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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Wahiduddin Khan
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Wahiduddin Khan rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the winds that scatter the dust,
51:2 and those that bear the burden [of the rain],
51:3 and those speeding along with ease,
51:4 and distributing the command of God at His behest!
51:5 What you are promised is certainly true:
51:6 the Judgement will surely come to pass
51:7 by the heaven full of tracks,
51:8 surely you are deeply at variance [as to what to believe]
51:9 he is turned away from [the truth] who is destined to be so turned away.
51:10 May the conjecturers perish,
51:11 who flounder in the depths of ignorance.
51:12 They ask, When will the Day of Judgement come?
51:13 It will be the Day when they are tormented at the Fire.
51:14 Taste your trial. This is what you sought to hasten.
51:15 Surely the God-fearing will find themselves in the midst of gardens and springs.
51:16 They shall receive what their Lord will bestow on them. They have done good works in the past,
51:17 sleeping little in the night-time,
51:18 praying at dawn for God's pardon,
51:19 and sharing their possessions with the beggars and the deprived.
51:20 On the earth, and in yourselves,
51:21 there are signs for firm believers. Do you not see then?
51:22 In heaven is your sustenance, and also that which you are promised.
51:23 By the Lord of the heaven and the earth, it is certainly the truth. It is as true as your ability to speak.
51:24 Have you heard the story of Abrahams honoured guests?
51:25 When they came to him they said, Peace! He answered, Peace! [saying to himself]. They are strangers.
51:26 Then he turned quickly to his household, and brought a fatted calf,
51:27 and placed it before them. Will you not eat? he said,
51:28 beginning to be afraid of them. But they said, Dont be afraid; and they gave him the good news of a son who would be endowed with knowledge.
51:29 Then his wife came forward, crying and beating her brow. She said, I am surely a barren, old woman.
51:30 Such is the will of your Lord, they replied. He is the Wise, the All Knowing.
51:31 Abraham asked, What is your errand, O messengers?
51:32 They replied, We have been sent to a sinful people,
51:33 so that we may bring down upon them a shower of stones of clay,
51:34 which are marked by your Lord for the punishment of those guilty of excesses.
51:35 We saved all the faithful in the town.
51:36 We found in it only one household of true believers
51:37 and We left therein a sign for those who fear a painful punishment.
51:38 There is another sign in Moses: We sent him to Pharaoh with clear authority.
51:39 But he turned his back, he and his courtiers, and said, This is a sorcerer or a madman.
51:40 Then We seized him and his army and cast them all into the sea: he himself [Pharaoh] was to blame.
51:41 There is another sign in the [tribe of] Ad, when We sent against them a life-destroying wind
51:42 and it destroyed everything over which it passed and reduced it to dust.
51:43 In the Thamud [there was another sign], when they were told, Make the most of your lives for a while.
51:44 But they rebelled against the command of their Lord. So the thunderbolt overtook them while they looked on:
51:45 they could not stand up again, nor could they defend themselves.
51:46 [We destroyed] the people of Noah before them. They were certainly a sinful people.
51:47 We built the universe with Our might, giving it its vast expanse.
51:48 We have spread out the earthhow well We have spread it out
51:49 and We created pairs of all things so that you might reflect.
51:50 Therefore hasten to God; truly, I am sent by Him to give you clear warning.
51:51 Do not set up another god, along with God. I come from Him to warn you plainly.
51:52 Likewise, there came no messenger to those before them, but they said, He is a sorcerer or a madman.
51:53 Have they handed this down to one another? They are certainly a people who exceed all bounds,
51:54 so ignore them you are not to blame
51:55 but keep on exhorting them, for exhortation benefits the believers.
51:56 I created the jinn and mankind only so that they might worship Me:
51:57 I seek no sustenance from them, nor do I want them to feed Me
51:58 it is God who is the great Sustainer, the Mighty One, the Invincible.
51:59 The wrongdoers will meet the same fate as their predecessors let them not ask Me to hasten on [the punishment]
51:60 woe, then, to those who are bent on denying the truth, when the Day arrives which they have been promised.


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