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32:1  A.L.M
32:2  This is a book that there is no doubt about its revelation from the Creator of the worlds
32:3  The disbelievers say: “Mohammad has fabricated this book.” This is not true. God has sent this book, through Mohammad, to those, for whom there has not come a Warner for the longest time, so that they may be directed to the right path
32:4  God is the One Who Created the heavens and the earth in six periods (steps); then He took absolute control of His realm of creation from His Throne. You do not have any guardian or person to pray for you except Him. Don’t you get it
32:5  Everything is controlled by God through His established administrative system. His orders are sent to the far most corner of the universe, and the response is beamed back to Him, in a day of His calendar which is equal to one thousand years of your calendar
32:6  God alone knows all secrets and non-secret matters. He is the Almighty, the Most Kind
32:7  God is the One Who created everything in its best possible outcome. He created man from the matter
32:8  Then He designed the man’s reproductive procedure to be carried on through a lowly liquid
32:9  Then He completed the man’s creation by breathing into him of His Spirit and gave you the ears, the eyes and the hearts. Yet you are rarely grateful [for getting consciousness by the grace of God and to understand and enjoy the marvel of His realm of Creation.]
32:10  They [jokingly] say: “Is it true that after our death, and the eventual transformation into dust, we are going to be re-created again?” This simply indicates that they do not believe that they have an appointment to meet with their Lord
32:11  Say: “An angel will take away your soul in his charge. Then you will be recreated to meet with the Lord.”
32:12  I wish you could see the criminals standing head down in front of their Lord saying: “ O Lord, now that we have seen and heard the truth with all our senses, please send us back and let us lead a righteous life. Indeed we are convinced now.”
32:13  In reply they will hear: “If I wanted, I would have given every soul its guidance from the beginning [but then, the freedom of choice would have lost then its meaning.] Now my word is materialized when I promised to fill the Hell with men and extra-terrestrials [who, in their absolute freedom, chose to disobey God.]
32:14  Now in response to your forgetting the existence of this Day, God will forget you on this Day. Taste the everlasting torture as a punishment of your wrongdoings
32:15  When God’s revelations are recited, some people fall down in prostration and glorify their Lord in their worshipping. These are the true believers; the ones who are not proud
32:16  The true believers are those who sacrifice a part of their sleeping time to worship their Lord. They are afraid to offend their Lord with [the least of] their action and hope in getting their rewards from Him. They are the one who devote a part of their resources [which is given to them by God at first place] to God pleasing ends
32:17  No one can even imagine what kind of eye pleasing reward God has provided for the believers for their righteous acts
32:18  Does it make sense to you that the sinners and the believers be treated equally
32:19  Those who believe and do the good deeds, will end up in beautiful Gardens and be entertained. This is their reward for their good deeds
32:20  The wrongdoers, on the contrary, will end up in the Hell. Anytime they try to flee, they will be pushed back into the Fire and they will be told: “Taste the torture of the same Fire which you used to deny its existence.”
32:21  In order to give the wrongdoers an opportunity [to change their rebellious attitude], they will get a few punishments in this world before their great punishment in the Hereafter. May they wake up
32:22  Who is more unjust to his own soul than the one who hears direct words of God and then turns away from it? I (God) will certainly take vengeance from such a criminal
32:23  [These revelations of God are nothing new.] I gave Moses the Book [Torah], before this [Qur’an] and made that Book a source of guidance for the Jews. Therefore, do not harbor any doubt about Qur’an
32:24  When the Jews believed and developed the patience, I raised among them the leaders to guide them to the right path
32:25  On the Day of Judgment, I will point out to them what misled them later and caused them to differ in the religious issues [which turned them away from the right path.]
32:26  Have they not learnt anything from the miserable destiny of the previous people whom God destroyed in their own houses? There are many lessons to be learnt from this. Do they ever hear
32:27  Do they not see that it is God [not their technologies] Who sends the [rain] water to their dead land and let it produce crops that they and their animals eat from [and then have the audacity to deny the existence of God by not obeying His orders.] How can they not see all this
32:28  They jokingly ask: “Tell us when this victory of yours will take place, if you are truthful.”
32:29  Tell them, : “When the victory takes place, those who choose to disbelieve will not benefit from it at all. They will not be given a second chance either.”
32:30  They are the lost cause, therefore] Leave them alone and wait, as they are waiting to