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65:1  O you An-Nabi! When you divorced women, then divorce them keeping full regard for their iddat (waiting period) and correctly count the iddat. And pay obedience to Allah, Nourisher-Sustainer unto you. Do not make them go from their residence (where they are living uptil now with their husbands), and they shall not go (even on their own) — except (under punishment) that they indulge in evident lewdness. And these are the limits of Allah. And whoever overrides the limits of Allah, then surely he had committed transgression against his (own) Nafs. You (who could pronounce divorce unto wife) do not comprehend — may be Allah brings out an absolutely new situation after this (for handling) the matter (and thus make you understand the benefit and the philosophy regarding the iddat)
65:2  Then when they have reached their appointed period (iddat), then continue to keep them (as wives) in a desirable way or part with them in a desirable way. And arrange for the testimony of two just persons from amongst you (Muslims). And preserve the evidence for Allah (i.e., you should give it the form of a document bearing the signatures or impressions of two witnesses). This unto you, He admonishes therewith that one who used to Believe in Allah and the Last Day. And whoever pays obedience to Allah, He will make for him a way out (for every difficult situation)
65:3  And He will give him provision from a place he imagines not. And whosoever puts trust in Allah then He is sufficient to him. Verily, Allah is One Who accomplishes His task. Indeed Allah has set unto everything a measure
65:4  And those females who have crossed the age of monthly periods out of your women, (and) if you fell in dispute (about the counting of the periods) then, their iddat is three (lunar) months; and (also for) those females who did not menstruate (due to some abnormality or disease inspite of being fully mature. See Verses 4/6, 24/60). And who are holders of the products of gestation — their prescribed period (for iddat is) that they deliver their pregnancy. And whosoever pays obedience to Allah He will establish for him, regarding his affair easiness
65:5  This is the Ordainment of Allah, He has made it available unto you. And whoever pays obedience to Allah, He will write off from him his sins and will enlarge for him (his) reward
65:6  Provide them residence in the same place and standard as you stayed, according to your means and do not hurt them that you may create unto them hurdles (indirectly pressurising them to vacate your residences). And if they happened to be holders of the product of gestation, then spend on them till they deliver their pregnancy. Then if they breast-feed (the baby) in your interest, then pay them their (due) rewards. And set your mutual roles amongst you in a desirable way. And if you assessed difficulties (or lack of adjustments) amongst yourselves, then immediately may provide suck (to the baby) to serve the interest of that (baby) — another woman
65:7  Let the one who is rich spend according to his means, and the one on whom his provision is set according to bare needs — so he will spend (according to his means) out of what Allah has given to him. Allah does not burden a Nafs except (for) that which He has given (capacity) to her. Soon Allah will establish, after hardship, easiness
65:8  And how many a city rebelled against the ordainment of its Nourisher-Sustainer and His Messengers — so We put it to accountability, a most severe accountability and We punished it in a horrible punishment
65:9  So it tasted the result of its behaviour, and the end-result of its behaviour became (nothing but) loss
65:10  Allah has prepared for those (citizens) a most severe punishment (in the Hereafter,). So be obedient to Allah, O men of understanding — who have Believed. Indeed, Allah has bestowed unto you Zikr
65:11  a Messenger: he reproduces before you Ayaatillahe Mobayyinatin so that He may take out those who have Believed and have performed righteous acts from the darkness unto Light. And whoever develops Faith in Allah and performs righteous deeds He will admit him into Gardens, flow underneath them rivers, (as) abiders therein for ever. Indeed Allah has made excellent for him (the) provision
65:12  Allah is That Who created seven (or many) heavens and of the earth the like thereof (i.e., seven or many). The order (controlling various activities) descends amongst them (all) so that you (O human beings!) realise that Allah is All-Capable over everything. And that Allah has indeed comprehended every thing in Knowledge (available in Him)