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44:1  Ha Mi
44:2  By the Scripture that makes things clear
44:3  truly We sent it down on a blessed night––We have always sent warnings–&ndash
44:4  a night when every matter of wisdom was made distinc
44:5  at Our command––We have always sent messages to man–&ndash
44:6  as a mercy [Prophet] from your Lord who sees and knows all
44:7  Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything between––if only you people were firm believers–&ndash
44:8  there is no god but Him: He gives life and death––He is your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers–&ndash
44:9  yet in [their state of] doubt they take nothing seriously
44:10  [Prophet], watch out for the Day when the sky brings forth clouds of smoke for all to see
44:11  It will envelop the people. They will cry, ‘This is a terrible torment
44:12  Lord relieve us from this torment! We believe!’
44:13  How will this [sudden] faith benefit them? When a prophet came to warn them plainly
44:14  they turned their backs on him, saying, ‘He is tutored! He is possessed!’
44:15  We shall hold the torment back for a while ––you are sure to return [to Us]–&ndash
44:16  and on the Day We seize [them] mightily We shall exact retribution
44:17  We tested the people of Pharaoh before them: a noble messenger was sent to them
44:18  saying, ‘Hand the servants of God over to me! I am a faithful messenger who has been sent to you
44:19  Do not consider yourselves to be above God! I come to you with clear authority
44:20  I seek refuge in my Lord and yours against your insults
44:21  If you do not believe me, just let me be.’
44:22  [Moses] cried to his Lord, ‘These people are evildoers!’
44:23  [God replied], ‘Escape in the night with My servants, for you are sure to be pursued
44:24  Leave the sea behind you parted and their army will be drowned.’
44:25  Many a garden and spring they left behind
44:26  many a cornfield and noble building
44:27  many a thing in which they had delighted
44:28  We gave these to another people to inherit
44:29  Neither heavens nor earth shed a tear for them, nor were they given any time
44:30  We saved the Children of Israel from their degrading sufferin
44:31  at the hands of Pharaoh: he was a tyrant who exceeded all bounds
44:32  We chose them knowingly above others
44:33  We gave them revelations in which there was a clear test
44:34  These people here assert
44:35  ‘There is nothing beyond our one death: we will not be resurrected
44:36  Bring back our forefathers, if what you say is true.’
44:37  Are they better than the people of Tubbaand those who flourished before them? We destroyed them all- they were guilty
44:38  We were not playing a pointless game when We created the heavens and earth and everything in between
44:39  We created them for a true purpose, but most people do not comprehend
44:40  The Day of Decision is the time appointed for all
44:41  a Day when no friend can take another’s place
44:42  No one will receive any help except for those to whom God shows mercy: He is the Mighty, the Merciful Lord
44:43  The tree of Zaqqu
44:44  will be food for the sinners
44:45  [hot] as molten metal, it boils in their bellie
44:46  like seething water
44:47  ‘Take him! Thrust him into the depths of Hell
44:48  Pour scalding water over his head as punishment!’
44:49  ‘Taste this, you powerful, respected man
44:50  This is what you doubted.’
44:51  But those mindful of God will be in a safe plac
44:52  amid Gardens and springs
44:53  clothed in silk and fine brocade, facing one another
44:54  so it will be. We shall wed them to maidens with large, dark eyes
44:55  Secure and contented, they will call for every kind of fruit
44:56  After the one death they will taste death no more. God will guard them from the torment of Hell
44:57  a bounty from your Lord. That is the supreme triumph
44:58  We have made this Quran easy to understand- in your own language [Prophet]- so that they may take heed
44:59  So wait; the disbelievers too are waiting