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21:1  The people's day of reckoning is drawing closer, yet they are heedlessly neglectful
21:2  Whenever a new revelation comes to them from their Lord, they listen to it in a playful manner
21:3  and their hearts are preoccupied with trivial matters. The unjust ones whisper to each other and say, "Is he (Muhammad) more than a mere mortal like you? How can you follow that which you know is only a magic?"
21:4  The Lord said, "Tell them (Muhammad), 'My Lord knows all that is said in the heavens and the earth. He is All-hearing and All-knowing "
21:5  They have said, "It, (the Quran), is only the result of some confused dreams. He is only a poet. He should show us some miracles, as the ancient Prophets had done."
21:6  The people of the town whom We had destroyed also had no faith. Will these people then believe in God
21:7  The messengers that We had sent before you were only men to whom We had given revelation. Ask the People of the Book if you do not know
21:8  We had not made them such bodies that would not eat any food nor were they immortal
21:9  Our promise to them came true and We saved them and those whom We wanted, but destroyed the unjust people
21:10  We have sent a Book, (the Quran), which is an honor for you. Will you then not understand
21:11  How many unjust towns did We destroy and replace them with other nations
21:12  When they found Our torment approaching them they started to run away from the town
21:13  We told them, "Do not run away. Come back to your luxuries and your houses so that you can be questioned"
21:14  They said, "Woe to us! We have been unjust"
21:15  Such was what they continued to say until We mowed them down and made them completely extinct
21:16  We did not create the heavens and the earth just for fun
21:17  Had We wanted to play games, We could have certainly done so with things at hand
21:18  We bring forward the Truth to crush and destroy falsehood; it is doomed to be banished. Woe to you for your way of thinking about God
21:19  To Him belongs all those who are in the heavens and the earth. Those who are closer to Him are not too proud to worship Him, nor do they get tired of worshipping
21:20  They glorify Him day and night without fail
21:21  Have they chosen deities from earth? Can such deities give life to anyone
21:22  Had there been other deities in the heavens and the earth besides God, both the heavens and the earth would have been destroyed. God, the Lord of the Throne, is too Glorious to be as they think He is
21:23  He will not be questioned about anything He does, but all people will be questioned about their deeds
21:24  Have they chosen other gods besides God? (Muhammad), ask them, "Show the proof (in support of such belief). This is (the Quran) which tells us about the (beliefs of the people) in my time and those who lived before me." Most of them do not know. Moreover, the truth is that they neglect (the question of belief altogether)
21:25  To all the Messengers that were sent before you We revealed that I am the only God to be worshipped
21:26  They said, "The Beneficent God has given birth to a son. He is too Exalted to give birth to a son." (Those whom they think are God's sons) are only His honorable servants
21:27  These servants do not speak before He speaks. They simply act according to His orders
21:28  He knows all that is in front of them and all that is behind them. (These servants of God) will not intercede with Him for anyone without His permission and they tremble in awe (before His greatness)
21:29  The recompense of those of them who say that they are the Lord instead of God will be hell; thus, do We recompense the unjust ones
21:30  Have the unbelievers not ever considered that the heavens and the earth were one piece and that We tore them apart from one another. From water We have created all living things. Will they then have no faith
21:31  We placed firm mountains on earth lest it would shake them away. We made wide roads for them so that they might have the right guidance
21:32  We made the sky above them as a well-guarded ceiling, but they have neglected the evidence (of Our existence) therein
21:33  It is God who has created the night, the day, the Sun, and Moon and has made them swim in a certain orbit
21:34  We made no mortal before you immortal. Will they become immortal after you die
21:35  Every soul has to experience the taste of death. We test you with both hardships and blessings. In the end you will all return to Us
21:36  (Muhammad), whenever the unbelievers see you, they think that you deserve nothing more than to be mocked. They say, "Is it he, (Muhammad), who speaks against your gods?" But they themselves have no faith at all in the Beneficent God
21:37  The human being is created hasty. Tell them, "Do not be hasty, for God will soon show you the evidence of His existence"
21:38  They say, "When shall the Day of Judgment come to pass if you are true in your claim?"
21:39  Would that the unbelievers knew that no one would protect their faces and backs against the fire, nor they would be helped
21:40  The fire will suddenly strike and confound them. They will not be able to repel it, nor will they be given any respite
21:41  They mocked the Messengers who were sent before you; thus, the torment which they had ridiculed encompassed them all
21:42  Ask them, "Who can protect them from (the wrath of) the Beneficent God during the night and day?" Yet they are neglectful about their Lord
21:43  Can their gods protect them against Us? Their gods have no power even to help themselves, nor are they safe from Our retribution
21:44  We have been providing these men and their fathers with the means of enjoyment for a long time. Have they not ever considered that We populated the earth and then caused many of the inhabitants to pass away? Can they have any success (in their wickedness)
21:45  (Muhammad), tell them, "I am warning you by revelation alone." The deaf do not hear any call when they are warned
21:46  If a blast of the torment of your Lord strikes them, they will say, "Woe to us! We have been unjust people."
21:47  We shall maintain proper justice on the Day of Judgment. No soul will be wronged the least. For a deed even as small as a mustard seed one will duly be recompensed. We are efficient in maintaining the account
21:48  To Moses and Aaron We granted the criteria of discerning right from wrong, and We gave them the light and a reminder to the pious one
21:49  who fear their unseen Lord and are anxious about the Day of Judgment
21:50  This (Quran) which We have revealed is a blessed reminder. Will you then deny it
21:51  To Abraham We gave the right guidance and We knew him very well
21:52  Abraham asked his father and his people, "What are these statues which you worship?"
21:53  They replied, "We found our fathers worshipping them"
21:54  He said, "Both you and your fathers have certainly been in error."
21:55  They exclaimed, "Have you brought the Truth or are you joking?"
21:56  He said, "Your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. It was He who created them and I testify to this fact"
21:57  Abraham said to himself, "By God! I will devise a plan against their idols when they are away."
21:58  He broke all the idols into pieces, except the biggest among them so that perhaps people would refer to it
21:59  (When the people came to the temple and saw the broken idols) they asked each other, "Who has done this to our gods? He certainly is an unjust person"
21:60  Some of them said, "We heard a youth called Abraham speaking against the idols"
21:61  Their chiefs said, "Bring him before the eyes of the people and let them testify that he has spoken against the idols."
21:62  They asked, "Abraham, did you do this to our idols?"
21:63  He replied, "I think the biggest among them has broken the smaller ones. Ask them if they are able to speak"
21:64  Thereupon they realized their own foolishness and said, "We ourselves are wrong-doers"
21:65  With their heads cast down they said, "Abraham, you know that idols do not speak. How then can you ask such a question?"
21:66  He said, "Do you, instead of God, worship things that can neither harm nor benefit you?"
21:67  Woe to you for what you worship instead of God. Have you no understanding?"
21:68  They .said, "Burn him to ashes if you want to help your gods"
21:69  We said to the fire, "Be cool and peaceful (with Abraham)"
21:70  They had devised an evil plan (against Abraham), but We turned it into failure."
21:71  We took Abraham and Lot safely to the land in which We had sent blessings to the worlds
21:72  We granted him Isaac and Jacob as a gift and helped both of them to become righteous people
21:73  We appointed them as leaders to guide the people through Our command and sent them revelation to strive for good deeds, worship their Lord, and pay religious tax. Both of them were Our worshipping servants
21:74  To Lot We gave knowledge and wisdom and saved him from the people of the town who were committing indecent acts. They were certainly a bad and sinful people
21:75  We encompassed him in Our mercy; he was a righteous man
21:76  We answered the prayer of Noah who had prayed to Us before and saved him and his followers from the great disaster
21:77  We helped him against the people who said Our revelations were mere lies. They were a bad people and We drowned them all
21:78  David and Solomon were trying to settle the case of the people's sheep that grazed in a corn-field at night. We witnessed their decree in that matter
21:79  We made Solomon understand the law about the case and gave both David and Solomon knowledge and wisdom. We made the mountains and birds glorify the Lord along with David. We had also done to him such favors before
21:80  We taught him the art of making coats of mail so that you could protect yourselves during a war. Will you then give thanks
21:81  We made subservient to Solomon the swift wind that blew on his command to the land in which We had sent blessings. We have the knowledge of all things
21:82  We subdued the devils who would dive into the sea for him and perform other tasks for Solomon. We kept them in his service
21:83  When Job prayed, "Lord, I have been afflicted with hardships. Have mercy on me; You are the Most Merciful of those who have mercy
21:84  "We answered his prayer, relieved him from his hardships, brought his family (back to him) and gave him twice as much property as that (which was destroyed). It was a mercy from Us and a reminder for the worshippers
21:85  Ismael, Idris and Dhul Kifl all were people of great patience
21:86  We encompassed them in Our mercy; they were righteous people
21:87  Dhun Nun went away in anger and thought that We would never have power over him, but in darkness he cried, "Lord, You are the Only God whom I glorify. I have certainly done wrong to myself (so forgive me)"
21:88  We answered his prayer and saved him from his grief. Thus We save the faithful ones
21:89  Zachariah prayed, "Lord, do not leave me alone without offspring, although you are the best heir"
21:90  We answered his prayer and granted him his son, John, by making his wife fruitful. They were people who would compete with each other in good deeds and pray to Us with love and reverence. With Us they were all humble people
21:91  Into the woman who maintained her chastity We breathed Our Spirit and made her and her son a miracle for all people
21:92  People, you are one nation and I am your Lord. Worship Me
21:93  People have divided themselves into many sects, but all will return to Us
21:94  The reward of the righteously striving believers will not be neglected. We are keeping the record of their good deeds
21:95  The people whom We destroyed can never return to this worl
21:96  until Gog and Magog are let loose to rush down from the hills
21:97  The Day of Judgment will then draw near and the unbelievers will stare amazedly and cry, "Woe to us! We had neglected this day. We have done wrong"
21:98  They will be told, "You and what you had worshipped instead of God will be the fuel of hell"
21:99  Had the idols been true lords, they would not have gone to hell. "All of you will live therein forever"
21:100  They will groan in pain therein, but no one will listen to them
21:101  But those to whom We have already promised blessings will be far away from hell
21:102  They will not even hear the slightest sound from it while enjoying the best that they can wish for in their everlasting life
21:103  They will not be affected by the great terror. The angels will come to them with this glad news: "This is your day which was promised to you."
21:104  (This will happen) on the day when We roll up the heavens as if it were a written scroll and bring it back into existence just as though We had created it for the first time. This is what We have promised and We have always been true to Our promise
21:105  We have written in the psalms which We had revealed after the Torah that the earth will be given to Our righteous servants as their inheritance
21:106  This is a lesson for those who worship (God)
21:107  (Muhammad), We have sent you for no other reason but to be a mercy for mankind
21:108  Say, "It is revealed to me that there is only one Lord. Will you then submit yourselves to His will?"
21:109  If they turn away, tell them, "I have warned every one of you equally. I do not know when the torment which you have to suffer will take place
21:110  God knows well all that is spoken aloud and all that you hide
21:111  I do not know (why God has commanded me to warn you of the torment). Perhaps it is a trial for you and a respite for an appointed time"
21:112  He also said, "Lord, judge (us) with Truth. Our Lord is the Beneficent One whose help I ask against the blasphemies you say about Him"