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32:1  Alif. Lam. Mim
32:2  The revelation of the Book in which there is no doubt, from the Lord of the worlds
32:3  Or do they say, “He has fabricated it”? Nay, it is the truth from thy Lord, that thou mayest warn a people to whom no warner has come before thee, that haply they may be guided
32:4  God it is Who created the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is between them in six days. Then He mounted the Throne. Apart from Him you have neither protector, nor intercessor. Will you not, then, remember
32:5  He directs the affair from Heaven unto earth; then it ascends unto Him in a day whose measure is as a thousand years of that which you reckon
32:6  Such is the Knower of the Unseen and the seen, the Mighty, the Merciful
32:7  Who made beautiful all that He created, and Who began the creation of man from clay
32:8  Then He made his seed from a draught of base fluid
32:9  Then He fashioned him, and breathed into him of His Spirit, and endowed you with hearing, sight, and hearts. Little do you give thanks
32:10  And they say, “What, when we have become lost in the earth, shall we indeed be created anew?” Nay, they believe not in the meeting with their Lord
32:11  Say, “The Angel of death, who has been entrusted with you, will take you; then unto your Lord shall you be returned.
32:12  Couldst thou but see when the guilty bend their heads low before their Lord: “Our Lord! We have seen and we have heard; so send us back that we may work righteousness. Truly we are certain.
32:13  And had We willed, We would have given every soul its guidance. But the Word from Me comes due: “I shall surely fill Hell with jinn and men all together!
32:14  So taste [the punishment] for having forgotten the meeting with this your Day! Verily, We have forgotten you! And taste the punishment everlasting for that which you used to do
32:15  Truly they believe in Our signs who when reminded of them fall prostrate and hymn the praise of their Lord and do not wax arrogant
32:16  whose sides shun [their] beds, calling upon their Lord out of fear and hope, and who spend from that which We have provided them
32:17  No soul knows what comfort is kept hidden for it as a recompense for that which they used to do
32:18  Is one who believes like one who is iniquitous? They are not equal
32:19  As for those who believe and perform righteous deeds, theirs shall be Gardens of refuge, as a welcome for that which they used to do
32:20  And as for those who are iniquitous, their refuge is the Fire. Whenever they desire to go forth therefrom, they are returned unto it, and it is said unto them, “Taste the punishment of the Fire that you used to deny!
32:21  And We make them taste the lesser punishment before the greater punishment, that they might turn back
32:22  And who does greater wrong than one who has been reminded of the signs of his Lord, then turns away from them? Truly We shall take vengeance upon the guilty
32:23  And indeed We gave unto Moses the Book; so be not in doubt regarding the meeting with Him. And We made him a guide for the Children of Israel
32:24  And We appointed leaders from among them who guided by Our Command when they were patient and were certain of Our signs
32:25  Truly thy Lord will distinguish between them on the Day of Resurrection regarding that wherein they used to differ
32:26  Does it not serve as guidance for them, how many generations We destroyed before them, amidst whose dwellings they walk? Truly in that are signs. Will they not listen
32:27  Have they not considered how We drive the water to the barren earth and bring forth crops thereby, whereof they and their cattle eat? Will they not see
32:28  And they say, “When is this victory, if you are truthful?
32:29  Say, “On the Day of Victory, faith will not benefit those who disbelieved; nor shall they be granted respite.
32:30  Then turn away from them and wait; they, too, are waiting