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56:1  When the Event (Literally: the Befalling) befalls
56:2  There is no lying about its befalling
56:3  Lowering (some), raising (others
56:4  When the earth will be convulsed with a (severe) convulsion
56:5  And the mountains crumbled with a violent crumbling
56:6  So that they become disseminated dust particles
56:7  And you will be three pairs
56:8  So (as for) the companions of the Rightness, (Or: the Right Hand) what (will become) of the companions of the Rightness
56:9  And the companions of the Sinister (befalling), what (will become) of the companions of the Sinister (befalling)? (Or: the Left Hand
56:10  And the Outstrippers, (i.e., those who precede others) the Outstrippers
56:11  Those are the ones to be brought near (in the Hereafter)
56:12  In the Gardens of Bliss
56:13  A throng of the earliest (people)
56:14  And a few of the latest (people)
56:15  Upon close-wrought (Or: plaited or encrusted) settees
56:16  Reclining upon them, facing one another
56:17  (There) go round them eternalized young men
56:18  With goblets, and beakers, and a cup from a profuse spring
56:19  Wherefrom their (heads) will not ache, nor will they feel exhausted
56:20  And (such) fruits as they will freely choose
56:21  And such flesh of birds as they crave for
56:22  And wide-eyed huris
56:23  As the likeness of nestled pearls
56:24  (This is) a recompense for whatever they were doing
56:25  Therein they will not hear any idle talk, nor any cause for vice
56:26  Except the blissful saying, "Peace! Peace!"
56:27  And the companions of the Right; what (will become) of the companions of the Right
56:28  They will be among thornless lote-trees
56:29  And Talh, (It may mean banana or acacia, which are compacted) tiered (one on another)
56:30  And extended shade
56:31  And outpoured water
56:32  And many (kinds) of fruit
56:33  Neither out of season, (Literally: cut off) nor out of reach- (i.e., unending fruits, that are not forbidden)
56:34  And raised beddings
56:35  Surely We have brought them (The huris) into being a (perfect) bringing up
56:36  So We have made them virgins
56:37  Chastely amorous, like of age
56:38  For the companions of the Right
56:39  A throng of the earliest (people,
56:40  And a throng of the later (people)
56:41  And the companions of the Left, what (will become) of the companions of the Left
56:42  (They will be) in pestilential wind, and scalding water
56:43  And the shade of a Smoking Blaze
56:44  Neither cool, nor refreshing (Literally: honorable)
56:45  Surely they were before that (living) in ease and luxury
56:46  And they used to persist in the monstrous vileness
56:47  And they used to say, "When we die and are dust and bones, will we surely be made to rise again
56:48  And (also) our earliest fathers?"
56:49  Say, (This is addressed to the Prophet) "Surely the earliest people and the later
56:50  Will indeed be gathered to the fixed time of a known Day
56:51  Thereafter, surely you, you erring ones, the beliers
56:52  Indeed you will eat of the trees of Zaqqum
56:53  So you will be filling therewith (your) bellies
56:54  Then you will be drinking thereon of scalding water
56:55  So you will be drinking (like) the drinking of diseased camels wandering with thirst."
56:56  This is their hospitality on the Day of Doom
56:57  We, Ever We, created you. Would you then sincerely admit (the Truth)
56:58  So, have you then seen what you ejaculate
56:59  Is it you who create it, or even are We the Creators
56:60  We, Ever We, have determined among you Death; and in no way are We, Ever We, outstripped
56:61  (So) that We may exchange the likes of you and bring you into being (again in a fashion) you do not know
56:62  And indeed you have already known the earliest bringing into being; (if) had you (known), you would have been mindful
56:63  Have you then seen (whatever) you till
56:64  Is it you who plant it or are We, Ever We, the Planters
56:65  If We had (so) decided We would indeed have made it crushed to pieces; then you would linger on (bitterly) exclaiming
56:66  "Surely we are indeed penalized (for debt)
56:67  No indeed, (but) we are dispossessed!"
56:68  Have you then seen the water you drink
56:69  Is it you who have sent it down from the rainy clouds or are We, Ever We, The Senders down
56:70  If We had (so) decided, We would have made it bitter; so had you only thanked (Us)
56:71  Have you then seen the fire you flare up
56:72  Is it you who brought its tree into being, or are We, Ever We, The Bringers into being
56:73  We, Ever We, have made it for a Reminder and an enjoyment for the denizens in the desert
56:74  So extol with the Name of your Lord, The Ever-Magnificent
56:75  Then no! I swear by the sites of the stars
56:76  And surely it is indeed a tremendous oath, if you only know (it)
56:77  Surely it is indeed an honorable Qur'an
56:78  In a nestled Book
56:79  Which none shall touch except the purified
56:80  A successive sending down from The Lord of the worlds
56:81  Is it, then, that you (i.e., the disbelievers) are dissimulating with this Discourse
56:82  And making your provision (for livelihood) that you cry lies
56:83  Then had it been that, when (the self) (i.e., the self of the dying person) reaches the gullet (of the dying)
56:84  And you at that while of time (sit) looking on
56:85  And We are nearer to him than you, but you do not behold
56:86  Then had you been (sure) that, in case you are other than being doomed
56:87  Make it return, if (ever) you are sincere
56:88  So, as for him who in case he is of those brought near (to Us)
56:89  Then (there will be) relief, and soothing comfort, and a Garden of Bliss
56:90  And as for him who in case he is of the companions of the Right
56:91  Then (it will be said), "Peace be upon you; (you are) one of the companions of the Right."
56:92  And as for him who in case he is of the beliers (and) the erring
56:93  Then (there will be) hospitality of scalding (water
56:94  And the roasting in Hell-Fire
56:95  Surely this is indeed the very Truth of Certitude
56:96  So extol with the Name of your Ever- Magnificent Lord