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28:1  Ta Seem Meem
28:2  These (are the) Verses (of) the Book the clear
28:3  We recite to you from (the) news (of) Musa and Firaun in truth for a people who believe
28:4  Indeed, Firaun exalted himself in the land and made its people (into) sects, oppressing a group among them, slaughtering their sons and letting live their women. Indeed, he was of the corrupters
28:5  And We wanted to bestow a favor upon those who were oppressed in the land and make them leaders and make them the inheritors
28:6  And [We] establish them in the land and show Firaun and Haman and their hosts through them what they were fearing
28:7  And We inspired [to] (the) mother (of) Musa that, "Suckle him, but when you fear for him, then cast him in(to) the river and (do) not fear and (do) not grieve. Indeed, We (will) restore him to you and (will) make him of the Messengers.
28:8  Then picked him up (the) family (of) Firaun so that he might become to them an enemy and a grief. Indeed, Firaun and Haman and their hosts were sinners
28:9  And said (the) wife (of) Firaun, "A comfort (of the) eye for me and for you; (Do) not kill him; perhaps (that) he may benefit us, or we may take him (as) a son." And they (did) not perceive
28:10  And became (the) heart (of the) mother (of) Musa empty. That, she was near (to) disclosing about him, if not that We strengthened [over] her heart, so that she would be of the believers
28:11  And she said to his sister, "Follow him." So she watched him from a distance while they (did) not perceive
28:12  And We had forbidden for him the wet nurses before, so she said, "Shall I direct you to (the) people (of) a house who will rear him for you while they to him (will be) sincere?
28:13  So We restored him to his mother that might be comforted her eye, and not she may grieve and that she would know, that the Promise of Allah (is) true. But most of them (do) not know
28:14  And when he reached his full strength and became mature, We bestowed upon him wisdom and knowledge. And thus We reward the good-doers
28:15  And he entered the city at a time (of) inattention of its people and found therein two men fighting each other; this of his party and this of his enemy. And called him for help the one who (was) from his party against the one who (was) from his enemy, so Musa struck him with his fi and killed him. He said, "This (is) of (the) deed (of) Shaitaan. Indeed, he (is) an enemy - one who misleads clearly.
28:16  He said, "My Lord! Indeed, I [I] have wronged my soul, so forgive [for] me." Then He forgave [for] him. Indeed He, He (is) the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful
28:17  He said, "My Lord! Because You have favored [on] me, so not I will be a supporter (of) the criminals.
28:18  In the morning he was in the city fearful (and) was vigilant, when behold! The one who sought his help the previous day cried out to him for help. Said to him Musa, "Indeed, you (are) surely a deviator clear.
28:19  Then when [that] he wanted to strike the one who [he] (was) an enemy to both of them, he said, "O Musa! Do you intend to kill me as you killed a person yesterday? Not you want but that you become a tyrant in the earth, and not you want that you be of the reformers.
28:20  And came a man from (the) farthest end (of) the city running. He said, "O Musa! Indeed, the chiefs are taking counsel about you to kill you, so leave; indeed, I am to you of the sincere advisors.
28:21  So he left from it fearing, (and) vigilant. He said, "My Lord! Save me from the people - the wrongdoers.
28:22  And when he turned his face towards Madyan, he said, "Perhaps my Lord [that] will guide me (to the) sound way.
28:23  And when he came (to the) water (of) Madyan, he found on it a group of men watering, and he found besides them two women keeping back. He said, "What (is the) matter with both of y They said, "We cannot water until take away the shepherds; and our father (is) a very old man.
28:24  So he watered for them. Then he turned back to the shade and said, "My Lord! Indeed, I am of whatever You send to me of good (in) need.
28:25  Then came to him one of the two women walking with shyness. She said, "Indeed, my father calls you, that he may reward you (the) reward (for) what you watered for us." So when he came to him and narrated to him the story, he said, "(Do) not fear. You have escaped from the people - the wrongdoers.
28:26  Said one of them, "O my father! Hire him. Indeed, (the) best whom you (can) hire (is) the strong, the trustworthy.
28:27  He said, "Indeed, I [I] wish to marry you to one (of) my daughters (of) these two on that you serve me, (for) eight years; but if you complete ten, then from you. And not I wish to make it difficult for you. You will find me, if Allah wills, of the righteous.
28:28  He said, "That (is) between me and between you. Whichever (of) the two terms I complete then no injustice to me, and Allah, over what we say (is) a Witness.
28:29  Then when Musa fulfilled the term and was traveling with his family, he saw in (the) direction (of) Mount Tur a fire. He said to his family, "Stay here; indeed, I [I] perceive a fire. Perhaps I will bring you from there some information or a burning wood from the fire so that you may warm yourselves.
28:30  But when he came (to) it, he was called from (the) side (of) the valley - the right in the place even, blessed, from the tree that, "O Musa! Indeed, I Am Allah, (the) Lord (of) the worlds
28:31  And [that] throw your staff." But when he saw it moving as if it (were) a snake he turned (in) flight and (did) not return. "O Musa! Draw near and (do) not fear. Indeed, you (are) of the secure
28:32  Insert your hand in your bosom it will come forth white without any harm. And draw to yourselves your hand against fear. So these (are) two evidences from your Lord, to Firaun and his chiefs. Indeed, they are a people defiantly disobedient.
28:33  He said, "My Lord! Indeed, I killed of them a man, and I fear that they will kill me
28:34  And my brother Harun, he (is) more eloquent than me (in) speech, so send him with me (as) a helper, who will confirm Indeed, I fear that they will deny me.
28:35  He said, "We will strengthen your arm through your brother and for both of you an authority, so not they will reach to both of you. Through Our Signs you two and (those) who follow you, (will) be the dominant.
28:36  But when came to them Musa with Our Signs clear, they said, "Not (is) this except a magic invented, and not we heard of this among our forefathers.
28:37  And Musa said, "My Lord knows best of who has come with [the] guidance from Him and who - will be for him the good end in the Hereafter. Indeed, not will be successful the wrongdoers.
28:38  And Firaun said, "O chiefs! Not I know for you any god other than me. So kindle for me O Haman! Upon the clay and make, for me a lofty tower so that [I] I may look at (the) God (of) Musa. And indeed, I [I] think that he (is) of the liars.
28:39  And he was arrogant, and his hosts in the land without right, and they thought that they to Us not will be returned
28:40  So We seized him and his hosts, and We threw them in the sea. So see how was (the) end (of) the wrongdoers
28:41  And We made them leaders inviting to the Fire, and (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection not they will be helped
28:42  And We caused to follow them in this world a curse, and (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection they (will be) of the despised
28:43  And verily, We gave Musa the Scripture, after [what] We had destroyed the generations former (as) an enlightenment for the mankind and a guidance and mercy that they may remember
28:44  And not you were on (the) side western when We decreed to Musa the Commandment and not you were among the witnesses
28:45  But We [We] produced generations and prolonged for them the life. And not you were a dweller among (the) people (of) Madyan, reciting to them Our Verses, but We [We] were the Senders
28:46  And not you were at (the) side (of) the Tur when We called. But (as) a mercy from your Lord so that you warn a people not (had) come to them any warner before you so that they may remember
28:47  And if not [that] struck them a disaster for what had sent forth their hands and they would say, "Our Lord! Why not You sent to us a Messenger so we (could have) followed Your Verses and we (would) have been of the believers?
28:48  But when came to them the truth from Us they said, "Why not he was given (the) like (of) what was given (to) Musa?" Did not they disbelieve in what was given (to) Musa before? They said, "Two magic (works) supporting each other." And they said, "Indeed, we in all (are) disbelievers.
28:49  Say, "Then bring a Book from Allah, which (is) a better guide than both of them that I may follow it, if you are truthful.
28:50  But if not they respond to you, then know that only they follow their desires. And who (is) more astray than (one) who follows his own desire without guidance from Allah? Indeed, Allah (does) not guide the people - the wrongdoers
28:51  And indeed, We have conveyed to them the Word so that they may remember
28:52  Those who, We gave them the Scripture before it, they in it believe
28:53  And when it is recited to them they say, "We believe in it. Indeed, it (is) the truth from our Lord. Indeed, we [we] were before it those-who-submit/Muslims.
28:54  Those will be given their reward twice because they are patient and they repel with good - the evil and from what We have provided them they spend
28:55  And when they hear vain talk, they turn away from it and say, "For us our deeds and for you your deeds. Peace (be) on you; not we seek the ignorant.
28:56  Indeed, you (can) not guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He (is) most knowing (of) the guided ones
28:57  And they say, "If we follow the guidance with you, we would be swept from our land." Have not We established for them a sanctuary secure, are brought to it fruits (of) all things, a provision from Us? But most of them (do) not know
28:58  And how many We have destroyed of a town which exulted, (in) its means of livelihood. And these (are) their dwellings not have been inhabited after them except a little. And indeed, [We] We (are) the inheritors
28:59  And not was your Lord (the) one to destroy the towns until He (had) sent in their mother (town) a Messenger reciting to them Our Verses. And not We would be (the) one to destroy the towns except while their people (were) wrongdoers
28:60  And whatever you have been given from things, (is) an enjoyment (of the) life (of) the world and its adornment. And what (is) with Allah, (is) better and more lasting. So (will) not you use intellect
28:61  Then is (he) whom We have promised him a promise good, and he (will) meet it, like (the one) whom We provided him enjoyment (of the) life (of) the world then he (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection (will be) among those presented
28:62  And (the) Day He will call them and say, "Where, (are) My partners whom you used (to) claim?
28:63  (Will) say those - (has) come true against whom the Word, "Our Lord! These (are) those whom we led astray. We led them as we were astray. We declare our innocence before You. Not they used (to) worship us.
28:64  And it will be said, "Call your partners." And they will call them, but not they will respond to them and they will see the punishment. If only [that] they had been guided
28:65  And (the) Day He will call them and say, "What did you answer the Messengers?
28:66  But (will) be obscure to them the information that day, so they will not ask one another
28:67  But as for (him) who repented and believed, and did righteousness, then perhaps [that] he will be of the successful ones
28:68  And your Lord creates what He wills and chooses. Not they have for them the choice. Glory be (to) Allah and High is He above what they associate (with Him)
28:69  And your Lord knows what conceals their breasts and what they declare
28:70  And He (is) Allah; (there is) no god but He. To Him (are due) all praises in the first and the last. And for Him (is) the Decision, and to Him you will be returned
28:71  Say, "Have you seen if Allah made for you the night continuous till (the) Day (of) the Resurrection, who (is the) god besides Allah who could bring you light? Then will not you hear?
28:72  Say, "Have you seen if Allah made for you the day continuous till (the) Day (of) the Resurrection, who (is the) god besides Allah who could bring you night (for) you (to) rest in it? Then will not you see?
28:73  And from His Mercy He made for you the night and the day, that you may rest therein and that you may seek from His Bounty, and so that you may be grateful
28:74  And (the) Day He calls to them and says, "Where (are) whom you used (to) claim?
28:75  And We will draw from every nation a witness and We will say, "Bring your proof?" Then they will know that the truth (is) for Allah and (will be) lost from them what they used (to) invent
28:76  Indeed, Qarun, was from (the) people (of) Musa, but he oppressed [on] them. And We gave him of the treasures which indeed (the) keys of it would burden a company (of men) possessors of great strength. When said to him his people, "(Do) not exult. Indeed, Allah (does) not love the exultant
28:77  But seek, through what Allah has given you, the home (of) the Hereafter, and (do) not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has been good to you. And (do) not seek corruption in the earth. Indeed, Allah (does) not love the corrupters.
28:78  He said, "Only I have been given it on (account) (of) knowledge I have." Did not he know that Allah indeed destroyed before him of the generations who [they] (were) stronger than him (in) strength and greater (in) accumulation. And not will be questioned about their sins the criminals
28:79  So he went forth to his people in his adornment. Said those who desire the life (of) the world, "O! Would that for us (the) like (of) what has been given (to) Qarun. Indeed, he (is the) owner (of) fortune great.
28:80  But said those who were given the knowledge, "Woe to you! (The) reward (of) Allah (is) better for (he) who believes and does righteous (deeds). And not it is granted except (to) the patient ones.
28:81  Then We caused to swallow up, him and his home, the earth. Then not was for him any group (to) help him besides Allah, and not was (he) of those who (could) defend them
28:82  And began, those who (had) wished his position the day before (to) say, "Ah! That Allah extends the provision for whom He wills of His slaves, and restricts it. If not that Allah had favored [to] us He would have caused it to swa Ah! That not will succeed the disbelievers.
28:83  That the Home (of) the Hereafter We assign it to those who (do) not desire exaltedness in the earth and not corruption. And the good end (is) for the righteous
28:84  Whoever comes with a good (deed) then for him, (will be) better than it; and whoever comes with an evil (deed) then not will be recompensed those who do the evil (deeds) except what they used (to) do
28:85  Indeed, He Who ordained upon you the Quran (will) surely take you back to a place of return. Say, "My Lord (is) most knowing (of him) who comes with the guidance, and who - he (is) in an error manifest.
28:86  And not you were expecting that would be sent down to you the Book, except (as) a mercy from your Lord. So (do) not be an assistant to the disbelievers
28:87  And (let) not avert you from (the) Verses (of) Allah after [when] they have been revealed to you. And invite (people) to your Lord. And (do) not be of the polytheists
28:88  And (do) not invoke with Allah god other. (There is) no god except Him. Every thing (will be) destroyed except His Face. To Him (is) the Decision, and to Him you will be returned