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58:1  (Oh prophet)! Allah has certainly heard the remarks of the woman who pleaded with you concerning her husband, and directed her complaint towards Allah. And Allah has heard the discussions the two of you had. Indeed, Allah hears all and sees all
58:2  Those who (swear and) declare their wives to be like their mothers (should know that) their wives are not their mothers. Of course, their mothers can only be those who gave them birth. What they utter is certainly condemned, and a lie. Allah is indeed the most Forgiving, the most Merciful
58:3  Those who declare their wives to be like their mothers, and later wish to rescind their statement must free a slave before they may approach their wives. You are being cautioned against (making such statements). Allah is well Aware of what you do
58:4  And the one who does not find (the resources to free a slave), must observe fasts daily for two consecutive months before the couple may touch each other. He who lacks the ability to fast should feed sixty poor people. This is so you may have faith in Allah and His messenger! These are the limits set by Allah. For the unbelievers there is a painful punishment
58:5  Indeed, those who oppose Allah and His messenger are going to be disgraced, just like those before them (who opposed Allah). We have revealed clear proofs! There is a disgraceful punishment for the unbelievers
58:6  That day Allah will resurrect them all, and He will tell them everything they had done. Allah has recorded everything, while they have forgotten. Allah is the witness to every single thing
58:7  Do you not realize that Allah knows everything in the heavens and on earth? Never is there a secret conference of three, where He is not the fourth (listening in); nor of five, where He is not the sixth (listening). Even when there are less (than three) or more than that number (holding secret talks), He is (always) with them no matter where they might happen to be. Later, on the Day of Judgment, He will tell them everything they had done! Indeed, Allah knows every single thing
58:8  Have you not seen those who were forbidden from engaging in intrigues and cabals? Yet they went back to doing (exactly) what they were forbidden (to do). They conspired to commit sins and wrongful acts, and to disobey the messenger. When they visit you, they greet you in a manner in which Allah did not greet you. (Mischievously, they twist words, as they salute you). In their hearts they say, "Why does Allah not punish us for what we say?" For them, hellfire is enough! They shall burn in it! What a despicable destination
58:9  Oh those of you who believe, do not hold secret talks for the sake of committing sins and wrongful acts, and for the sake of disobeying the messenger. Rather, if you hold secret talks, let it be for (the sake of) piety and righteousness; and (above all) fear Allah, before Whom you would all be gathered
58:10  Indeed, (these) secret (esoteric) communions are the work of the devil, (whose purpose is) to dishearten the believers. (But) without the sanction (and approval) of Allah, he cannot cause a bit of harm. The believers should place their trust in Allah (exclusively)
58:11  Oh those of you who believe! Make room (for others) in the gatherings when you are asked to do so. Allah will make room for you (in the life-to-come). Get up when you are asked to rise. (In the hereafter) Allah will raise the ranks of those of you who believe, and those granted the knowledge. Allah is well-Aware of what you do
58:12  Oh those of you who believe, whenever you seek a private audience with the messenger, present something in charity (to the poor) prior to the consultation. This is better for you _ and purer. (Yet) if you are unable (to offer charity), then Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Kind
58:13  Are you afraid of giving charity prior to your consultation with the messenger? So you may not _ and Allah forgives you for it _ (but) establish ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´ and obey Allah and His messenger. Allah is (well) Aware of what you do
58:14  Do you not see the hypocrites? They befriend the nation that has invoked the wrath of Allah. They _ (such hypocrites) _ neither belong to you nor to others (your enemies). They knowingly swear to their falsehood
58:15  Allah has prepared a severe punishment for them! Indeed, what they do is really evil
58:16  They use their oaths as their shields, and they prevent people from the path of Allah. A disgraceful punishment is (in store) for them
58:17  Their wealth and their children will not help them a bit against Allah! They are the people of the fire, and in it they shall stay forever
58:18  On that day, Allah will raise them all (back to life), and they will swear before Him just like they swear before you (now). They will fancy that their oaths will bring them some benefits. Beware! They are certainly the liars
58:19  Shaitan has gained mastery over them, and has caused them to become oblivious of the remembrance of Allah. They are the gang of Shaitan. Beware! The gang of Shaitan is definitely the loser
58:20  Indeed, those who oppose Allah and His Messenger are the ones who would be the lowest and the most humiliated
58:21  Allah has decreed, "I and My messengers shall certainly prevail!" Allah is the Strongest, and the most Powerful
58:22  You will never see it happen, that folks who believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment (also) love those who oppose Allah and His messenger, even if they happen to be their fathers, sons, brothers or other relatives. Such are the believers upon whose hearts Allah has etched faith; He has bolstered their belief with His true guidance and light. He will usher them into paradise, right through which, run rivers. They will live there forever! Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. They are the party of Allah! Beware, it is (really) the party of Allah that will triumph