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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

as-Sajdah (The Prostration, Worship, Adoration, The Adoration)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Prostration, Worship, Adoration, The Adoration(as-Sajdah)
32:1 A.L.M. (Alif. Lam. Mim.)
32:2 Without a doubt, sending down the book is from the Master of Human kind.
32:3 Or do they say he made it up? No, but it is the truth from your Master in order for you to warn people whom a warner did not come to them before you, so that they may be guided.
32:4 God is the One who created the skies and the earth and whatever between them in six stages then He settled on the throne. There is no protector and no mediator for you other than Him. Do you not take notice?
32:5 He directs the affair from the sky to the earth then it goes up to Him in a day that its duration is one thousand years of what you count.
32:6 This is knower of the unseen and the visible, the powerful, the merciful.
32:7 The One who created everything well, and He began the creation of the human being from clay.
32:8 Then He made his descendants from an extract of a despicable (and slimy) liquid.
32:9 Then He shaped him and He blew from His breath/spirit into him, and He made you the hearing, the sight, and the heart. You give little thanks.
32:10 And they said: when we disappear in the earth, will we be in a new creation? No, but they are disbelievers in meeting of their Master
32:11 Say: the angel of death, the one who is put in charge of you, makes you die, then you are returned to your Master.
32:12 And if you see when the guilty ones hang their heads down before their Master (saying): our Master, we saw and we heard, so send us back that we do good works, we are certain.
32:13 And if We wanted, We would have given everyone its guidance, but the word from Me was proved, that I shall fill hell with the Jinn and the people altogether.
32:14 So taste (the punishment) because you forgot the meeting of this day of yours, (therefore) We forgot you, and taste the eternal punishment for what you were doing.
32:15 Only those believe in Our signs that when they are reminded of it, they fall down prostrating (showing humbleness), and with praise of their Master they glorify Him, and they are not arrogant.
32:16 Their sides separate from the beds (as they get up) to call on their Master afraid and hopeful, and they spend (in God's way) from what We provided them.
32:17 And no one knows what joy of eyes (and delights) is hidden for them as a reward for what they were doing.
32:18 Is someone who is a believer the same as someone who is disobedient? They are not equal.
32:19 As for those who believed and did good works, then they have (eternal) housing in gardens as entertainment for what they were doing.
32:20 And as for those who were disobedient, then their (eternal) housing is the fire. Whenever they want to get out of it, they are sent back in it, and they are told: taste punishment of the fire, that which you used to deny it.
32:21 And We shall make them taste from the lesser punishment (of this world) besides the greater punishment (of the hereafter), so that they may return.
32:22 And who is more wrong than someone who is reminded of His Master's signs, then he stays away from it? Indeed We take revenge from the guilty ones.
32:23 And We have certainly given Moses the book, so do not be in doubt about meeting Him, and We made it a guide for the children of Israel.
32:24 And We appointed leaders among them to guide by Our command because they persevered and were certain of Our signs,
32:25 Indeed on the resurrection day your Master judges between them about what they were disagreeing about it.
32:26 Or did it not guide them (the fact) that how many generations before them We destroyed, which (now) they walk in their houses? For there are certainly signs in that. Do they not listen?
32:27 Or did they not see that We drive the rain to the barren land, then We bring out crops with it, that their livestock and themselves eat from it? Do they not see?
32:28 And they say: when is the judgment/victory if you are truthful?
32:29 Say: on the judgment/victory day, believing of those who disbelieved does not benefit them, and they are not given any delay.
32:30 So stay away from them and wait, for they are also waiting.


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