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30:1  Alif Lam Meem
30:2  The Romans were defeated
30:3  in a nearby land; but after their defeat, they will be victorious
30:4  within a few years. Whether it occurs sooner or later, the decision is Allah’s; that day the believers will rejoice
30:5  at the victory from Allah. He grants victory to anyone He wants; the Almighty, the Caring.
30:6  Allah’s promise; Allah never breaks His promise, but most people don’t know
30:7  People know the outer nature of worldly life, but are unaware of the Hereafter.
30:8  Haven’t they thought about themselves? Everything Allah created – in the Heavens and the Earth and what lies between them – is for a purpose and a fixed timespan. Despite this, many people are in denial about meeting their Lord.
30:9  Haven’t they travelled around and seen what happened to those before them? They were more powerful than them; they farmed the land and populated it even more than it is now, and their messengers came to them with clear proofs. Allah did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves;
30:10  and the outcome of evil was bound to be evil. They rejected Allah’s signs and mocked them
30:11  Allah starts the creation, then He will restore it to its original state, then you will be returned to Him.
30:12  The Day the Final Hour comes, the sinners will despair.
30:13  Their idols will not intercede for them, but reject them.
30:14  When the Final Hour comes, that Day all humanity will be divided:
30:15  the believers who did good deeds will be celebrating in Paradise;
30:16  but the disbelievers who rejected Our signs and Our meeting in the Hereafter will be in everlasting torment.
30:17  So say: “Glory be to Allah!” When you settle down for the evening and when you rise in the morning,
30:18  and: “Praise be to Him in the Heavens and the Earth!” At night and noon
30:19  He brings the living from the dead, and He brings the dead from the living, that’s how He revives the Earth after it appears dead. That’s how you will be brought to life.
30:20  And among His signs is He created you from dust, and scattered you around the world
30:21  Among His signs is He created spouses for you from your own kind, so you can live together peacefully; and He commands you to love and care for each other, in that are signs for thinkers.
30:22  Among His signs is the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, and the differences in your languages and skin colour, there are signs for those who know
30:23  Among His signs is you sleep at night and during the day you seek His bounty. There are signs for people who hear.
30:24  Among His signs is that He shows you the lightning, filling you with fear and hope, and He sends water from the sky, reviving the Earth after it seemed to have died. In that there are signs for those who understand
30:25  Among His signs is the sky and the Earth that exist by His command. Then, when He makes the call, you shall come out of the Earth.
30:26  Everything in the Heavens and the Earth belong to Him; they are all obedient to Him
30:27  He starts the creation, then restores it to its original state; and that’s easy for Him. And His greatest example is the Heavens and the Earth. He is the Almighty, the Wise
30:28  Allah gives you an example from yourselves. Do you take any of your slaves as your partners, in what We have provided you, so you are equal in shares, do you worry about them as you worry for yourselves? That’s how We explain Our signs to people who think.
30:29  But those who do wrong ignorantly follow their whims. Who can guide the one whom Allah has allowed to go astray, and who has no helpers
30:30  So stand firmly for the religion of Allah sincerely. That is the human nature, which Allah made. There is no change in the laws of Allah’s creation. That is the upright religion, most people don’t know.
30:31  Believers, turn in repentance to Him, be mindful of Him, perform the prayer, and don’t be an idolater.
30:32  Don’t be like those who divided their religion and became sects, each sect happy with the beliefs they follow
30:33  In bad times people call on their Lord, longing for Him; He treats them kindly, but a group of them continues to associate partners with their Lord,
30:34  being ungrateful for what We gave them. So enjoy yourselves, soon you shall know the truth.
30:35  Or have We sent them any authority that talks about what they associated with Him?
30:36  When We treat people kindly they’re happy; but when they fall into bad times due to what they have done, they despair.
30:37  Haven’t they considered that Allah distributes His provision to whomever He wills, and that He measures it out? For the believers, there are signs in that.
30:38  Give relatives, the needy and the travellers their due. That’s a good thing to do for those who seek Allah’s pleasure, and they will have lasting success
30:39  The wealth you lend people with interest for an increase will not increase in Allah’s sight; but what you give in Zakat, seeking Allah’s pleasure will increase, such people will be rewarded many times over.
30:40  Allah created you, provided you, then will cause you to die, and then resurrect you. Which of these, if any, can your false idols do? Glory be to Him! He is exalted far above what they associate with Him as partners
30:41  Pollution has appeared on land and sea it’s what people have done with their hands, it is to make them taste something of the fruits of their work, so they may turn back from their wicked ways.
30:42  Say: “Travel about the land and observe what became of those before you.” Most of them associated partners with Allah.
30:43  Stand firmly for the upright religion before a Day comes from Allah that can’t be postponed; that Day, humanity will split in two:
30:44  the disbelievers will answer for their disbelief; and the righteous will have a comfortable place arranged for them.
30:45  So He may reward with His bounty those who believed and did good deeds. Allah dislikes the disbelievers
30:46  Among His signs is the winds bearing glad tidings, to give you a taste of His kindness, and ships that sail by His command, enabling you to seek His bounty and show gratitude.
30:47  We sent messengers before you, each to their people, with clear proofs; and We punished the sinners and helped the believers.
30:48  Allah sends the winds, which scatter clouds across the sky as He pleases; then He causes the sky to break so that you see rain come down; and if He makes it fall on whomever of His servants He pleases, they become happy.
30:49  Before it was sent down, they were in despair.
30:50  So observe the effects of Allah’s kindness; the revival of the Earth after its death. Allah resurrects the dead. He has power over all things.
30:51  Had We sent wind that turned their crops yellow, they still wouldn’t believe.
30:52  You can’t make the dead hear the call any more than you can the deaf, if they turn their backs to leave;
30:53  nor can you guide the blind to turn away from their error. The believers are the only ones who will listen to you and accept Our signs, they submit to Our will
30:54  Allah created you weak; after weakness He made you strong, and after being strong He made you weak again in old age. He creates whatever He pleases and He is the Knower, the Powerful.
30:55  The Day the Final Hour comes, the sinners will swear they lingered no more than a short while in their graves; that is how they were deceived.
30:56  And those given knowledge and faith will say, “According to Allah’s Book, you have lingered until the Day of Resurrection; and this is the Day of Resurrection, but you were unaware.”
30:57  That Day, the wrongdoers’ excuses will not benefit them, nor will they have a chance to beg for favours
30:58  We gave people all kinds of examples in this Quran. Were you to produce a miracle for them, the disbelievers would still say, “You are fake.”
30:59  That is how Allah seals the hearts of those who don’t know.
30:60  So be patient, Allah’s promise is true; and don’t let the deniers frighten you