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41:1  H.M. HA-MIM. Hameed: Owner of all Praise, Majeed: Sublimely Exalted states that
41:2  This is a Revelation from the Beneficent, the Merciful
41:3  A Book whose verses and Messages are clearly explained, a Monograph in Arabic, the eloquent language, for all people who would make use of what they learn. ((7:158), (12:3), (13:37), (14:4), (25:1), (39:28), (41:3), (42:7)
41:4  A herald of glad news as well as a warning. Yet, most of them turn away so that they hear not
41:5  And so they say, "Our hearts are veiled from what you invite us to, and (consider) there is deafness in our ears, and that between us and you is a barrier. So, do as you will (mind your business), and, behold, we shall do as we have been doing."
41:6  (O Prophet) say to them, "I am only a human being like you. It has been revealed to me that your God is One God. Therefore, march along the Straight Road to Him and seek the protection of His forgiveness. And (know that) there is nothing in store but loss for them who associate 'partners' with Him." ('Wayl' = Woe = Ultimate loss)
41:7  Those who (because of submitting to man-made systems) fail to set up the Just Economic Order of Zakat and thus practically deny (the accountability in) the life to come. (And the long-term prosperity and viability of their societies)
41:8  But, verily, those who accept the Divine Revelation and contribute toward enhancement of the society, shall have a reward unending
41:9  Say, "What! Do you indeed deny Him Who has created the earth in two stages? (Firstly when it shot away like a fiery ball from the Cosmic matter and secondly, when it cooled off sufficiently to become habitable). And would you still ascribe rivals unto Him? He it is, the Sustainer of the Worlds." (36:40), (79:30)
41:10  And He it is Who placed therein firm mountains towering above it, and bestowed enduring Bliss upon it. And He measured therein its sustenance in Four Seasons, alike for all who (invariably) need it. (39:67), (56:63-73)
41:11  Likewise, He it is Who designed well the Sky when it was Smoke (Nebulae of gas). And He said to it and the earth, "Come both of you willingly or unwillingly." They said, "We do come, obedient." ('Thumm' = Afterward, then, so, likewise, similarly, in the like manner. The Cosmic bodies coming into their orbits willingly or unwillingly indicates their having been made subservient to the Divine Laws, without free will (3:82), (13:15))
41:12  And He it is Who ordained that they become seven Heavens in two stages and assigned to each heaven its function. And We decorated the sky of the world with shining lamps, and made them secure (that they clash not in their orbits (41:9)). That is the Design of the Almighty, the Knower
41:13  But if they turn away, then tell them, "I warn you of a thunder (of Requital) like the thunder of Aad and Thamud."
41:14  Behold, the Messengers came unto them in their former and latter generations, saying, "Serve none but Allah!" They replied, "If our Lord had willed, He would have sent down angels. This is it, behold, we are disbelievers in what you (claim) are sent with."
41:15  Now as for Aad, they behaved proudly in the land doing things contrary to the Truth. And they used to say, "Who is mightier than us in power?" How - could they not realize that Allah, Who created them, is Mightier than they in power? But they went on denying Our Messages, knowingly. ('Ja'hd' = Rejecting the Truth knowingly (27:14))
41:16  And so We sent upon them a raging windstorm for days of misfortune, that We let them taste a punishment of humiliation in the life of this world. But the punishment of the Hereafter is far more humiliating and they will have none to help them
41:17  And as for Thamud, We showed them the Way, but they preferred blindness over the light of Guidance. So the thunder of a degrading punishment seized them for what they used to earn
41:18  And We preserved those who had believed and walked aright. (The believers heeded the forewarning of their Messenger and had followed him to safety)
41:19  Hence, the Day! When the enemies of Allah will be gathered to the Fire, led in ranks
41:20  Till, when they reach it, their hearing and their sight and their skins will bear witness against them, about all they had been doing
41:21  And they will ask their skins, "Why did you testify against us?" They will say, "Allah has given us the power to speak as He has given speech to all things. For, He created you for the first time and unto Him you are brought back. (17:13), (75:14)
41:22  And you did not hide yourselves that your hearing, or your sight or your skins would bear witness against you. Nay, but you thought that Allah never knew a great deal of what you were doing
41:23  And that very assumption that you thought about your Lord has brought you to ruin, and so now you find yourselves among the losers."
41:24  And even if they bear with patience, the Fire will be their home. And if they ask to be allowed to make amends, their request will not be granted. (16:84)
41:25  (In the life of the world) We assigned them comrades who made pleasing to them their present and past actions. (The Divine Law so applied to them (43:36). "Birds of the same feather flock together.") - And so, the Word has come to pass for them as it did concerning the communities that lived before them, among the rural and the urban. Verily, they all are losers
41:26  Now those who adamantly deny the Truth, say, "Listen not to this Qur'an, but drown it in uproar so that you might dominate."
41:27  But We shall certainly make these deniers taste an awful suffering, and verily, We shall requite them for the worst of their deeds
41:28  That is the reward of Allah's enemies - the Fire. Therein will be their eternal home. A befitting reward, for they knowingly opposed Our Messages
41:29  And the deniers will say, "Our Lord! Show us those, among the rural and the urban, who misled us. We will trample them underfoot so that they become the lowliest."
41:30  But, behold, as for those who say, "Our Lord is Allah," and then remain steadfastly upright - upon them descend angels, saying, "Fear not, and grieve not, but hear good news of the Paradise that you are promised. ('Angels descending and saying' = Allah's Laws supporting the steadfastly upright who submit to Allah alone. (3:124-125), (8:10-12), (33:43), (46:13))
41:31  We are close to you in the life of the world and in the Hereafter. In it (in your paradise on the earth and in the Hereafter) you shall have all that you may desire and in it you shall have all that you ever prayed for
41:32  A gift of welcome from Him Who is all-Forgiving, most-Merciful."
41:33  And who is better in speech than him who invites people to Allah, tries to grow himself in goodness, fulfills the needs of others and declares, "Surely, I am one of those who surrender unto Him?"
41:34  Since good conduct and bad conduct cannot be alike, repel evil words and deeds in a way that is decent. And, behold, he, between whom and you there was enmity, may become as though he was your bosom friend
41:35  Yet, none is granted this quality but those who exercise patience and restraint. And none is granted it except those who become worthy of great happiness and good fortune. This quality can make you outstandingly successful, winning. ('Zu-hazzin azim' = Extremely fortunate, includes the two meanings rendered here)
41:36  (This quality is difficult to attain because Satan, your impulsive emotions and rogue people, will try to instigate you.) Hence, if a prompting from Satan stirs you up into anger, seek refuge with Allah (recalling this admonition immediately). Behold, He is all Hearing, all Knowing
41:37  (Divine Laws help you journey through life in great balance as you see in the Nature). Now among His Signs are the night and the day as well as the sun and the moon. Adore neither the sun nor the moon, but adore Allah Who created them, if it is Him you wish to serve
41:38  But if they are too proud, those who are with your Lord, practically extol His Glory night and day, and tire not. (All things in the Universe are working toward the fulfillment of the Divine Plan)
41:39  And among His Signs is this: That you see the earth humble (to Command). And behold! When We send down water thereon, it thrills and vibrates with life! Behold, He Who revives it, verily is the Reviver of the dead. For, behold, He has Power over all things. (His Laws can revive the dead of heart and the lowly nations as well)
41:40  Behold, those who distort Our Messages are not hidden from Us. Hence, is he who is cast into the Fire better, or he who comes secure on the Resurrection Day? Do what you will; He is ever Seer of all that you do
41:41  Think of those who fail to see the power in this Reminder when it comes to them! For, verily, it is a Tremendous Scripture
41:42  No falsehood can ever approach it openly or in stealth - a Revelation from all Wise, Owner of Praise
41:43  Nothing is being said to you (O Messenger) but what was said to all Messengers before you. Behold, your Lord is Owner of the protecting forgiveness, and Owner of awesome grasp. ('Ghafarah' = Helmet of armor = Protecting from hurt = Absolving imperfections)
41:44  Now if We had made it a Qur'an in a non-Arabic tongue they would surely have said, "Why is it that its verses have not been made clear? Why - a foreign tongue and an Arab?" Say, "For those who accept it, this is a Guidance and medicine for a wholesome life. But as for those who will not believe (Arabs or non-Arabs), in their ears is deafness, and so it remains obscure to them. They are like people who are called to from afar. (26:200
41:45  Yes, indeed, We had given Moses the Scripture too (in their language), and it was also disputed. And but for a Word from your Lord that has already gone forth, all disputes between them would have been judged. And, behold, they keep lingering in doubt amounting to suspicion concerning this Revelation as well! (The Word gone forth = The Law of free will (2:256), (11:118-119))
41:46  (The Revelation that shows mankind how to grow their 'Self'.) Whoever does good to others does good to his own 'Self', and whoever causes imbalance in the lives of others, hurts his own 'Self'. And your Lord is never unjust to His servants
41:47  In Him alone is vested the knowledge of the Hour. (Actions reach their logical consequence in stages). And no fruit emerges from its sheath, and no female ever conceives, nor gives birth, but according to His Laws of Science. And so, on the Day He will call them, "Where are now those 'partners' of Mine?" They will say, "We confess to You, none of us sees them around here." ('Ilm = Knowledge = Skill = Science)
41:48  And thus, those whom they used to call upon before, will leave them groping in the dark. And they will realize there is no asylum for them
41:49  Man tires not of looking for wealth and happiness, and if harm touches him, soon he is disheartened, despondent. (100:8), (102:1-2)
41:50  And when We let him taste Grace from Us after some hurt that has touched him, he says, "This is from, and for, me. I think not that the Time will ever rise (to go against me). And if I am indeed brought back before my Lord, then, behold, with Him is even better return for me." (I shall be favored there as I am favored here). But We certainly will tell the ungrateful all that they did. And certainly We will make them taste heavy punishment. ('Ma Li' = For me, from me. 'As-Sa'ah' = The Hour = Resurrection = Revolution = Turn of fortunes = Time (18:36))
41:51  Also, when We bestow Bliss on man, he turns away, and withdraws aside, but when a hurt touches him, then he is full of prayers. (17:83)
41:52  Say, "Have you ever considered: If this Revelation is truly from Allah and you deny it, then who can be more astray than he who is in a deep split of his personality or the one who opposes it?" (This Book from your Creator is all about you! (21:10))
41:53  In time We will show them Our Signs in the utmost Horizons and within themselves, so that it will become clear to them that this Qur'an is indeed the Truth. Is it not enough for them to know that your Lord is Witness to all things (including this proclamation)
41:54  Oh, verily, they are still in doubt about the meeting with their Lord! How! Does He not encompass everything