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46:1  ῌā‘ mīm
46:2  The revelation of the Book is from God, the Mighty One, the Wise One
46:3  It was but to manifest the Truth that We created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them: to last for an appointed term. Yet the unbelievers pay no heed to Our warning
46:4  Say: ‘Have you pondered on those whom you invoke besides God? Show me what part of the earth they have created! Have they a share in the heavens? Bring me a scripture revealed before this, or some other vestige of divine knowledge, if what you say be true.‘
46:5  Who is in greater error than he who prays to idols which will never hear him till the Day of Resurrection ― which are, indeed, unaware of his prayers
46:6  which, when mankind are herded up together, will declare themselves their enemies and will disown their worship
46:7  When Our revelations are recited to them, clear as they are, the unbelievers say of the Truth when it is declared to them: ‘This is sorcery manifest.‘
46:8  Or do they say: ‘He has fabricated it¹ himself‘? Say: ‘If I have indeed fabricated it, then there is nothing you can do to shield me from the ire of God. He well knows the way you fulminate about it. Sufficient is He as my witness and your witness. And it is He who is the Forgiving One, the Compassionate.‘
46:9  Say: ‘I am nothing new among the apostles; nor do I know what will be done with me or you. I follow only what is revealed to me, and my only duty is to give plain warning.‘
46:10  Say: ‘Do but consider: if it is¹ indeed from God and you reject it; if an Israelite² has vouched for it and believed in it, while you yourselves deny it with disdain: surely, God does not guide the wrongdoers.‘
46:11  The unbelievers say of the faithful: ‘Had there been any good in it they would not have believed in it before us.‘ And since they reject its guidance, they say: ‘This is an ancient falsehood.‘
46:12  And before it, was the Book of Moses: a guide and a blessing. And this Book confirms it in the Arabic tongue, to forewarn the wrongdoers and to give joyful tidings to the righteous
46:13  Those that say: ‘Our Lord is God,‘ and follow the straight path shall have nothing to fear or to regret
46:14  They are the heirs of Paradise, therein to abide for ever as a reward for their labours
46:15  And We have enjoined man to show kindness to his parents. With much pain his mother bears him, and with much pain she brings him into the world. He is born and weaned in thirty months. When he grows to manhood and attains his fortieth year, let him say: ‘Inspire me, Lord, to give thanks for the favours You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and to do good works that will please You. Grant me good descendants. To You I turn and to You I submit as a Muslim.‘
46:16  Such are those from whom We will accept their noblest works and whose misdeeds We shall overlook. We shall admit them among the heirs of Paradise: true is the promise that has been given them
46:17  But he that says to his parents: ‘Fie on you both! Do you threaten me with a resurrection, when generations have passed away before me?‘ ― he that, when they pray for God‘s help and say: ‘Woe betide you! Have faith; the promise of God is true,‘ replies: ‘This is but a fable of the ancients‘
46:18  ― these shall justly deserve the fate of bygone nations of jinn and humans: they shall assuredly be lost
46:19  There are rewards for all, according to their deeds, that He may duly requite them for their works. They shall not be wronged
46:20  The day the unbelievers are exposed before the Fire, We shall say to them: ‘You squandered away your precious gifts in your earthly life, and took your fill of pleasure from them. Today your recompense will be degrading torment, because you acted with arrogance and injustice in the land and committed evil.‘
46:21  And tell of ‘Ād‘s kin who warned his people in the Valley of the Sand Dunes; and there have been other emissaries before and since his time, saying: ‘Serve none but God. Beware the torment of a fateful day.‘
46:22  They said: ‘Have you come to turn us falsely away from our gods? Bring down what you threaten us with, if what you say be true!‘
46:23  He said: ‘God alone has knowledge of it. I am here only to deliver to you the message I have been sent with. But I can see that you are ignorant people
46:24  And when they saw a passing cloud heading for their valleys, they said: ‘This is a passing cloud that will bring us rain. ‘By no means!‘ he said. ‘It is what you have sought to hasten: a hurricane bringing a woeful scourge
46:25  it shall lay everything waste at the bidding of its Lord.‘ And when morning came there was nothing to be seen besides their ruined dwellings. Thus do We reward the wrongdoers
46:26  We had made them as powerful as yourselves,¹ and given them ears and eyes and hearts. Yet nothing did their ears, their eyes, or their hearts avail them since they denied the revelations of God. That which they mocked encompassed them
46:27  We destroyed the cities which once flourished around you, and made plain the revelations, that they might return to the right path
46:28  Why did their gods not help them, gods they had set up besides God to bring them close to Him? Indeed, they utterly forsook them. Such were their lies, and such their false inventions
46:29  Tell how We dispatched to you a band of jinn who, when they came and listened to the Koran, said to each other: ‘Hush! Hush!‘ And as soon as it was ended they betook themselves to their people to give them warning
46:30  Our people,‘ they said, ‘we have just been listening to a Book revealed since the time of Moses, confirming what had come before it and guiding to the Truth and to a straight path
46:31  Our people, answer the call of God‘s summoner and believe in Him. He will forgive you your sins and deliver you from a woeful scourge
46:32  Those that pay no heed to God‘s summoner shall not go unpunished on the earth. There shall be none to protect them besides Him. Surely they are in evident error.‘
46:33  Do they not see that God, who created the heavens and the earth and was not wearied by their creation, has power to raise the dead to life? Yes. He has power over all things
46:34  The day the unbelievers are arrayed before the Fire they shall be asked: ‘Is this not real?‘ ‘Yes, by the Lord,‘ they will say. ‘Then taste the torment,‘ He will say, ‘for you did not believe.‘
46:35  Bear up then with patience, as did the steadfast apostles before you, and do not seek to hurry on their doom. The day they behold the scourge they are promised, their life on earth will seem to them no longer than one hour of a day. That is a warning. Shall any be destroyed but the ungodly