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42:1  Ha-Mim
42:2  ‘Ayn, Sin, Qaf. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.
42:3  In like manner has Allah, Almighty, All-Wise, been sending His Revelations to you and to those (Messengers) who have passed before you
42:4  To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth and He is Most High, Most Great
42:5  The heavenly spheres are nearly rent asunder from above them. And the angels keep glorifying their Lord with His praise, and begging for forgiveness for those on the earth. Remember! Allah alone is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
42:6  And those who have taken idols instead of Allah as their protectors and guardians, Allah is Ever-Watchful over their (affairs). And you are not responsible for them (the disbelievers)
42:7  And likewise, We have revealed to you the Holy Qur’an in the Arabic language so that you may warn the residents of Mecca and its suburbs, and that you may warn them of the Day of Assembly about which there is no doubt. (On that Day) one party will be in Paradise and the other in Hell
42:8  And had Allah so willed, He would have made all of them a single community. But He admits to His mercy whom He likes. And for the wrongdoers there will be no protector or guardian
42:9  Have they taken idols as their guardians instead of Allah? So Allah alone is the Guardian. (And only His friends are Awliya’.) And He alone gives life to the dead, and He alone is Most Powerful over everything
42:10  And the decision of the matter in which you differ rests only with Allah. That is Allah, my Lord. In Him I put my trust, and to Him alone I turn
42:11  He has brought into existence the heavens and the earth from nothingness. He is the One Who made pairs for you from your own kind and made pairs of cattle as well, and with this (pairing) He multiplies and spreads you. There is nothing like Him and He alone is All-Hearing, All-Seeing
42:12  To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth (i.e., He opens His treasures to whom He wills). He grants sustenance abundantly to whom He likes and sparingly (to whom He wills). Surely, He knows everything best
42:13  He has prescribed for you the same path of the Din (Religion) that He enjoined on Nuh (Noah), and that We have revealed to you, and that We enjoined on Ibrahim (Abraham) and Musa (Moses) and ‘Isa (Jesus. And all it denotes is) that you should hold fast to the same Din (Religion) and do not make divisions in it. That (Oneness of Allah) to which you call them is quite hard for those who set up partners with Allah. Allah chooses whom He pleases (for exclusive nearness) in His presence, and shows the path to (come) towards Himself to everyone who turns (towards Allah) heartily
42:14  And they did not break up into factions, but only after knowledge had reached them, merely on account of their mutual obstinacy (and stubbornness). And had the command of your Lord not gone forth concerning (a respite for) an appointed time, the judgment would have been given between them. And verily, those who were made inheritors of the Book after them are themselves in deceitful doubt about it
42:15  So keep calling them to this (Din [Religion]), and hold fast (to it) as the command has been given to you. And do not give any heed to their desires and say (this): ‘I believe in every Book that Allah has revealed, and I have been commanded to do justice between you. Allah is our Lord as well as your Lord. For us are our deeds and for you are your deeds. There is no debate and dispute between us and you. Allah will gather us all together and to Him is the return (of all).
42:16  And those who dispute about (the Din [Religion] of) Allah after it has been accepted, their discussion and contention is false in the sight of their Lord. And upon them is the wrath (of Allah) and for them is a severe torment
42:17  Allah is He Who has revealed the Book with the truth and (also sent down) the balance (of equity and justice). And who has put you on alert—perhaps the Last Hour is near
42:18  They who do not put (any) belief in it seek to hasten this (Hour), and those who believe fear it and know that its coming is the truth. Beware! Those who argue about the Hour are in extreme error
42:19  Allah is Most Bountiful and Benevolent towards His servants. He bestows His sustenance and bounty upon whom He wills. And He is Most Strong, Almighty
42:20  He who seeks the harvest of the Hereafter, We grant him further increase in his harvest. And he who desires the harvest of this world, We give him some of it, but in the Hereafter there does not remain any share for him
42:21  Have they any (such) partners that have established for them a path of din (religion) about which Allah has not given any command? And had the command of judgment not (gone forth) already, the matter between them would have been settled. And surely, there is a painful torment for the wrongdoers
42:22  You will see the wrongdoers fearing those (deeds) that they have earned. And that (torment) is bound to befall them. And they who believe and persist in pious deeds will be in the Gardens of Paradise. There will be for them with their Lord (all those blessings) which they will long for. That is indeed a great bounty
42:23  That is the (award) of which Allah gives the good news to those servants who believe and do pious works persistently. Say: ‘I do not ask for any recompense for this (preaching the faith in Messengership), but (seek) love for (my) kindreds (and Allah’s nearness).’ And whoever earns good, We shall increase for him the reward in the Hereafter. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Appreciative
42:24  Do they say that this (Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]) has invented a lie against Allah? So if Allah wills, He may set a seal (of patience and steadfastness) on your holy heart (so that their absurd talk may not hurt you). And Allah eliminates falsehood and maintains the truth established by His Words. Surely, He knows best the secrets of the breasts
42:25  And He is the One Who accepts His servants’ repentance and forgives sins and knows what you do
42:26  And He grants the prayers of those who believe and keep doing pious works, and gives them of His bounty more (than they pray for). But there is severe punishment for those who do not believe
42:27  And if Allah were to expand sustenance for all His servants abundantly, they would surely transgress and revolt in the earth. But He sends it down as He pleases according to the measure (of needs). Surely, He is Best Aware of His servants’ (needs), All-Seeing
42:28  And He is the One Who sends down rain after they lose hope and He spreads His mercy. And He, the Guardian, is Most Praiseworthy
42:29  And amongst His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and (the creation) of the moving (i.e., living) creatures which He has scattered in them. And He is also Most Powerful to assemble them (all) when He wills
42:30  And whatever misfortune befalls you (comes upon you) as a result of that (evil work) which your own hands have done whilst He forgives most of your (misdoings)
42:31  And you cannot thwart Allah (anywhere) on earth (with your schemes). And, except Allah, none (of your idols) will be your guardian and helper
42:32  And amongst His signs are the ships on the sea, high like mountains
42:33  If He wills, He causes the wind to be absolutely still, and the vessels stand halted on the surface of the sea. Surely, there are signs in it for everyone who observes patience and remains grateful
42:34  Or He would drown those (vessels or ships) due to their (evil) deeds which they have earned but He forgives many (mistakes)
42:35  And those who argue about Our Revelations should know that there is for them no way to escape
42:36  And whatever (wealth and comforts) have been given to you is a small benefit for (a few days’) worldly life, and what is with Allah is better and everlasting. And (that) is for those who believe and put trust in their Lord
42:37  And those who refrain from major sins and the indecencies; and when they feel furious, they forgive
42:38  And those who submit to the command of their Lord, and establish prayer; and their decisions are made through mutual consultations; and they spend in Our way out of the provision which We have given them
42:39  And those who take revenge when they are wronged (by a tyrant and wrongdoer)
42:40  And the requital of an evil is the like of that evil. Then he who forgives and (by forgiving) reforms, his reward is with Allah. Verily, He does not make friends with the wrongdoers
42:41  And indeed, he who avenges the wrong that has been done to him, they will no way be (blamed and taken to task)
42:42  But the way (to persecute) is only against those who wrong the people and spread corruption and violence unjustly in the land. It is they for whom there is a painful torment
42:43  And surely, he who keeps patience and forgives, this is certainly of the deeds that demand great courage and resolve
42:44  And the one whom Allah holds astray, for him there is no protector after that. And you will see the wrongdoers; when they see the torment (of the Last Day), they will say: ‘Is there any way to go back (to the world)?
42:45  And you will see them brought to Hell with their heads bent with disgrace and fear, looking at it covertly (with a stealthy glance) and the believers will say: ‘Surely, the losers are those who put their own souls and their families into loss on the Day of Rising. Remember! Indeed, the wrongdoers will remain in (the agony of) a lasting torment
42:46  And there will be no supporters for the (disbelievers) to help them against Allah. And he whom Allah holds astray, there is no way left for him (towards guidance)
42:47  Accept and submit to the command of your Lord before the Day comes for which there is no averting from Allah. There will be no shelter for you on that Day. Nor will there be any possibility for you to deny
42:48  (Even) then if they turn away, We have not sent you with any responsibility for (saving) them (from destruction). You are responsible only to convey (the message of truth). And verily, when We make man taste (the savour) of mercy from Our presence, he feels pleased. But when some misfortune reaches them, owing to the (evil) deeds sent ahead by their own hands, then no doubt man (proves) to be highly ungrateful
42:49  For Allah alone is the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He likes. He blesses with girls whom He wills and blesses with boys whom He wills
42:50  Or He gives them daughters and sons (both) and makes infertile whom He wills. Surely, he is All-Knowing, All-Powerful
42:51  And every man does not have the faculty that Allah should speak to him (directly) except by Revelation (He bestows upon some the holy status of Prophethood), or (should speak) from behind a veil (as He spoke to Musa [Moses] on Mount Tur of Sinai), or by sending some angel as a messenger to reveal with His permission what Allah may will. (In any case, the medium and mediation of the communication of Allah’s Word for mankind is none but the Prophet and the Messenger.) Surely, He is Most High, Most Wise
42:52  So thus We revealed to you Our Spirit (of hearts and souls) by Our command (that is the Qur’an). And (before the Revelation) you did not know what the Book was, nor did you know (through your own endeavour and insight the details of the injunctions of) faith (which were sent down and determined later).* But We made it a Light. By means of this Light, We give guidance to those of Our servants whom We intend. And assuredly, you alone provide guidance towards the straight path.*
42:53  (This straight path is) the path of Allah to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Beware! All matters return to Allah alone