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49:1  You who have iman! do not put yourselves forward in front of Allah and of His Messenger; and have taqwa of Allah. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.
49:2  You who have iman! do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet and do not be as loud when speaking to him as you are when speaking to one another, lest your actions should come to nothing without your realising it.
49:3  Those who lower their voices when they are with the Messenger of Allah are people whose hearts Allah has tested for taqwa. They will have forgiveness and an immense reward.
49:4  As for those who call out to you from outside your private quarters, most of them do not use their intellect.
49:5  If they had only been patient until you came out to them, it would have been better for them. But Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
49:6  You who have iman! if a deviator brings you a report, scrutinize it carefully in case you attack people in ignorance and so come to greatly regret what you have done.
49:7  Know that the Messenger of Allah is among you. If he were to obey you in many things, you would suffer for it. However, Allah has given you love of iman and made it pleasing to your hearts, and has made kufr, deviance and disobedience hateful to you. People such as these are rightly guided.
49:8  It is a great favour from Allah and a blessing. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
49:9  If two parties of the muminun fight, make peace between them. But if one of them attacks the other unjustly, fight the attackers until they revert to Allah´s command. If they revert, make peace between them with justice, and be even-handed. Allah loves those who are even-handed.
49:10  The muminun are brothers, so make peace between your brothers and have taqwa of Allah so that hopefully you will gain mercy.
49:11  You who have iman! people should not ridicule others who may be better than themselves; nor should any women ridicule other women who may be better than themselves. And do not find fault with one another or insult each other with derogatory nicknames. How evil it is to have a name for evil conduct after coming to iman! Those people who do not turn from it are wrongdoers.
49:12  You who have iman! avoid most suspicion. Indeed some suspicion is a crime. And do not spy and do not backbite one another. Would any of you like to eat his brother´s dead flesh? No, you would hate it. And have taqwa of Allah. Allah is Ever-Returning, Most Merciful.
49:13  Mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you might come to know each other. The noblest among you in Allah´s sight is the one with the most taqwa. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.
49:14  The desert Arabs say, ´We have iman.´ Say: ´You do not have iman. Say rather, "We have become Muslim," for iman has not yet entered into your hearts. If you obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not undervalue your actions in any way. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.´
49:15  The muminun are only those who have had iman in Allah and His Messenger and then have had no doubt and have done jihad with their wealth and themselves in the Way of Allah. They are the ones who are true to their word.
49:16  Say: ´Do you presume to teach Allah your deen when Allah knows everything in the heavens and everything in the earth? Allah has knowledge of all things.´
49:17  They think they have done you a favour by becoming Muslims! Say: ´Do not consider your Islam a favour to me. No indeed! It is Allah who has favoured you by guiding you to iman if you are telling the truth.´
49:18  Allah knows the unseen things of the heavens and the earth. Allah sees what you do.