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52:1  By the (mount) Tur (where Moses received Torah);
52:2  and by the book inscribed
52:3  in parchment (written sheep skin) unrolled,
52:4  and by the house (Bait-ul-Mamoor, the house over the heavens parallel to the Ka’bah at Makkah, visited by the angels),
52:5  and by the roof raised high (sky),
52:6  and by the sea boiling blaze,
52:7  surely, the punishment of your Lord will surely come to pass.
52:8  There is none that can avert it.
52:9  On the Day when the heaven will shake with a dreadful shaking
52:10  and the mountains will move away with a horrible movement.
52:11  On that Day, woe be to the rejecters (of truth),
52:12  who are engaged in falsehood.
52:13  That Day they will be pushed down by force to the fire of hell with a forceful pushing,
52:14  (it will be said to them): “This is the fire which you used to deny.
52:15  Is this a magic, or do you not see?
52:16  You burn in its heat; it will be the same for you whether you be patient or not be patient. You are only being requited for what you used to do.”
52:17  Surely, the pious will be in gardens (Paradise), and delight,
52:18  enjoying in that which their Lord has bestowed on them and their Lord saved them from the punishment of the blazing fire.
52:19  (It will be said to them): “Eat and drink with happiness because of what you used to do (good deeds).”
52:20  They will recline (with ease) on thrones arranged in ranks. And We shall marry them to lovely maidens with wide lovely eyes.
52:21  Those who believe and their offspring follow them in faith, We will join their offspring to them, and We will not decrease any reward for their deeds. Every person has a pledge for that which it has earned.
52:22  And We shall provide them with fruit and meat as they desire.
52:23  They shall pass from hand to hand a wine cup in it which shall cause no dirty, false talk in it (between them), and no sin will go around,
52:24  and boy-servants will go round for them to serve them as if they were preserved pearls.
52:25  And some of them will come near to others, questioning (worldly life
52:26  and they will say: “Surely, we were previously afraid with our families (from the punishment of Allah).
52:27  But Allah has been Gracious to us, and has saved us from the punishment of the fire.
52:28  Surely, we used to invoke Him before. Surely, He is the Kind, the Merciful.”
52:29  Therefore, remind and preach (mankind, O Muhammad). By the Grace of Allah, you are neither a fortune-teller, nor a madman.
52:30  Or do they say: “(Muhammad is) a poet! We are waiting for him some calamity (by time)!”
52:31  Say (O Muhammad to them): “Wait! I am with you among the waiters!”
52:32  Or do their minds command them this (to tell a lie against you)? Or are they people exceeding all bounds (from belief to disbelief)?
52:33  Or do they say: “He (Muhammad) has forged it (this Qur’an)?” Nay! They don’t believe!
52:34  Then let them produce a Scripture like it (the Qur’an) if they are truthful.
52:35  Or were they created by no one? Or were they (themselves) the creators?
52:36  Or have they created the heavens and the earth? Nay, but they have no firm belief.
52:37  Or are the treasures of your Lord with them? Or are they the tyrants with the authority to do as they like?
52:38  Or do they have a stairway (to heaven), by means of which they listen (to the talks of the angels)? Then let their listener produce some clear proof.
52:39  Or has He only daughters and you have sons?
52:40  Or is it that you (O Muhammad) ask a wage from them (for your preaching) so that they are burdened from a load of debt?
52:41  Or is the (knowledge of) unseen with them and they write it down?
52:42  Or do they intend a plot (against you)? If so, those who disbelieve are themselves (trapped) in a plot!
52:43  Or do they have one worthy of worship other than Allah? Glorified is Allah from all that they ascribe as partners (to Him).
52:44  Even if they were to see a piece of the heaven falling down, they would say: “Clouds gathered in heaps!”
52:45  So leave them alone till they meet their Day, in which they will sink into a fainting (with horror).
52:46  The Day when their plotting will avail them nothing nor will be helped.
52:47  Surely, for those who do wrong, there is punishment (in this world and in graves) before this, but most of them don’t know.
52:48  So wait patiently (O Muhammad) for the decision of your Lord, for surely He is watching you. Glorify the praises of your Lord when you get up from sleep,
52:49  and also glorify His praises in the night-time, and at the setting of stars.