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32:1  Alif Lam Mim - I am Allah, the All- Knowing
32:2  This Book (-the Qur'an) which is wanting in naught, containing nothing doubtful, disturbing and there is no false charge in it, has been revealed by the Lord of the worlds
32:3  Do the people say, `He has invented it?' It is not so; it is the truth from your Lord. It has been revealed that you may warn the people to whom no Warner before you (for a long long time) has come so that they may receive guidance
32:4  Allah is He Who created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between the two in six aeons. Again (listen to another great truth,) He is firmly settled on the Throne (of sovereignty). You have no real patron nor an intercessor beside Him; will you take no heed then
32:5  He plans the scheme from the heaven (and sends it) to the earth, then it shall ascend to Him in (the course of) a day the duration of which is a thousand years according to your computation (in this world)
32:6  Such is He Who knows the hidden reality and the obvious, the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful
32:7  Who made perfectly well all that He created. And He originated the creation of a human being from clay
32:8  Then He created his seed from an extract of an insignificant fluid (derived by his consuming food produced from clay or soil)
32:9  Then He endowed him with perfect faculties (of head and heart in accordance with what he is meant to be) and breathed into him of His spirit (thus made him the recipient of the Divine word). And He has given you hearing, eyes and hearts. Yet little are the thanks you give
32:10  And they say, `Shall we really be (raised to life as) a new creation when we are lost in the earth (after being buried in it)?' The truth is that they are disbelievers in the meeting with their Lord (that is why they are talking like this)
32:11  Say, `The angel of death who has been put in charge of you will carry your soul off, then to your Lord you will be made to return.
32:12  Could you but see (their state) when the guilty will be (standing) before their Lord with their heads hanging down (and saying), `Our Lord! we have seen and we have heard. So send us back (to worldly life), we will act righteously, for (now) we are convinced (of the truth about the Hereafter).
32:13  Had We (enforced) Our will We would have (already) given every soul its (appropriate) guidance. But (as it is) the word from Me has come true (that) I will surely fill Gehenna with some of the jinn (- houghty) and (ordinary) men, all (the erring ones) together
32:14  So suffer (the punishment for your evil deeds). Since you had given up (the idea of) the meeting of this day of yours so We too have forsaken you (now). Suffer therefore the long-lasting punishment because of the misdeeds you used to do
32:15  Only those believe in Our revelations who, when they are reminded by means of them, fall down prostrate and proclaim the (divine) glory with the praises of their Lord and they are not proud. [Prostration]
32:16  (While getting up for late-night, Tahajjud Prayer) they forsake (their comfortable) beds calling upon their Lord with an awe-inspired and hopeful state of mind. And they spend out of that which We have provided them
32:17  And no soul knows what (comforts) lie hidden for them (-the believers in the form) of a joy to the eyes as a reward for their righteous deeds
32:18  What! can one who has been a believer (be treated) like one who has been a disobedient sinner. They cannot be alike
32:19  There awaits those who believe and do deeds of righteousness Gardens of Eternal Abode in hospitality in return for their good deeds
32:20  But as for them who show disobedience their abode will be the Fire. Every time they try to get out of it they shall be hurled back into it and it shall be said to them, `Suffer the torment of the Fire which you used to cry lies to.
32:21  And of course We will let them suffer the minor and nearer punishment before the greater punishment befalls them so that they may turn to Us (in repentance)
32:22  And who is more unjust than the person who is reminded through the Messages of his Lord; yet he turns away from them? We will surely punish such of those who have severed their ties (with God)
32:23  And We gave Moses the Scripture, therefore (Prophet!) have no doubt about receiving a similar perfect Book (yourself). And We made that (Torah a source of) guidance for the Children of Israel
32:24  So long as they remained steadfast We raised leaders from among them. They guided (the people) by Our command; and the people had firm faith in Our signs
32:25  And your Lord is One Who on the Day of Resurrection will judge between them concerning every issue over which they used to disagree
32:26  Does this (fact) provide them no guidance that We destroyed many a generation in whose (ruined) dwelling places they (now) walk about? There are sure signs in all this. Will they not then listen (and pay heed)
32:27  Have they never seen (the sight) how We convey water to the barren land and produce thereby the crop of which they and their cattle eat? Will they not then see (and understand)
32:28  And they say, `If you speak the truth tell us when this victory (of yours) will come.
32:29  Say, `Those who have denied (the truth), their believing on the day of victory will not help them, nor shall they be given respite (to accept the true faith).
32:30  So turn aside from them and wait. They are also waiting