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4:1  Mankind, heed your Lord Who has created you from a single soul, and created its mate from it, and propagated so many men and women from them both. Heed Allah (God) through Whom youask [with it], and [with] the wombs. Allah (God) is Watching over you.
4:2  Give orphans their wealth [when they reach adulthood as a guardian] and do not substitute something bad for something good nor swallow up their wealth along with your own wealth. It would be a great outrage.
4:3  If you are afraid you will not deal fairly with orphans [on marriage], then marry off such women as may seem good to you, in pairs, or three or four [at a time](polygamy is allowed with fairness). If you [still] fear you will not act justly, then [marry] one woman [only] or someone your right hand controls. That is more likely to keep you from committing an injustice.
4:4  Give women their marriage dowers with no strings attached (graciously). If they themselves waive some of it for you, then consume it at leisure and with good cheer.
4:5  Do not give the feebleminded your property which Allah (God) has granted you for [their] support; provide for them out of it, and clothe them and address them decently.
4:6  Test orphans as soon as they reach a marriageable age. If you are sure of their maturity, then turn their property over to them; do not use it up extravagantly, over-anxious lest they should grow up. Anyone who is rich should restrain himself, while anyone who is poor may live off it in decency (proper salary). Whenever you hand their property over to them, have it witnessed for them. Allah (God) suffices as a Reckoner!
4:7  Men shall have a portion of whatever parents and near relatives leave, while women should have a portion of whatever parents and near relatives leave; no matter how small nor how large it is, a portion is stipulated.
4:8  When near relatives, orphans and paupers are present at the probate, provide for them out of it and speak politely to them.
4:9  Let anyone act cautiously just as they themselves would fear to leave helpless offspring behind; let them heed Allah (God) and speak in a proper manner.
4:10  Those who live off orphans' property without having any right to do so will only suck up fire into their bellies, and they will [eventually] roast in a blaze! (II)
4:11  Allah (God) instructs you concerning your children: a son should have a share equivalent to that of two daughters. If the women [left behind] are more than two, then twothirds of whatever he leaves belongs to them; yet if there is only one, then she has half. Both his parents shall each receive a sixth of whatever he may leave, if he had a son. If he had no son, and both his parents inherit from him, then his mother receives a third. If he has siblings, then his mother will have a sixth, once the will or any [outstanding] debt has been settled. You do not know whether your parents or your children are closer to you in usefulness, as an obligation [laid down] by Allah (God), for Allah (God) is Aware, Wise.
4:12  You will have half of anything your wives leave, provided they have no child. If they should leave a child, then you will have a fourth of whatever they may leave, once the will has been settled or any [outstanding] debt; while they [your widows] will have a fourth of anything you leave provided you have left no child. Should you have a child, then they will have an eighth of anything you leave, after settling any legacy or debt. If either a man or a woman [whose wealth] is to be inherited has no parent or child while he still has a brother or sister, then each one of them will have a sixth. If there are more than that, then they should be partners in a third after settling any legacy or debt, yet without causing any hardship. It is an instruction from Allah; Allah (God)is Aware, Lenient.
4:13  These are Allah's limits. Anyone who obeys Allah (God)and His messenger will be admitted to gardens through which rivers flow, to live there forever. That will be the supreme Achievement!
4:14  Anyone who disobeys Allah (God)and His messenger and oversteps His limits, will be shown into a Fire to live there forever; he will have humiliating torment. (III)
4:15  Should any of your women commit some sexual offence, collect evidence about them from four [persons] among yourselves. If they so testify, then confine the women to their houses until death claims them or Allah (God) grants them some other way out.
4:16  If two of you should indulge in it, trounce them both. If they repent and reform, then ostracize them both. Allah (God) is Relenting, Merciful.
4:17  Repentance holds with Allah (God) only for those who do evil out of ignorance, then repent shortly after; those Allah (God) turns to. Allah (God) is Aware, Wise.
4:18  Repentance is not for those who perform evil deeds until one of them says: "I have just now repented!", just as death faces him. Nor is it for those who die while they are disbelievers; for those We reserved painful torment.
4:19  You who believe, it is not lawful for you to inherit women [themselves like a property] against their will; do not hinder them from remarrying so that you may make off with part of what you have given them, unless they indulge in flagrant sexual misconduct. Treat them politely; even if you dislike them, perhaps you dislike something in which Allah (God) has placed much good
4:20  If you want to exchange one wife for another, and have given one of them a large sum of money, do not hold back any of it. Would you withhold it through slander and open sin?
4:21  How can you hold it back when you have had intercourse with each other, and they have made a solemn agreement with you?
4:22  Do not marry any women whom your fathers have already married, unless this is a thing of the past; it is a shocking act and disgusting, and the worst possible way.
4:23  Forbidden to you [in marriage] are your mothers, your [own] daughters, your sisters, your aunts on your father's side as well as your aunts on your mother's side, and your brother's and your sister's daughter your foster mothers and your foster sisters, your mothers-in-law and step daughters who are under your guardianship [since their mothers are] wives of yours with whom you have consummated marriage, however if you have not consummated it with them, it will not be held against you, and the wives of your sons who are your own flesh-and-blood; nor may you bring two sisters together [under one roof] unless this is a thing of the past. Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful.
4:24  Nor [should you marry] any [already] married women, except the ones under your control (slaves). [Such is] Allah's (God’s) legislation as it applies to you. Anything beyond that is lawful for you, provided you court them by means of your wealth, marrying them properly, rather than taking them on as mistresses. Since you have thereby sought enjoyment with them, give them their marriage dowries as is stipulated. Yet it will not be held against you should you come to other terms about it even after what has been stipulated. Allah (God) is Aware, Wise.
4:25  Any of you who cannot afford to marry respectable believing free women, should then [seek] one of believing slaves under your [other Muslim’s] control. Allah (God) is quite Aware as to what your faith consists of. Each one of you has ties to others [all of you from Adam and Eve], so marry them off with their family's consent [slave’s masters] and give them their marriage dowries decently as matrons rather than taking them on as mistresses, nor having [any secret affairs with] them as girlfriends. Once they are so married off and should they then commit some sexual offence, they should have half the punishment that [ordinary] free women would receive. That goes for any of you who worries lest he may not control his (sexual) impulses; however, it is better for you to discipline yourselves. Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful.
4:26  Allah (God) wants to explain things to you (all) and to guide you in the customs of those who have preceded you. He turns to you; Allah (God) is Wise.
4:27  Allah (God) wants to turn to you, while those who follow their own passions want you to give in utterly.
4:28  Allah (God) wants to lighten things for you, since man was created weak!
4:29  You who believe, do not use up your wealth idly, [taking other’s wealth unlawfully will allow others take yours similarly], unless it is for some business based on mutual consent among you [whatever taken without consent is unlawful]. Do not kill one another [or kill yourself]; Allah (God) has been Merciful towards you!
4:30  We shall roast anyone in a Fire who does (any of the previous actions) so out of enmity and wrongfully. That will be easy for Allah (God) [to do]!
4:31  If you will avoid the great [sins] you are forbidden [to commit], We will cancel out your [other] evil deeds for you, and send you into [Paradise] through a noble entrance.
4:32  Do not envy the way that Allah (God) has made some of you excel over others: men should have a portion of whatever they have earned, while women should have a portion of whatever they have earned (Men and Women have different responsibilities and both will be judged based on what they were ordered). Ask Allah (God) for some of His bounty; Allah (God) is Aware of everything.
4:33  For everyone We have allowed heirs [to take] from whatever either parents and close relatives may leave. Give their share to those whom you have sworn to trust (promises in predecessor’s will); Allah (God) is a Witness of everything!
4:34  Men are the ones who should support women using what Allah (God) has given some of them (men) over others (women) (physical advantages), and what they should spend of their wealth [on them]. Honorable women are steadfast [to Allah (God) and to their supporters], guarding the Unseen just as Allah (God) has it guarded. Admonish those women whose surliness you fear, [if it did not work], then leave them alone in their beds (give them your back in beds), [if it did not work], and [even] hit them [very lightly and symbolically, if necessary]. If they obey you, do not seek any way [to proceed] against them. Allah (God) is Sublime, Great.
4:35  If you fear a split between a man and his wife, send for an arbiter from his family and an arbiter from her family. If both want to be reconciled, Allah (God) will arrange things between them. Allah (God) is Aware, Informed.
4:36  Worship Allah (God) [Alone] and do not associate anything with Him. Show kindness to both [your] parents and with near relatives, orphans, the needy, the neighbor who is related [to you] as well as the neighbor who is a stranger, and your companion by your side and the wayfarer, and anyone else under your control. Allah (God) does not love someone who is conceited, boastful, (both visually and verbally)
4:37  nor those who are tightfisted and order [other] people to be stingy, and hide anything that Allah (God) has given them out of His bounty. We have reserved humiliating torment for disbelievers
4:38  who spend their wealth to be seen by other people and yet neither believe in Allah (God) nor the Last Day. [because] Anyone who has Satan for an intimate has such an evil soulmate!
4:39  What does it matter for them whether they believe in Allah (God) and the Last Day and spend something from what Allah (God) has supplied them with? Allah (God) is Aware of them!
4:40  Allah (God) does not harm anything so much as an atom's weight: if a fine deed exists, he multiplies it and adds a splendid fee from Himself besides.
4:41  How would it be if We were to bring a witness from every nation, and bring you as a witness against such people? (on the Last Day)
4:42  On that day those who have disbelieved and defied the Messenger would like to have the earth leveled off while they are still [standing] on it! They will not hide anything that happens from Allah! (God!)
4:43  You who believe, do not attempt to pray while you are drunk, until you know what you are saying; nor after a seminal emission - except when traveling along some roaduntil you take a full bath. If you are ill or on a journey, or one of you has come from the toilet, or has had contact with any women [sexually], and you do not find any water, then pick up some wholesome soil and wipe your faces and your hands with it. Allah (God) is Pardoning, Forgiving.
4:44  Have you not watched (informed by God) those who were given a portion of the Book? They buy up error and want you to lose your Way.
4:45  Allah (God) is quite Aware as to who your enemies are; Allah (God) suffices as a Patron, and Allah (God) suffices as a Supporter.
4:46  Some persons who are Jews lift words out of their context and say: "We have heard” and disobey [at execution];" and "Hear [what we have to say] without listening (wishing you are deaf) or "Lead us on!", twisting their tongues around and stabbing at religion and if they said: "We have heard and obeyed," and "Hear!" and "Watch over us!", which would be better for them and more straightforward; however Allah (God) has cursed them for their disbelief, since only a few believe.
4:47  You who have received the Book (the Bible), believe in what We have sent down to you as a confirmation of what you already have, lest We efface your faces and set them on backwards, or curse them just as We cursed the masters of the Sabbath. Allah's (God’s) command must be fulfilled!
4:48  Allah (God) does not forgive anyone for associating something with Him, while He does forgive whomever He wishes to for anything besides that. Anyone who gives Allah (God) associates has invented such an awful offence!
4:49  Have you not seen those who purify themselves? Indeed Allah (God) will purify anyone He wishes to, and they will not be harmed one bit.
4:50  Look how they invent a lie about Allah! (God!) That is enough in itself as a clear offence.
4:51  Have you not watched those who were given a portion of the Book? They believe in witchcraft and arrogant leaders and tell those who disbelieve: "Those are better guided to a way than are the ones who believe."
4:52  Those are the ones whom Allah (God) has cursed; anyone Allah (God) has cursed will never find a supporter for himself
4:53  Or have they any share in Universe control? Why, they will not give a speck to anybody!
4:54  Or do they envy people because of what Allah (God) has given them out of His bounty? We already gave Abraham's family the Book and wisdom, and We gave them splendid control.
4:55  Some of them believed in it while others of them blocked it out. Hell will suffice as a blaze!
4:56  Those who disbelieve in Our signs We will roast in a Fire: each time their hides are toasted, We shall exchange them for some other skins so they may taste the torment [again]. Allah (God) is Powerful, Wise.
4:57  We will show those who believe and perform honorable actions into gardens through which rivers flow, to live there forever; they will have clean-living spouses there, and We will show them into shady nooks.
4:58  Allah (God) orders you to restore deposits entrusted [to you] to their [rightful] owners. Whenever you judge between people, you should judge with [a sense of] justice. How superbly Allah (God) instructs you to do so; Allah (God) is Alert, Observant!
4:59  You who believe, obey Allah (God) and obey the Messenger and those from among you who hold command (when it follows the orders of Allah (God) and the Messenger not absolute). If you should quarrel over anything, refer it to Allah (God) and the Messenger if you believe in Allah (God) and the Last Day; that will be better, and finer in the long run.
4:60  Have you not informed (information from Allah (God) is trusted more than your eye vision) those who claim they believe in what has been sent down to you (Quran) and what was sent down before you (Bible)? They want to seek judgment from arrogant leaders and so they are ordered to disbelieve in it. Satan wants to lead them far astray.
4:61  Whenever someone tells them: "Come to what Allah (God) has sent down, and to the Messenger," you will see hypocrites barring the way for you.
4:62  How will it be when some disaster strikes them because of what their hands have already prepared? Then they will come to you swearing by Allah: "We only wanted to have kindness and success!"
4:63  Those are the ones whom Allah (God) knows what their hearts contain, so shun them and reprove them. Give them a convincing statement about themselves [from what Allah (God) informed you].
4:64  We have not sent any messenger unless he was to be obeyed in accordance with Allah's (God’s) permission. If they had come to you and sought forgiveness from Allah (God) whenever they harmed themselves, and the Messenger had prayed for forgiveness for them, they would have found that Allah (God) is Ever oft-Returning, Merciful.
4:65  Yet by your Lord, they will never believe until they name you to judge concerning what they are quarreling over among themselves; then they will find no inconvenience for themselves concerning whatever you have decided, and will accept it wholeheartedly.
4:66  If We had prescribed for them: 'Let yourselves be killed or expelled from your homes," only a few of them would have done so. If they had done what they were instructed to do, it would have been better for them, as well as more stabilizing:
4:67  then We would have given them splendid earnings from Our very presence
4:68  and guided them to a Straight Road.
4:69  Anyone who obeys Allah (God) and the Messenger stands by those whom Allah (God) has favored, such as prophets, loyal persons, martyrs and honorable men. How fine are such companions!
4:70  That means bounty from Allah (God); it is enough for Allah (God) to be Aware.
4:71  You who believe, take your precautions and march off in detachments, or march off all together.
4:72  Among you there are some who procrastinate [in going to battle field] . If any disaster strikes you, they say: "Allah (God) has favored me, for I was not a witness along with them." * Yet if some bounty from Allah (God) strikes you, he will say, as if no affection had existed between you and him: "If only I had been with them, I should have achieved something splendid!"
4:73  Yet if some bounty from Allah (God) strikes you, he will say, as if no affection had existed between you and him: "If only I had been with them, I should have achieved something splendid!
4:74  Let those who barter worldly life for the Hereafter fight for Allah (God)'s sake; We shall pay a splendid fee to anyone who fights in Allah (God)'s way, and is either killed or is victorious.
4:75  Why should you not fight for Allah (God)'s sake when men, women and children who are considered helpless say: "Our Lord, lead us out of this town whose people are so oppressive, and grant us a patron from Your presence and grant us a supporter from Your presence!"
4:76  Those who believe, fight in Allah (God)'s way, while those who disbelieve fight in the way of the arrogant ones; therefore fight Satan's patrons. Satan's plot is weak.
4:77  Have you not watched those who have been told: "Restrain your hands, keep up prayer and pay the welfare tax (Zakat)"? Yet whenever any fighting is prescribed for them, then a group of them feel afraid of people just as they should be afraid of Allah (God), or they are even more afraid. They say: "Our Lord, why have You prescribed fighting for us? If You would only postpone it for a little while longer!" SAY: "Worldly enjoyment means little while the Hereafter is better for anyone who does his duty. You will not be wronged a bit.
4:78  Wherever you may be, death shall still overtake you even though you are in well-built towers." Yet if something fine happens to them, they say: "This is from Allah (God);" while if something bad happens to them, they say: "This is because of you!" SAY: "Everything comes from Allah (God)." What is wrong with such folk that they scarcely understand why anything happens?
4:79  Any good that happens to you comes from Allah (God), while anything bad that happens to you is through yourself. We have sent you as a Messenger to [instruct] mankind; and Allah (God) suffices as a Witness.
4:80  Anyone who obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah (God) [Himself], while We have not sent you to be a taskmaster set up over anyone who turns away.
4:81  They will say: "At your orders!", yet when they show up somewhere else than with you, a fraction of them will plan at night at something quite different from what you tell [them to do]. Allah (God) writes down whatever they do at night, so avoid them and rely on Allah (God). Allah (God) suffices as a Trustee.
4:82  Have they not meditated on the Quran? If it had come from some other source than Allah (God), they would have found a great deal of contradiction in it.
4:83  Whenever some order concerning [public] safety or fear comes to them, they broadcast it. If they would only refer it to the Messenger and those among them who hold command, those of them who investigate matters would have known about it. If it had not been for Allah (God)'s bounty and mercy towards you, all but a few would have followed Satan;
4:84  so fight for Allah (God)'s sake, since you are only held responsible for yourself. Encourage believers; perhaps Allah (God) will fend off the violence of those who disbelieve. Allah (God) is Strongest when things come to violence and Sternest in punishment.
4:85  Anyone who intercedes in a fine manner shall have a share in it, while someone who intercedes in an evil way will be held liable for it. Allah (God) is a Keeper for everything.
4:86  Whenever you are welcomed with some greeting, then answer back with something finer than it, or [at least] return it. Allah (God) is a Reckoner for everything.
4:87  Allah (God), there is no deity except Him. He will bring you all together on Resurrection Day there is no doubt about it. Who is more reliable than Allah (God) as a Narrator?
4:88  Why should you take both sides concerning hypocrites? Allah (God) has discarded them because of what they have earned. Do you want to guide someone whom Allah (God) has let go astray? Anyone whom Allah (God) lets go astray will never find a way back to Him.
4:89  They would love for you to disbelieve just as they disbelieve, so you will be exactly like them. Do not adopt sponsors from among them until they migrate along Allah (God)'s way. If they should ever turn against you, then seize them and kill them wherever you may find them. Do not adopt any sponsor nor supporter from among them,
4:90  except those who join a folk with who you have a treaty or who come to you because their hearts are restrained from fighting you or fighting with their own people. If Allah (God) so wished, He would have given them authority over you so that they would have fought you. Yet if they keep aloof from you and do not fight you, and they propose peace to you, Allah (God) does not grant you any way against them.
4:91  You will find others who want to feel safe from you as well as safe from their own people, yet every time they come upon another chance for polytheism, they plunge into it. If they neither keep aloof from you nor yet propose peace to you and hold back their hands, then take them and slay them wherever you may run across them. Over such persons We have given you clear authority.
4:92  No believer should kill any other believer unless it happens by mistake. Anyone who kills a believer by mistake should free believing captive and deliver blood-money to his family unless they forego it as an act of charity. If he was from a nation which is at war with you and yet he was a believer, then free a believing captive; while if he were from a people with whom you have a treaty, then it means blood-money should be delivered to his family and freeing a believing captive. Anyone who does not find the wherewithal for it should fast for two consecutive months as penance from Allah (God). Allah (God) is Aware, Wise!
4:93  Anyone who kills a believer deliberately will receive as his reward [a sentence] to live in Hell for ever. Allah (God) will be Angry with him and curse him, and prepare dreadful torment for him.
4:94  You who believe, whenever you campaign for Allah (God)'s sake, discriminate carefully and do not tell someone who proffers you a greeting: 'You are no believer!" You crave the display of worldly life, while Allah (God) holds many more prizes. That is what you were like previously, though Allah (God) has showered His benefits on you; so discriminate. Allah (God) is Informed about anything you do.
4:95  Those believers who sit around and yet have no physical disability are not equal to those who strive for Allah (God)'s sake with their property and persons. Allah (God) shows preference to those who strive with their property and persons through [higher] rank, than with those who just sit around; for each, Allah (God) has promised handsome things, yet Allah (God) shows preference to strivers with a better wage over those who stay at home,
4:96  such as [higher] ranks from Him, as well as forgiveness and mercy. Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful.
4:97  Those whom the angels take away [their souls] [and] they are harming themselves, [and] say: "within what [condition] were you?", will say: "We were acting as weaklings on earth." They will say: 'Is not Allah (God)'s earth so vast you might settle down elsewhere on it?" Those will have their refuge in Hell, and how evil is such a goal
4:98  except for those men, women and children who are [really] helpless and cannot find any other means nor are they guided in any way;
4:99  those Allah (God) may eventually pardon. Allah (God) is Pardoning, Forgiving.
4:100  Anyone who migrates for Allah (God)'s sake will find many places for asylum and accommodation on earth. Whoever leaves his home as refugee for Allah (God)'s and His messenger's sake, then has death overtake him, will receive his reward from Allah (God). Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful.
4:101  It will not be held against you when you travel out into the world should you shorten prayer, if you fear those who disbelieve may harass you. Disbelievers are open enemies of yours.
4:102  When you are among them, [Muhammad], and have stood up to pray in front of them, then let a squad of them stand up along with you and hold on to their weapons. Once they have bowed down on their knees then let them fall back to your rear, and another squad who have not yet prayed come up to pray along with you. Let them hold on to [both] their precautions and their weapons. Those who disbelieve would like to catch you napping with your weapons and your baggage, so they may overpower you [all] at one stroke. Nor will it be held against you if you are bothered by rain or are ill should you lay down your weapons and take [similar] precautions for yourselves. Allah (God) has prepared humiliating torment for disbelievers.
4:103  Once you have finished praying, remember Allah (God) while standing, sitting and [lying] on your sides. Even when you are at leisure, still keep up prayer: Prayer is a timely prescription for believers!
4:104  Yet do not flag in pursuit of people: if you have been suffering, then they are suffering just as keenly as you are suffering; while you expect something from Allah (God) that they do not expect. Allah (God) is Aware, Wise.
4:105  We have sent the Book (the Quran) down to you with the Truth so that you may judge among mankind by means of what Allah (God) has shown you. Do not act as advocate for traitors;
4:106  seek forgiveness from Allah (God): Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful,
4:107  Do not plead for those who betray themselves; Allah (God) does not love anyone who has been a vicious traitor.
4:108  They may try to hide from people while they can never hide from Allah (God): He stands alongside them when they spend the night talking about something He does not approve of; Allah (God) surrounds anything they do.
4:109  There you are, those who have pleaded in favor of them during worldly life! Who will plead with Allah (God) about them on Resurrection Day, will act as an agent for them?
4:110  Anyone who commits evil or harms himself, then seeks forgiveness from Allah (God), will find Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful;
4:111  while anyone who earns a vice, only earns it against himself. Allah (God) is Aware, Wise.
4:112  Anyone who commits a blunder or vice, then casts [the blame] against some innocent person, will burden himself with slander and flagrant vice.
4:113  If Allah (God)'s bounty and mercy had not lain upon you, a faction of them would have worried about how to lead you astray. They only lead themselves astray and do not injure you in any way. Allah (God) has sent the Book (the Quran) and wisdom down to you and taught you what you did not know; Allah (God)’s bounty towards you has been splendid! Women Part 5 97
4:114  There is no good in much of their [private] counsel except with someone who calls for charity, decency or reconciliation among people; We shall give a splendid wage to anyone who does that in pursuit of Allah (God)'s approval.
4:115  Anyone who splits off from the Messenger once guidance has been explained to him, and follows some path other than the believers', We shall turn over to whatever he has turned to, and lead him off to Hell. How evil is such a destination!
4:116  Allah (God) does not forgive one's associating [others] with Him; He forgives anyone He wishes to for anything beyond that. Anyone who associates [others] with Allah (God) has strayed far afield.
4:117  They only appeal to [idles dressed as] females instead of to Him; they only call upon some rebellious Satan!
4:118  Allah (God) cursed him, and he said: "I shall take some of Your servants as a stipulated portion;
4:119  I will lead them astray and urge them on. I will order them to slit the ears on livestock and order them to alter what Allah (God) has created. Anyone who adopts Satan as a patron instead of Allah (God) has obviously lost out.
4:120  He (Satan) promises them [things] and urges them on; yet Satan promises them nothing except delusion.
4:121  Those will have Hell as their refuge and find no escape from it. Women Part 5 98
4:122  We will show the ones who believe and perform honorable deeds into gardens through which rivers flow, to live there forever. Allah (God)'s promise is true; who is more reliable in the way he speaks than Allah (God)?
4:123  This is not [achieved] by your desires nor desires of the People of the Book. Anyone who commits evil will be rewarded accordingly and not find any patron nor protector for himself besides Allah (God).
4:124  Anyone who performs honorable deeds, whether it is a man or a woman, provided he is a believer, those will enter the Garden and not be speck.
4:125  Who is finer in religion than someone who peacefully commends his person to Allah (God) while he acts kindly and follows the religion of Abraham truly? Allah (God) adopted Abraham as a bosom beloved person.
4:126  Allah (God) holds whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth; Allah (God) embraces everything!
4:127  They will consult you concerning women. SAY: "Allah (God) advises you about them, and what is recited to you from the Book (the Quran) concerning orphan women whom you have not given what was assigned to them (bridewealth) while you are disinclined to marry them; and minor children, and supporting orphans with [all] fairness. Allah (God) is Aware of any good you do [even before you do it].
4:128  If some woman fears ill-conduct or desertion by her husband, it should not be held against either of them if they (the wife and husband) should try to come to terms: coming to terms is best, while greed is ever present in [our] souls. If you act kindly and do your duty, Allah (God) is Informed about anything you do.
4:129  You will never manage to deal equitably with women [heart wise] no matter how eager you may be [to do so]; yet do not turn completely aside [from one] so you, leave another in suspense. If you (all) reconcile [by fairness]] and fear [God], Allah (God) will be Forgiving, Merciful.
4:130  Yet if they should separate, Allah (God) will enrich each out of His abundance; Allah (God) is Boundless, Wise.
4:131  Allah (God) holds whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth. We have instructed those who were given the Book (the Bible) before you, and you (all) as well, to heed Allah (God). If you should disbelieve, Allah (God) still owns whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth. Allah (God) is Transcendent, Praiseworthy!
4:132  Allah (God) holds whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth; Allah (God) suffices as a Trustee:
4:133  if He wished, He might take you people away and bring in others. Allah (God) is Capable of that!
4:134  Anyone who wants a worldly prize [should know] Allah (God) holds the worldly prize plus another in the Hereafter. Allah (God) is Alert, Observant.
4:135  You who believe, act steadfast before Allah (God) as witnesses for fairplay even though it is against yourselves, your own parents and near relatives; whether it concerns a rich or a poor man, Allah (God) [stands] closer to them both. Do not follow any passion so that you may deal justly and If you swerve about [the truth] or refrain [to be a witness], Allah (God) is still Informed about whatever you do.
4:136  You who believe, believe in Allah (God) and His messenger, and the Book (the Quran) which He has sent down to His messenger as well as the Book (all previous Books – Torah and Gospel) which He had sent down previously. Anyone who disbelieves in Allah (God) and His angels, His books, His messengers and the Last Day will stray far afield.
4:137  Those who believe, then disbelieve, then believe, then [again] disbelieve, then increase in their disbelief, will have no means for Allah (God) to forgive them nor to guide them in any way.
4:138  Spread word to hypocrites that they shall have painful torment.
4:139  Do those who enlist disbelievers as sponsors instead of believers, seek [to gain] honor [and power] through them? Honor [and Power] rests entirely with Allah (God).
4:140  In the Book (the Quran), He (God) has revealed to you that whenever you hear Allah (God)'s signs disbelieved in and ridiculed [by actions or words of some people], you should not sit with them until they change to some other topic. You would be just like them then! Allah (God) will gather all the hypocrites and disbelievers into Hell;
4:141  such as those who are waiting, so if you receive some victory from Allah (God), they say: "Were we not with you?" Yet if disbelievers have any share [in it], they say: "Did we not help you win, and held off believers from you?" Allah (God) will judge between you (all) on Resurrection Day; Allah (God) will never grant disbelievers any way to [harm] believers.
4:142  Hypocrites try to outwit Allah (God) while He is outwitting them! Whenever they stand up to pray, they stand up lazily to be seen by other people and seldom mention Allah (God) [in their prayers],
4:143  wavering in between, [leaning] neither towards these nor those (between believe and disbelieve). You will never find any way [to follow] someone whom Allah (God) lets go astray.
4:144  You who believe, do not enlist disbelievers as sponsors, instead of believers. Do you want to give Allah (God) clear reason against you [to torture you]?
4:145  Hypocrites will stand on the lowest level of the Fire; you will never find any supporter for them
4:146  except for those who repent and reform, cling to Allah (God) and dedicate their religion solely to Allah (God). Those stand alongside believers, and Allah (God) will give believers a splendid wage.
4:147  What does Allah (God) accomplish through your torment, provided you act grateful and believe? Allah (God) is Appreciative, Aware.
4:148  Allah (God) does not love evil talk in public unless it is by some who has been injured. Allah (God) is Alert, Aware.
4:149  Whether you reveal any good or hide it, or pardon any evil, Allah (God) is Pardoning, Capable.
4:150  Those who disbelieve in Allah (God) and His messengers, and want to distinguish between Allah (God) and His messengers, and say: 'We believe in some and disbelieve in others;" wanting to adopt a course in between,
4:151  are really disbelievers. We have reserved humiliating torment for disbelievers.
4:152  Those who believe in Allah (God) and His messengers, and not single out any one of them [especially], will be given their earnings. Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful.
4:153  The People of the Book (Jews) ask you to have a book sent down from Heaven for them. They asked Moses for something even greater than that, and said: "Show us Allah (God) directly." The Thunderbolt caught them because of their wrongdoing. Then they adopted the Calf even after explanations had come to them. We still pardoned that, and gave Moses clear authority.
4:154  We raised the Mountain (Tur Mountain - Mount Sinai) up over them because of [not fulfilling] their charter [by following the rules of the Torah], and told them: "Enter the gate [of Jerusalem town] while on your knees." We told them [further]: "Do not go too far on Sabbath (Saturday)," and made a solemn pledge with them.
4:155  Because of their breaking the charter, their disbelief in Allah (God)'s signs, their killing the prophets without any right to do so, and their saying: our hearts are covered over [so it will not accept your words, Muhammad]," instead, Allah (God) has stamped them with their disbelief. They only believe a little
4:156  because of their disbelief and talking such terrible slander about Mary
4:157  and (also) for their saying: "We killed Allah (God)'s messenger Christ Jesus, the son of Mary!" They neither killed nor crucified him, even though it seemed so to them. Those who disagree about it are in doubt concerning it; they have no [real] knowledge about it except by following conjecture. No one is certain they killed him!
4:158  Rather Allah (God) lifted him up towards Himself Allah (God) is Powerful, Wise!
4:159  There is nobody from the People of the Book (Gospel) but who will believe in him (Jesus) before his death [after his return to Earth], while on Resurrection Day he (Jesus) will act as a witness against them.
4:160  Because of wrongdoing on the part of those who are Jews, We have forbidden them certain wholesome things which had been permitted them; and because they blocked off so many people from Allah (God)'s way
4:161  and took usury although they had been forbidden to, and idly consumed other people's wealth, We have reserved painful torment for those among them who are disbelievers.
4:162  Yet those of them who are versed in knowledge, as well as believers, believe in what is sent down to you and what has been sent down [to those] before you; and We shall give a splendid reward to those who keep up prayer and pay the welfare tax (Zakat), and who believe in Allah (God) and the Last Day.
4:163  We have inspired you just as We inspired Noah and the prophets following him, and as We inspired Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the patriarchs, and Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron and Solomon; and just as We gave David the Psalms.
4:164  We have told you about some messengers [sent] previously, while other messengers We have not yet told you about-Allah (God) spoke directly to Moses-
4:165  messengers bringing good news plus a warning so that mankind would have no argument against Allah (God) once the messengers [had come]. Allah (God) is Powerful, Wise.
4:166  Nevertheless Allah (God) bears witness through what He has sent down to you; He sent it down with His (own full) knowledge. And angels so testify, though Allah (God) suffices as a Witness.
4:167  Those who disbelieve and obstruct Allah (God)'s way have strayed far afield.
4:168  Those who disbelieve and act wrongfully will not find that Allah (God) will forgive them nor guide them along any road
4:169  except the road to Hell, to remain there forever. That will be so easy for Allah (God) [to do]!
4:170  O mankind, the Messenger has brought you the Truth from your Lord, so believe, since it is best for you. If you should disbelieve, Allah (God) still holds whatever is in Heaven and Earth; Allah (God) is Aware, Wise.
4:171  People of the Book (Christians and Jews), do not exaggerate in [practicing] your religion and tell nothing except the Truth about Allah (God). Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, was merely Allah (God)'s messenger and His word (His order) which He cast into Mary, and a spirit [proceeding] from Him. Believe in Allah (God) [Alone] and His messengers, and do not say: 'Three!" Stopping [it] will be better for you. Allah (God) is only One Allah (God); glory be to Him, beyond His having any son! He owns whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth; Allah (God) suffices as a Trustee,
4:172  The Messiah would never disdain to be Allah (God)'s servant, nor would the angels who are closest. He will summon anyone to Him who disdains to worship Him and acts too proud [for it].
4:173  As for those who believe and perform honorable deeds, He will pay them their earnings and add even more for them out of His bounty. He will punish those who act scornful and proud with painful torment; they will not find any sponsor themselves nor any supporter besides Allah (God).
4:174  O Mankind, proof has come to you from your Lord; We have sent a clear Light (the Quran) down to you.
4:175  He will show those who believe in Allah (God) and cling to Him, into mercy and bounty from Himself, and guide them along a Straight Road towards Himself
4:176  They will ask you for your verdict. SAY: "Allah (God) advises you (all) concerning indirect heirs (people with no parent or child). If some man should pass away and has no son so while he leaves a sister, then she shall have half of anything he may leave while he inherits from her if she has no child. If they are two women [who are sisters], they shall both have two thirds of whatever he may leave. If they are siblings, both men and women. then each brother shall have the same share as two sisters would have. Allah (God) explains things to you lest you go astray. Allah (God) is (all) Aware of everything!