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23:1  Truly the believers have prospered
23:2  who are humble in their prayers
23:3  and who turn away from idle talk
23:4  and who give the alms
23:5  and who guard their private parts
23:6  save from their spouses or those whom their right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy
23:7  and as for those who seek beyond that, it is they who are transgressors
23:8  and who keep their trusts and their covenant
23:9  and who are mindful of their prayers
23:10  It is they who are the heirs
23:11  who shall inherit Paradise, abiding therein
23:12  And indeed We created man from a draught of clay
23:13  Then We made him a drop in a secure dwelling place
23:14  Then of the drop We created a blood clot, then of the blood clot We created a lump of flesh, then of the lump of flesh We created bones and We clothed the bones with flesh; then We brought him into being as another creation. Blessed is God, the best of creators
23:15  Then indeed you shall die thereafter
23:16  Then surely you shall be raised up on the Day of Resurrection
23:17  And indeed We created above you seven paths, and We were not heedless of creation
23:18  And We sent down water from Heaven in due measure, and settled it in the earth, and We are able to make it disappear
23:19  And thereby We brought into being for you gardens of date palms and grapevines, wherein you have many fruits and whereof you eat
23:20  and a tree issuing forth from Mount Sinai that produces oil and a seasoning for eating
23:21  And truly in cattle there is a lesson for you: We give you to drink from that which is in their bellies, and in them you have many uses, and some of them you eat
23:22  And upon them, and upon ships, are you carried
23:23  And We indeed sent Noah to his people, and he said, “O my people! Worship God! You have no god other than Him. Will you not be reverent?
23:24  But the notables who disbelieved among his people said, “This is only a human being like yourselves, desiring to set himself above you. And had God willed, He would have sent down angels. We heard not of this from our fathers of old
23:25  He is but a man possessed. So wait concerning him, for a time.
23:26  He said, “My Lord! Help me, for they deny me.
23:27  So We revealed unto Him, “Build the Ark before Our eyes and by Our Revelation. Then when Our Command comes and the oven gushes forth, place therein two of every kind, and thy family except those against whom the word has already gone forth. And address Me not concerning those who did wrong; surely they shall be drowned
23:28  And when thou mountest the Ark, thou and those with thee, say, ‘Praise be to God, who has saved us from the wrongdoing people.
23:29  And say, ‘My Lord! Harbor me in a blessed harbor, for Thou art the best of harborers.
23:30  Truly in that are signs, and truly We put [mankind] to the test.
23:31  Then after them We brought into being another generation
23:32  And We sent among them a messenger from among themselves, [saying], “Worship God! You have no god other than Him. Will you not be reverent?
23:33  And the notables of his people who disbelieved and denied the meeting of the Hereafter, and unto whom We had given luxury in the life of this world, said, “This is but a human being like you, eating of what you eat, and drinking from what you drink
23:34  So if you obey a human being like yourselves, then surely you will be losers
23:35  Does he promise you that when you are dead and are dust and bones, you shall indeed be brought forth
23:36  Far-fetched, far-fetched is that which you are promised
23:37  There is naught but our life in this world: we die and we live, and we will not be resurrected
23:38  He is but a man fabricating lies against God, and we do not believe him.
23:39  He said, “My Lord! Help me, for they deny me.
23:40  He said, “In a little while they shall become remorseful.
23:41  So the Cry seized them rightly, and We made them into dross; so away with the wrongdoing people
23:42  Then after them We brought into being other generations
23:43  No community can hasten its term, nor delay it
23:44  Then We sent Our messengers in succession. Whenever there came unto a community its messenger, they would deny him. So We caused them to follow one another, and made them the objects of stories. So away with a people who believe not
23:45  Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our signs and a manifest authorit
23:46  to Pharaoh and his notables. But they waxed arrogant and were a haughty people
23:47  They said, “Shall we believe in two human beings like us, while their people are slaves we possess?
23:48  But they denied them, and so were among the destroyed
23:49  And indeed We gave unto Moses the Book, that haply they may be guided
23:50  And We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign, and We gave them refuge in a high place of stillness and a flowing spring
23:51  O messengers! Eat of the good things and work righteousness. Truly I know what you do
23:52  And truly this community of yours is one community, and I am your Lord, so reverence Me
23:53  But they made their affair to be founded upon different scriptures, each party exulting in what it had
23:54  So leave them in their heedlessness for a time
23:55  Do they reckon that, [on account of] the wealth and the children that We have provided them
23:56  We hasten unto good for them? Nay, but they are unaware
23:57  Truly those who are in awe for fear of their Lord
23:58  and those who believe in the signs of their Lord
23:59  and those who ascribe not partners unto their Lord
23:60  and those who give what they give while their hearts quake with fear that they shall return to their Lord
23:61  it is they who hasten toward good deeds, and are foremost in them
23:62  And We task no soul beyond its capacity, and with Us is a Book that speaks in truth. And they shall not be wronged
23:63  Nay, indeed their hearts are engrossed away from this, and they have other deeds besides which they undertake
23:64  till, when We seize those of them who lived in luxury with the punishment, behold, they shall implore
23:65  Implore not today! Truly you will not be helped by Us
23:66  My signs were recited unto you, but you used to turn on your heels
23:67  waxing arrogant on account thereof, talking foolishly by night
23:68  Have they not contemplated the Word, or has there come unto them that which came not unto their forefathers
23:69  Or do they not know their Messenger, and so deny him
23:70  Or do they say, “He is possessed?” Rather, he has brought them the truth, but most of them are averse to the truth
23:71  Were the truth to follow their caprices, the heavens and the earth and those therein would have been corrupted. Nay, We gave them their reminder, but they turned away from their reminder
23:72  Dost thou ask any recompense of them? For thy Lord’s recompense is better, and He is the best of providers
23:73  Surely thou callest them unto a straight path
23:74  And truly those who believe not in the Hereafter are deviating from the path
23:75  And were We to show them mercy and remove whatever evil was upon them, they would surely persist, wandering confused in their rebellion
23:76  And We already seized them with the punishment, but they did not yield to their Lord, nor are they humble
23:77  till, when We open upon them a gate of severe punishment, behold, they despair therein
23:78  He it is Who brought into being for you hearing, sight, and hearts. Little do you give thanks
23:79  He it is Who created you on the earth, and unto Him shall you be gathered
23:80  And He it is Who gives life and causes death, and unto Him belongs the variation of the night and the day. Will you not, then, understand
23:81  Nay, but they say the like of that which was said by those of old
23:82  They say, “What, when we have died and are dust and bones, are we to be resurrected
23:83  We and our fathers were certainly warned of this before. These are naught but fables of those of old.
23:84  Say, “Whose is the earth and whosoever is upon it, if you know?
23:85  They will say, “God’s.” Say, “Will you not, then, take heed?
23:86  Say, “Who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the great Throne?
23:87  They will say, “God’s.” Say, “Will you not then be reverent?
23:88  Say, “Who is it in Whose Hand lies the dominion of everything, who protects but is not protected against, if you know?
23:89  They will say, “God’s.” Say, “How then are you bewitched?
23:90  Nay, We brought them the truth, and indeed they are liars
23:91  God has not taken any child, and neither are there any gods with Him, for then each god would take away what he created, and some of them would overcome others. Glory be to God above that which they ascribe
23:92  Knower of the Unseen and the seen! Exalted is He above the partners they ascribe
23:93  Say, “My Lord! If Thou showest me what they are promised
23:94  my Lord, then place me not among the wrongdoing people!
23:95  And surely We are able to show you what We promise them
23:96  Repel evil by that which is better. We know best what they ascribe
23:97  And say, “My Lord! I seek refuge in Thee from the incitements of the satans
23:98  And I seek refuge in Thee, my Lord, lest they should be present with me.
23:99  Till, when death comes to one of them, he says, “My Lord! Return me
23:100  that haply I may work righteousness with regard to that which I left.” Nay, indeed these are words that he speaks. And behind them is a barrier till the Day they are resurrected
23:101  And when the trumpet is blown, there shall be no kinship between them that Day, nor will they question one another
23:102  As for those whose scales are heavy, it is they who shall prosper
23:103  And as for those whose scales are light, it is they who shall lose their souls, abiding in Hell
23:104  The Fire will smite their faces, and they shall grimace therein
23:105  “Were not My signs recited unto you, and you used to deny them?
23:106  They will say, “Our Lord! Our wretchedness overwhelmed us, and we were a people astray
23:107  Our Lord! Remove us from it! Then if we revert, we shall be wrongdoers.
23:108  He will say, “Be gone therein, and speak not to Me.
23:109  Verily there was a group of My servants who would say, “Our Lord! We believe; so forgive us and have mercy upon us, and Thou art the best of those who are merciful.
23:110  But you took them in mockery, till it made you forget My remembrance, and you used to laugh at them
23:111  Truly today I have rewarded them for having been patient. Truly they are the triumphant
23:112  He will say, “How many years did you tarry on earth?
23:113  They will say, “We tarried a day or part of a day. But ask those who keep count.
23:114  He will say, “You tarried but a little, if you but knew.
23:115  “Did you suppose, then, that We created you frivolously, and that you would not be returned unto Us?
23:116  So, exalted is God, the True Sovereign; there is no god but He, Lord of the noble Throne
23:117  Whosoever calls upon another god along with God, for which he has no proof, his reckoning is with God. Truly the disbelievers will not prosper
23:118  Say, “My Lord! Forgive and show mercy, for Thou art the best of those who are merciful.