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37:1  God hereby swears by those who form their ranks to start the battle
37:2  And by the angles who are in charge of driving the cloud
37:3  And by the angles who bring the verses of Qur’an down to mankind
37:4  That your God is One and that there is Only One God
37:5  Director of the heavens and the earth and anything between and Lord of the easts [perhaps a reference to the easts and wests and global shapes of the planets]
37:6  I (God) have adorned the innermost universe [the one being discovered by astronomy] with exotic planets
37:7  I have guarded it against any evil devil [to destroy its existing order.]
37:8  These satans cannot break into the communication system of those who are close to God as they are on defensive
37:9  They have already been condemned to an everlasting torture
37:10  If one of them dares to escape the lower universe, a flashing projectile will be charged against him
37:11  Vs.11-deals with the following question: “Is it difficult for God to recreate man to face the Day of Judgment?”
37:12  Ask the disbelievers, who are created from the mud [organic matter]: “Are they more difficult for God to be recreated [on the Day of Resurrection] or the awesome realm of creation?”
37:13  While the believers are at awe [with God’s creative power], the disbelievers making fun [of the possibility of Resurrection.]
37:14  When the disbelievers are warned, they take it lightly
37:15  When a revelation of God comes to the disbelievers they recourse to the mockery
37:16  They say: “This is nonsense …
37:17  that we will be raised with bone and flesh after our death.”
37:18  They jokingly ask: “How about our ancestors?”
37:19  Say to them, “absolutely; and you are helpless [on that Day that you are laughing at its happening.]
37:20  It will take a snap for them to be recreated and look around [and face the Day of Resurrection.]
37:21  Then they will say: “Shame and pity to us; this is indeed the Day of Judgment.”
37:22  It will be confirmed to them: “Yes, this is the same Day of Judgment that you used to deny.”
37:23  Then it will be commanded: “Gather all the unjust people and their associates and those idols that they used to worship, instead of God, and drag them in the road that leads to Hell.”
37:24  “Then take a break and ask why they are not helping each other [as they were used to say:…
37:25  “Do not worry, I will take the responsibility”.&rdquo
37:26  Of course on that Day they will all submit [but it will be too late.]
37:27  That will be an opportunity for mutual blaming
37:28  The followers will ask their leaders: “You used to swear that you were our well-wisher [and that in an improbable Day of Judgment you will carry our sins.]&rdquo
37:29  The leaders will reply: “[Do not blame us.] You yourself chose the disbelief.”
37:30  [They will continue]: “We did not have any power over you; it was you who chose the rebellion.”
37:31  “The Lord’s Judgment against us was just; now we have to accept the punishment.”
37:32  “We offered you the disbelief for the simple reason that we had chosen the disbelief ourselves.”
37:33  Thus on that Day the disbelievers and their followers will be sentenced to punishment
37:34  This is the way that I deal with the disbelievers [that being misled is not an acceptable excuse]
37:35  These are the same people that when they were told: “There is no other god beside God”, they revealed their arrogant nature
37:36  They used to say: “Shall we give up our gods for the sake of a crazy poet [as they referred to Mohammad.]&rdquo
37:37  While he (Mohammad) had come with the truth [as presented by the Prophets before him and nothing of new], confirming the truthfulness of the previous Prophets [who had repeated the same message again and again before Mohammad.]
37:38  It will be said to the disbelievers: “You deserve to taste the awful punishment.”
37:39  “Your punishment is proportionate to your deeds.”
37:40  Only the sincere worshippers of God will be saved
37:41  They deserve the blessing which is in reserve for them
37:42  All kind of fruits will be at their disposition and they will be honored
37:43  In the Gardens of Paradise
37:44  They will sit face to face in luxurious couches
37:45  They will be offered cups of pure drinks
37:46  How delightful will be those drinks
37:47  The kind of a drink which will neither harm you nor make you intoxicated
37:48  They will be married to the chaste women with shy beautiful eyes
37:49  As delicate as an egg under its shell
37:50  Then they will engage in conversation
37:51  One of them will say:…
37:52  “I had a friend [in my previous life on earth] who used to make fun of me asking if believe in this “nonsense” …
37:53  of being resurrected and judged after our death and after our bones being turn into dust.”
37:54  He will be said: “watch [perhaps in an interactive kind of device].&rdquo
37:55  He will see his friend at the bottom of the Hell
37:56  Then he will start to communicate with him saying: “By Lord! you were too close in convincing me to follow you in disbelief.”
37:57  “How grateful I am to my Lord who led me to the right path.”
37:58  “Now you tell me whether or not the death is the end of everything and that…
37:59  there will not be any judgment for our worldly deeds.”
37:60  Being admitted to Paradise is…
37:61  the greatest success that everyone should strive for
37:62  Is the feast of Paradise [as explained before] better or eating the bitter fruit of…
37:63  the devilish tree of “zaqqum” given to the wicked one
37:64  Zaqqum is the name of a tree which grown at the bottom of the Hell
37:65  With devilish looking buds
37:66  Forced by hunger, the people of Hell [who do not have nothing else to eat] will fill up their bellies with this devilish fruit
37:67  Then they will top it with a disgusting boiling drink
37:68  Once the eating “break” is over, they will be herded back to the Hell
37:69  These are the same people who followed their traditional religions
37:70  Knowing that their religion was keeping them in the wrong path [, they were not brave enough to break up with their wrong beliefs]
37:71  Their wrong religions were established by those before them to whom God sent…
37:72  warnings through His Prophets
37:73  Now see how terrible is the destiny of those who rejected God’s warnings
37:74  Only those who sincerely devoted themselves to worship the Lords are saved
37:75  [Long before them] Noah [at the height of his desperation and after having invited people to the way of God for some years,] called upon Me. Note what a positive response he got from his Lord
37:76  I (God) saved him and his followers from the great catastrophe
37:77  And established them on the earth
37:78  And left for him praise among generations to come
37:79  Peace is with Noah forever [as none will ever talk evil of him]
37:80  This is the way that your Lord rewards the righteous
37:81  Noah is indeed one of My believing servants
37:82  As to the wicked of Noah’s nation, I drowned them all
37:83  Abraham was one of the followers of Noah
37:84  He submitted whole heartedly to his Lord
37:85  He said to his father and his people: “What are these things that you worship?”
37:86  “Do you recourse to the gods that you yourself have fabricated instead of God?”
37:87  “What do you think about the Organizer of the universe?”
37:88  [As he could not get any convincing answer,] Abraham concentrated his attention toward the stars [to find what he was missing]
37:89  Being disappointed,] he said: “I feel bad.”
37:90  So they left him alone and went [to some kind of general gathering.]
37:91  [At their absence,] Abraham went to the temple and [started to talk to the idols and] said: “Do you want something to eat?”
37:92  Then he asked: “How come you do not talk?”
37:93  Then he strokes them down with his right hand [with a sword or a weapon of some kind.]
37:94  [When people returned, they concluded that the only present one in the city, i.e., Abraham could have destroyed their gods so] they rushed toward Abraham [asking in rage why he has done it.]
37:95  Abraham said: “Why do you worship something that you have carved with your own hands?”
37:96  “Whereas it is God who [should be worshipped as He is the One Who has] created you and whatever you make”
37:97  They said: “Let us make a big fire and throw him in [and see how his God will save him.]
37:98  They plotted a plan against him and God defeated them in their own plan [as the fire did not have any effect upon Abraham.]
37:99  Then Abraham said: “Now I am leaving you, putting my trust in God.”
37:100  One day Abraham prayed: “O Lord, grant me a righteous son.”
37:101  God [answered his prayers in appropriate time and] gave him the good news: a wonderful son
37:102  When the boy grew up, one day Abraham told him: “My son, I have seen in my dream that I am sacrificing you; what do you think about it?” The son said: “My dear father, do whatever God has ordered you to do. God willing, I will bear in this process.”
37:103  When they both submitted [to what they were thinking is the Lord’s order]….
37:104  and Abraham started to slaughter his son, I (God) called out:…
37:105  “O Abraham, you fulfilled what you saw in your dream [he saw that he is sacrificing not that he has sacrificed]. Thus I reward the righteous [by not letting them being hurt in their trials.]
37:106  This was indeed a great test
37:107  Then I asked them to sacrifice an animal
37:108  Praise is for Abraham for generations to come [as millions of people gather every year in celebration of the event where it took place.]
37:109  Peace is with Abraham
37:110  This is the way that God rewards the righteous
37:111  Abraham was indeed one of My believing servants
37:112  Then I gave Abraham the good news of the upcoming birth of Isaac; a righteous Prophet to be
37:113  I blessed Abraham and Isaac. Now among their offspring some are righteous and some are wicked
37:114  I also blessed Moses and Aaron
37:115  I delivered them and their people from a great distress (Pharaoh’s slavery.
37:116  I supported them till they succeeded
37:117  I revealed to them the scriptures
37:118  And guided them to the right path
37:119  Praise is for them both for generations to come
37:120  Peace is with Moses and Aaron
37:121  This is the way that God rewards the righteous
37:122  They were indeed among my believing servants
37:123  Elias was also one of My Prophets
37:124  He invited his people to be righteous
37:125  He said: “How do you dare to worship an idol known as Ba’al instead of the Supreme Creator?”
37:126  “God is your Lord as well as the Lord of your forefathers.”
37:127  The people of Elias did not listen to him; therefore, they will be called to answer for their disbelief
37:128  Except those among them who served God whole heartedly
37:129  Praise is for Elias for generations to come
37:130  Peace is with Elias and his followers
37:131  This is the way that God rewards the righteous
37:132  Elias was indeed one of our believing servants
37:133  Lot also was a Prophets
37:134  I saved him and his household from the disaster [which overtook his people]
37:135  Except [his] old ugly woman who had to be punished [for not obeying him]
37:136  The rest were completely destroyed
37:137  You pass by their ruins [when you travel] by day and night; …
37:138  will you not take a lesson
37:139  Jonah was also one of My Prophets
37:140  Once he escaped [from a predicament] by taking refuge in a loaded ship
37:141  [Due to the overweight, they had to throw some people out.] He agreed to participate in the casting of lots and lost
37:142  Eventually a big fish swallowed him and he was the only one to be blamed for his destiny [as he fled his place of mission without asking God’s permission]
37:143  If it was not in account of his sincere recourse to God,…
37:144  he would have stayed in the belly of the fish till the Day of Resurrection
37:145  I ordered him to be thrown out in a bare shore; absolutely exhausted
37:146  I ordered a fruit tree to grow so that he may eat from its fruit
37:147  Then I appointed him as a Prophet to a nation of some hundred thousand people
37:148  As they chose to believe in him, we let them live [comfortably] until the day that they were supposed to face their natural deaths. The next few verses deals with the man’s attributing children to God in account of his ignorance
37:149  Ask the disbelievers: “How come you want to have only sons [and kill your daughter considering having them a matter of shame] and then you say that God has daughters?”
37:150  Why do they say that the angels are of female gender? Were they present in their creation
37:151  Saying that God has begotten a son is an insult to the God’s dignity. …
37:152  Such people are nothing but plain liars
37:153  Has God begotten a girl instead of a son?…
37:154  What is wrong with these people
37:155  Why don’t they use their brain before saying something of such blasphemy magnitude
37:156  Do they have any logical proof for their assigning children to God
37:157  Bring your book [the book in which it is written God has begotten children] as a proof if you are not a bunch of liars
37:158  They even [fantasize and] say that there is a blood relationship between God and the Extra-Terrestrials (Jinns); though Jinns know very well that they are the creatures of the Lord
37:159  Glory to God Who is far above their descriptions
37:160  Only those servants of God who have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to him are in the right path
37:161  Indeed the disbelievers (and whatever they worship) …
37:162  can not over power the Lord…
37:163  and will all be burnt in the Hell
37:164  The Angels declare:…
37:165  “[Not to speak of being God’s children], we all have our ranks. …
37:166  We are the ranged servant and the glorifiers of God”
37:167  The Disbelievers used to say
37:168  “Had we received the correct (authentic/pure and nothing added to) guidance from…
37:169  the previous generations, We would have been sincere worshippers of God.”
37:170  Now that their wish is granted to them, they prefer to continue their way of disbelief
37:171  My decision is already…
37:172  revealed to My Prophets: They will have the final victory
37:173  Victory belongs to the soldiers of God
37:174  So (Mohammad), leave them alone for a while
37:175  And look forward to [their punishment] as they are looking forward to also
37:176  Why do they want to face [as they jokingly used to ask Mohammad to hasten] their punishment as soon as possible
37:177  It will be a miserable Day when they face their punishment. They are sufficiently warned
37:178  So leave them alone for a while
37:179  And look forward to as they are looking forward to also
37:180  Glorified is your Lord, Lord of Honor and far above their claims [of having a child, not being able to recreate them, having partners, etc.]
37:181  My salutations to the Prophets
37:182  All praise is only for God; the Lord of the universe