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52:1  By the mountain
52:2  by a Scripture inscribe
52:3  in unrolled parch-ment
52:4  by the much-visited House
52:5  by the raised canopy
52:6  by the ocean ever filled
52:7  [Prophet], your Lord’s punishment is coming–&ndash
52:8  it cannot be put off–&ndash
52:9  on the Day when the sky sways back and fort
52:10  and the mountains float away
52:11  Woe on that Day to those who deny the Truth
52:12  who amuse themselves with idle chatter
52:13  on that Day they will be thrust into the Fire of Hell
52:14  ‘This is the Fire you used to deny
52:15  So is this sorcery? Do you still not see it
52:16  Burn in it––it makes no difference whether you bear it patiently or not–– you are only being repaid for what you have done.’
52:17  Those who were mindful of God are in Gardens and in bliss
52:18  rejoicing in their Lord’s gifts: He has saved them from the torment of the Blaze
52:19  ‘Eat and drink with healthy enjoyment as a reward for what you have done.’
52:20  They are comfortably seated on couches arranged in rows; We pair them with beautiful-eyed maidens
52:21  We unite the believers with their offspring who followed them in faith–– We do not deny them any of the rewards for their deeds: each person is in pledge for his own deeds–&ndash
52:22  We provide them with any fruit or meat they desire
52:23  They pass around a cup which does not lead to any idle talk or sin
52:24  Devoted youths like hidden pearls wait on them
52:25  They turn to one another and say
52:26  ‘When we were still with our families [on earth] we used to live in fear–&ndash
52:27  God has been gracious to us and saved us from the torment of intense heat
52:28  We used to pray to Him: He is the Good, the Merciful One.’
52:29  So [Prophet] remind [people]. By the grace of your Lord [Prophet], you are neither oracle nor madman
52:30  If they say, ‘He is only a poet: we shall await his fate,’
52:31  say, ‘Wait if you wish; I too am waiting’
52:32  does their reason really tell them to do this, or are they simply insolent people
52:33  If they say, ‘He has made it up himself’- they certainly do not believe
52:34  let them produce one like it, if what they say is true
52:35  Were they created without any agent? Were they the creators
52:36  Did they create the heavens and the earth? No! They do not have faith
52:37  Do they possess your Lord’s treasures or have control over them
52:38  Do they have a ladder to climb, in order to eavesdrop [on Heaven’s secrets]? Let their eavesdropper produce clear proof
52:39  Does God have daughters while you have sons
52:40  Do you [Prophet] demand a payment from them that would burden them with debt
52:41  Do they have [access to] the unseen? Could they write it down
52:42  Do they think they can ensnare you? It is the disbelievers who have been ensnared
52:43  Do they really have another god besides God? God is far above anything they set alongside Him
52:44  Even if they saw a piece of heaven falling down on them, they would say, ‘Just a heap of clouds,’
52:45  so leave them, Prophet, until they face the Day when they will be thunderstruck
52:46  the Day when their snares will be of no use to them, when they will get no help
52:47  Another punishment awaits the evildoers, though most of them do not realize it
52:48  Wait patiently [Prophet] for your Lord’s judgement: you are under Our watchful eye. Celebrate the praise of your Lord when you rise
52:49  Glorify Him at night and at the fading of the stars