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32:1  Alif L[m M\m.
32:2  The sending down successively of the Book, there is no doubt in it. It is from the Lord of the worlds.
32:3  Or they say: He devised it. Nay! It is The Truth from thy Lord that thou warnest a folk to whom no warner approached them before thee, so that perhaps they will be truly guided.
32:4  God! It is He Who created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them in six days. Again, He turned His attention to the Throne. You will have none other than Him as protector and no intercessor. Will you not, then, recollect?
32:5  He manages every command from the heaven to the earth. Again, it will go up to Him in a day, the span of which had been a thousand years of what you number.
32:6  That is the One Who Knows of the unseen and the visible, The Almighty, The Compassionate
32:7  Who did everything that He created well. And He began the creation of the human being from clay.
32:8  Again, He made human progeny from the extraction of despicable water.
32:9  Again, He shaped him and breathed into him His Spirit. And He made for you the ability to hear and sight and minds. But you give little thanks!
32:10  They said: When we went astray on the earth will we be in a new creation? Nay! In the meeting with their Lord they are ones who disbelieve.
32:11  Say: The angel of death who was charged with you, will call you to itself. Again, you will be returned to your Lord.
32:12  And if thou but see when the ones who sin become ones who bend down their heads before their Lord: Our Lord! We perceived and heard. So return us. We will do as ones in accord with morality. Truly, we are now ones who are certain.
32:13  And if We willed it, We would have, surely, given every soul its guidance, but My saying will be realized. I will fill hell with genies and humanity one and all.
32:14  Then, experience it. As you forgot the meeting of this Day of yours, truly, We forgot you. And experience the infinite punishment for what you had been doing.
32:15  Only those believe in Our signs who, when they were reminded of them, fell down, ones who prostrate themselves and glorified the praise of their Lord and they grow not arrogant,‡
32:16  whose sides deliberately avoided their sleeping places to call to their Lord in fear and hope. And they spend of what We provided them.
32:17  No soul knows what was concealed for them of comfort for their eyes as a recompense for what they had been doing.
32:18  Is he who had been one who believes like he who had been one who disobeys? They are not on the same level.
32:19  As for those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, for them are Gardens as places of shelter, hospitality for them for what they had been doing.
32:20  And as for those who disobeyed, their place of shelter will be the fire. Every time they would want to go forth from there, they would be caused to return to it. And it will be said to them: Experience the punishment of the fire which you had been denying!
32:21  And, certainly, We will cause them to experience the closer punishment other than the greater punishment so that perhaps they will return.
32:22  And who does greater wrong than he who was reminded of the signs of His Lord, then, he turned aside from them? Truly, on the ones who sin, We are ones who requite.
32:23  And, certainly, We gave Moses the Book. So be you not hesitant about meeting Him. And We assigned it as a guidance for the Children of Israel.
32:24  And We assigned leaders from among them to guide under Our command when they endured patiently. And they had been certain of Our signs.
32:25  Truly, thy Lord is He Who will distinguish among them on the Day of Resurrection about what they had been at variance in it.
32:26  Guides them not how many We caused to perish of generations before them amidst whose dwellings they walk? Truly, in that are the signs. Will they not then hear?
32:27  Consider they not that We drive water to the barren dust of earth? We drive out crops with it from which their flocks eat and they themselves. Will they not, then, perceive?
32:28  And they say: When is this victory if you had been ones who are sincere?
32:29  Say: On the Day of Victory there will be no profit for those who disbelieved if they, then, have belief nor will they be given respite.
32:30  So turn thou aside from them and wait awhile. Truly they are ones who are waiting awhile.