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42:1  Ha-meem
42:2  AAayn-seen-qa
42:3  THUS has Allah, the Omnipotent, the Wise, revealed to you, and to those before you
42:4  To Him belong all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And He is the One exalted, great
42:5  The heavens almost burst asunder from above them; and the angels sing their Lord's praise, and ask forgiveness for all on earth. Beware! Allah is indeed the One forgiving, merciful
42:6  And those that take awliya other than Allah, He is watching them; and you (Prophet) are not a manager/dispenser of their affairs
42:7  And thus do We reveal to you (Prophet Muhammad) Qur'aan in the Arabic tongue in order that you may warn the Mother (Makkah) of all cities and all those who dwell around it. And warn them of the Day of the Gathering [Resurrection Day] — no doubt at all that the Day is going to come — when some shall find themselves in paradise, and some in the blazing fire
42:8  And had Allah so willed, He could surely have made them all one single community. However, He admits to His mercy whom He wills! And those that transgress limits set by Allah shall have no wali and none to help them
42:9  Have they taken awliya other than Him? But Allah is the Wali. And it is He Who brings the dead to life. And it is He Who has the power to do anything
42:10  And the resolution of your differences on any matter rests with Allah. [Say,] "Such is Allah, my Lord! In Him have I placed my trust, and to Him do I always turn!"
42:11  The Originator of the heavens and the earth! He has made for you mates of your own kind — just as He has made mates among the animals — to multiply you thereby. There is nothing like Him, and He is the One Who hears all, sees all
42:12  He has the keys of the heavens and the earth. He provides abundantly to whom He wills, and restrictively to whom He wills. He does indeed know everything
42:13  Ordained for you, for the right conduct of life, that which He had enjoined upon Noah — and which We revealed to you [Prophet Muhammad] — and that which We had enjoined upon Abraham, Moses, and Jesus: Stand firmly by the Allah-ordained way of life, and break not your unity therein. What you call them to, appears a tall order to those who worship others besides Allah. Allah calls to Himself whom He wills, and guides to Himself one who turns to Him
42:14  And they did not break up their unity, but only after they had received knowledge — out of mutual jealousy. And had it not been for a decree already issued from your Lord for a set term, their matter would indeed have been decided then and there. And those indeed who have inherited the Book after them are in grave doubt and suspicion about it.
42:15  To this [Qur'aan], then, you invite [all mankind], and persistently follow the course as prescribed [by Allah]. And follow not their vain desires. And say, "I believe in whatever Writ Allah has sent down. And I am commanded to deal justly with problems amongst you. Allah is our Lord and He is your Lord as well. We are responsible for our deeds, and you, for yours. There is no contentious issue between us and you. Allah will bring us all together. And to Him is the final destination."
42:16  And those that would quarrel about Allah after the response He has been accorded, all their contentions are null and void in the sight of their Lord. And upon them will fall [His] wrath, and for them is severe suffering in store
42:17  It is Allah Who has sent down the Book with the truth and the balance [wherewith to conduct one's life on principles of justice]. And who knows, the Hour (the time when the present world will end and the Hereafter begin) may well be near
42:18  Those who do not believe in it ask for hastening it. And those who believe, fear it and know it to be the truth. Beware! Those who entertain doubts about the Hour have certainly indeed gone far astray
42:19  Allah is most kind to His subjects. He provides for them as much as He wills. And He is most strong, the Omnipotent
42:20  One who is desirous of a harvest in the Hereafter, We shall grant an increase in that one's harvest there. And one who is desirous a harvest in this world, We give him something thereof, And he will have no share in the blessings of the Hereafter
42:21  Do they have gods, other than Allah, which enjoin upon them a religious law that Allah has not prescribed!? Had it not been for divine decree on the final judgment, their matter would indeed have been decided [in this world itself]. And, indeed, painful punishment awaits the wicked people
42:22  You will see the wicked people fearful of what they have earned, and the evil effects of what they had earned falling back upon them, themselves. And [you will see] those who had believed and had done righteous deeds living among the flowering meadows of the gardens of Paradise. They shall have what they want, with their Lord. That is the greatest favour [a human being can achieve.
42:23  That favour is what Allah gives the glad tiding of, to such of His subjects as believe and do righteous deeds. Say, "No reward do I ask of you for this [Message] other than the love of the near and dear ones." And one who does anything good We increase for him the goodness thereof. Allah is indeed forgiving, appreciative of gratitude
42:24  Do they say, "He [Muhammad] has concocted a falsehood against Allah"? But then, had Allah so willed, He could have sealed your heart. And Allah blots out all falsehood, and makes the truth prevail by His words. He is indeed aware of what goes on is in the minds [of human beings]
42:25  And it is He Who accepts repentance from His subjects, pardons bad deeds, and it is He Who knows all that you do
42:26  And He responds to those who believe and do righteous deeds, and He gives them more out of His Grace. And a rigorous punishment awaits those that suppress the Truth
42:27  And had Allah given provisions in abundance to His subjects, they would commit transgressions on earth. And so He bestows provisions, in due measure, as He wills. He is indeed fully aware of [the needs of] His subjects
42:28  And it is He who sends down heavy rain after people have despaired of it, and He spreads His Mercy thereby. He is the Wali, to whom all praise is due
42:29  And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and of the living creatures He has caused to flourish in them both. And He has the power to gather them together whenever He wills
42:30  And whatever calamity befalls you, it is becuse of what your own hands have earned. And much He pardons
42:31  And you cannot do anything to frustrate Him on earth. And you have none to be your walih other than Allah, and none to help you
42:32  And among His signs are the ships like some signboards [raised] in the sea
42:33  If He so wills, He makes the wind still. And then they [ships] lie motionless on the sea's surface. In this indeed are signs for all who are patient and grateful
42:34  Or He destroys them because of the evil they have earned. And much He pardons
42:35  And let those who dispute Our messages know that there is no place for them to escape to
42:36  So whatever you are given is but a [temporary] provision for life in this world. And that which is with Allah is better and lasting for those who believe and in their Lord place their trust
42:37  And [that which is with Allah is better and lasting] for those who shun the greater sins and indecencies, and who, when in anger, readily forgive
42:38  And [that which is with Allah is better and lasting] for those who have responded to their Lord and have established regular prayer. And their affairs are conducted by mutual consultation. And they spend out of what We have provided to them
42:39  And [that which is with Allah is better and lasting] for those who defend themselves against tyranny
42:40  And harm may be requited by an equal harm. But, then, the reward of one who forgives and reconciles rests with Allah. He [Allah] does indeed not love wicked persons
42:41  And, certainly, no blame whatever attaches to anyone who defends oneself after having been wronged
42:42  Blameworthy are but those who oppress people and unjustly commit transgression on earth: for them, a painful punishment
42:43  And, certainly indeed, it is among the most resolute of acts for anyone to be patient and forgiving
42:44  And he whom Allah lets go astray has no wali thereafter. And so you will see the evildoers [on Judgment Day] exclaim as soon as they behold the punishment, "Is there any way back?"
42:45  And you will see them brought up for the punishment, humbled in disgrace, looking around with a furtive glance. And those who had believed will say, "Indeed, the doomed ones are those that have doomed themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection." Beware! The evildoers will suffer an eternal punishment
42:46  And they will have no awliya to help them besides Allah! And he whom Allah lets go astray shall find no way out
42:47  Respond to your Lord before a Day — on which there will be no turning back — comes, at Allah's behest. That Day you will have no place of refuge, and neither will you be able to resort to any denial
42:48  Then if they respond not, We have not sent you [Prophet] to be their keeper. Your responsibility is but to deliver Allah's Message to the people correctly. And when We give man a taste of Our grace, he exults in it. And if misfortune befalls them as a result of what they have done, then, behold, man becomes ungrateful
42:49  Allah's is the absolute sovereignty over the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills. He gives female offspring to whom He wills, and male offspring to whom He wills
42:50  Or, He [Allah] gives a mixed, male and female, offspring, and makes whom He wills barren. He does indeed know everything, can do anything
42:51  And man cannot receive an address by Allah otherwise than through inspiration, or from behind a veil, or through a Messenger [angel] revealing a divine Message by His [Allah's] leave. He is indeed Exalted, Wise
42:52  And, likewise, have We revealed to you [Prophet Muhammad] a soul of a message, at Our behest! You did not know what the divine Writ is, or what belief means. Nonetheless, We have caused this Message [We have revealed to you] to be a light, whereby We guide whom We will of Our subjects. And, you do certainly guide people to the Straight Path
42:53  [The Straight] Path of Allah, to whom all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth belongs. Verily, with Allah is the end of all matters