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22:1  O you mankind! Pay obedience to your Nourisher-Sustainer, verily, the Tremors indicating the Hour are a terrible event
22:2  The Day you will see all nursing-mothers become unconcerned regarding (the babe) she gave suck; and every pregnant woman abort her pregnancy and you will see mankind as drunken, while they will not be drunken (or intoxicated), but the punishment of Allah is to be most severe
22:3  And among mankind there are some who dispute concerning Allah without knowledge, and follow every rebellious satan
22:4  It is written about him, that he — whosoever follows him, so definitely he: he will mislead him and he will drive him to the torment of the Fire
22:5  O you mankind! If you are in doubt concerning the Resurrection, then (consider that) We have indeed created you people from dust, afterwards from a Nutfah, then from the hanging-mass, then from a lump of flesh — formed and (some) unformed, in order that We make (Our Power) manifest to you. And We settle in the wombs what We think proper for an appointed term, then We deliver you out as an infant. Then We (rear you) that you may attain your (age of) full strength. And among you then is he who is allowed to complete (the normal life-span), and among you is that who is driven to the worst part of life with the result that he does not know anything after (having had) knowledge. And you see the earth barren, so when We sent down unto it the (rain-) water, it stirred, and swelled and brought forth all kinds of beauteous vegetation
22:6  That is because Allah: He is the Truth and that it is He who brings dead to life, and that He is All-Capable over all things
22:7  And that the Hour is approaching, there is no doubt about it, and that Allah will Resurrect those who are in graves
22:8  And among mankind is that who disputes about Allah without knowledge, and without guidance, and without an Enlightening Book
22:9  One who folds himself on his lateral side (to show disinterest), that he may lead (people) astray from the Way of Allah: for him, in this world, is disgrace. And We shall make him taste, on the Day of Resurrection, a torment of burning (in Hell-Fire)
22:10  This is because of what your two hands have sent forth in advance; and that Allah is not unjust to His Abeed (human-subjects)
22:11  And among mankind is that who pays obedience to Allah standing at the border — so if good reached him he became content therewith; and if there reached him a test and trial, he took an about-turn on his face (falling into disbelief). He lost the immediate as well as the Hereafter. This one: it is the evident loss
22:12  He invokes besides Allah that which harms him not and that which benefits him not. This one: it is the straying, far and remote
22:13  He invokes, surely, that whose harm is nearer than his profit; certainly, he (happens to be) an evil maula, and certainly, an evil friend
22:14  Surely, Allah will admit those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds to Gardens — flow, underneath them, rivers. Certainly, Allah does what He wills
22:15  Whoever had been thinking that Allah will never help him in the world and the Hereafter — so he may stretch out through an approach towards the sky, then let him sever it, then let him behold whether his guile does away whereat he rages (in anger)
22:16  And thus We have sent down Ayaatin-Bayyinat. And surely, Allah guides whom He desires
22:17  Verily, those who have Believed, and those who Haadoo (deviated to become Jews) and the Saabioon and the Nasaaraa (Christians), and Al-Majoos (the Magians) and those who assigned partners (to God), truly, Allah will pronounce judgement amongst them on the Day of Resurrection. Verily, Allah is Witness over all things
22:18  Have you not marked that to Allah submits whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the trees, and the creatures and many of mankind? And (there are) many (among mankind), on whom the punishment has become due. And whomsoever Allah disgraces, then (there is) not for him any who restores honour. Surely, Allah does what He thinks proper
22:19  These two, are two persons who have opposite views. They have disputed with each other regarding their Nourisher-Sustainer. Then those who have disbelieved: garments of fire will be cut out for them, boiling water will be poured down over their heads
22:20  Therewith would be made to melt whatever is in their bellies, as well as the skins
22:21  And for them are hooked rods
22:22  every time they intended that they may come out therefrom, from anguish, they will be driven back therein (through these catch-rods) and (they will be reminded): taste the torment of burning (in Hell-Fire)
22:23  Surely, Allah will admit those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds to Gardens — flow underneath them rivers. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and (they would adorn themselves in) pearls and their garment therein will be silk
22:24  And they are guided to the most desirable in speech and they are guided to the Path of the Most Praised One
22:25  Verily, those who have disbelieved and hinder (people) from the Way of Allah and from Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makka) which We have made equal (in rank and reverence) to one who stays therein and the one who visits it and goes back. And whoever intends therein an evil deviation (from true Islam) out of transgression — We shall cause him to taste a grievously painful punishment
22:26  And (bring to mind) when We authorised Ibrahim to administer (the) site of the House (directing him): “That associate not any thing with Me, and sanctify My House for those who circumambulate (it in Tawaf) and those who stand up (in Qiyam) and the Rukus (bowing down) with prostrations
22:27  And proclaim to mankind the Hajj (the annual, World Muslim Congregation). People will come to you on foot and on every Zamir (a means of conveyance specially capable to run very fast) - these will approach from all routes, distant and difficult —
22:28  so that they may witness items of benefit to them and pronounce the name of Allah during the well-known days (for animal-sacrifice), over the grazing quadrupeds that He has provided to them as provision." So eat you thereof and feed the distressed one, the needy
22:29  Then let them remove the superfluous growths over them (like the projecting nails etc.), and unburden their vows, and circumambulate the Ancient House
22:30  This (completes the essential programme). And whoever honours the sacred things of Allah, so it is better for him in the Sight of His Nourisher-Sustainer. And the quadrupeds have been made lawful to you except what is mentioned to you (as exceptions). So shun the abomination of the idols, and shun (every) false statement
22:31  becoming Hunafa lillah (strictly Unitarian to Allah) — not associating partners unto Him. And whoever sets partners to Allah, so it is as if he had fallen from the sky and a bird had caught him (as feed), or the wind drives him to a place completely uninhabited
22:32  That (must be adhered to). And whosoever honours the symbols of Allah, then surely, it (flows) from the piety of the hearts
22:33  For you therein are benefits (like milk, carrying of loads, means of conveyance and as mechanical force for watering the fields etc.) for an appointed term; (and) afterwards, their specified place (for being sacrificed in Allah’s Cause) is unto the Ancient House
22:34  And to all the communities We appointed the Rite that the people may mention the name of Allah over what We provided them as provision from the grazing quadrupeds. So your Ilah (God) is One Ilah. So you must submit (in Islam) to Him (Alone). And transmit glad tidings to Mukhbitin
22:35  those: when Allah is mentioned (by reproducing the statements from Al-Kitab) their hearts get filled up in awe; and those who show patience and forbearance over what inflicted them, and who establish Salat and whatever We have provided them as provision — they spend
22:36  And the camels, We made them for you as among the Symbols of Allah. For you people, therein, is much good. Pronounce the name of Allah over them in standing posture (when puncturing their carotid vessel at the neck) and as soon as their sides fell down on the ground, then you (dissect and) eat thereof and feed the content and the ashead of state (needy). Thus We have subjected them in your interest in order that you may be grateful
22:37  Certainly, their flesh never ascends to Allah and nor their blood. But it is piety from you that ascends to Him. Thus He has subjected them in your interest that you may magnify Allah for how He guided you. And transmit glad tidings to the Muhsinun (those who do good in perfection)
22:38  Truly, Allah drives away the enemies from those who have Believed. Surely, Allah does not like the entire (group of the) treacherous and ungrateful people
22:39  Permission is given against those who are mahead of state Qital because those (Believers) have been subjected to injustice. And surely, Allah is indeed All-Capable over the assistance of these (Believers)
22:40  Those who have been expelled from their homes without reason except that they say: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer is Allah.” And if there had not been removal of people by Allah — some of them by some (others), surely would have been pulled down the ‘short-stay reform centres’, and ‘places meant for signing contracts, covenants and swearing oaths’, and the Salat-congregations and the mosques wherein the Name of Allah is discussed exceedingly. Verily, Allah helps that who helps Him (through striving hard in His Cause). Truly Allah is All-Strong, All-Mighty
22:41  Those who, if We established them in the land, established As-Salat and paid Az-Zakat, and they enjoined Al-Ma'ruf and forbade Al-Munkar (are true Muslims at heart). And the ultimate-end of the affairs is for Allah (to decide)
22:42  And if they belie you, so definitely belied the nation of Nuh, and Ad and Samud people, before them
22:43  and (also) the nation of Ibrahim and the nation of Lout
22:44  and the residents of Madyan; and Musa (too) was belied. But I granted respite to the disbelievers (for a while), then I seized them, then how (terrible) became My Punishment (against the rejectors)
22:45  And how many of the townships We have destroyed while it is given to wrong-doing in transgression. So over its roofs it stands in ruins, and a deserted well (here and there), and fortified castle (gone underground)
22:46  Have they then not travelled through the land, so there be to them hearts wherewith they may understand, or ears wherewith they may hear. So surely, they: the eyes do not go blind, but the hearts go blind which are in the chests
22:47  And people ask you to hasten on the torment. And Allah never goes against (His) Promise. And verily, an aeon with your Nourisher-Sustainer is as a thousand years of what you reckon
22:48  And how many a township — We granted it respite while it is given to wrong-doing in transgression. Then I seized it. And to Me is the (final) returning place
22:49  Say: “O you mankind! Certainly, I am to you a warner — evident and manifest
22:50  So those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds — for them is Forgiveness and a generous provision
22:51  And those who strove against Our Ayaat as people who desire to frustrate others, they will be dwellers of the Hell-Fire
22:52  And We did not send before you out of a Messenger and nor a Prophet but when he desired, the satan introduced (his share) into his desire. But Allah abolishes what the satan introduces. Afterwards Allah establishes His Ayaat. And Allah is All-Aware, All-Wise
22:53  (This became allowed in Allah’s Plan) in order that (Allah) may make, what the satan introduces, a trial and test for those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy or disbelief), and their hearts are such that harbour obstruction (in accepting the Truth). And certainly, the transgressors are indeed in doubt and suspicion of a far and remote nature
22:54  And that those who have been given knowledge may know that it (i.e., Al-Kitab) is the truth from your Nourisher-Sustainer, and that they may Believe therein, then their hearts may submit to it with humility. And verily, Allah is the sure Guide to those who have Believed, to the Permanent Path
22:55  And those who have disbelieved will not cease (to be) in doubt about it (i.e., Al-Kitab) until the Hour comes unto them out of a sudden, or there comes unto them the torment of the destructive Day
22:56  The Dominion this Day is for Allah (Alone). He will pronounce decision amongst them. Then those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds (will be) in the Gardens of delight
22:57  And those who have disbelieved and belied Our Verses, then those people: for them is punishment, most humiliating
22:58  And those who emigrated in the Cause of Allah (and during or) thereafter were killed or died a natural death, surely Allah will provide them a good provision. And verily, Allah — surely, He is the Best of those who provide provision
22:59  Truly, He will make them enter an entrance — they will be agreeable and satisfied with it. And verily, Allah indeed is All-Aware, Most Clement
22:60  That (shall be so). And whoever retaliated with the like with what he was inflicted (and) afterwards was put to injustice in addition to it, surely Allah will help him. Verily, Allah indeed is Oft-Pardoning, Oft-Forgiving
22:61  That is because Allah makes the night enter the day, and makes the day enter the night. And that Allah is All-Hearer, All-Seer
22:62  That is because Allah — He is the Truth, and that what (polytheists) invoke besides Him, it is Batil. And that Allah — He is the Most High, the Most Great
22:63  Have you not marked that Allah sent down (rain-) water from towards the sky, then the earth becomes (as if) made lush-green. Verily, Allah (is the) Keenest Observer, (the) Most Well-informed
22:64  To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. And verily, Allah — indeed He is Free of all wants, the Most Praised One
22:65  Have you not seen that Allah has subjected in your interest whatever is in the earth, and the sea-vessel sails through the sea under His Command? And he holds the heaven otherwise it may fall down on earth, (the only) exception being under His Permission. Verily, Allah to mankind is indeed, Full of Kindness, continuously Merciful
22:66  And He it is Who gave you life, then will cause you to die, then will (again) give you life. Truly, the human being is indeed an ingrate
22:67  To all communities We appointed Mansak (single pattern of Religion); they (remained) adherers to it. So let not people dispute you in the matter. And invite to your Nourisher-Sustainer. Surely, you are indeed on the Permanent Guidance
22:68  And if people argued with you, then say: “Allah knows better about what you do.”
22:69  Allah will pronounce judgement amongst you on the Day of Resurrection about that wherein you used to differ
22:70  Don’t you know that Allah knows whatever is in the heaven and the earth? Verily, (all) this is in record. Verily, this is very easy for Allah
22:71  And people worship besides Allah that for which He has not sent any authority or proof, and for which they have no knowledge. And for the transgressors there is none out of one who could help or assist
22:72  And when Our Clear Verses are reproduced to them, you will notice a denial on the faces of those who have disbelieved. They will intend that they may assault those who reproduce unto them Our Ayaat. Say: “Shall I tell you something more evil from your this (reaction)? (It is) the Fire! Allah has promised that to those who have disbelieved. And it is a vile destination (indeed).
22:73  O you mankind! A similitude is set forth, so listen to it attentively. Surely those whom you people invoke besides Allah shall never create (even) a fly, though they join one another for that (task). And if the fly drives away something from them they will not get it released from it. Became weak the seeker and the sought (i.e., one who invoked, and one who was invoked)
22:74  The people esteemed not Allah in befitting manner which became due as His Estimation. Surely, Allah is indeed All-Powerful, All-Mighty
22:75  Allah chooses (His) Messengers from the angels as well as from mankind. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Seer
22:76  He knows what is between their hands (already done) and what is behind them (they are about to do). And to Allah are returned (all) matters (for final decision)
22:77  O you people who have Believed! Bow down and (also) prostrate and pay obedience to your Nourisher-Sustainer, and do good (deeds) so that you — you may prosper
22:78  And strive hard in Allah in the befitting manner which became due for striving hard in Him. He has chosen you and has not laid upon you regarding Religion any hardship, sanctioning for you the Millat of your father, Ibrahim. He (i.e., Allah) has named you Muslims before and in this (era) — so that the Messenger may become a witness over you and you be witnesses over mankind. So establish Salat and pay-off Zakat and hold firmly to Allah. He is your Maula. What an excellent Maula and what an excellent Naseer