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69:1  That inevitable truth.
69:2  How is that inevitable truth?
69:3  And what did you know how is that inevitable?
69:4  Thamud and Aad belied that strong calamity.
69:5  Then as for Thamud they were destroyed with an extreme uproar.
69:6  And as for Aad, they were destroyed by a fierce roaring windstorm.
69:7  Which He subjected them forcefully for seven nights and eight days consecutively, then see those people in it lying down, as though they were trunks of palm-trees lying down.
69:8  Do you see any remnant of them?
69:9  And Firawn and those before him, and the overthrown towns committed error.
69:10  And they disobeyed the Messenger of their Lord; therefore, He seized them with a strong seizing.
69:11  Undoubtedly, when the water rose high, We bore you in the boat.
69:12  That We might make it a reminder for you and it might be retained by the ears that retain after hearing.
69:13  Then when the trumpet is blown instantly.
69:14  And the earth and the mountains are being crushed after lifting up all at once.
69:15  That is the day when will happen the inevitable event.
69:16  And the heaven will cleave as-under, then on the day it will be in a miserable condition.
69:17  And the angels will be standing on the sides thereof, and on that day, the eight angles will bear over them the throne of your Lord.
69:18  On that day, you all shall be presented and no hiding soul shall remain hidden.
69:19  Then as to him, whose record shall be given in his right hand, he will say, 'take and read my record'.
69:20  I was convinced that I would reach to my accounting.
69:21  Therefore, he is in his desired comfort.
69:22  In a lofty Garden.
69:23  Its clusters are within reach.
69:24  Eat and drink a content full recompense for that you sent forth in the days gone by.
69:25  And as for him whose record shall be given in his left hand, he will say, 'oh would that, I had not been given my record!
69:26  And I would not have known what is my reckoning.
69:27  Oh, would that death had made an end of me.
69:28  My wealth has availed me nothing.
69:29  My all strength has gone from me.
69:30  Seize him and put chains in his neck.
69:31  Then cast him into blowing fire.
69:32  Then thrust him in a chain the length of which is seventy cubits.
69:33  Undoubtedly, he did not believe in Allah the Great.
69:34  And he did not urge the feeding of the needy.
69:35  Therefore, he today has no friend here.
69:36  Nor any food saves pus of the people of Hell.
69:37  Which none but the sinners eat.
69:38  But no, I swear by what you see.
69:39  And by all that, you see not.
69:40  Undoubtedly, this Quran is the talks with a noble Messenger.
69:41  And it is not the word of any poet. How little you believe!
69:42  And it is not the word of any sooth sayer. How little you heed!
69:43  I have been sent down by Him who is the Lord of entire world.
69:44  And if he would have said against Us even one word forging from himself.
69:45  We would surely have taken revenge with full force.
69:46  And then We would surely have severed his life vein.
69:47  And not any of you could have defended him.
69:48  And undoubtedly; this Quran is an admonition to the God-fearing.
69:49  And surely, We know that some among you are beliers.
69:50  And undoubtedly, it is a great sorrow to the infidels.
69:51  And undoubtedly, it is the truth of absolute certainty.
69:52  So O beloved prophet! glorify your Lord the Great