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56:1  When the inevitable comes to pass.
56:2  Nothing can stop it from happening.
56:3  It will lower some, and raise others.
56:4  The earth will be shaken up.
56:5  The mountains will be wiped out.
56:6  As if they never existed.
56:7  You will be stratified into three kinds.
56:8  Those who deserved bliss will be in bliss.
56:9  Those who deserved misery will be in misery.
56:10  Then there is the elite of the elite.
56:11  They are those who will be closest (to God).
56:12  In the gardens of bliss.
56:13  Many from the first generations.
56:14  Few from the later generations.
56:15  On luxurious furnishings.
56:16  Enjoying everything, they will be neighbors.
56:17  Serving them will be immortal servants.
56:18  With cups, pitchers and pure drinks.
56:19  They never run out, nor do they get bored.
56:20  Fruits of their choice.
56:21  Meat of birds that they desire.
56:22  Beautiful mates.
56:23  Like protected pearls.
56:24  Rewards for their works.
56:25  They never hear any nonsense therein, nor sinful utterances.
56:26  Only the utterance: "Peace, peace."
56:27  Those of the right side, will be on the right side.
56:28  In lush orchards
56:29  Fragrant fruits.
56:30  Extended shade.
56:31  Abundant water.
56:32  Many fruits.
56:33  Never ending; never forbidden.
56:34  Luxurious furnishings.
56:35  We create for them mates.
56:36  Never previously touched.
56:37  Perfectly matched.
56:38  For those on the right side.
56:39  Many from the early generations.
56:40  Many from the later generations.
56:41  Those of the left, will be on the left.
56:42  In misery and inferno.
56:43  Even their shade is hot.
56:44  Never cool, never tolerable.
56:45  They used to be rich.
56:46  They insisted on the great blasphemy.
56:47  They said, "After we die and turn to dust and bones, we get resurrected?
56:48  "Does this include our forefathers?"
56:49  Say, "The early generations and the later generations.
56:50  "Will be summoned to a meeting on a predetermined day.
56:51  "Then you, O disbelieving strayers.
56:52  "Will eat from the trees of bitterness.
56:53  "Filling your bellies therefrom.
56:54  "Then drinking on top of it hellish drinks.
56:55  "Then adding drinks of sand."
56:56  Such is their share on the Day of Judgment.
56:57  We have created you, if you could only believe!
56:58  Have you noted the semen that you produce?
56:59  Did you create it, or did we?
56:60  We have predetermined death for you. Nothing can stop us -
56:61  from substituting new generations in your place, and establishing what you do not know.
56:62  You know about the first creation. Do you not remember?
56:63  Have you noted the crops you reap?
56:64  Did you grow them, or did we?
56:65  If we will, we can turn it into hay. Then you will lament:
56:66  "We lost.
56:67  "We are deprived."
56:68  Have you noted the water you drink?
56:69  Did you send it down from the clouds, or did we?
56:70  If we will, we can make it salty. You should be thankful.
56:71  Have you noted the fire you ignite?
56:72  Did you initiate its tree, or did we?
56:73  We rendered it a reminder, and a useful tool for the users.
56:74  You shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.
56:75  I swear by the positions of the stars.
56:76  This is an oath, if you only knew, that is awesome.
56:77  This is an honorable Quran.
56:78  In a protected book.
56:79  None can grasp it except the sincere.
56:80  A revelation from the Lord of the universe.
56:81  Are you disregarding this narration?
56:82  Do you make it your business that you disbelieve?
56:83  When the time comes and it (your soul) reaches your throat -
56:84  you will then look around.
56:85  We are closer to it than you are, but you do not see.
56:86  If it is true that you do not owe any accounting -
56:87  why do you not restore (your soul), if you are truthful?
56:88  If he is one of those close to Me -
56:89  then joy, flowers, and gardens of bliss.
56:90  And if he is one of the right -
56:91  peace is the lot of those on the right.
56:92  But if he is one of the disbelievers, the strayers -
56:93  then an abode of inferno -
56:94  and burning in Hell.
56:95  This is the absolute truth.
56:96  You shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.