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42:1  H.M
42:2  A.S.K
42:3  Thus doth the mighty, the wise God reveal his will unto thee; and in like manner did He reveal it unto the prophets who were before thee
42:4  Unto Him belongeth whatever is in heaven, and in earth; and He is the high, the great God
42:5  It wanteth little but that the heavens be rent in sunder from above, at the awfulness of his majesty: The angels celebrate the praise of their Lord, and ask pardon for those who dwell in the earth. Is not God the forgiver of sins, the merciful
42:6  But as to those who take other gods for their patrons, besides Him, God observeth their actions: For thou art not a steward over them
42:7  Thus have We revealed unto thee an Arabic Koran, that thou mayest warn the metropolis of Mecca, and the Arabs who dwell round about it; and mayest threaten them with the day of the general assembly, of which there is no doubt: One part shall then be placed in paradise, and another part in hell
42:8  If God had pleased, He had made them all of one religion: But He leadeth whom He pleaseth into his mercy; and the unjust shall have no patron or helper
42:9  Do they take other patrons, besides Him? Whereas God is the only true patron: He quickeneth the dead; and He is almighty
42:10  Whatever matter ye disagree about, the decision thereof appertaineth unto God. This is God, my Lord: In him do I trust, and unto him do I turn me
42:11  the creator of heaven and earth: He hath given you wives of your owns species, and cattle both male and female; by which means He multiplieth you: There is nothing like Him; and it is He who heareth and seeth
42:12  His are the keys of heaven and earth: He bestoweth provision abundantly on whom He pleaseth, and He is sparing unto whom He pleaseth; for He knoweth all things
42:13  He hath ordained you the religion which He commanded Noah, and which We have revealed unto thee, O Mohammed, and which We commanded Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus: Saying, observe this religion, and be not divided therein. The worship of one God, to which thou invitest them, is grievous unto the unbelievers: God will elect thereto whom He pleaseth, and will direct unto the same him who shall repent
42:14  Those who lived in times past were not divided among themselves, until after that the knowledge of God's unity had come unto them; through their own perverseness: And unless a previous decree had passed from thy Lord, to bear with them till a determined time, verily the matter had been decided between them, by the destruction of the gain-sayers. They who have inherited the scriptures after them, are certainly in a perplexing doubt concerning the same
42:15  Wherefore invite them to receive the sure faith, and be urgent with them, as thou hast been commanded; and follow not their vain desires: And say, I believe in all the scriptures which God hath sent down; and I am commanded to establish justice among you: God is our Lord, and your Lord: Unto us will our works be imputed, and unto you will your works be imputed: Let there be no wrangling between us and you; for God will assemble us all at the last day, and unto Him shall we return
42:16  As to those who dispute concerning God, after obedience hath been paid Him by receiving his religion, their disputing shall be vain in the sight of their Lord; and wrath shall fall on them, and they shall suffer a grievous punishment
42:17  It is God who hath sent down the scripture with truth; and the balance of true judgment: And what shall inform thee whether the hour be nigh at hand
42:18  They who believe not therein, wish it to be hastened by way of mockery: But they who believe dread the same, and know it to be the truth. Are not those who dispute concerning the last hour in a wide error
42:19  God is bounteous unto his servants: He provideth for whom He pleaseth; and He is the strong, the mighty
42:20  Whoso chooseth the tillage of the life to come, unto him will We give increase in his tillage: And whoso chooseth the tillage of this world, We will give him the fruit thereof; but he shall have no part in the life to come
42:21  Have the idolaters deities which ordain them a religion which God hath not allowed? But had it not been for the decree of respiting their punishment to the day of separating the infidels from the true believers, judgment had been already given between them: For the unjust shall surely suffer a painful torment
42:22  On that day thou shalt see the unjust in great terror, because of their demerits; and the penalty thereof shall fall upon them: But they who believe and do good works, shall dwell in the delightful meadows of paradise; they shall obtain whatever they shalt desire, with their Lord. This is the greatest acquisition
42:23  This is what God promiseth unto his servants who believe and do good works. Say, I ask not of you, for this my preaching, any reward, except the love of my relations: And whoever shall have deserved well by one good action, unto him will we add the merit of another action thereto; for God is inclined to forgive, and ready to reward
42:24  Do they say, Mohammed hath blasphemously forged a lie concerning God? If God pleaseth, he will seal up thy heart: And God will absolutely abolish vanity, and will establish the truth in his words; for He knoweth the innermost parts of men's breasts
42:25  It is He who accepteth repentance from his servants, and forgiveth sins, and knoweth that which ye do
42:26  He will incline his ear unto those who believe and work righteousness, and will add unto them above what they shall ask or deserve, of his bounty: But the unbelievers shall suffer a severe punishment
42:27  If God should bestow abundance upon his servants, they would certainly behave insolently in the earth: But He sendeth down by measure unto every one that which he pleaseth; for He well knoweth and seeth the condition of his servants
42:28  It is He who sendeth down the rain, after men have despaired thereof, and spreadeth abroad his mercy; and He is the patron, justly to be praised
42:29  Among his signs is the creation of heaven and earth, and of the living creatures with which He hath replenished them both; and He is able to gather them together before his tribunal, whenever He pleaseth
42:30  Whatever misfortune befalleth you is sent you by God, for that which your hands have deserved; and yet He forgiveth many things
42:31  Ye shall not frustrate the divine vengeance in the earth; neither shall ye have any protector or helper, against God
42:32  Among his signs also are the ships running in the sea, like high mountains
42:33  If He pleaseth, He causeth the wind to cease, and they lie still on the back of the water: -- verily herein are signs, unto every patient and grateful person: -
42:34  Or He destroyeth them by shipwreck, because of that which their crews have merited; though He pardoneth many things
42:35  And they who dispute against our signs, shall know that there will be no way for them to escape our vengeance
42:36  Whatever things are given you, they are the provision of this present life: But the reward which is with God is better, and more durable, for those who believe, and put their trust in their Lord
42:37  and who avoid hainous and filthy crimes, and when they are angry, forgive
42:38  and who hearken unto their Lord, and are constant at prayer, and whose affairs are directed by consultation among themselves, and who give alms out of what We have bestowed on them
42:39  and who, when an injury is done them, avenge themselves
42:40  -- And the retaliation of evil ought to be an evil proportionate thereto: -- But he who forgiveth, and is reconciled unto his enemy, shall receive his reward from God; for He loveth not the unjust doers
42:41  And whoso shall avenge himself, after he hath been injured; as to these, it is not lawful to punish them for it
42:42  But it is only lawful to punish those who wrong men, and act insolently in the earth, against justice; these shall suffer a grievous punishment
42:43  And whoso beareth injuries patiently, and forgiveth; verily this is a necessary work
42:44  Whom God shall cause to err, he shall afterwards have no protector. And thou shalt see the ungodly, who shall say, when they behold the punishment prepared for them, is there no way to return back into the world
42:45  And thou shalt see them exposed unto hell fire; dejected, because of the ignominy they shall undergo: They shall look at the fire sideways, and by stealth; and the true believers shall say, verily the losers are they who have lost their own souls, and their families, on the day of resurrection: Shall not the ungodly continue in eternal torment
42:46  They shall have no protectors to defend them against God: And whom God shall cause to err, he shall find no way to the truth
42:47  Hearken unto your Lord, before the day come, which God will not keep back: Ye shall have no place of refuge on that day; neither shall ye be able to deny your sins
42:48  But if those to whom thou preachest turn aside from thy admonitions, verily We have not sent thee to be a guardian over them: Thy duty is preaching only. When We cause man to taste mercy from Us, he rejoiceth thereat: But if evil befall them, for that which their hands have formerly committed, verily man becometh ungrateful
42:49  Unto God appertaineth the kingdom of heaven and earth: He createth that which He pleaseth; He giveth females unto whom He pleaseth, and He giveth males unto whom He pleaseth
42:50  or He giveth them males and females jointly: And He maketh whom He pleaseth to be childless; for He is wise, and powerful
42:51  It is not fit for man, that God should speak unto him otherwise than by private revelation, or from behind a veil, or by his sending of a messenger to reveal, by his permission, that which He pleaseth; for He is high and wise
42:52  Thus have We revealed unto thee a revelation, by our command. Thou didst not understand, before this, what the book of the Koran was, nor what the faith was: But We have ordained the same for a light; We will thereby direct such of our servants as We please: And thou shalt surely direct them into the right way
42:53  the way of God, unto whom belongeth whatever is heaven and in earth. Shall not all things return unto God