who have attained faith in him and have respected him and have supported him and have followed the light that came down with him—those are the successful.”
7:158  Say, “O mankind, I am indeed the Messenger of Allah to you all—He to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; there is no god but He. He gives life and causes death, so believe in Allah and His Messenger, the gentile Prophet who believes in Allah and His words, and follow him, that you may be guided."
7:159  And of the people of Moses is a community that guides by truth and thereby acts with justice.
7:160  And We divided them into twelve tribal communities. And We revealed to Moses when his people asked him for something to drink: “Strike the rock with your staff,” whereupon twelve springs gushed from it; each group of people certainly recognized its drinking-place. And We shaded them with clouds and We sent down upon them manna and quails: “Eat of the good things We have provided for you.” And they were not unjust to Us, but to themselves they used to do injustice.
7:161  And recall when it was said to them, “Settle in this town and eat therein whatever you wish and speak modestly and enter the gate in humility—We will forgive you your offenses, and will give more to those who excel in doing good.”
7:162  Then the ones who did injustice among them substituted another word for the word said to them, so We sent down upon them a torment from heaven on account of how they used to do injustice.
7:163  And ask them about the town by the sea when they violated the Sabbath. When they observed the Sabbath, their fish would come to them abundantly. But when they violated the Sabbath, their fish would not come to them. Thus We tried them on account of how they used to be defiantly disobedient.
7:164  And recall when a group of them said, “Why do you admonish a people whom Allah will annihilate or punish with a severe punishment?” They said, “As an excuse to your Lord, and so that they may become mindful (of God).”
7:165  Then when they forgot what they were reminded of, We saved those who forbid evil, and We seized those who did injustice with a terrible punishment on account of how they used to be defiantly disobedient.
7:166  Then when they rebelled against what they had been forbidden to do, We said to them, “Be despicable apes.”
7:167  And recall when your Lord announced that He would most surely send against them someone who would inflict terrible punishment upon them until the Day of Resurrection. Your Lord is most surely swift in punishment, and He is most surely Oft-Forgiving, Bestowing of mercy.
7:168  And We scattered them into communities on earth—some of them righteous and some of them short of that—and We tested them with good and evil, that they may return.
7:169  Thus they were succeeded by generations who inherited the Scripture while seizing the materials of this lower (world), and saying, “We will be forgiven.” And should similar materials come their way, they would again seize them. Was not the pledge of the Scripture taken by them, to say nothing about Allah but the truth? Did they not study its contents? But the Home of the Hereafter is better for the mindfulpl (of God). Will you not reason?
7:170  And those who adhere strictly to the Scripture and have established the prayer—indeed, We do not waste the reward of the reformers.
7:171  And recall when We suspended the mountain over them as if it was a dark cloud, and they thought it would fall on them: “Holdpl fast to what We have given you and remember what it contains, that you may remain mindful (of God).”
7:172  And recall when Your Lord summoned the offspring of the children of Adam from their loins and made them testify about themselves, “Am I not your Lord?” They said, “Yes, we do testify.” Thus you cannot say on the Day of Resurrection, “We were oblivious of this.”
7:173  Nor can you say, “Our forefathers practiced polytheism before, and we were their offspring who came after them. Will you annihilate us for what the advocates of falsehood did?”
7:174  And thus We detail the signs, and that they may return.
7:175  And relate to them the story of the one to whom We brought Our signs, but he detached himself from them, so Satan went after him and he became of the deluded.
7:176  And had We willed, We could have elevated him through them, but he clung to the ground and followed his whim. Thus his example is like that of a dog: if you chase it, it pants; and if you leave it alone, it pants. Such is the likeness of the people who disbelieved in Our signs. So narrate the narratives, that they may reflect.
7:177  Evil is the parable of the people who disbelieved in Our signs and to themselves they used to do injustice.
7:178  Whomever Allah guides is the guided one, and whomever He misguides—those are the losers.
7:179  We have destined for Hell multitudes of unseen beings and humans; they have hearts with which they do not comprehend, and have eyes with which they do not see, and have ears with which they do not hear. Those are like cattle; in fact, they are further astray. Those are the oblivious.
7:180  And to Allah belong the most beautiful names, so use them to call upon Him, and leave aside those who blaspheme His names. They will be repaid for what they used to do.
7:181  And of those We created is a community that guides by truth and does justice thereby.
7:182  But those who disbelieved in Our signs—We will draw them forth gradually (to punishment) from where they do not know.
7:183  And I will give them respite. Indeed, My plot is firm.
7:184  Have they not reflected? There is no madness in their fellow; he is but an evident warner.
7:185  Have they not looked into the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all the things that Allah created and that perhaps their time may have drawn near? In what discourse beyond this will they believe?
7:186  Whomever Allah leads astray has no guide, and He leaves them to wander aimlessly while exceeding all limits.
7:187  They ask you about the Hour, “When will it take place?” Say, “Knowledge of it rests with my Lord; none can reveal its coming except He. Heavy has its weight become throughout the heavens and the earth. It comes not upon you except suddenly.” They ask you as if you are responsible for it. Say, “Surely, knowledge of it but rests with Allah,” though most of mankind do not know.
7:188  Say, “I have no power to benefit or harm (even) myself, except as Allah wills. And had I known the hidden realm, I would have acquired much good, and no harm would have touched me. I am only a warner and a herald of glad tidings to people who believe.”
7:189  It is He Who created you from a single self and made from it its spouse, that he may find rest with her; then when he covered her, she carried a light (load of) pregnancy, then she passed by with it. But when she grew heavy, theydl called upon Allah, their Lord, “If You give us a righteous (child), we will most surely be of the thankful.”
7:190  But when He gave them a righteous (child), they set associates with Him in what He has given them. Rather, Most High is Allah above what they associate.
7:191  Do they associate (with God) what creates nothing and are themselves created?
7:192  And can neither support them nor support themselves?
7:193  And if yousg call them to guidance, they do not follow you. It is the same for you whether you call them or remain silent.
7:194  Indeed, those you call upon apart from Allah are servants like you, so call upon them and let them respond to you if you are truthful.
7:195  Do they have feet with which they walk, or do they have hands with which they strike, or do they have eyes with which they see, or do they have ears with which they hear? Say, “Callpl upon your associates, then plot against me and give me no respite.
7:196  Indeed, my Ultimate Guardian is Allah, Who bestowed the Scripture from on high, and He guards the righteous,
7:197  while those you call upon apart from Him cannot support you nor can they support themselves.”
7:198  And if you call them to guidance, they do not hear. And you see them looking at you, yet they do not see.
7:199  Take the course of pardoning, and command to benevolence, and disregard ignorant harassers.
7:200  And if yousg are ever spurred by a spurring from Satan, then seek refuge with Allah; indeed, He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.
7:201  Indeed, those who are mindful (of God)—when an impulse from Satan touches them, they remind themselves and immediately see (the truth).
7:202  But their brethren lead them relentlessly into delusion, and they never stop short.
7:203  If you do not bring them a sign, they say, “Why don’t you improvise one.” Say, “I only follow what is revealed to me from my Lord.” This (Scripture) is insights from your Lord, and guidance and mercy for people who believe.
7:204  Thus when the Recital is recited, then listenpl to it and pay attention, that you may receive mercy.
7:205  And remember yoursg Lord within yourself in supplication and in fear, and without being loud of voice, in the mornings and before sunset; and do not be of the oblivious.
7:206  Indeed, those who are in the presence of your Lord are not too arrogant to worship Him, and they exalt Him, and to Him they prostrate themselves.