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6:1  Selective Praise suits Allah, the Being Who created the heavens and the earth and established the darkness and the light, yet those who have disbelieved hold others as equal with their Nourisher-Sustainer
6:2  He it is Who has created you out of clay, then He decreed a (stated) term (or life-span for you) and (another) specified term in His Presence, yet you are: you are doubting (in the truthfulness of the Hereafter)
6:3  And He is Allah in the heavens and on the earth. He knows what is hidden in you and is (made) evident by you and He knows what you earn (as good or evil)
6:4  And does not come to them a Verse from the Verses of their Nourisher-Sustainer but they became to it, those who turn away
6:5  Then indeed they rejected Al-Haqq when it came to them. So very soon shall come to them the news of what they had been mochead of state thereat
6:6  Have they not pondered how many We destroyed before them out of generation(s) — We established them on the earth to the extent We did not establish (the civilization) for you. And We showered (from) the heaven over them in abundance and We made the rivers flow from underneath them. Then We destroyed them for their sins and We brought into being after them a generation of latter ones
6:7  And even if We had sent down unto you a Book (descending from heaven, and written) on paper (and) then surely they could touch it with their hands, indeed those who have disbelieved (would have) said: “This is nothing but obvious magic!”
6:8  And they said: “Why not has been sent down to him an angel?” And if We had sent down an angel, indeed (then) the matter would have been settled — in such a case they would not be given (any) respite
6:9  And had We made him (that is, the one who is to be appointed a Messenger to mankind) an angel, indeed We would have made him (appear as) a man, and certainly, We would have caused them confusion in the matter which they have covered with confusion (because an angel when he appears to an ordinary person he appears, as a man and not in his real angelic form)
6:10  And indeed mockery was committed with the Messengers before you, so covered those, who scoffed amongst them, the very thing with which they had been indulging in ridicule
6:11  Say: “Travel on the earth (and) afterwards ponder what was the ultimate end of those who rejected (the statements in Al-Kitab"
6:12  Say: “For whom is what is in the heavens and the earth?” Say: “For Allah. He has (Himself) ordained upon His self (to shower) Mercy (on His Ibad). Indeed He will gather you together towards the Day of Resurrection. (There is) no doubt in this”. Those who have damaged their selves, so they shall not Believe
6:13  And for Him is what stayed during the night and the day, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing
6:14  Say: “Shall I take as a wali other than Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth? And He feeds (all His creation) but (Himself) is not fed.” Say: “Verily, I am commanded that I become the first one who accepted Islam (as revealed in its original, in my era).” And be not from amongst the polytheists
6:15  Say: “Surely, I fear, if I disobeyed my Nourisher-Sustainer, the punishment of a Mighty Day.”
6:16  Who is averted from it that Day, then surely He has showered Mercy on him. And that is the obvious success
6:17  And if Allah makes some trouble get attached to you, then there is none for it who can relieve, except He. And if He makes some good get attached to you, then He is All-Capable over all things
6:18  And He is the Irresistible, above His Ibad. And He is the All-Wise, Well-Acquainted (with all things)
6:19  Say: “What thing is greater in testimony?” Say: “Allah is Witness between me and between you, and this Al-Quran has been made evident on me that I may warn you therewith and whomsoever it has (already) reached. Do you, with surety, must bear witness that alongwith Allah there are other ’aaliha (gods)?” Say: “I do not bear witness (to this falsehood)!” Say: “Definitely, what is a fact is that He is the only One Ilah (God). And truly I am absolved of what you indulge with in polytheism
6:20  Those whom We have given Al-Kitab recognise it (i.e., the original version of the Book as being propagated by the Last Prophet) as they recognise their own children. Those who have damaged their selves: so they will not Believe
6:21  And who is more wrong-doer than one who invented against Allah (evident) falsehood or belied His Ayaat? Certainly it is that the transgressors do not attain success
6:22  And the Day We shall gather them all together; afterwards We shall say to those who joined partners (in worship with Us): “Where are partners assigned by you — those whom you used to assert (as partners in the dominion of Allah)?”
6:23  Thereafter there remains no excuse (or argument) from them except that they said: “By Allah, Our Nourisher-Sustainer, we were not polytheists.”
6:24  Look! How they lied against themselves; and disappeared from them what they had been falsely inventing
6:25  And out of them is that who listens to you; and We have set over their hearts a covering that they may understand it (naught) and in their ears, a cork. And if they see every one of the Ayaat (collectively shown to them from Al-Kitab on one particular subject) they will not Believe therein to the point (that) when they came to you they argue with you. The people who have disbelieved say: “(It is) nothing but the writings of the earlier people.”
6:26  And they prevent (others) from it, while (themselves) they keep away from it. And they destroy not but their ownselves, yet they perceive (it) not
6:27  And if you saw when they were set over the Fire, then they said: “Would that be for us that we are sent back to the earth and we do not deny the Ayaat of our Nourisher-Sustainer and we become out of the Believers?”
6:28  Nay! (Now) has become manifest to them what they had been hiding since before. And if they were sent back (to the earth) they definitely reverted to what they were prohibited thereto and indeed they are surely liars
6:29  And they said: “(There is) no (life-span additional to) this except our life of this world, and we shall not be out of those who are Resurrected
6:30  And if you saw when they were made to stand before their Nourisher-Sustainer, (and) He said: “Is not this (Resurrection and Accountability) in Truth?” They said: “Yes, by our Nourisher-Sustainer! " He (i.e., Allah) said: "So, you people taste the punishment of what you had been disbelieving.”
6:31  Definitely, have lost those who denied (their) meeting with Allah till a point when the Hour engulfed them out of a sudden. They said: “O, alas for us over that we gave no thought to it.” And they will bear their burdens on their backs. Be careful, evil it is they will bear
6:32  And this worldly life is nothing but play and amusement. And surely the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who pay obedience (to Allah). Will you then not use (your) intellect
6:33  Surely We know (that) indeed that definitely gives you grief what they utter. So truly (speahead of state) they do not deny you, rather the transgressors strive and argue against the Ayaat of Allah
6:34  And without doubt, were (also) denied the Messengers before you, then they showed forbearance over what they were denied, and they were hurt till the stage Our Help reached them, and none (exists any where as) the alterer or modifier for the statements of Allah (in His Al-Kitab). And surely has reached you out of the news about the Messengers
6:35  And if has happened hard on you their aversion (from the Message), then if you had the capacity that you find a passage in the ground or a vehicle to the sky (and) then you come to them with a proof (or sign, you could attempt that.). And had Allah willed indeed, He could have gathered them together unto Al-Huda, so be not you out of Al-Jahilun
6:36  Certainly what (is a fact is that) will respond (only) those who would listen. And the (spiritually) dead ones: (shall present a negative behaviour till their physical death when) Allah will raise them up (in Resurrection), then to Him they will be returned (to face full Accountability)
6:37  And they said: “As to why a sign (or proof) has not been delivered to him from his Nourisher-Sustainer?” Say: “Surely Allah is All-Capable over (this) that He may deliver a sign (or proof) but most of them know not (that Al-Kitab itself is the most important sign or proof)
6:38  And (there is) not out of a Daabbah on or in the earth and neither a flying one that flies with its pair of wings, but are Umam (communities or nations) like you. We have not neglected in Al-Kitab out of anything, then unto their Nourisher-Sustainer, they (all) shall be gathered
6:39  And those who have rejected Our Ayaat are deaf and dumb in darknesses. Whom Allah thinks proper He sends him astray and whom He thinks proper He sets him on Permanent Path
6:40  Say: “Have you pondered in yourselves, if Allah’s torment came to you or the Hour came to you, would other than Allah, you would invoke? (Reply me) if you had been (out of the) truthful.”
6:41  Nay! Him Alone you invoke, then He will remove for what you make a call to Him if He (so) desired, and (in such a situation) you forget whatever you joined in partnership (to Him)
6:42  And verily, We sent (Messengers) to the nations before you. Then We involved them in poverty and disease so that they may (submit to Al-Kitab and) show humility
6:43  Then why they did not show humility when Our inflictment came to them? Rather their hearts became hardened, and the Satan made fair-seeming to them that which they had been doing
6:44  So when they forgot (Al-Kitab) with which they had been admonished and reminded, We opened to them the gates of all things (from Our Providence) until when they enjoyed fully what they were given, We, out of a sudden, seized them (in punishment), so at that time they are those who are devoid of hope
6:45  So was cut off the root of the nation of those who transgressed. And selective praise suits only Allah, Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds
6:46  Say: “Have you pondered, if Allah took away your hearing and your sights and He put up a seal (of closure) over your hearts, who is there — an ilah (a god) other than Allah who may come to you with it (as a replacement or recovery to your ailment)?” See how We scatter the Ayaat (on various subjects in Al-Kitab), yet they turn aside (from them)
6:47  Say: “Have you pondered in yourselves, if approached you the punishment of Allah out of a sudden or evidently, will any one be destroyed except the nation of Az-Zalimun?
6:48  And We do not send the Messengers but as givers of glad tidings and as warners. So whoever Believed and reformed (himself), then no fear shall be over them and nor they would experience anxiety (or grief)
6:49  And those who rejected Our Ayaat, the torment will inflict them because of that Fisq they had been indulging in
6:50  Say: “I don’t tell you that with me are the treasures of Allah and nor that I know the unseen, and nor I tell you that truly I am an angel. I do not follow (and adopt) except what is revealed to me.” Say: “Is, at equal level, the blind and the one who can see powerfully? Will you not then ponder?
6:51  And warn through this (Al-Kitab) those who fear that they shall be gathered to their Nourisher-Sustainer. There is not, for them, other than Him a wali and nor a shafee (intercessor) — perchance they may pay obedience (to Allah)
6:52  And do not turn away those who invoke their Nourisher-Sustainer by the morning and the evening seehead of state His Face (i.e., His Attention in mercy). (There is) not over you (the responsibility) for their accountability for anything; and (there is) not (any responsibility) for your accountability, over them, for anything. So (if) you turn them away then you become out of the Zalimun
6:53  Thus We have tested some of them with some (others) so that they might say: “Are these (ordinary people) Allah has showered favour over them from amongst us?” Is not Allah One Who knows more about those who are grateful
6:54  And when came to you those who Believe in Our Ayaat, then say: “Salamun ’Alaikum (Peace and tranquility be on you). Your Nourisher-Sustainer has (Himself) made compulsory on His Self (to do) mercy (on His Ibad) because it (is so that) whoever did out of you an evil act due to ignorance, thereafter he repented after (committing) it and he reformed (himself) then it is that He is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
6:55  And thus We provide details for the Ayaat, and so that may become manifest the way of the Mujrimun
6:56  Say: “I have been forbidden that I pay obedience to those whom you invoke besides Allah.” Say: “I will not follow your vain desires. (If I did it), surely I have lost the track then, and (thus) I would not be out of those who are guided.”
6:57  Say: “Surely I am on Bayyinah from my Nourisher-Sustainer while you have belied it. (It is) not with me what you are showing impatience therewith. Giving of order (for the punishment to inflict) is not, except with Allah. He narrates the truth, and He is the Best of decision-makers.”
6:58  Say: “If (it) is so that with me (it is) what you are showing impatience therewith, surely would have been settled the matter between me and you people. And Allah is more Aware about the transgressors
6:59  And with Him are the keys of that which is hidden (and unseen), does not know it except He. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. And does not detach (from its grip) a leaf but He knows it. And (there is) not a grain in the darknesses of the earth, and neither a fresh one and nor a dry old one, but (it is written) in a clear record
6:60  And He it is Who completes (over) you (a term) by the night and He knows what you openly did during the day, afterwards He revives you during this (Day-time) so that gets completed the prescribed period (allotted to you as your life-span). Afterwards to Him is your return. Thereafter He will inform you about what you had been doing (in your actions and Beliefs)
6:61  And He is the Irresistible over His Ibad and He appoints over you guards until when the death approached one of you, Our messengers (i.e., the angels on duty) completed the period over him (i.e., brought him to death); and they: they do not derelict the duty
6:62  Then they were made to return to Allah (Who is) their Maula (the Master, the Guardian) in truth. Beware! For Him (is the issuing) of the order, and He is more Swift of those who are authorised to conduct accountability
6:63  Say: “Who rescues you from the darknesses of the land and the sea? You invoke Him in humility and secretly (saying): if He saved us from this (storm and calamity) surely we shall become out of those who are grateful.”
6:64  Say: “Allah rescues you from such (states) and from all distress, then you are: you indulge in polytheism.”
6:65  Say: “He is Capable over (this) that He may impose over you punishment from above you, or from under your feet or make you grapple (or interlock) as (dissenting) sects (in raging fury), and make some of you taste the violence (and mischief) of some (others).” See how We scatter Our Ayaat (throughout the contents of Al-Kitab) so that they may fully understand
6:66  And your nation has denied this (Al-Kitab) although it is the truth. Say: “I do not (act) over you as an advocate.”
6:67  For every (event of) news there is an appointed term, and soon you will know
6:68  And when you saw those who make discussion devoid of interest in Our Ayaat, then stay away from them until they talk on a subject other than this. And if when the Satan makes you forget, then do not sit after the reminder (has come to your mind after the neutralisation of the Satan’s effect) — with the nation of Zalimun
6:69  And (there is) not (any responsibility) on those who pay obedience (to Allah) from their accountability in anything but (their responsibility is to give) a reminder (towards the Message) so that they may pay obedience (to Allah through His Al-Kitab)
6:70  And leave alone those who have taken their religion as play and amusement and the worldly life has bewitched them. And remind them with this (Al-Kitab) lest a Nafs gets involved in destruction because of what she earned. There is not for her, besides Allah a wali and nor a shafee. And if she (i.e., the nafs) presents ransom — all kinds of ransom, it shall not be accepted from her. They are those who are caught in destruction because of what they earned. For them is a liquid drink from boiling water, and a painful punishment because of what they were rejecting
6:71  Say: “Shall we invoke besides Allah what gives not benefit to us and nor gives us hurt; and (thus) we may be turned on our heels after when Allah has guided us — like that whom the devils on the earth have made go astray, in confusion. For him are companions (and colleagues): they call him to the guidance (saying) ‘come to us’.” Say: “Verily Allah’s Guidance! That is the True Guidance, and we have been commanded that we may submit (in Islam) to the Nourisher-Sustainer of the worlds.”
6:72  And that you shall establish As-Salat and pay obedience to Him, and He (it is) to Whom you shall be gathered
6:73  And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in truth. And the Day He will say: "Be", so it (i.e., the process of Resurrection) shall be. His Statement is the Truth. And for Him is the dominion — the Day, is blown in As-Soor. (He is the) Knower of the unseen and the seen. And He is All-Wise, All-Aware
6:74  And (bring to mind) when Ibrahim said to his father, Azar: “Do you take carved idols as gods? Verily, I see you as well as your nation in manifest error.”
6:75  And thus We show Ibrahim the dominions of the heavens and the earth and that he may become out of those who are certain in Faith
6:76  So when night covered him over he noticed a planet (in the sky). He said: “This is my Rabb (Nourisher-Sustainer).” So when it set (i.e., went out of view), he said: “I do not admire (as Nourisher-Sustainer) those who set.”
6:77  So when he saw the moon rising up, he said: “This is my Rabb.” So when it set, he said: “Indeed if my Nourisher-Sustainer does not guide me, surely I would be from amongst a nation composed of people who have lost the track.
6:78  So when he saw the sun rising up, he said: “This is my Rabb. This one is bigger” So when it set, he said: “O my nation! Indeed, I am absolved of what you commit as polytheism.”
6:79  Verily, I have turned my attention, my face, for Him Who has originated the heavens and the earth, Hanifan (in absolute monotheism), and I am not of Al-Mushrikun
6:80  And his nation indulged in arguments with him (to influence him in favour of their false, imaginary and illegitimate gods). He said: “Do you indulge in arguments with me in ‘Allah’, and definitely He has (already) guided me? And I do not fear of what (false gods) you indulge in polytheism therewith — except that My Nourisher-Sustainer desires something (otherwise. And He never desires anything that is undesirable). Comprehended, my Nourisher-Sustainer, all things in (His) knowledge. Will you then be not reminded (of reality)
6:81  And how should I fear that what you associated (to Allah) in (His) partnership, while you fear not that indeed you have associated partnership to Allah (of) that (for) which He has not sent to you any authority. So which of the two groups has more right to peace and tranquility (of mind? You or I) — if you had been knowing (the truth)?”
6:82  Those who have Believed, and have not contaminated their Faith with transgression, those: for them is peace and tranquility, and they are the guided ones
6:83  And this (had been) Our Reasoning, We gave it to Ibrahim to argue with his nation. We raise in ranks whom We think proper. Certainly your Nourisher-Sustainer is All-Wise, All-Aware
6:84  And We bestowed for him Ishaque and Ya’qub, all (of them) We guided, and We guided Nuh since before as well as from his progeny Da’ud, and Sulaiman, and Ayyub, and Yusuf, and Musa, and Harun. And thus We reward those who do good in perfection
6:85  And Zakariyya, and Yahya, and Iesa, and Ilyas — all (are) out of the righteous
6:86  And Ismaiel, and Al-Yas’a, and Yunus, and Lout — and all (of these) We preferred over the worlds
6:87  and out of their fathers, and their progeny, and their brethren: and We chose them and We guided them to Siratim Mustaqim
6:88  This is the Guidance of Allah. He guides therewith whom He thinks proper from His Ibad. And if they indulged in polytheism, surely, became of no benefit to them whatever they were doing (in their deeds)
6:89  They are those whom We gave Al-Kitab, and Al-Hukm and An-Nubuwwah. So if these folk (i.e., the members of your nation) disbelieve in this (permanent Message and eternal Al-Kitab), then, indeed We have (in Our scheme) entrusted it to a nation who are not, to it, in line with the disbelievers
6:90  They (i.e., all the Prophets mentioned in the above narration) are those whom Allah has guided (to the Permanent Path). So you (o Muhammad) follow (and adopt) their guidance. Say: “I do not ask you a reward over it (as I propagate Al-Kitab as a mission and as a duty). It is not but Zikrah-lil-Alamin.
6:91  And they did not estimate Allah with an estimation due to Him when they said: “Allah has not delivered to a human being any thing (as an Instruction Manual).” Say: “Who delivered Al-Kitab with which approached Musa — (which acts as) a Light and Guidance to Mankind? You people have broken it into separate papersheets — you make evident (some of) it and you hide a major portion (thereof). And you were taught (through it) what you knew not — (neither) you and nor your fathers.” (Now in reply to the question put up by you), say: “Allah (delivered Al-Kitab to Musa)!” Then leave them, they will play and amuse through their vain discussion
6:92  And this Book which We have sent is a Blessed one — one which confirms as true what is in between its two hands (i.e., already there) and so that you may warn Ummul Qurah and whoever is around it. And those who Believe in the Hereafter Believe in this (Al-Kitab), and they guard over their Salat
6:93  And who is more unjust than that who invented against Allah a false charge or said: “Revelation has been sent to me," although has not been sent to him any thing as Revelation; and who said: “Soon I will (myself) send the like of what Allah has sent.” And if you saw when the transgressors are in the agonies of death and the angels (of death) stretched their hands (saying): “Deliver your Anfus. This Day you shall be recompensed with an insulting punishment because of what you used to utter against Allah other than the truth. And you used to show arrogance with disrespect to His Ayaat
6:94  And truly you came to Us alone as We created you the first time and you left what We bestowed on you behind your backs; and We see not with you your intercessors whom you claimed that they are involved in you. Surely, (all relations) between you and them have been cut off, and has vanished from you what you used to claim
6:95  Verily, Allah is the One Who causes to split and sprout the seed-grain and the fruit-stone. He brings forth the living from the dead and (He is the) Extractor of the dead from the living. This is Allah to you, then how you are deluded from the truth
6:96  (Allah is the) cleaver of the Day-breaks. And He has appointed the night as a resting-period and the sun and the moon for reckoning (time etc.). Such is the capability of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing
6:97  And He it is Who has appointed for you the stars so that you may guide (your course and voyage) with them through the darknesses of the land and the sea, lakes and rivers. Indeed We have explained in detail the Ayaat for the nation who know
6:98  And He it is Who initiated you from Nafsin wahida (unitary living mass). So (for the humans is:) place to reside (in a mother's womb or in the worldly life) and place of storage (in sex-organs of the parents and in the belly of the earth like graves etc.). Indeed We have explained in detail the Ayaat for the nation who understand
6:99  And He it is Who sent down rain from the direction of the sky, then We brought forth, with the help of it, vegetation of all kind. And We brought forth, out of it, green (stalks). We bring forth, from it, grain, thickly clustered. And out of the date-palm — from its spathe (come forth) clusters (of dates) hanging low and near, and orchards of grapes, and olive and pomegranate, similar and (also) not similar (in appearance, size, shape and taste). Look, you people to its fruit when it brought (its) fruit and (also at the) ripeness thereof. Definitely, in this, to you, (are) sure signs for the nation who Believe (in One God)
6:100  And they have assigned for Allah partners (from the community of) jinns although He has (Himself) created them. And they have attributed to Him sons and daughters without knowledge (indulging in invented and evident falsehood). He happened to be clean and absolved of it and He happened to be above and higher to what they attribute (to Him)
6:101  Originator of the heavens and the earth. How can (there) be to Him a son while there is not to Him a female consort. And He created all things and He is All-Aware of all things
6:102  This is Allah, your Nourisher-Sustainer. La ilaha illa Huwa, Creator of all things, so pay obedience to Him (Alone). And He is Wakil over all things
6:103  The eyes comprehend Him not while He comprehends the sights. And He is the Keenest Observer, the Most Well-informed
6:104  Surely, have come to you eye-openers from your Nourisher-Sustainer. So whoever saw (and understood) so (it is) to the benefit of his ownself and whosoever remained blind (and made no effort to understand) so (it goes) against her. And I am not, over you, a watcher
6:105  And thus We scatter (in the Text) Ayaat so that they may say: “You have studied (deeply) and (you have) taught (us effectively), and that We may make it fully clear for the nation who have knowledge
6:106  Follow that which has been inspired to you from your Nourisher-Sustainer, La ilaha illa Huwa, and turn aside from Al-Mushrikun
6:107  And if Allah had willed they would not have indulged in shirk. And We have not made you a watcher over them; and you are not over them as a wakil (disposer of affairs, guardian or advocate)
6:108  And do not call names of those whom they invoke besides Allah, otherwise they would call names of Allah out of enmity (to you) without knowledge. Thus We have made fair-seeming to each ummah their doing. Then to their Nourisher-Sustainer is their returning place, then He shall inform them of that which they had been doing
6:109  And they sweared by Allah their oaths strongly that if there came to them a sign, surely they would Believe in it. Say: “Definitely it is so that the Signs are with Allah. And what will make you (Muslims) perceive that it — when it came, they will not Believe
6:110  And We shall turn their hearts and their eyes (away from true guidance) as what they did not Believe therein for the first time and We shall leave them in their arrogance, they shall blindly wander (therein)
6:111  And even if We, We had sent down unto them the angels, and the dead had spoken unto them, and We have gathered before them all things face to face, they did not become that they might Believe except that Allah wills (it) — rather most of them behave ignorantly.
6:112  And thus We appointed to all the Prophet(s) as enemy — devils among mankind and jinns. Some of them inspire some (others) with adorned speech (resulting) in deception. If your Nourisher-Sustainer had willed they had not done it. So leave them and what they bring as fabrication
6:113  and so that, may incline towards it the hearts of those who do not Believe in the Hereafter, and that they may agree to it, and that they may commit whatever they are committing (as their sinful and evil deeds)
6:114  (Declare): “Shall I then seek a judge other than Allah while He it is Who has sent unto you Al-Kitab, having full details?” And those whom We have given Al-Kitab know that it is sent from your Nourisher-Sustainer in original. So be not of those who doubt
6:115  And got completed the statement of your Nourisher-Sustainer in truth and in justice. (There is) no Mobaddil for His Statements. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower
6:116  And if you obey a major section (of) whoever is on the earth, they will mislead you from the Way of Allah. They do not follow but conjectures and they are not, but, they are indulging in lies (fabrications and mythology)
6:117  Verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer, He knows better who strays from His Way and He is more aware about the rightly guided ones
6:118  So eat out of that on which Allah’s Name has been pronounced if you are Believers in His Ayaat
6:119  And what is to you that you will not eat from that on which Allah’s Name was pronounced (at the time of shooting or slaughter)? And verily, He has given you details what He has prohibited unto you — exception (being only that condition when) you became completely helpless towards it. And surely, many definitely lead (mankind) astray under the effect of their vain desires without knowledge. Certainly your Nourisher-Sustainer: He is more Aware with those who break the limits
6:120  And avoid the evident in sin as well as its hidden aspect. Verily, those who earn evil, soon would they get recompense for that which they used to commit
6:121  And eat not out of that on which Allah’s Name has not been pronounced (at the time of shooting or slaughter); and without doubt it surely (becomes) Fisq. And certainly, the Satans definitely inspire towards their allies (among mankind) so that they may indulge in arguments with you (for mahead of state you eat the meat on which Allah’s Name has not been pronounced). And if you obeyed them, indeed you (in such an attitude and thinhead of state) surely (are among) Mushrikun
6:122  What? And whoever was dead (i.e., was without Faith due to ignorance or disbelief), then We gave him life (by mahead of state him understand the Ayaat in Al-Kitab); and We provided to him a Light (which differentiates the right from the wrong, the clean from the filthy, and the permitted from the prohibited), he moves therewith among mankind — (is he) like the one whose example being (that he is) in darknesses (of disbelief, polytheism and ignorance) from which he can not come out? Thus it is made fair-seeming to the disbelievers which they used to do
6:123  And thus We have set up in every town great ones of its wicked people to plot (mischief) therein. And they plot not (mischief) except on their ownselves and they perceive (it) not
6:124  And when (there) came to them an Ayat they said: “Never we shall Believe until we are given similar to what has been given to the Messengers of Allah.” Allah Knows better where He places His Message. Soon shall reach to those who have done crimes, humiliation and disgrace in the Sight of Allah and a severe punishment for what they used to plot (as mischief)
6:125  So whomsoever Allah intends that He may guide him He releases his chest (i.e., He unlocks his heart) for (the understanding, acceptance and adoption of) Islam. And whosoever He intends that He may send him astray, He will make his chest constricted and heavy as if he is rising towards the sky. Thus Allah imposes Ar-Rijs on those who do not Believe (in Islam — in accordance with the teachings in Al-Kitab)
6:126  And this is the Path of your Nourisher-Sustainer — permanent and eternal. Surely We have detailed the Ayaat for the nation who get reminded (and remind others)
6:127  For them is home of peace and tranquility with their Nourisher-Sustainer. And He is their Wali because of what they used to do
6:128  And the Day He gathers them all together (saying): “O you assembly of jinns! Surely you exceeded (in gaining victims) from mankind.” And their ‘auliya’ from mankind said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Some of us benefited from some (others) and we reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us.” (Allah) said: “The Fire (be) your dwelling place. (You would be) dwellers therein except what Allah willed. Certainly your Nourisher-Sustainer is All-Wise, All-Aware.”
6:129  And thus We make friend and custodian some of the transgressors to some (other wrong-doers, who then mutually exceed in crimes) because of that which they used to earn
6:130  O assembly of jinns and mankind! Did not (there) come to you Messengers from amongst you reproducing unto you My Ayaat and warning you about the meeting of this Day of yours?” They said: “We bore witness against ourselves,” and the worldly life bewitched them and they gave evidence against their ownselves that they had been disbelievers
6:131  This is because your Nourisher-Sustainer does not become one who destroys the towns out of injustice while their residents are ignorant (of the Message)
6:132  And for all are (reserved) ranks out of what they did. And your Nourisher-Sustainer is not unaware of what they do
6:133  And your Nourisher-Sustainer is Free of all wants, full of Mercy. If He will think (it) proper, He will remove you people and will establish as successors after you as He thinks proper — in the same way as He raised you people from the progeny of a nation composed of alien people
6:134  Surely, what you are promised must approach and you are not able to act as obstructors (to its approach)
6:135  Say: “O my nation! Act according to your way, surely I am (also) one who acts. So soon you will know who (is it) in whose interest happens the final settlement about the residence (in the Hereafter). Certainly it is (that) the transgressors do not succeed
6:136  And they allotted for Allah, out of that which He brought forth in the form of tilth and cattle, a portion; then they said, out of their concocted beliefs: “(Only) this (portion) goes to Allah and this (i.e., the remaining one) belongs to our partners (whom we think as partners in the dominion and authority of Allah).” Then whatever became for their ‘partners’ so it (never) moves towards Allah; and what became for Allah, so (even) that proceeds towards their ‘partners’. Evil (is the way) they pronounce judgement
6:137  And thus have made fair-seeming to the majority among Mushrikun the murder of their children — their ‘partners’; so that (these ‘partners’) may destroy these people and so that they may corrupt and confuse over these people, their religion. And if Allah had willed they would not have done so. So leave them and what they fabricate
6:138  And they said: “Such and such cattle and crop are forbidden. None shall eat them except whom we desire,” ( — and this they said) on the basis of their concocted beliefs. And (there are) cattle — their backs have been made (by them) forbidden (to carry any loads); and (there are) cattle they do not pronounce the Name of Allah over them (as they believe that it is forbidden to slaughter them or to eat their flesh) lying against Him (as they invent these lies in the name of religion). Soon He will recompense them (with due punishment) for what they used to fabricate
6:139  And they said: “What is in the bellies of such and such cattle (is permissible) only to our males and forbidden to our (female) consorts. " But if it (i.e., the product in the womb of the slaughtered animal) happens to be in a dead condition then they (all) therein are sharers. Soon He will ‘reward’ them (with necessary punishment) for their (false) attribution (to Allah). Verily, He is All-Wise, All-Aware
6:140  Indeed, stand lost (here and in the Hereafter) those who murdered their children in folly, without knowledge; and have declared forbidden what Allah has given them as providence — inventing a lie against Allah. They have indeed slipped from the right path and they did not become guided
6:141  And He it is Who produced orchards trellised and un-trellised, and date-palm and crops — its outgrowth (being) dissimilar (in shape and taste) and olive and pomegranate, similar as well as dissimilar (in size, shape, colour and taste etc.). Eat of its fruit as it bore fruit and pay His share (i.e., the share for the needy, called Zakat) on the day of its harvest. And indulge not in undesirable, undue expenditure. Verily, He does not like those who indulge in superfluous expenditure
6:142  And of the cattle (are) those who can bear and hold the loads and (others are) weak who will sit and fall to the ground when burdened with loads. Eat out of what Allah has provided for you (as food) and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Certainly he is to you an evident enemy
6:143  Eight in the form of pairs (i.e., the male and female both): of the sheep two, and of the goats two. Say: “Whether the two males (belonging to the category of sheep and goat) He has forbidden or the two females, or over which are covered the wombs of the two females (i.e., the young ones discovered in a pregnant animal at the time of slaughter)? Inform me on the basis of knowledge if you are truthful
6:144  And of the camels two, and of the oxen two. Say: “Whether the two males He has forbidden or the two females, or over which are covered the wombs of the two females? Are you the witnesses when Allah advised you about this? So who is more unjust than that who invented a lie against Allah so that he may mislead mankind without knowledge. Certainly Allah does not guide the nation of wrong-doers.”
6:145  Say: “I do not find in that what has been inspired to me a forbidden item to (any) consumer who eats it except that it becomes (meat of) dead (animal), or blood which has gushed out (or poured forth from the organs and tissues of an animal slaughtered or killed by shooting), or the flesh of swine (like pork and ham etc.), for surely that is Rijs or Fisq (what has been) pronounced for / dedicated to other than Allah, alongwith Him. So whoever became helpless — not (being) wilfully disobedient and neither (being) one who knowingly breaks the limits — then surely your Nourisher-Sustainer is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
6:146  And unto those who Haadoo (became Jews) We prohibited (through their man-written literature) all (animals) who have hoofs (in undivided form). And (through this very literature) out of the oxen and the sheep, We prohibited to them the fat of these two except what the backs of these two (animals) held (under their skin) or their entrails or that which fully adhered to the bone. This is (the permanent) punishment-reward We gave them for their rebellion (for accepting books, other than Al-Kitab, as the source for Allah’s Verdicts). And verily, We are definitely Truthful
6:147  And if they belied you, then say: “Your Nourisher-Sustainer is the Possessor of unlimited Mercy while His wrath does not break its grip over the nation of criminals
6:148  Soon will say those who have intermingled partners (in the Authority of Allah): “If Allah had willed we would not have indulged in shirk and nor our fore-fathers, and we (through our man-written books) would not have declared forbidden anything (in addition to the genuine prohibitions listed in Al-Kitab).” Likewise belied those who were before them, till they tasted Our wrath. Say: “Is (there) with you (any thing) out of knowledge then produce it before us? You follow nothing except conjecture. And you do nothing but indulge in mythology and concoctions.
6:149  Say: “So the perfection for argument is restricted to Allah (Alone). So had He willed, indeed He would have guided you all (but He rather keeps full regard for the liberty and choice which He kept in your nature as a human creation).
6:150  Say: “Bring forward your witnesses, those who may give evidence that Allah has declared this prohibited." Then if they gave (such a false and monstrous) evidence, then you do not give evidence along with them. And do not follow the vain desires of those who have belied Our Ayaat, and those who do not believe in the Hereafter, and they, with their Nourisher-Sustainer, accept others as equal
6:151  Say: “Come you people, I reproduce (before you) what your Nourisher-Sustainer has declared Haram over you — that you will not commit shirk with Him in any form; and doing good in perfection with the parents; and do not murder your children for fear of economic burden." We (Allah) will provide sustenance to you and to them; and do not approach obscene acts — whatever became evident from it and whatever remained hidden; and do not kill An-Nafs (the living human) whom Allah has given protection except with a right (to kill as in Qisas or as a Divinely specified punishment for certain crimes). This (is something) He advised you about this, so that you may use your intellect
6:152  And do not approach the orphan’s property (with any bad intention) except with such (that) it is better and more sincere until (the orphan) reaches his full strength; and correctly weigh the weight and the measure with justice. We burden not any Nafs except to her capacity. And when you gave a statement, then you stick to justice even if (the accused) happened to be (your) near relative and be fully sincere with the covenant of Allah (to which a person is attached if he or she is a Muslim). This (is something) He advised you about this, so that you may remind and be reminded
6:153  And that, this is My Path — Permanent (Eternal) so follow it, and do not follow (various) tracks, otherwise it would create differences in you against His Way. This (is something) He advised you about it, so that you may pay obedience (to Allah’s Book)
6:154  Then We delivered to Musa Al-Kitab, Tamaman ala allazi Ahsana, and Tafseelan le kulle sha’in, and Hudah and Rahmah so that they might Believe in the meeting with their Nourisher-Sustainer
6:155  And this Kitab We sent down (had remained) Blessed, so follow it and pay obedience so that you may receive mercy
6:156  Lest you say: “Definitely it is that Al-Kitab is sent down to two groups before us and while we remain ignorant of the studies (and teachings available) to them
6:157  Or lest you may say: “If indeed Al-Kitab is sent to us surely, we would be guided better than they.” So definitely, has come to you Bayyinah from your Nourisher-Sustainer and Hudah and Rahmah. So who is more unjust than that who belied the Ayaat of Allah and stayed away from them? Soon We shall reward those who stray away from Our Ayaat with an evil in punishment, because they had been straying away (from Al-Kitab)
6:158  Do they await? (They await nothing) except that may come to them angels or comes your Nourisher-Sustainer, or there come some of the signs of your Nourisher-Sustainer. The Day there come some of the Signs of your Nourisher-Sustainer — shall not provide benefit to a Nafs her Faith if she does not become (one who) developed Faith before (this phenomenon), or she earned through her Faith (some) good (to her credit). Say: “Wait you! We are also (among) those who wait.”
6:159  Verily, those who divided their religion and have become sects (religious groupings and cults) — you are not from among them in any way — certainly it is that their case goes to Allah, then He will inform them about what they had been indulging in
6:160  Whoever came with a good deed, so, for him, shall be credited ten similar ones to it; and whoever came with an evil deed, so he shall not be rewarded except one similar to it; and they will not be judged unjustly
6:161  Say: “Surely, My Nourisher-Sustainer has guided me to Sirat-e-Mustaqim, Deenan Qiyaman, Millat (Qiblah, Week-Day and City for Tawaf, Umrah and Hajj) of Ibrahim, the unitarian. And he was not of Al-Mushrikun.
6:162  Say: “Verily, my Salat (Prayer) and my Nusuk (animal sacrifices) and my life and my death are dedicated to Allah, the Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds
6:163  (There is) no partner to Him. And about this I have been commanded and I am the first of the Muslims (as I am being inspired of Al-Kitab in my era)
6:164  Say: “Shall I seek a nourisher-sustainer other than Allah while He is Nourisher-Sustainer to all things? And no Nafs earns (as evil any thing) except against her self. And does not carry the burden, any bearer of burdens, the burden of another. Then unto your Nourisher-Sustainer is your return, so He will inform you about that wherein you have been differing
6:165  And He it is Who appointed you settling-successors on earth and He raised some of you over some others in ranks, so that He may test you in what He provided you. Surely your Nourisher-Sustainer is Swift in retribution, and certainly He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful