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44:1  Ha-Mim. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.
44:2  By this Light-Giving Book
44:3  Surely, We have sent it down in a blessed night. Surely, We are the Warner
44:4  In this (night) judgment is given on all matters of wisdom (separately)
44:5  By Our command; surely, it is We Who send
44:6  (It) is mercy from your Lord. Verily, He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
44:7  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, provided you have faith with certitude
44:8  There is no God but He. He is the One Who gives life and causes death. He is your Lord and the Lord of your fathers (as well)
44:9  Yet they are in doubt, busy playing
44:10  So wait for the Day when the sky will cause a clear smoke to appear
44:11  Which will envelop people (i.e., will encompass everything). That will be a painful torment
44:12  (They will then say:) ‘O our Lord! Remove this torment from us. Surely, we believe.
44:13  How can their acceptance of the admonition now be (of any use), whereas there came to them a Messenger with a clear exposition
44:14  But they turned their faces from him and (denigrating) they said: ‘(He) is a tutored madman.
44:15  Indeed, We remove the torment a little (but) you will certainly reiterate (the same disbelief)
44:16  The Day when We will seize with the Greatest Seizure, (that Day) We shall certainly exact revenge
44:17  And in fact, We put to trial the people of Pharaoh (also) before them and the exalted Messenger (Musa [Moses]) came to them
44:18  (He said:) ‘Hand over to me the servants of Allah (the Children of Israel). Verily, I am a trusted Messenger for your guidance and leadership
44:19  And do not rebel against Allah. I have come to you with the enlightening proof
44:20  And I have indeed sought the protection of my Lord and your Lord lest you should stone me
44:21  And if you do not believe in me, then keep away from me.
44:22  Then he prayed to his Lord: ‘Surely, they are a sinful people.
44:23  (Allah said:) ‘Then set out with My servants by night. You shall certainly be chased
44:24  And (after you pass through) leave the river still and split open. Surely, they are an army who will be drowned.
44:25  How many a garden and spring they left behind
44:26  And green crops and magnificent buildings
44:27  And blessings (and comforts) in which they used to luxuriate
44:28  So it happened! We made another people the inheritors of all that
44:29  Then neither the heaven nor the earth wept over them, nor were they given respite
44:30  And verily, We delivered the Children of Israel from a humiliating suffering
44:31  From Pharaoh. Indeed, he was of the most rebellious transgressors
44:32  And surely, We chose them (the Children of Israel) above (their contemporary civilizations of) the world on the basis of knowledge
44:33  And We bestowed upon them signs containing an obvious favour (and a clear trial)
44:34  Surely, they say
44:35  ‘There is nothing after our first death and we shall not be raised up (again)
44:36  So bring back our ancestors (alive) if you are truthful.
44:37  Well, are they better or the people of Tubba‘ (the people of As‘ad Abu Kurib al-Himyari, the King of Yemen) and those who were before them? We destroyed (all of) them. Surely, they were people given to evildoing
44:38  And We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them merely in sport
44:39  We have created them both with (the purpose and reason) of truth. But most of them do not know
44:40  Surely, the Day of Judgment is the appointed time for all of them
44:41  The Day when a friend shall not avail a friend at all, nor will they be helped
44:42  Except those to whom Allah has shown mercy. (They will intercede for one another.) Surely, He is Almighty, Ever-Merciful
44:43  Indeed, the tree bearing thorny fruit
44:44  Will be the food of the major sinners
44:45  It will boil in the bellies like molten copper
44:46  Like the seething of simmering water
44:47  (It will be commanded:) ‘Seize him and drag him forcefully to the midst of Hell
44:48  Then torment him by pouring boiling water over his head
44:49  Taste it! Yes, you it is, the respectable and venerable (in your notion and claim)
44:50  Certainly, this is the very Hell you used to doubt.
44:51  Assuredly, the Godfearing will be in a place of calm and peace
44:52  Amid gardens and springs
44:53  Dressed in fine silk and heavy brocade, facing one another
44:54  So will it happen! And We shall marry them to fair maidens having lovely wide eyes
44:55  (Sitting) there, they will call calmly for every kind of fruit
44:56  There (in Paradise) they will not taste death except the first death (which would have passed). And Allah will save them from the torment of Hell
44:57  It is a bounty of your Lord (i.e., your Lord will bestow through your mediation alone). That is but a great success
44:58  So We have made this (Qur’an) easy in your own tongue so that they may take advice
44:59  So wait. Certainly, they (too) are waiting. (You will see Our revenge and their evil end, and they will see your glory and My favours to the believers through your mediation.