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45:1  Ha Meem
45:2  This Majestic Book is revealed by Allah, the Almighty, the Wise.
45:3  There are plenty of signs for the believers in the Heavens and the Earth;
45:4  and in your creation and the way creatures have been dispersed around the globe, there are signs for people of firm faith.
45:5  In the alternation of the night and the day, and the rain which He sends from the sky and the blowing winds, a delivery that brings the dead Earth to life. These are signs for intelligent people,
45:6  clear signs of Allah’s creative power; We described them exactly as they are. So what kind of message will they believe in once Allah has explained His Signs
45:7  Woe to every liar and sinner
45:8  who hears the verses of Allah recited in front of him, but remains stubbornly arrogant as though he hasn’t heard them. So give him the good news of a painful punishment.
45:9  When he hears something about our Scripture he mocks it. They deserve a humiliating punishment.
45:10  Hell is waiting for them – nothing they did nor those who they took as friends beside Allah will benefit them – they will have a painful punishment.
45:11  A painful punishment for those who deny this Quran, a guidance, the Scripture of their Lord
45:12  Allah laid open the sea for you, so ships sail in it by His command, making it possible for you to seek His bounty and be thankful.
45:13  As a favour, He has subjected everything for your benefit in the Heavens and the Earth; there are signs for reflective people.
45:14  Say to the believers: “Pardon those who have no hope of Allah’s days,” Allah will reward people for what they earned.
45:15  Whoever does good deeds will benefit himself and whoever does evil will harm himself. Then, you will be returned to Your Lord
45:16  We gave the Book, the law, prophethood, and plenty of wealth to the Israelites, and furthermore favoured them over other folks.
45:17  We gave them clear proofs for the law, and though they had knowledge they still disagreed among themselves, they were jealous of each other. On Judgement Day, Your Lord will make the judgement about their disagreement
45:18  Prophet, We established a Shariah for you, so follow it and don’t follow the whims of those who don’t know.
45:19  They won’t benefit you in the slightest against the will of Allah. The wrongdoers are each other’s helpers while Allah is the helper of the pious.
45:20  This Quran is full of insights for humanity, and a guidance and other benefits for faithful people.
45:21  Or do evildoers think We will make them like the righteous believers, so they are like them in their living and dying? They’ve made a bad judgement
45:22  Allah created the Heavens and the Earth for a purpose: to reward each person for what they did and they won’t be wronged.
45:23  Have you seen him who made desire his god despite knowing otherwise? Allah let him go astray, sealed his hearing and heart and covered his eyes. Who will guide him now beside Allah? Don’t you pay attention?
45:24  They say, “There is no life except our worldly life, we die, we live and eventually, time will kill us.” They have no understanding of the reality, and they are merely guessing
45:25  When our clear verses are recited before them they’re unable to find proofs against them, but they still say, “Bring back to life our forefathers if you are truthful.”
45:26  Tell them: “Allah gave you life, then will let you die and then gather you on Judgement Day, there is no doubt in that. But most people don’t know.”
45:27  The control of the Heavens and the Earth belongs to Allah. When the Final Hour comes the followers of falsehood will be the losers that Day.
45:28  You will see all communities kneeling. Today, each community will be summoned to its Book of Deeds, and told: “You shall be rewarded for what you did,
45:29  this is Our record, it speaks the truth, everything you did We wrote down.”
45:30  So those who believed and did righteous deeds, their Lord will be kind to them; that will be the clear victory.
45:31  Those who disbelieved will be asked: “Were My verses not recited to you? Nay, you were arrogant and a wicked lot.
45:32  When it was said: “Allah’s promise is true and there is no doubt in the coming of the Final Hour,” you replied, “We don’t know what the Final Hour is; we assumed it’s an idea, and we weren’t convinced at all”.
45:33  The evil consequences of their deeds will become clear to them as they are tracked by what they mocked.
45:34  They will be told: “Today We’ll abandon you since you forgot the meeting of this Day of yours; this is your destination – Hell. You have no helpers.
45:35  That is because you mocked Allah’s verses and were deceived by worldly life.” So today they won’t be taken out of it, nor given an opportunity to explain themselves.
45:36  All the praises are for Allah; the Lord of the Heavens, the Lord of the Earth and Lord of the worlds.
45:37  All greatness in the Heavens and the Earth is His and He is the Almighty, the Wise