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68:1  Nūn. BY the Pen, and what they¹ write
68:2  you² are not a man possessed: thanks to the favour of your Lord
68:3  A lasting recompense awaits you
68:4  for yours is a sublime nature
68:5  You shall before long see ― as they will see ―
68:6  which of you is enchanted
68:7  Your Lord knows best those who stray from His path, as He knows best those who are rightly guided
68:8  Yield not to the disbelievers
68:9  they desire you to overlook their doings that they may overlook yours
68:10  Nor yield to the wretch of many oaths
68:11  the mischief-making slanderer
68:12  the opponent of good, the sinful transgressor
68:13  the bully who is of doubtful birth to boot
68:14  Though such a man be blessed with wealth and children
68:15  when Our revelations are recited to him, he says: ‘Fables of the ancients.‘
68:16  On the nose We will brand him
68:17  We have afflicted them³ as We afflicted the owners of the orchard who had declared that they would pluck its fruit next morning
68:18  without adding any reservation.⁴
68:19  A visitant from your Lord came down upon it while they slept
68:20  and in the morning it was as black as midnight
68:21  In the morning they called out to one another
68:22  Hurry to your orchard, if you would pick its fruit.‘
68:23  And off they went, whispering to one another
68:24  No beggar shall enter it today.‘
68:25  Thus they went out, fixed in their resolve
68:26  But when they saw it they said: ‘We have erred indeed
68:27  we are bereft.‘
68:28  The most upright among them said: ‘Did I not bid you give praise?‘
68:29  Glory be to our Lord,‘ they said. ‘We have assuredly done wrong.‘
68:30  And they began to blame one another
68:31  Woe betide us!‘ they said. ‘We have been great transgressors
68:32  Perchance Our Lord will give us a better one in its place; to Our Lord we will turn.‘
68:33  Such was their torment. But the torment of the life to come is more terrible, if they but knew it
68:34  In the Gardens of Delight the righteous shall be with their Lord
68:35  Are We to treat the Muslims and the sinners alike
68:36  What has come over you¹ that you should judge so ill
68:37  Or have you a scripture to stud
68:38  promising you whatever you choose
68:39  Or have We sworn a covenant with you ― a covenant binding till the Day of Resurrection ― that you shall have what you yourselves ordain
68:40  Ask if any of them¹ will vouch for that
68:41  Or have they other deities besides God? Let them produce their deities, if what they say be true
68:42  On the day the dread event unfolds and they are told to prostrate themselves, they will not be able
68:43  Utterly humbled, they shall stand with eyes downcast; for they had long since been bidden to prostrate themselves when they were safe and sound
68:44  Therefore leave to Me those that deny this revelation. We will lead them on step by step, in ways beyond their knowledge
68:45  I shall bear long with them: My stratagem is sure
68:46  Are you demanding pay of them, so that they are burdened with debt
68:47  Or have they knowledge of what is hidden? Can they write it down
68:48  Wait, then, the judgement of your Lord and do not act like him¹ who was swallowed by the whale when he called out in despair
68:49  Had his Lord not bestowed on him His grace, he would have been abandoned in the open to be blamed by all
68:50  But his Lord chose him for His own and made of him a righteous man
68:51  The unbelievers well-nigh devour you with their eyes when they hear the Admonition . ‘He is surely possessed,‘ they say
68:52  Yet it is but an Admonition to mankind