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56:1  When the inevitable event will come to pas
56:2  - no one will be able to deny its coming to pas
56:3  - then some shall be abased and some exalted
56:4  The earth shall be shaken with severe shakin
56:5  and the mountains shall be made to crumble with awful crumblin
56:6  and become like scattered dust
56:7  Then you shall be divided into three groups
56:8  those on the right hand - how blessed shall be the people of the right hand
56:9  those on the left hand - how damned shall be the people of the left hand
56:10  and foremost shall be the foremost
56:11  They will be nearest to Allah
56:12  in the gardens of bliss
56:13  Most of them will be from the forme
56:14  and a few from the later generations
56:15  They shall have the jewelled couches
56:16  reclining on them facing each other
56:17  and there shall wait on them the eternal youth
56:18  with goblets, shining beakers and cups of pure wine
56:19  - which will neither pain their heads nor take away their senses
56:20  They shall have fruits of their own choic
56:21  and flesh of fowls that they may desire
56:22  and dark eyed Huris (damsels)
56:23  as lovely as well guarded pearl
56:24  as a reward for their good deeds that they had done
56:25  There they shall not hear any vain talk nor sinful words
56:26  but only the greetings of "Peace be upon you! Peace be upon you!"
56:27  Those of the right hand - happy shall be those on the right hand
56:28  They shall be among the thornless lote trees
56:29  clusters of bananas
56:30  extended thick shades
56:31  constantly flowing water
56:32  abundant fruit
56:33  of unforbidden never ending supply
56:34  and will be reclining on high raised couches
56:35  We shall create their wives of special creatio
56:36  and make them virgin
56:37  beloved by nature, equal in age
56:38  for those of the right hand
56:39  Many of them will be from the forme
56:40  and many from the later generations
56:41  As for those of the left hand - how unfortunate will be the people of the left hand
56:42  They will be in the midst of scorching winds and in boiling water
56:43  in the shade of a pitch-black smoke
56:44  neither cool nor refreshing
56:45  For they lived in comfort before meeting this fate
56:46  They persisted in heinous sin
56:47  and used to say: "When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, shall we then be raised to life again
56:48  And our forefathers, too?"
56:49  Tell them: "Surely those of old and those of present ag
56:50  shall certainly be brought together on an appointed time of a known Day
56:51  Then, "O the mistaken rejecters
56:52  you shall eat of the Zaqqum tree
56:53  and fill your bellies with it
56:54  and drink on top of it scalding water
56:55  yet you shall drink it like a thirsty camel."
56:56  Such will be their entertainment on the Day of Reckoning
56:57  We have created you: will you not then testify about Our power of creation
56:58  Have you ever considered the semen you discharge
56:59  Is it you who create the child from it, or are We the Creator
56:60  It is We Who have ordained death among you and We are not helples
56:61  in replacing you by others like yourselves or transforming you into beings that you do not know
56:62  You already know well your first creation, why then do you not take heed
56:63  Have you ever considered the seed that you sow in the ground
56:64  Is it you who cause it to grow or are We the grower
56:65  If it be Our Will, We could crumble your harvest into chaff, and you would then be left in lamenting
56:66  We are indeed left laden with debts
56:67  indeed we have been deprived from the fruits of our labor
56:68  Have you ever considered the water which you drink
56:69  Is it you who send it down from the clouds or are We the sender
56:70  If it be Our Will, We could turn it salty. Why then do you not give thanks
56:71  Have you ever considered the fire that you kindle
56:72  Is it you who grow the tree which feeds the fire or are We the grower
56:73  We have made it a reminder for man as to what would be the life without it, and a provision of life for the travellers of desert
56:74  So glorify the name of your Lord, Who is the Greatest
56:75  I swear by the setting of the stars
56:76  and it is indeed a mighty oath if you but knew it
56:77  that this is indeed a Glorious Qur’an
56:78  inscribed in a well-guarded Book
56:79  which none can touch except the purified (angels)
56:80  a revelation from the Lord of the worlds
56:81  Would you scorn a scripture such as thi
56:82  and make it’s denying a means of your livelihood
56:83  Why is it not then that when you see a dying person’s soul come up to his throa
56:84  while you are helplessly watchin
56:85  - and at that time We are nearer to him than you, although you cannot see Us
56:86  Then why do you not - if you claim you are not subject to reckonin
56:87  - restore to the dying person his soul? Answer this, if what you say be true
56:88  Then if the dying person is one of those near to Us
56:89  for him there is comfort and bounty, and a garden of bliss
56:90  And if he be one of the right hand
56:91  he is greeted with salutation: "Peace be upon you," from those of the right hand
56:92  And if he is one of the mistaken rejecters
56:93  he is welcomed with scalding water
56:94  and burning in hellfire
56:95  Surely this is an absolute truth
56:96  Therefore, glorify the name of your Lord, Who is the Greatest