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48:1  Indeed God has blessed you with a great victory
48:2  May Your Lord forgive your past shortcomings, as well as your future faults, and bless you with His most favor and keep you in the right path
48:3  May God shower you with His mighty help
48:4  Your Creator is the One Who send “peace” upon you so that your faith in Him increases. Know that God, to Whom belongs all forces existing in the heavens and in the earth, is the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
48:5  God promises to forgive the sins of those male and female who believe in Him and take them to the gardens of Paradise where the streams flow in it so that they live there forever. This indeed is the biggest success [not the success in materialistic achievements in this world]
48:6  As to the male and the female disbelievers and hypocrites who entertain evil thoughts about their Lord, they earn nothing but the curse and the anger of God and a sever punishment is in reserve for them in Hell
48:7  Know that the forces of the heavens and the earth is at the disposition of God; the Almighty, the Most Wise
48:8  God has sent (Mohammad) to you as a witness to give you good news and to warn you of the consequences of you evil acts
48:9  May you believe in One and Only One God and His Prophet (Mohammad) and honor your Lord and glorify Him every morning and evening
48:10  Those who shook your hands [in Hudaibiyah as a pledge to fight for their faith with you till the end], were indeed renewing their pledges with God; the “Hand” of God is over their hand! Whoever break his pledge, however, breaks it at his own peril. Whoever, keeps his pledge, God will soon grant him a great reward
48:11  Those Arabs [in south of Medina], who did not join you, will ask you to pray for their forgiveness on the basis of lame excuses. They [do not feel any remorse in their failure to accompany you and] are not sincere. Say: “God is fully aware of your actions…
48:12  My prayer will not help you at all, if He decides to punish you. The fact of the matter is that you were proud of the wisdom of your action in saving yourselves from the danger into which Mohammad and his supporting believers were going. You are indeed a sinful doomed people.”
48:13  For those who do not believe in God and the prophet hood of Mohammad, I (God) have prepared a blazing Fire
48:14  To His Majesty belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth. God may forgive or punish whoever He wills. [Take advantage of these few remaining days of your lives and return in all sincerity to God as] God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
48:15  When you start easier campaigns in the future, which promises to be profitable [which happened only three months later in the occasion of Khaibar’s campaign], the same people who left you alone will ask you to let them go with you! Tell them plainly: “God has already decreed that you should not follow us.” In reply they will say: “You are jealous of us!” [What does one thing have to do with the other?] They simply do not get it
48:16  Tell those who did not join you that: “Pretty soon God will give you the opportunity to fight with a mighty people until they submit. [This will be your last chance.] If you join (this dangerous fight), God will give you a good reward. If you turn your back (as you did before), God will severely punish you
48:17  The one who has a genuine excuse (being blind, lame or sick) for not joining the fight, is not accountable. Whoever obeys God and His Prophet, God will admit him into Gardens underneath which rivers flow. The One who turns away, on the contrary, will be severely punished by his Lord
48:18  God was well pleased with those believers who renewed their pledge under the tree [in Hudaibiyah]. God knew what was going in their hearts [that they were sure to be massacred]. God, therefore, put peace in their hearts and has already rewarded them with upcoming victories
48:19  Very soon they will win a victory which will bring them lots of wealth [as it happened three months later in the Khaibar campaign]. God is Almighty, the Most Wise
48:20  God promises you lots of wealth which you will acquire in other victories. At this time, God has restrained the disbelievers (of Mecca Who had the upper hand in Hudaibiyah) from attacking you which is a great victory by itself. May this victory be a sign to the believers and that God guide you to the right path
48:21  As for the enemy that you could not possibly defeat them [most probably the mighty disbelievers of Mecca], God has already taken care of them [and it is only the matter of time]. Know that God is capable of doing anything
48:22  If the (mighty) disbeliever of Mecca had decided to fight with you [in Hudaibiyah], they would have surely been defeated as they did not have any protector or helper
48:23  This [final defeat of the disbelievers] is a tradition set by your Lord and you will not find any change in God’s polic
48:24  It is God Who prevented the fight in the valley of Mecca [in Hudaibiyah for a divine reason] after He had given the victory [which was considered as a humiliating defeat by most Muslims] and God was observing your behavior [the agony of what you were considering it as a defeat]
48:25  The disbelievers prevented you from performing your pilgrimage and sacrificing the animals, where they should be sacrificed. Had there not been certain believing men and women (in Mecca), whom you do not know, and the possibility of you killing them unintentionally at the midst of the confusion of the war, God would not have stopped your victorious capture of Mecca. God prevented the war [among other reasons, to give more time to disbelievers to weight it out and] to admit into His Mercy whoever He desires. If the believers were not in the middle of disbelievers, God would have severely punished the disbelievers
48:26  While the disbelievers’ heart was filled with the arrogance of the days of ignorance, God showered His Prophet and the believers with peace and directed them toward righteousness as they deserved it. God is Fully Aware of everything
48:27  Indeed the Prophet of God has dreamed the reality: “You will God willing (surely) enter the Sacred Mosque [founded by Abraham and Ishmael in Mecca], head shaved or hair shorten, to perform your pilgrimage in peace and with no fear. God knows what you do not know; therefore, He has postponed this victory at hand, for a while
48:28  God is the One Who has sent His Prophet with the Guidance [Qur’an] and the Religion of Truth that He may make it prevail over all religions. [It does not matter what others think,] God Himself is enough of a witness for this truth
48:29  Mohammad, the Messenger of God, and his believing followers are hard on the disbelievers and merciful among themselves. You will find them always worshipping their Lord by humbling themselves in bowing down and falling in prostration seeking God’s blessing and approval. They have the distinctive mark of prostration [the halo] on their faces as explained in Torah [Deuteronomy, 33:2-3 and other verses which unfortunately is lost!] and in the (original) Gospel [part of it in Mathew, 13:31-they have been likened to plants that grow taller and stronger and please the farmers; thus enraging the disbelievers. God promises forgiveness and a good reward to those who believe and do good deeds