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32:1  AlifLaamMeem
32:2  The sending down of the Book in which there is no doubt that is from the Lord of the Worlds
32:3  Or do they say: 'He has forged it himself? ' Say: 'No, it is the truth from your Lord so that you can warn a nation to whom none has warned before you, in order that they are guided
32:4  It was Allah, who, in six days created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, and then willed to the Throne. You have no guardian nor intercessor other than Him. Will you not remember
32:5  He directs the affair from heaven to earth. Then it will ascend to Him in one day, a day whose value is a thousand years by your reckoning
32:6  He is the Knower of the Unseen and the Visible, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
32:7  who perfected everything He created. He originated the creation of the human from clay
32:8  then He made his offspring from a clot of weak water (semen)
32:9  Then He created him and (caused the angel to) breathe into him his (created) spirit. He gave you eyes and ears, and hearts, yet little do you thank
32:10  They say: 'What, when we have been destroyed in the earth, shall we indeed be in a new creation? ' Indeed, they disbelieve that they will meet their Lord
32:11  Say: 'The Angel of Death, who has been given charge of you will gather you then to your Lord you shall be returned.
32:12  Would that you could see the wrongdoers when they lower their heads before their Lord! They will say: 'Our Lord, we have now seen and heard. Send us back and we will do righteous deeds, we are certain.
32:13  Had We Willed, We would have guided every soul. But My Word shall be realized, 'I will fill Gehenna (Hell) with jinn and people all together.
32:14  (We shall say to them): 'Now taste, for you forgot the encounter of this Day, We have forgotten you. Taste Our eternal punishment, for that which you were doing.
32:15  Only those who believe in Our verses, when reminded of them, prostrate themselves and exalt with the praise of their Lord in humility
32:16  whose sides forsake their couches as they supplicate to their Lord in fear and hope; who give in charity of that which We have given them
32:17  No soul knows what pleases the eye is in store for them as a recompense for what they used to do
32:18  Can he, then, who is a believer, be compared to he who is wicked? They are not equal
32:19  As for those who believe and do good works, there are for them the Gardens of Refuge, in hospitality for that which they have done
32:20  But those who do evil their refuge is the Fire. As often as they desire to come out of it they shall be driven back, and it will be said to them: 'Taste the punishment of the Fire, which you have belied.
32:21  But We will let them taste the nearest punishment (in this life) before the greater punishment, so that they may return (to faith)
32:22  And who is more wicked than he who, when reminded of the verses of his Lord turns away from them? We take revenge on the sinners
32:23  We have given the Book to Moses, so (Prophet Muhammad) do not be in doubt concerning the meeting with him (Prophet Moses) and made it a guidance to the Children of Israel
32:24  When they were patient, We made from them leaders, guiding with Our Command and they were certain of Our verses
32:25  On the Day of Resurrection your Lord will distinguish between them that on which they varied
32:26  Is it not a guidance to them, how many generations We destroyed before them in whose dwelling places they walk? Surely, in this there are signs. Will they not then hear
32:27  Do they not see how We drive the water to the parched lands and bring forth therefrom crops from which their cattle and themselves eat? Will they not see
32:28  They also ask: 'When will this Opening come, if what you say is true?
32:29  Say: 'On the Day of Opening the faith of the unbelievers will not benefit them, nor shall they be respited.
32:30  Therefore turn away from them, and wait, they are waiting