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37:1  And by those ranged in ranks ranging
37:2  Then by the scarers scaring, (This is sometimes meat that the Angles perform such acts
37:3  Then by the reciters of a Remembrance
37:4  Surely your God is indeed One
37:5  The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and whatever is between them both and The Lord of the easts
37:6  Surely We have adorned the lowest heaven with an adornment, the planets
37:7  And (as) a preservation against every insurgent Shatan. (Ever vicious (one), i.e., devil)
37:8  They do not overhear the most Exalted Chiefs, (i.e., angels) and they are pelted (with hurled meteors) from every side
37:9  Rejected, and they will have a lasting torment
37:10  Except him who snatches a snatching (away); then a piercing flaming (meteor) follows him up
37:11  So ask them for a pronouncement: "Are they more valiant as a creation or the ones We created? Surely We created them of clinging clay."
37:12  No indeed, you wonder, and they scoff
37:13  And when they are reminded, they do not remember
37:14  And when they see a sign, they turn it to scoffing
37:15  And they have said, "Decidedly this is nothing except an evident sorcery
37:16  When we die and are dust and bones, will we surely be made to rise again indeed
37:17  And our earliest fathers?"
37:18  Say, "Yes, and you will be (utterly) abject."
37:19  So, surely it is only one scaring, then only then, they are looking on
37:20  And they say, "oh woe to us! This is the Day of Doom." (Or: Judgment; Religion
37:21  This is the Day of Verdict, which you used to cry lies to
37:22  Muster the ones who did injustice, and their spouses, and whatever they were worshiping
37:23  Apart from Allah, and so guide them to the path of Hell-Fire
37:24  And bid them stand; surely they are to be questioned
37:25  How is it that you do not vindicate one another
37:26  No indeed; (but) they are today submitting themselves
37:27  And some of them come forward to others, (Literally: some (others) asking one another (questions)
37:28  They (The seduced) say, "Surely you used to come up to us from the right hand." (i.e. with the Truth)
37:29  They say, "No indeed, but you were not believers
37:30  And in no way did we have any all- binding authority over you; no indeed, (but) you were an inordinate people."
37:31  "So, our Lord's Word (Literally: Saying) has come true against us; surely we are indeed tasting (it)
37:32  So we have misguided you; surely we were (ourselves) misguided."
37:33  So, upon that Day, surely they are partners in the torment
37:34  Surely thus We perform against the criminals
37:35  Surely when it was said to them, "There is no god except Allah, " they were waxing proud
37:36  And they said, "Shall we surely be leaving indeed our gods for a mad poet?"
37:37  No indeed, (but) he has come with the Truth and has sincere (faith) in the Emissaries
37:38  Surely you will indeed be tasting the painful torment
37:39  And in no way will you be recompensed, except according to whatever you were doing
37:40  Except for the most faithful bondmen of Allah
37:41  For those there is a known provision
37:42  Fruits-and they will be honored
37:43  In the Gardens of Bliss
37:44  On settees, facing one another
37:45  A cup from a profuse (spring) is passed round for them
37:46  White, delicious to the drinkers
37:47  Wherein there is no insobriety, (Or: havoc, danger) nor are they exhausted (Or: inebriated) thereby
37:48  And in their presence are wide-eyed (maidens), restraining their glances
37:49  As if they were white nestled (jewels)
37:50  So some of them come forward to others, (Literally: some (others) asking one another (questions)
37:51  A speaker of them says, "Surely I used to have a comrade
37:52  He (always) said, Are you surely of the ones who indeed count it sincerely (verified)
37:53  When we die and are dust and bones, will we surely be doomed (Or: judged) indeed?"
37:54  He says, "Are you (all) viewing (him)?"
37:55  So he views (him), and then sees him in the (deepest) level of the Hell-Fire
37:56  He says, "By Allah, (The Arabic is ta-llahi; which a stronger oath than the more usual wa-llahi) decidedly you were almost about to topple me down indeed
37:57  And had it not been for the favor of my Lord, indeed I would have been among the ones presented forward
37:58  Then in no way will we be dead
37:59  Except for our first death, and in no way will we be tormented
37:60  Surely this is indeed that which is magnificent triumph
37:61  For the like of this let the doers do (good deeds)."
37:62  Is this a more charitable (i.e., better) hospitality, or even the Tree of Az-Zaqqum
37:63  Surely We have made it as a temptation (Or: trial) for the unjust
37:64  Surely it is a tree that comes out (Literally: goes out) in the root of Hell-Fire
37:65  Its spathes are as the heads of Shayatun. (Ever-vicious (ones), i.e., devils
37:66  Then surely they will indeed be eating of it, and so of it they will be filling their bellies
37:67  Thereafter on top of it surely they will have indeed an admixture of scalding (water)
37:68  Thereafter surely their return indeed is to Hell-Fire
37:69  Surely they came upon their fathers erring
37:70  So they are made to hurry in their tracks
37:71  And indeed before them already erred away most of the earliest (people)
37:72  And indeed We already sent among them warners
37:73  So look into how was the end of the warned people
37:74  Except for the most faithful bondmen of Allah
37:75  And indeed, Nuh (Noah) already called out to Us; (i.e., Allah, through the Angels) so how excellent indeed were The Answerers
37:76  And We safely delivered him and his family from the tremendous agony
37:77  And We made his offspring the ones who are the (enduring) survivors
37:78  And We have left for him (honor) among the later (generations)
37:79  Peace be upon Nuh (Noah) among the worlds
37:80  Surely thus do We recompense the fair-doers
37:81  Surely he is among Our believing bondmen
37:82  Thereafter We drowned the others
37:83  And surely of his sect indeed was Ibrahim (Abraham
37:84  As he came to his Lord with a sound heart
37:85  As he said to his father and his people, "What is it that you worship
37:86  Is it a falsehood, gods apart from Allah, that you are willing (to worship)
37:87  What then is your expectation from The Lord of the worlds?"
37:88  So he looked a look (i.e., gazed at the stars) at the stars
37:89  Yet he said, "Surely I am ailing."
37:90  Then they turned away from him, withdrawing
37:91  So he went apart to their gods; then he said, "Will you not eat
37:92  How is it with you that you do not pronounce (a word
37:93  So he went apart upon them (i.e., their idols) striking with his right hand
37:94  Then they (i.e., the disbelievers) came forward to him in a hurried procession
37:95  He said, "Do you worship what you hew
37:96  And Allah created you and whatever you do
37:97  They said, "Build him a structure, (and) then cast him in the Hell-Fire."
37:98  So they were willing to devise a plot against him; yet We made them the basest
37:99  And he said, "Surely I am going to my Lord, soon He will guide me
37:100  Lord! Bestow upon me one of the righteous."
37:101  So We gave him the good tidings of a forbearing youth
37:102  Then when he (His son) reached the age of endeavoring with him, he said, "O my son, surely I see in a dream (Literally: time of sleeping) that I should slay you; so, look, what do you see?" He said, "O my (dear) father, perform whatever you are commanded; you will soon find me, in case Allah (so) decides, among the patient."
37:103  So, as soon as they had both surrendered, and he dashed him upon his brow
37:104  And We called out to him (saying), "O Ibrahim, (Abraham)
37:105  you have already sincerely (believed) in the vision; surely thus We recompense the fair-doers
37:106  Surely this is indeed what is the evident trial."
37:107  And We ransomed him with a magnificent slain (sacrifice)
37:108  And We have left for him among the later generations
37:109  "Peace be upon Ibrahim." (Abraham
37:110  Thus We recompense the fair-doers
37:111  Surely he is one of Our believing bondmen
37:112  And We gave him the good tidings of Ishaq, (Isaac) a Prophet, one of the righteous
37:113  And We blessed him and Ishaq, and of their (The pronoun is dual; i.e., offspring of the two of them) offspring some are fair-doers, and (some) are evidently unjust to themselves
37:114  And indeed We were already bounteous to Musa (Moses) and Harun. (Aron
37:115  And We safely delivered them both and their people from the tremendous agony
37:116  And We granted them victory, so that they were the ones (who were) overcomers
37:117  And We brought them both the Evidential Book
37:118  And We guided them both in the straight Path
37:119  And We have left for them both among the later (generations)
37:120  "Peace be upon Musa and Harun."
37:121  Surely thus We recompense the fair-doers
37:122  Surely they are both of Our believing bondmen
37:123  And surely Ilyas (Alias=Elijah) is indeed one of the Emissaries
37:124  As he said to his people, "Will you not be pious (towards Allah)
37:125  Do you invoke Bacl, and leave out The Fairest of creators
37:126  Allah, your Lord, and The Lord of your earliest fathers?"
37:127  Yet they cried him lies; then surely they will indeed be presented forward?"
37:128  Except for the most faithful bondmen of Allah
37:129  And We have left for him (honor) in the later generations
37:130  Peace be upon Ilyasin!" (Elias
37:131  Surely thus We recompense the fair-doers
37:132  Surely he is one of Our believing bondmen
37:133  And surely Lut (Lot) is indeed one of the Emissaries
37:134  As We safely delivered him and his family all together
37:135  Except an old woman among the laggards
37:136  Thereafter We destroyed the others
37:137  And surely you pass by them in the (early) morning
37:138  And by night; Will you not then consider
37:139  And surely Yunus (Jonah) is indeed one of the Emissaries,
37:140  As he deserted to the laden ship (s)
37:141  Then he cast lots. Yet he was of the rebutted
37:142  So the whale gobbled him, and he was blameworthy
37:143  So had he not been of the extollers (of Allah)
37:144  He would indeed have lingered in its belly until the Day they will be made to rise again
37:145  Then We flung him off upon the naked (shore) and he was ailing
37:146  And We caused to grow over him a tree of gourds
37:147  And We sent him to a hundred thousand, or more. (Literally: they may have increased
37:148  Then they believed; so We gave them enjoyment for a while
37:149  So, ask them for a pronouncement, "Has your Lord daughters, and they have sons
37:150  Or even did We create the Angels females, and they were witnesses?"
37:151  Verily, surely it is of their falsehood, indeed, (that) they say
37:152  " Allah has begotten!" And surely they are liars indeed
37:153  Has he elected daughters above sons
37:154  How is it with you, how do you judge
37:155  Will you then not be mindful
37:156  Or even do you have an evident all- binding authority
37:157  Then come up with your Book, in case you are sincere
37:158  And they have made up a consanguity between Him and the jinn; and indeed the jinn already know that surely they will indeed be presented forward
37:159  All Extolment be to Allah above what they describe
37:160  Except (for) the most faithful bondmen of Allah
37:161  Yet surely you and whatever you worship
37:162  In no way will you tempt any against Him
37:163  Except (for) him who will roast in Hell-Fire"
37:164  And in no way is there one of us, (i.e., the angels) except that he has a known station
37:165  And surely we, indeed we, are the ones ranged in ranks
37:166  And surely we, indeed we, are the extollers (of Allah)."
37:167  And decidedly they (i.e., the disbelievers) indeed used to say
37:168  "If only we had in our presence a Remembrance (i.e., Scriptures) from the earliest (people)
37:169  Indeed we would be the most faithful bondmen of Allah."
37:170  Yet they disbelieved in it; then eventually they will know
37:171  And indeed Our Word has already gone before to Our bondmen, the Emissaries
37:172  Surely they, indeed they, will be vindicated
37:173  And surely Our hosts, indeed they, will be the overcomers
37:174  So turn away from them for a while
37:175  And behold them; then they will eventually behold
37:176  Do they then seek to hasten Our torment
37:177  So when it comes down in their courtyard, then how odious will be the morning of them that are constantly warned
37:178  And turn away from them for a whil
37:179  And behold; then they will eventually behold
37:180  All Extolment be to your Lord, The Lord of Might, above whatever they describe
37:181  And peace be upon the Emissaries
37:182  And praise be to Allah, The Lord of the worlds