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6:1  All praise is for Allah Who created the heavens and the earth. He created deep darkness as well as light. Yet, those who disbelieve appoint others as equal to their Lord
6:2  It is He Who created you out of clay, then decreed a term (of life) for you (in this world). There is another scheduled appointment for you _ (the day of Resurrection) _ known (only) to Him. Yet, you doubt its occurrence
6:3  Allah is (the only God) in the heavens and on earth. He knows all your secrets, as well as everything you warrant and express. He knows all the deeds _ (good and bad) _ that you perform
6:4  Whenever a sign among so many (of His) signs reaches them, they react by turning away from it
6:5  Indeed, they have already rejected the truth when it came to them. Soon, the very event they used to mock will land upon them
6:6  Do they not see how many generations have We destroyed prior to them? We did not establish you in the land as firmly as We had established them. For them, We poured rain down from the sky and We ran rivers right through their land. Then, because of their sins, We destroyed all of them. In their place we started other nations
6:7  Even if We had sent you a book written on paper, and even if the unbelievers had touched and felt it with their own hands, they still would have said, "This is obviously a magic!"
6:8  They asked, "Why was an angel not sent down towards him (the prophet)?" Had We sent angels, the matter would have been decided and done with. Then, they would not be given the loose rein, and a leeway
6:9  If We had sent down an angel, We would have sent him as a human. Thus, they would have had doubts again, just like they do now
6:10  Certainly, many messengers have been mocked before you, but those who made fun of them were surrounded and overwhelmed by the very thing they used to mock
6:11  Say, "Move about in the land and observe how severe was the final outcome for all those who denied the truth."
6:12  Ask them, "To whom belongs everything in the heavens and on earth?" Say, "To Allah!" He has mandated mercy upon Himself. He would most certainly (bring you back to life and) gather all of you together on the day of Resurrection. There is no doubt about it! Those who have incurred a severe loss, and have ruined themselves, are the ones who refuse to believe
6:13  To Him belongs everything that dwells in the night and the day. He hears-all, and knows-all
6:14  Say, "Shall I take anyone other than Allah as my protector, even though He is the Creator of the heaven and the earth? He feeds (all), is not (in need to be) fed (by anyone)." Say, "I have been ordered to be the first to submit." (My orders are) "Do not be among the Idolaters _ (those who join partners with Allah)."
6:15  Say, "I am really afraid of the punishment of an awesome day, if I disobey my Lord."
6:16  The one kept away from that (torment) has indeed been shown (the ultimate) mercy. That is the greatest triumph
6:17  If Allah chooses to inflict harm upon you, no one except He can provide relief. However, if He grants you a blessing, then of course He has power over all things
6:18  He holds an absolute and total control over His servants. He is the Wisest, and the most Aware
6:19  Ask them, "Whose testimony carries the most weight?" Say, "Allah is the witness between me and you. This Qur´an has been revealed to me, so that with it I may warn you _ and anyone it reaches. Can you honestly bear witness that there are other gods besides Allah?" Say, "I cannot bear witness to that!" Say, "In fact, He is the One and the only God, (Allah), and I am absolved of all blame for your act of associating partners with Him."
6:20  (The Christians and the Jews) _ to whom We had given the scriptures earlier _ recognize this Qur´an (and this messenger) just like they know their own sons. Yet, those who have ruined themselves just would not believe
6:21  Who can commit a greater evil than the one inventing lies about Allah and rejecting His revelations? Indeed such culprits will never be successful (in the life-to-come)
6:22  That day, We will gather them all together and We will say to those who associate partners with Him, "Now, where are all those beings you used to claim as partners (of Allah)?"
6:23  Then, they will not have any recourse except to say, "(We swear) by Allah, our Lord, we did not associate partners (with Allah)."
6:24  Observe, how they will lie against themselves. And the false gods they invent now, shall all vanish
6:25  And then, there are those among them who pretend to listen to you. We have wrapped their hearts in a thick veil, so they understand nothing. We have rendered their ears deaf (for the truth). They would not believe even if they see all the signs. To an extent that, they argue and dispute with you when they come to see you. The unbelievers say, "These are just legends invented by those gone by!"
6:26  They keep others from the truth and they stay away from it themselves. (By these actions) who else can they hurt (if not themselves)? But (of course) they do not realize
6:27  If only you could see them when they are made to stand by the hellfire. They will say, "Oh misery to us, if we could only return (to the life of this world)! This time around we would not deny the signs of our Lord. We would be the believers!"
6:28  Actually, the reality which was previously kept hidden from their vision, has now become apparent to them. If they are sent back they would revert back. They would commit exactly the same acts they had been forbidden. They are really the liars
6:29  They say, "This life of ours is it, and (after death) we are not going to be raised back (to life)."
6:30  If you could only see them presented before their Lord (for reckoning). He will ask, "Is this not real?" They will reply, "Yes, Our lord! this is real!" He will say, "Now taste the punishment _ a consequence of your denial."
6:31  The real losers, indeed are those who denied the meeting with their Lord! Once the hour (of Judgment) creeps up on them suddenly, they would say, "Alas! How negligent had we been!" And they would carry their burden of sins on their backs. Beware! Grave is the burden they carry
6:32  The life of this world is nothing more than play and pastime. The abode of the hereafter is certainly far better for the pious. Do you not understand
6:33  We do know that their remarks cause you grief. But it is not just you they are calling a liar. Rather, these evildoers have actually rejected the revelations of Allah
6:34  Certainly the messengers before you had also been called liars. They remained patient (and steadfast) despite the denials and persecution. Finally Our help arrived for them. Of course, nobody can revise or reverse the decisions (and decrees) of Allah! The tales of the (earlier) messengers have certainly reached you
6:35  If their attitude is so hard for you to bear, then dig a tunnel through the earth if you can; or find a ladder (to climb) up to the sky. Try and bring them the miracle (they demand). Had Allah so willed, He could have, (on His own), gathered all of them around His guidance. So, do not be like the foolish and the ignorant
6:36  In fact, only those who care to listen attentively can respond (to the call). As for the dead, Allah will bring them to life, and then they would be presented before Him (for reckoning)
6:37  They ask, "Why was a sign from his Lord not sent along with him." Say, "Of course, Allah has the power to bestow such a sign." But most of them have no knowledge
6:38  (A sign for you): all the animals and creatures moving on earth as well as all the birds flying in the air on their wings, exist as distinct species and families just like your own. We have not neglected to include anything in the book (of decrees). Finally, all of them would be gathered before their Lord
6:39  Those who reject Our revelations (and signs) are like the deaf and the dumb (groping) in the dark. Allah leads astray whom He wants; He shows the right path to whom He wants
6:40  Say, "What do you think? If you are truthful (answer this)! If Allah´s torment (in this world) or the hour (of Judgment) lands on you, would you implore and beseech any other being besides Allah?"
6:41  "In fact, you would call Him and none else! And if He wills, He will answer your prayer and relieve you (of your problem). At that time, you will forget the partners you now associate with Him."
6:42  We had certainly sent (messengers) to many nations before you. We inflicted those nations with adversity and suffering, so that they might (believe and) adopt humility
6:43  Why did they fail to (believe and) adopt humility when Our punishment struck them? On the contrary, their hearts grew (cold and) hard. Shaitan adorned and let their deeds seem adorable to them
6:44  Once they (completely ignored and) forgot what they were asked to remember, We flung open for them the gates of everything pleasant and prosperous. They were well pleased and contented with everything they were granted. Then We seized them unawares, and they sank into a state of (deep depression and) helplessness
6:45  Thus, the people who committed evil were weeded out completely; their roots were severed off. All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the universe
6:46  Say, "Have you (ever) considered? What if Allah took away your hearing and your sight, and sealed off your heart? Is there a god besides Allah, who could give you back these senses?" Observe, how We explain the revelations in detail. Yet, they turn away (disdainfully)
6:47  Say, "What do you think? What if the punishment of Allah creeps up on you surreptitiously, or lands on you openly? Will it ruin anyone other than those who do evil?"
6:48  We send the messengers only as the bearers of good news and as warners. So, whoever believes and corrects (his action and attitude) shall have no fear. Nor shall he ever grieve (or be sorry)
6:49  As a result of their sins, the torment will strike all those who reject Our (signs and) revelations
6:50  Tell them, "I do not say to you that I possess the treasures of Allah or the knowledge of the unseen future! And I do not claim to be an angel. I only just pursue and follow the revelation sent to me." Say, "Can a blind man and the one endowed with sight ever be equal? Do you then not ponder?"
6:51  With this (Qur´an), warn those who fear being gathered before their Lord (for reckoning). They shall have no protector or mediator other than Him! Perhaps, they would fear Him
6:52  Do not drive away those who invoke their Lord every morning and afternoon and seek His pleasure. You bear no responsibility for anything on their account. Nor shall they be held accountable for anything on your behalf. You would be the unjust, if you drive them away
6:53  Thus, We test some of them by means of others. That is why they say, "Are these the ones among us whom Allah has chosen over us?" Isn´t Allah better Aware of the grateful ones
6:54  When those who believe in Our revelations come to (visit) you say, "Assalam Alaikum (peace upon you)". Your Lord has decreed mercy (and compassion) upon Himself. Indeed, if any one of you commits a wrong deed (by mistake and) out of ignorance and thereafter repents and mends his ways, (he would find that) He is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
6:55  In this manner, We explain Our revelations in detail, so that the ways of the criminals would become (widely known and) well recognized
6:56  Say, "I have been forbidden to worship those beings you invoke other than Allah." Say, "I would certainly be (gravely) misguided if I follow your vain desires; I would not be on the right path!"
6:57  Say, "I have the clear proof from my Lord, while you have rejected it. The doom you so impatiently dare is not within my power to inflict. The decision rests solely with Allah. He declares the truth and He is the very Best of the judges."
6:58  Say, "If I could inflict upon you the punishment you so eagerly dare, the matter between me and you would have (long) been settled. Allah is very well aware of the evil doers!"
6:59  He holds the keys to all the unseen (transcendental) mysteries _ (matters beyond human perception). Except Him, nobody knows about them. He knows everything that exists on the land and in sea. Not (even) a leaf falls (from a tree) without His explicit knowledge. Every single seed of grain, whether dry or moist _ (even that) lying in the dark recesses of the earth _ is (accounted for) in a clear register
6:60  It is He Who takes possession of your soul at night, and He knows everything you do by day. Then He lets you wake up for the next day. (This happens) till you complete the prescribed period _ (your life span). Finally, towards Him is your ultimate destination. At that time, He will tell you everything you used to do
6:61  He holds complete sway over His servants. He sends (angels to be the) guardians over you. Finally, when death comes to one of you, Our angels take full possession of his soul. They never neglect their duties
6:62  And then they would be presented before Allah, their real Master. Beware! The decision is exclusively His, and He is very swift in calling to accounts
6:63  Say, "When you entreat Him, secretly and with humility, who rescues you from all the dark dangers of the land and the sea? (They say), "If He rescues us from this, We would (forever) remain grateful!"
6:64  Say, "Allah it is Who rescues you from that and all other distresses. Yet, you associate partners with Him."
6:65  Say, "He has the power to strike you with a torment coming down from (the sky) above you, or (rising up) from under your feet. Else, He may beset and bewilder you with internecine dissension and have you taste each other´s might and savagery." Observe, how We explain Our revelations in detail, so that they may understand
6:66  Your people have rejected it, even though it is the truth. Say, "I am not appointed a guardian over you!"
6:67  Every event has a preordained venue. Soon you will find out the truth
6:68  Avoid their company if you find them engaged in a derisive (and disparaging) conversation about Our revelations. Stay away until they change the subject. If Shaitan makes you forget, then part company with the wrongdoers when you do remember
6:69  The righteous bear no responsibility for the actions of others, though they must admonish (the wrongdoers). Perhaps, they will fear (Allah)
6:70  Stay away from those who treat their religion as nothing more than play and pastime. The life of this world has (dazzled and) deceived them. By (means of) this (Qur´an), call their attention to the fact that the soul is held in pledge against the deed it earns. They have no protector or mediators besides Allah. Absolutely, no ransom of any kind will be accepted in exchange for their deeds. Such ones would be held (responsible) for their deeds. Boiling water will be their drink, and because they used to deny, they will face a painful punishmen
6:71  Say, "Shall we call others besides Allah _ others who can neither help nor harm us? After being guided by Allah, we would be making an about face and turning back to misguidance! In that case, we would be like the one enticed by Shaitan. He strays in the land confused and bewildered. His (sincere) friends call him towards guidance, saying, Come to us! Say, "Only Allah´s guidance is the (real) guidance. Our orders are to submit to the Lord of the universe!"
6:72  "And (we are ordered) to establish ´salat´ and to be obedient to Him. For it is He, before Whom we shall all be gathered."
6:73  It his He Who based the creation of the heavens and the earth upon the absolute truth. The day (of Resurrection) shall instantly come about as soon as He says (to it), "Be!" His word is the (infallible and the ultimate) truth. On the day the trumpet sounds, the rule and the judgment shall belong solely to Him. He knows the unseen and the seen. He is the Wisest and the most Aware
6:74  Remember when Ibraheem said to his father, Azar, "Do you take the idols to be your gods? Indeed, I think you and your nation are definitely in the wrong!"
6:75  Thus, We had Ibraheem glimpse the marvels of the heavens and the earth, so that he may believe with certainty
6:76  As the night covered him with darkness, he saw a star and remarked, "This is my Lord!" But when it set, he said, "I do not like those that set."
6:77  As he saw the moon rising he said, "This is my Lord!" But when it went down he said, "I would surely be one of the misguided people, had my Lord not guided me."
6:78  Then, as he saw the sun rising, he said, "This must be my Lord! This is the biggest!" But when it too set, he exclaimed "I (declare that I) have nothing to do with anything you associate with Allah."
6:79  "Indeed, I have turned my attention with exclusive devotion towards the One Who has created the heavens and the earth. I do not associate partners with Him."
6:80  His nation began to argue with him. He said, "Do you argue with me concerning Allah? In fact, He has already guided me. I do not fear any of the beings you associate with Him. (They cannot do a thing) except whatever my Lord wills. My Lord´s knowledge transcends all matters. Won´t you bear this in mind?"
6:81  "Why should I fear these beings you associate (with Allah)? In fact, you (should be, but) are not afraid of associating other beings with Allah. He has granted no approval for such an action. So, which of the two factions have a better right to peace and security, if you happen to know?"
6:82  Peace is actually for those who believe, and do not taint their beliefs with wrong deeds. They are the rightly guided
6:83  That was Our argument which We inspired Ibraheem to expound to his nation. We raise those to higher ranks whom We want! Indeed, your Lord is the Wisest and the all-Knowing
6:84  We gave him (descendants like) Ishaq and Yaqub. We guided both of them. Prior to that, We guided Nooh. Among his descendant were Da´ood, Sulaiman, Ayub, Yusuf, Musa and Haroon. Thus do We reward the righteous
6:85  And (We also guided) Zakariah, Yahya, Jesus, and Ilyas. They were all pious
6:86  And Ismail, Alyasa, Yunus, and Loot! We gave each one of them preference over the rest of mankind
6:87  And (We raised messengers) among their forefathers, their defendants and their brethren. We chose them and guided them to the straight path
6:88  Such is the guidance of Allah. He guides whom He wants among His servants. Had they, (any of the messengers mentioned above) set up partners (with Allah), all their deeds would have come to nothing
6:89  Such are the ones, to whom We gave the scriptures, the wisdom and the prophethood. Since they (their descendants _ the Jews and the Christians) refuse to believe (their own books), We have entrusted another nation with that (same message) _ those who do not disbelieve
6:90  They (the messengers mentioned above) are the ones whom Allah had guided. (Oh Muhammad, SAW), emulate and follow (as well as convey) the message (to others). Say, "I do not ask you for (a fee or) a reward for this. It is the reminder for the entire mankind."
6:91  They did not value and venerate Allah as much as He rightfully deserves, when they said, "Allah has not revealed anything to any man!" Ask them, "Who revealed the book that Musa had brought to the people? The light and Guidance that you have transcribed on parchment! Some of it you display, but most of it you keep hidden. It taught you that, which neither you nor your forefathers knew!" (Say), "Allah!" Then leave them alone and let them stay engrossed in their meaningless and playful debates
6:92  We have revealed this book, (the Qur´an), as a blessing and as a confirmation of the book that came before it. So you may warn the mother of all towns, (Makkah), and those in its vicinity. Those believing in the life-to-come believe in this book, and they zealously and punctually guard their ´salat´
6:93  Who can be more evil than the one forging lies about Allah, and saying, "I have received revelation" when in fact he had not received a bit of revelation? Or the one who says, "I, too, can inspire and create (a text) similar to what Allah has revealed." If only you could see these wicked people going through the throes of death. The angels would approach them with outstretched hands, "(Time to) deliver your soul! Today you would undergo a most humiliating torture because of the untruthful and unfair things you used to utter about Allah. You used to reject His revelations disdainfully!"
6:94  You have now really come before Us all alone, just like We fashioned you in the first instance. You have left behind everything We had bestowed upon you (in your lifetime). Today, We do not see your intercessors with you, those you used to claim were your partners. Of course, all ties between you have been severed. Those you had relied upon have now vanished
6:95  Indeed, it is Allah Who splits (and initiates the germination of) the seeds of grain as well as the pit-stones of the fruit trees. He causes the living to emerge from the lifeless, and He brings out the lifeless from the living. Such is your Allah! So why are you being diverted away (from the truth)
6:96  It is He Who causes dawn to break out (from the pitch dark night). He has created the night for resting, and He has created the sun and the moon as measures (for the passage of time). Such is the destiny appointed by the most Powerful and the most Aware
6:97  It is He Who created the stars, so you may chart the course and find your way amidst the darkness in the land and the sea. Thus, We have explained Our signs in detail for the nation that realizes
6:98  It is He Who has brought you into existence out of a single being. He has appointed a (time and) place for you in this life, and (a time and) a place for your death. We have explained these signs in detail for a nation that understands
6:99  It is He Who rains water down from the sky. With that water, We bring out seedlings of all kinds, which We turn into dense green foliage and finally into thick clusters of grain. With that (same water) We produce date-trees and their heavy clusters of dates hanging low. We produce orchards of grapes, olives and pomegranates. They all appear similar and yet are different. Look at the trees when they bear fruit, and look at the process of its ripening. In it are indeed signs for a nation that believes
6:100  Although it is He Who created the jinn, yet they worship the jinn as partners of Allah. Without any (shred of) knowledge, they assign sons and daughters for Him. Sublime and Exalted is He, far above all that they ascribe to Him
6:101  He is the Creator and the Cause of the heavens and the earth. How might He have a son, unless He had a mate? He has created all (beings and) things, and He is well aware of every single thing
6:102  Such is Allah, your Lord! There is no god but He, the Creator of all (beings and) things! So worship Him (exclusively); He is the trustee over all things
6:103  Vision cannot perceive Him (at all). But He reaches (and illuminates) the vision. He is the most Subtle, and the most Aware
6:104  Proof has indeed come to you from your Lord. Now whoever cares to see shall do so for his own good, and whoever opts to stay blind does so to his own detriment. (Say), "I am not a guardian over you!"
6:105  Thus, We explain Our signs in different ways, so as to provide a proof for a nation that realizes. Lest they should say, "You have learned that (from books or teachers)."
6:106  Follow that which has been revealed to you by your Lord. There is no god but Allah. Turn away from those who associate partners with Allah
6:107  Had Allah so willed, they would not have committed ´shirk´ _ (i.e. ascribed partners to Allah). We have not appointed you their keeper. Nor are you responsible for their actions
6:108  Do not abuse and vilify those whom they invoke besides Allah, lest they should retaliate and revile Allah out of ignorance. We have indeed made the deeds of each people appear adorable to them. Towards their Lord is their final destination. He will then tell them what they used to do
6:109  They swear by Allah very solemnly that they would certainly not refuse to believe, if a sign ever came to them. Say, "Signs are only within Allah´s power!" Does it not occur to you that they would not believe even if a sign came to them
6:110  We will turn their hearts and their visions away (from the truth), even as they had (turned away and) refused to believe it the first time. We will forsake them and let them wander about blindly in their rebellious arrogance
6:111  Even if We send angels towards them (as messengers), or cause the dead to speak to them (plainly), or present all the (unseen) things right before their eyes, they would still not believe _ unless (of course) Allah wills it so. Most of them act ignorantly
6:112  We have set up Shaitans _ among the jinn and the human kind _ as enemies against every prophet. They inspire and provoke each other with their suave and specious speech. They could not have done that, had your Lord so willed. So leave them alone with the falsehood they cook up
6:113  We let the heart of the unbelievers _those not believing in the life-to-come _ lean towards falsehood (and be titillated by it). Let them be contented with it, so they may amass all the evil deeds they please
6:114  Ask them, "Now, shall I seek someone other than Allah as a judge, even though it is He Who has revealed to you the detailed book (the Qur´an)?" Those to whom We had previously given the book, know well that it is indeed revealed by your Lord. That it is the absolute truth! So do not be among the skeptics
6:115  The word of Allah is perfectly fair and accurate. None can dare change His decrees. He hears-all and knows all
6:116  Most of the people of this world _ if you choose to follow them _ would lead you far away from the path of Allah. They merely pursue their presumptions; they just guess and speculate
6:117  Of course your Lord knows best those who have strayed from His path, and He knows quite well the rightly guided ones
6:118  If you (really) believe in His revelations, you should eat the meat (of the animals) slaughtered in the name of Allah
6:119  What keeps you from eating the meat (of the animals) slaughtered in the name of Allah? He has already detailed for you everything that is forbidden for you _ unless you are compelled by dire reasons. Of course, many mislead others without much knowledge, and because of their own lusts and longings. Your Lord knows the transgressors
6:120  Give up sin (in its entirety) _ in appearance as well as in essence. Those who commit sins would surely be punished according to what they had committed
6:121  Do not eat the meat (of the animals) over which the name of Allah is not invoked (at the time of its slaughter). That is an impious and an immoral act. Shaitan certainly incites his minions to engage you in arguments (about what is, and is not a sin). If you follow them you would surely become one of those who associate partners with Allah
6:122  Can he, upon whom We bestowed life _ he was lifeless (and faithless) prior to that _ as well as the light by which he moves, ever be like those who grope about in utter darkness and are unable to emerge? Thus, the deeds of the unbelievers have been made to appear adorable to them
6:123  Thus, We raised the prominent ones among the criminals in every town to play their tricks. But they do not realize that they are only playing their tricks against themselves
6:124  When a verse comes to them (from Allah) they say, "We will not believe unless we are given the kind (of sign) that the messengers of Allah were given." Allah knows best upon whom to bestow His message. Disgrace and humiliation before Allah, and a torment, will soon strike the criminals because of their scheming designs
6:125  Allah unlocks and exposes to Islam the heart of the one whom He wishes to guide. (Conversely) He constricts and squeezes the heart of the one whom He wishes to mislead _ squeezes it so hard, he feels as if he was surging up in the sky. Thus, Allah lobs filth upon those who do not believe
6:126  This is the path of Allah _ the straight path. We have explained Our revelations in detail for a nation that heeds
6:127  Theirs shall be the blissful abode with their Lord, and He will be their friend and protector because of what they do
6:128  On the day He gathers them all together (He will say), "Oh you, the species of jinn! A great many humans have you lured and led astray! Their allies among the human kind (would exclaim), "Our Lord, we did enjoy (and benefit from) each other´s alliance, and now we have completed the term you had appointed for us." Allah will say, "The hellfire is your home. You will live there forever, unless Allah wills otherwise. Indeed, your Lord is the Wisest and the most Aware."
6:129  Thus, We will appoint the evildoers as each other´s comrades, because of what they had wrought
6:130  (Allah will say), "Oh the species of jinn and humans! Had the messengers from among your own kind not come to you? And (did they not) recite to you My revelations, and warn you about the meeting of this very day?" They will say, "(Yes, and) we bear witness against ourselves." The life of this world deceived them, and they will bear witness that they were indeed the unbelievers
6:131  (The messengers were sent) because your Lord would never destroy any town unjustly while its residents were unaware and uninformed
6:132  Each soul is ranked according to its deeds. Your Lord is not unaware of anything they do
6:133  Your Lord is Free of all wants; (He is) the Lord of Mercy. If He wants, He can wipe you out, and have another people _ whomever He wants _ succeed you, just as He raised you from the genes of a different nation
6:134  Of course, what you are being promised shall definitely occur! You are unable to prevent it
6:135  Say, "Oh my people, you do as you please! I will do my part! Soon you will find out, who gets the house of the hereafter. Evildoers will certainly not prosper!"
6:136  They assign a share for Allah out of the crops and cattle bestowed upon them by Him. They claim, "This (share) is for Allah, and that is for our partners (of Allah)." But seldom does their partners´ share reach Allah. However, Allah´s share frequently ends up with their partners. How despicable are their decisions
6:137  Their partners have even made infanticide adorable for many of these idolaters. These partners led them to their destruction, and obscured (and mystified) the matters of their faith. Had Allah so willed, they could not have done that. So leave them alone and let them continue to fabricate falsehood
6:138  Of their own accord, they (make certain rules and) declare, "(The meat of) this animal and (the crop of) that field are prohibited. No one can eat its (meat, fruit or) produce except whomever we allow." They prohibit certain animals to be employed for farm labor (or for burden). On certain other animals they do not invoke Allah´s name (at the time of their slaughter). They invent lies against Him! Soon He will punish them for the falsehood they invent
6:139  They Say, "The yield of certain cattle _ (be it milk or calf) _ is reserved for our males and is forbidden for our females." Yet men and women can both share the calf, if it is born dead. Soon We will punish them for all they (falsely) attribute (to Him). Indeed, He is the Wisest, the most Aware
6:140  Those who killed their children out of folly and the lack of knowledge, incurred a great loss. So did those who forbade themselves the blessings that Allah had bestowed upon them, those who fabricated lies about Allah. They have gone far astray; they are not on the right path
6:141  It is He Who has brought into being the orchards _ trellised and otherwise _ the date trees and the fields of crops. They all bear different taste. (He produces) the olives and the pomegranates which are similar in kind and different in taste. Eat their fruit as they ripen and pay the ´zakat´ on the day of harvest. Do not be wasteful. Indeed, He does not like those that are wasteful
6:142  (He created) some animals as beasts of burden, others for the sake of their flesh (and milk). Eat (the flesh of animals) Allah has granted you, and do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitan. He is really your professed enemy
6:143  (He has created) eight animals (you may eat): two are sheep _ (The ram and the ewe), and two are goats _ (the buck and the she-goat). Ask them, "Has He, (Allah), forbidden the males of these two species, or the females? And does the ban include the kids being carried by the females in their uterus? Tell me with proof, if you know!"
6:144  (Of the remaining four), two are camels _ (male and female), and the other two are cattle_ (the ox and the cow). Ask them, "Has He, (Allah) forbidden the males of these two species, or the females? And does the ban include the calves being carried by the females in their uterus? Were you really present there when Allah gave those instructions? Then, who could be more evil than the person inventing lies about Allah, and leading people astray, without any knowledge?" Indeed, Allah does not guide the nation of evildoers
6:145  (Oh Muhammad, SAW) say, "In the revelation sent to me, I find nothing that prohibits anyone from eating anything except: the (unslaughtered) dead animal, blood poured forth (at the time of slaughter), the flesh of swine because it is filthy, and the sinful food presented as an offering to beings, other than Allah. But if one is compelled by dire need _ and not by haughtiness or habit _ then of course Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
6:146  For those who became Jews, We had forbidden all animals clad with claws. We forbade them the fat of the ox and the goat, except what the animal carries around its back and the fat that sticks to the bones. We did that to punish them for their rebellion, and We certainly tell the truth
6:147  And if they call you a liar, then say, "Your Lord is limitless in His Mercy! His punishment against the guilty people shall not be set aside!"
6:148  Those who set up partners (to worship) besides Allah will surely say, "Had Allah so willed we and our forefathers could neither have set up partners with Allah, nor prohibited anything (against His will)." People prior to them had disbelieved in that same manner, right until they tasted Our torment. Say, "If you have any specific knowledge then bring it out and show us. You merely pursue your presumptions! You just guess and speculate!"
6:149  Say, "Allah has the (final and) infallable argument. Had He so willed, He could surely have guided all of you."
6:150  Say, "Present your witnesses! Could anyone testify that it is Allah Who has forbidden (all) this?" Even if they do testify (falsely), don´t you bear witness with them. Do not follow the whims and wishes of those who reject Our revelations _ those who do not believe in the life-to-come, and deem others as being equal to their Lord
6:151  Say, "Come, and let me recite to you what your Lord has enjoined upon you as your sacred duty. Do not associate anything as His partner (and equal). Treat your parents with kindness and courtesy. Do not kill your offspring because of poverty. We shall give you, and them, the provisions (of life). Do not come anywhere close to committing the lewd and lascivious acts _ whether openly or in secret. Do not take a human life _ Allah has deemed the human life to be sacred _ except in the cause and the course of justice. That, He has instructed you! Perhaps, you would understand."
6:152  Do not touch the assets of an orphan till he comes of age, except with worthy and venerable intentions. (Be just), fill the measure to its full and weigh accurately. We do not burden anyone beyond his capacity to bear. Be just when you say anything _ (bear witness or pass judgment) _ even if it involves your own kin. Fulfil the pledges you make with Allah (or in His name). That, He has instructed you. Perhaps, you would bear in mind
6:153  That, indeed, is My path _ the (only) straight path; so follow it! Do not follow other ways because they will alienate you from His path. That, He has instructed you! Perhaps you would adopt righteousness
6:154  And We gave Musa the book. It was complete, and contained the detailed explanation of all things for the righteous. It was the guidance and mercy, so they may have faith in the (scheduled) meeting with their Lord
6:155  We have (now) revealed this book, (the Qur´an) as a blessing. Follow it and fear Allah! Perhaps, you would be graced by His mercy
6:156  (It has been revealed to you) lest you would say, "The two groups _ (the Christians and the Jews) _ before our times had received the book while we remained ignorant and unaware of its study and knowledge."
6:157  So that you cannot (offer excuses and) say, "Had the book been revealed to us, We would have followed its guidance better than the two earlier groups." The proof from your Lord has now come to you. It is the guidance and mercy! Can anyone be more evil than those who reject and shun Our revelations. Because of their aversion We will soon inflict a treacherous torment upon those who turned away from Our revelations
6:158  Now what are they waiting for? Do they expect the angels to come to them (with their death warrants)? Or for your Lord (Himself) to show up? Or any one of the (final and manifest) signs from your Lord to appear? (Professing) belief on the day any such signs appear will not benefit those who had not believed earlier, nor those who had failed to earn any good deeds with their belief. Say to them, "Go ahead and wait! We too shall wait with you!"
6:159  Indeed, you have nothing to do with those who cause schisms, and divide their faith into sects. The decision in their case rests with Allah; He will (pass His verdict and) tell them what they used to do
6:160  Whoever earns one good deed, shall receive ten such deeds (to his credit), while whoever commits an evil deed will only be punished equal to a single offense. They shall not be wronged
6:161  Say, "In fact my Lord has guided me to the straight path. It is the true eternal faith, and the religion of the community of Ibraheem who worshipped Allah to the total exclusion of all others. He was not an idolater."
6:162  Say, "My ´salat´, and my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for Allah, the Lord of the universe."
6:163  "He has no partner (or equal). That is what I am ordered! And I am the first to submit and surrender."
6:164  Say, "Shall I look for another Lord for you besides Allah, even though He is the Lord of every single thing? Each one is personally responsible for every sin he commits. No one shall bear (or share) the burden (of sin) for anyone else. Towards your Lord is your final destination. At that time, He will inform you about everything you used to dispute."
6:165  He it is, Who has appointed you His deputy on this earth. He excelled some of you over others in rank (power and authority), so He may put you through a test with what He has granted you. Indeed, your Lord is very swift (and severe) in inflicting punishment, and of course, He is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful