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56:1  When the Event will come to pas
56:2  – and then there will be no one to deny its occurrence
56:3  (a calamitous Event) that shall turn things upside down
56:4  when the earth will suddenly shake with a terrible shaking
56:5  and the mountains will crumbl
56:6  and will scatter abroad into fine dust
56:7  You shall then become three groups
56:8  The People on the Right: and how fortunate will be the People on the Right
56:9  And the People on the Left: and how miserable will be the People on the Left
56:10  As for the Foremost, they will be the foremost
56:11  They shall be near-stationed (to their Lord)
56:12  in the Gardens of Bliss
56:13  A throng of the ancients
56:14  and a few from later times
56:15  They (will be seated) on gold-encrusted couches
56:16  reclining on them, arrayed face to face
56:17  immortal youths shall go about the
56:18  with goblets and ewers and a cup filled with a drink drawn from a running spring
56:19  a drink by which their minds will not be clouded nor will it cause drunkenness
56:20  they will also go about them with the fruits of which they may choose
56:21  and with the flesh of any fowl that they may desire to eat
56:22  and there shall be wide-eyed maidens
56:23  beautiful as pearls hidden in their shells
56:24  All this shall be theirs as a reward for their deeds
56:25  There they shall hear no idle talk nor any sinful speech
56:26  All talk will be sound and upright
56:27  As for the People on the Right, how fortunate shall be the people on the Right
56:28  They shall be in the midst of thornless lote trees
56:29  and flower-clad acacias
56:30  and extended shade
56:31  and gushing water
56:32  and abundant fruit
56:33  never-ending and unforbidden
56:34  They shall be on upraised couches
56:35  and their spouses We shall have brought them into being afresh
56:36  and shall have made them virgins
56:37  intensely loving and of matching age
56:38  All this will be for the People on the Right
56:39  a large throng from the ancients
56:40  and also a large throng from those of later times
56:41  As for the People on the Left: how miserable will be the People on the Left
56:42  They will be in the midst of scorching wind and boiling water
56:43  and a shade of thick, pitch-black smoke
56:44  which will neither be cool nor soothing
56:45  Surely they had lived before in luxury
56:46  and had persisted in the Great Sin
56:47  They used to say: "What! Once we are dead and are reduced to dust and bones, shall we still be raised to a new life from the dead
56:48  (We) and our fore-fathers of yore?"
56:49  Tell them, (O Prophet): "The earlier ones and the later one
56:50  shall all be brought together on an appointed Day
56:51  Then you, the erring ones and those that gave the lie to the Truth
56:52  shall all eat from the Tree of al-Zaqqum
56:53  filling your bellies with it
56:54  and thereupon you shall drink boiling water
56:55  drinking it as thirsty camels do."
56:56  Thus shall they be entertained on the Day of Recompense
56:57  We have created you, then why would you not confirm it
56:58  Did you ever consider the sperm that you emit
56:59  Do you create a child out of it, or are We its creators
56:60  It is We Who ordained death upon you and We are not to be frustrated
56:61  Had We so wished, nothing could have hindered Us from replacing you by others like yourselves, or transforming you into beings you know nothing about
56:62  You are well aware of the first creation; then, do you learn no lesson from it
56:63  Have you considered the seeds you till
56:64  Is it you or We Who make them grow
56:65  If We so wished, We could have reduced your harvest to rubble, and you would have been left wonder-struck to exclaim
56:66  "We have been penalised
56:67  nay; we have been undone!"
56:68  Did you cast a good look at the water that you drink
56:69  Is it you who brought it down from the clouds or is it We Who brought it down
56:70  If We had so pleased, We could have made it bitter. So why would you not give thanks
56:71  Did you consider the fire which you kindle
56:72  Did you make its tree grow or was it We Who made it grow
56:73  We made it a reminder and a provision for the needy
56:74  Glorify, then, (O Prophet), the name of your Great Lord
56:75  No! I swear by the positions of the stars
56:76  and this is indeed a mighty oath, if only you knew
56:77  that this indeed is a noble Qur´an
56:78  inscribed in a well-guarded Book
56:79  which none but the pure may touch
56:80  a revelation from the Lord of the Universe
56:81  Do you, then, take this discourse in light esteem
56:82  and your portion in it is simply that you denounce it as false
56:83  Why, then, when the soul leaps up to the throat
56:84  the while you are helplessly watching that he is on the verge of death
56:85  – at that moment when We are closer to him than you, although you do not see (Us
56:86  if you are not subject to anyone´s authority
56:87  why are you then not able to bring them back to life if you are truthful
56:88  So if he is one of those who are near-stationed (to Allah)
56:89  then happiness and delight and Gardens of Bliss are his
56:90  And if he is one of the People on the Right
56:91  he will be welcomed by the words: "Peace to you" from the People on the Right
56:92  And if he is one of those who give the lie (to this Message) and go astray
56:93  then he will be served boiling water
56:94  and will be scorched by the Fire
56:95  That indeed is the absolute truth
56:96  So glorify the name of your Great Lord