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23:1  Indeed, successful (are) the believer
23:2  Those who [they] during their prayers (are) humbly submissive
23:3  Those who [they] from the vain talk turn away
23:4  Those who [they] of purification works (are) doers
23:5  And those who [they] of their modesty (are) guardian
23:6  Except from their spouses or what they rightfully possess then indeed, they (are) not blameworthy
23:7  Then whoever seeks beyond that then those [they] (are) the transgressors
23:8  And those who [they] of their trusts and their promise(s) (are) observer
23:9  And those who [they] over their prayers they guar
23:10  Those [they] (are) the inheritor
23:11  Who will inherit the Paradise. They therein (will) abide forever
23:12  And indeed, We created the humankind from an essence of clay
23:13  Then We placed him (as) a semen-drop in a resting place firm
23:14  Then We created the semen-drop (into) a clinging substance, then We created the clinging substance (into) an embryonic lump, then We created the embryonic lump, (into) bones, then We clothed the bones (with) flesh; then We produce it (as) a creation another. So blessed is Allah (the) Best (of) the Creators
23:15  Then indeed, you after that surely (will) die
23:16  Then indeed, you (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection, will be resurrected
23:17  And indeed, We (have) created above you seven paths and not We are of the creation unaware
23:18  And We send down from the sky water, in (due) measure then We cause it to settle in the earth. And indeed, We, on taking it away, surely (are) Able
23:19  Then We produced for you by it gardens of date-palms and grapevines, for you, in it (are) fruits abundant and from them you eat
23:20  And a tree (that) springs forth from Mount Sinai (which) produces oil and a relish for those who eat
23:21  And indeed, for you in the cattle surely, (is) a lesson. We give you drink from what (is) in their bellies, and for you in them (are) benefits many and of them you eat
23:22  And on them and on [the] ships you are carried
23:23  And verily We sent Nuh to his people, and he said, "O my people! Worship Allah; not for you (is) any god other than Him. Then will not you consciously revere?
23:24  But said the chiefs (of) those who disbelieved among his people, "This is not but a man like you, he wishes to assert (his) superiority over you, and if Allah had willed surely He (would have) sent do Angels. Not we heard of this from our forefathers
23:25  Not he (is) but a man in him (is) madness, so wait concerning him until a time.
23:26  He said, "My Lord! Help me because they deny me.
23:27  So We inspired to him, "That construct the ship under Our eyes, and Our inspiration, then when comes Our Command and gushes forth the oven, then put into it of every (kind) (of) mates two and your family, except those (has) preceded against whom the Word thereof. And (do) not address Me concerning those who wronged, indeed, they (are) the ones to be drowned
23:28  And when you (have) boarded you, and whoever (is) with you [on] the ship then say, "Praise (be) to Allah, Who (has) saved us from the people - the wrongdoers.
23:29  And say, "My Lord, cause me to land (at) a landing place blessed, and You (are) the Best (of) those who cause to land
23:30  Indeed, in that surely (are) Signs, and indeed, We are surely testing
23:31  Then We produced after them a generation another
23:32  And We sent among them a Messenger from themselves [that] "Worship Allah; not for you (is) any god other than Him. Then will not you consciously revere?
23:33  And said the chiefs of his people who disbelieved and denied (the) meeting (of) the Hereafter, while We had given them in the life (of) the world, "Not (is) this but a man like you. He eats of what you eat [from it], and he drinks of what you drink
23:34  And surely if you obey a man like you, indeed, you then surely (will be) losers
23:35  Does he promise you - that you when you are dead and you become dust and bones that you (will be) brought forth
23:36  Far-(fetched), far-(fetched) is what you are promised
23:37  Not it (is) but our life (of) the world, we die and we live, and not we (will be) resurrected
23:38  Not (is) he but a man who (has) invented about Allah a lie, and not we (in) him (are) believers.
23:39  He said, "My Lord! Help me because they deny me.
23:40  He said, "After a little while surely they will become regretful.
23:41  So seized them the awful cry in truth, and We made them (as) rubbish of dead leaves. So away with the people - the wrongdoers
23:42  Then We produced after them a generation another
23:43  Not can precede any nation its term, and not they (can) delay (it)
23:44  Then We sent Our Messengers (in) succession. Every time came (to) a nation its Messenger, they denied him, so We made (them) follow - some of them others, and We made them narrations. So away with a people - not they believe
23:45  Then We sent Musa and his brother Harun with Our Signs and an authority clea
23:46  To Firaun and his chiefs, but they behaved arrogantly and they were a people haughty
23:47  Then they said, "Shall we believe (in) two men like ourselves while their people for us (are) slaves.
23:48  So they denied them and they became of those who were destroyed
23:49  And verily, We gave Musa the Scripture so that they may be guided
23:50  And We made (the) son (of) Maryam and his mother a Sign, and We sheltered them to a high ground, of tranquility and water springs
23:51  O Messengers! Eat of the good things and do righteous (deeds). Indeed, I Am of what you do All-Knower
23:52  And indeed this, your nation, (is) a nation singular/apart And I Am your Lord, so consciously revere Me
23:53  But they cut off their affair (of unity) between them (into) sects, each faction in what they have rejoicing
23:54  So leave them in their confusion until a time
23:55  Do they think that what We extend to them [with it] of wealth and childre
23:56  We hasten to them in the good? Nay, not they perceive
23:57  Indeed, those who [they] from (the) fear (of) their Lord (are) cautious
23:58  And those [they] in (the) Signs (of) their Lord believ
23:59  And those [they] with their Lord (do) not associate partners
23:60  And those who give what they give while their hearts (are) fearful, because they to their Lord (will) retur
23:61  (It is) those who hasten in the good (deeds) and they in them (are) foremost
23:62  And not We burden any soul except (to) its capacity, and with Us (is) a Record (which) speaks with the truth; and they (will) not be wronged
23:63  Nay, their hearts (are) in confusion over this, and for them (are) deeds besides that, they for it (are) doer
23:64  Until when We seize their affluent ones with the punishment, behold! They cry for help
23:65  "(Do) not cry for help today. Indeed, you from Us not will be helped
23:66  Verily, were My Verses recited to you, but you used (to) on your heels turn bac
23:67  (Being) arrogant about it, conversing by night, speaking evil.
23:68  Then, do not they ponder the Word or has come to them what not (had) come (to) their forefathers
23:69  Or (do) not they recognize their Messenger, so they (are) rejecting him
23:70  Or they say, "In him (is) madness?" Nay, he brought them the truth, but most of them to the truth, (are) averse
23:71  But if (had) followed the truth their desires, surely (would) have been corru the heavens and the earth and whoever (is) therein. Nay, We have brought them their reminder, but they, from their reminder, (are) turning away
23:72  Or you ask them (for) a payment? But the payment (of) your Lord (is) best, and He (is) the Best (of) the Providers
23:73  And indeed, you certainly call them to (the) Path Straight
23:74  And indeed, those who (do) not believe in the Hereafter from the path surely (are) deviating
23:75  And if We had mercy on them and We removed what (was) on them of (the) hardship, surely they would persist in their transgression wandering blindly
23:76  And verily We seized them with the punishment but not they submit to their Lord and not they supplicate humbl
23:77  Until when We opened for them a gate of a punishment severe, behold! They in it (will be in) despair
23:78  And He (is) the One Who produced for you the hearing and the sight and the feeling; little (is) what you give thanks
23:79  And He (is) the One Who multiplied you in the earth and to Him you will be gathered
23:80  And He (is) the One Who gives life and causes death and for Him (is the) alternation (of) the night and the day. Then will not you reason
23:81  Nay, they say (the) like (of) what said the former (people)
23:82  They said, "What! When we are dead and become dust and bones, would we surely be resurrected
23:83  Verily, we have been promised [we] and our forefathers this before; not (is) this but (the) tales (of) the former (people).
23:84  Say, "To whom (belongs) the earth and whoever (is) in it, if you know?
23:85  They will say, "To Allah." Say, "Then will not you remember?
23:86  Say, "Who (is the) Lord (of) the seven heavens and (the) Lord (of) the Throne the Great?
23:87  They will say, "Allah." Say, "Then will not you consciously revere (Him)?
23:88  Say, Who is (it) in Whose Hand(s) (is the) dominion (of) all things, and He protects and no (one) (can) be protected against Him, If you know?
23:89  They will say, "Allah." Say, "Then how are you deluded?
23:90  Nay, We (have) brought them the truth, but indeed, they surely, (are) liars
23:91  Not Allah has taken any son, and not is with Him any god. Then surely (would have) taken away each god what he created, and surely would have overpowe some of them [on] others. Glory be (to) Allah above what they attribute
23:92  Knower (of) the unseen and the witnessed, exalted is He above what they associate
23:93  Say, "My Lord! If You should show me what they are promise
23:94  My Lord, then (do) not place me among the people - the wrongdoers.
23:95  And indeed We on that We show you what We have promised them surely able
23:96  Repel by that which (is) best - the evil. We know best of what they attribute
23:97  And say, "My Lord! I seek refuge in You from (the) suggestions (of) the evil ones
23:98  And I seek refuge in You, My Lord! Lest they be present with me.
23:99  Until when comes (to) one of them the death he says, "My Lord! Send me bac
23:100  That I may do righteous (deeds) in what I left behind." No! Indeed, it (is) a word he speaks it, and before them (is) a barrier till (the) Day they are resurrected
23:101  So when is blown in the trumpet then not (there) will be relationship among them that Day, and not will they ask each other
23:102  Then (the one) whose (are) heavy his scales, then those - they (are) the successful
23:103  But (the one) whose (are) light his scales, then those they [who] have lost their souls, in Hell they (will) abide forever
23:104  Will burn their faces the Fire, and they in it (will) grin with displaced li
23:105  "Were not My Verses recited to you, and you used (to) deny them?
23:106  They (will) say, "Our Lord! Overcame [on] us our wretchedness, and we were a people astray
23:107  Our Lord! Bring us out from it, then if we return then indeed, we (would be) wrongdoers.
23:108  He (will) say, "Remain despised in it and (do) not speak t
23:109  Indeed, (there) was a party of My slaves (who) said, "Our Lord! We believe, so forgive us and have mercy on us, and You (are) best (of) those who sho
23:110  But you took them (in) mockery until they made you forget My and you used (to) at them laugh
23:111  Indeed, I have rewarded them this Day because they were patient, indeed, they [they] (are) the successful ones
23:112  He will say, "How long did you remain in the earth, (in) number (of) years?
23:113  They will say, "We remained a day or a part (of) a day; but ask those who keep count.
23:114  He will say, "Not you stayed but a little, if only you [you] knew
23:115  Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that you to Us not will be returned?
23:116  So exalted is Allah, the King, the Truth. (There is) no god except Him, (the) Lord (of) the Throne Honorable
23:117  And whoever invokes with Allah god other, no proof for him in it. Then only his account (is) with his Lord. Indeed, [he] not will succeed the disbelievers
23:118  And say, "My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, and You (are the) Best (of) those who sho