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60:1  Oh those of you who believe, if you (really) left your homes for Me, seeking My approval, then do not accept My enemies _ and your enemies _ as friends! You show them affection, even though they have rejected the truth that came to you! They exiled the messenger _ and you, too _ because you believe in Allah, your Lord. You secretly show them affection! I know what you conceal and what you declare! Whoever amongst you does that, has really left the straight path and has gone astray
60:2  They would treat you as their enemies, if they were to gain an upper hand over you. With evil (intent) they would assault you with their hands and their tongues. They (just) love to have you disbelieve (and renounce your faith)
60:3  Your relatives and your children will not benefit you on the Day of Judgment; He will judge (all matters) between you. Allah watches everything you do
60:4  There has been an excellent example for you in Ibraheem, and those with him. They said to their people, "(We hereby declare that) we are free of all guilt concerning you, and the gods you worship other than Allah. We renounce you (and your faith). There has appeared between us hatred, and hostility forever, until you come to believe in Allah (exclusively)." Ibraheem´s remarks to his father was an exception. (He had said), "I will seek forgiveness for you from Allah. (But) I lack the authority to get anything (at all) for you from Allah." (Ibraheem turned to Allah and said), "Our Lord! Upon You we rely and towards You we turn in repentance! Towards You is our journey back."
60:5  "Our Lord, do not turn us into a test for the unbelievers, and forgive us our Lord! Indeed, You _ and only You _ are the Almighty, the Wisest
60:6  In them _ (Ibraheem and those with him) _ there is certainly an excellent example to follow for anyone looking forward to (the meeting with) Allah on the Last Day. And should anyone turn away, Allah is certainly Free of all want and Worthy of all praise
60:7  Perhaps Allah will (once again) cast friendship and love between you and them _ those you have alienated. Allah has power over all things! Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
60:8  Allah does not forbid you to be just and righteous towards those who did not go into battle against you (over matters of faith), and did not expel you from your homes. Deal with them justly. Allah loves those who are just
60:9  But Allah forbids you to befriend those who fought against you over matters of faith, those who either assisted others in driving you out of your homes or drove you out themselves. Those of you who befriend them are indeed the evil doers
60:10  Oh those of you who believe, investigate (all) immigrant women who come to you, claiming to be the believers. Allah knows better, whether or not they believe. If you determine that they (really) are the believers, then do not repatriate them back to their non-believing husbands (or family). The believing women are not lawful for the non-believing men; nor are the non-believing men lawful for the believing women. Return to their non-believing husbands whatever they had spent (as nuptial dowry). You would not be committing a sin, if you marry such women, provided you pay them their due. Do not keep the non-believing women married to you. Ask them to return what you had spent upon them (as nuptial dowry). Let the non-believing husbands (likewise) receive the amounts they had spent on their (believing) wives. This is the command of Allah! He judges between you; Allah is the all-Knowing, the Wisest
60:11  (Even) if any of your wives leaves you for the disbeliever (without returning the nuptial dowry) still in your turn, pay the disbelievers whose wives leave them for you (an amount) equal to what they had spent. (Always) fear Allah, in Whom you (profess to) believe
60:12  Oh prophet! Accept the pledges of the believing women, when they come to take their oaths of allegiance to you. Provided, they pledge that they would not join any partners with Allah, would not steal, commit adultery or kill their children, and would not indulge in slander, and would not concoct lies on their own. Also, that they would not disobey you in what is right. Seek forgiveness for them from Allah! Certainly Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
60:13  Oh you who believe! Do not befriend the people who have incurred the wrath of Allah. Just like the disbelievers lying in their graves, they too have abandoned all hope about the afterlife