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20:1  Ta Ha - O perfect man! be at rest
20:2  We have not revealed this Qur'an to you that you should fail in your mission
20:3  But it is a reminder (of things inherent in human nature) to him who stands in awe (to God)
20:4  (And) a revelation from Him Who created the earth and the high heavens
20:5  (He is) the Most Gracious (God, Who) is firmly and flawlessly established on (His) Throne (of Power)
20:6  All that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth and all that lies between them, and all that lies deep under the moist sub-soil, belongs to Him
20:7  If you speak aloud, (He does not stand in need of it), He knows the secret (thought) as well that which is yet deeper hidden
20:8  He is Allah. There is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He. All the most beautiful attributes belong to Him
20:9  You must have surely received the narrative about Moses
20:10  When he saw a fire, he said to his companions, `Stay here for I perceive a fire (creating feelings of love and affection). I hope, I may bring you a fire brand from there. Rather I feel that I would find some guidance at the fire.
20:11  And when he came close to this (fire) he was hailed, `O Moses
20:12  `Verily, I alone am your Lord. So take off your shoes (and stay, and make your heart free from every care), for you are in the sacred Valley of Tuwa
20:13  `And I have chosen you, therefore listen to what is revealed to you
20:14  `I, and I alone am Allah. There cannot be, is no other and will never be One worthy of worship but I, therefore worship Me alone. And observe prayer so that you may keep Me in mind
20:15  `Surely, the Hour (of Resurrection) is bound to come. I am about to unveil it, so that every soul may be rewarded in accordance with its endeavour
20:16  `So do not allow the person who does not believe in it but pursues his (own) low desires, turn you away from (believing) it, lest you perish
20:17  `Moses, What is that you have in your right hand?
20:18  (Moses) replied, `This is my staff. I lean on it, and beat down leaves for my sheep with it, and it serves (also) my many other needs.
20:19  (The Lord) said, `Moses! cast it down.
20:20  So he cast it down and lo! it was (like) a serpent; running about
20:21  (The Lord) said, `Get hold of it and do not fear. We shall restore it to its former state
20:22  `And put your hand close under your armpit, it shall come forth (shining) white, without any disease, (providing you with) another sign
20:23  `(We have given you these signs) so that we may show you some of Our greater signs
20:24  `Go to Pharaoh, he has indeed exceeded (all) limits.
20:25  (Moses) said, `My Lord! (if you have chosen me for this mission) enlighten my mind
20:26  `And make my task easy for me
20:27  `And remove the impediments from my tongue
20:28  `So that they may understand my speech
20:29  `And grant me a helper from my family
20:30  `Aaron, my brother
20:31  `Raise my strength through him
20:32  `And associate him in my task
20:33  `That we may glorify You over and over
20:34  `And spread Your name far and wide
20:35  `Surely, You are indeed Ever-Watchful over us.
20:36  (The Lord) said, `Moses! you are granted what you have prayed for
20:37  `And We did confer on you a favour once before
20:38  `When We revealed to your mother that, which was an important revelation (saying)
20:39  "Place him (- Moses) in the chest and put it into the river. The river will cast it on to the bank and the person who is My enemy as well as his will pick him up." And I endowed you with My love with the result that you were brought up before My eyes and under My protection
20:40  `(We bestowed another favour on you) when your sister walked along (the bank by the floating chest) and said (to those who picked up the chest from the bank of the river), "Shall I guide you to one (- a nurse) who will take charge of him?" In this way We restored you to your mother that she might be consoled and should not grieve. And (it came to pass that) you killed a person, but We delivered you from anguish. Then We purified you with various trials and you stayed for a number of years among the people of Midian. It was only then when you were properly groomed and came up to the standard (set by Us)
20:41  `And I, (having made you perfect,) have chosen you for Myself
20:42  `Go you and your brother (Aaron) with My Messages and do not be remiss in remembering Me
20:43  `Go to Pharaoh, both of you, for he has transgressed all limits
20:44  `But speak to him a gentle speech, may be he pays heed and fears (the consequences).
20:45  Both (Moses and Aaron) said, `Our Lord! we fear lest he (- Pharaoh) should hasten to do us some harm or exceed all limits in transgression (against You).
20:46  (The Lord) said, `Have no fear. I am with you both. I hear (prayers) and I see (your condition)
20:47  `So go to him (- Pharaoh), both of you, and say, "We are the Messengers of your Lord, so let the Children of Israel go with us and do not torture them. We have come to you with a Message from your Lord. Peace will be upon him who follows the guidance
20:48  "It has been revealed to us that the punishment comes upon him who cries lies to (His Messages) and turns away".
20:49  (When they had delivered the Message of God, Pharaoh) said, `Moses! who, then, is the Lord of you two, (in whose kingdom you want to settle down)?
20:50  (Moses) said, `Our Lord is He Who gives every creation its (proper) form and character and then guides them along the path (of evolution in order to attain perfection and to do proper functions).
20:51  (Pharaoh) said, `What will be the fate of the former generations (who did not believe in these things)?
20:52  (Moses) said, `The knowledge of that is with my Lord (recorded) in a book. My Lord neither errs nor forgets
20:53  `It is He Who made the earth a bed for you and has threaded it with pathways for you. He sends down rain from the clouds. We bring forth by means of this (water) pairs of vegetation of diverse kinds
20:54  `(So that you may) eat it and pasture your cattle (upon it). Verily, in all this there are signs for the people possessing sound reason.
20:55  We have created you from this (universe) and into this We will make you return and from this We will raise you to life a second time
20:56  And We showed him (- Pharaoh) all sorts of Our signs, but (even then) he went on denying (them) and refused (to believe)
20:57  He said, `Moses! have you come to us to turn us out of our country on the basis of your sorcery
20:58  `But we (too) shall certainly meet you with a matching sorcery. Make an appointment of time and place between us, which (appointment) neither we nor you shall fail to keep, (let the meeting be) at a place fair (for us both).
20:59  (Moses) said, `The day of the festival will be the day of your appointment, and let the people be assembled when the sun is risen high.
20:60  Pharaoh then withdrew and concerted his plan then came (at the appointed time and place for the contest)
20:61  Moses said to them, `Woe to you, forge no lies in the name of Allah or He shall destroy you utterly by some calamity and surely he who forges a lie in the name of Allah has ever been unsuccessful.
20:62  Upon this they (- Pharaoh and his courtiers) began arguing their affair among themselves, and kept (their) discourse secret
20:63  They said, `Surely, these two (brothers, Moses and Aaron) are sorcerers who seek to drive you out of your country by dint of their sorcery and to do away with your ideal religious traditions
20:64  `Therefore you had better consolidate your resources, then come forward arrayed in a body and indeed he alone who gains the upper hand (and wins) shall be successful today.
20:65  (The sorcerers) said, `Moses! either you present (first what you have) or we shall be the first to present (what we have).
20:66  (Moses) said, `Nay, you present first what you have.' (Accordingly they were the first to present. No sooner did they present them) lo! their cords and their staves, appeared to him (- Moses) by their trickstery only as though they ran about
20:67  So Moses felt afraid in his mind (lest the people be misled by their glittering tricks)
20:68  We said (to him), `Have no fear. Surely, it is you who shall be the uppermost
20:69  `Now, cast down (on the ground) that (staff} which you have in your right hand. It will destroy all their artifices, for all they have wrought is nothing more than a device of a sorcerer, and the beguiler shall never succeed whichever way he may choose (to beguile).
20:70  Then (it so happened that) the sorcerers were instantly made to fall down prostrate. They said, `We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.
20:71  Pharaoh said, `Dared you believe in him (- Moses) before I gave you permission? He (- Moses) must be your chief who has taught you sorcery. I will certainly cut off your hands and feet on alternate sides (by way of punishment) because of (your) disobedience. I will surely crucify you to death on the trunks of palm-trees and you shall, of a certainty, come to know which of us can inflict a more severe and more abiding punishment.
20:72  They (- the sorcerers) said, `We will certainly never prefer you to the clear proofs and signs that have come to us, nor to Him Who originated us. You may decide what you like to decide. You can only decree concerning this present life and put an end to it (this our life)
20:73  `We have surely believed in our Lord that He may protect us against our faults and (particularly forgive us) the sorcery which you did constrain us (to practise). Allah is the Best and Ever Abiding.
20:74  Verily, he who comes to his Lord in a state of sin, he will surely be consigned to Gehenna, where he shall neither die nor live
20:75  But those who come to Him as believers, having done deeds of righteousness, there await them, indeed, exalted ranks
20:76  Gardens of Eternity served with running streams; there they will abide. Such is the reward of those who keep themselves ever pure
20:77  And We directed Moses by revelation, `Take away My servants by night and take them along a dry path through the wide plane. You will not be afraid of being overtaken nor will you have any cause of fear (of being drowned).
20:78  Now Pharaoh pursued them with his armies. But there covered them (- Pharaoh and his host) that (tide of the) sea which engulfed them completely
20:79  Indeed, Pharaoh caused his people to perish, and did not lead them in the right way
20:80  O Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy and made a covenant with you on the right and blessed side of the Mount (Sinai), and We got Manna and quail to be sent down to you
20:81  (And it was also said,) `Eat of the good and pure things We have provided you, and do not exceed the limits in this respect or My dis-pleasure shall descend upon you. Indeed, lost are those on whom My displeasure descends.
20:82  But surely I am greatly protecting to him who turns (to Me) in repentance and believes and does righteous deeds and then sticks to guidance
20:83  (When Moses went to the Mount, God said,) `Moses! what has made you depart from your people in such haste?
20:84  Moses said, `They are close on my heels and I have hastened to You, my Lord, that You might be pleased.
20:85  (The Lord) said, `We have distinguished your people, the good from the bad in your absence and the Samiri has led them astray?
20:86  So Moses returned to his people indignant and sorrowful. (Reaching there) he said, `My people! did your Lord not make you a gracious promise? Did then the promised time (of forty nights and days) seem too long to you. Rather you desired that displeasure from your Lord should descend upon you that is why you failed in (your) promise with me.
20:87  They said, `We have not willfully failed to keep (our) promise with you but (the thing is that) we were laden with loads of the jewelry of the (Egyptian) people and we threw them away (into the fire). That was what the Samiri suggested.
20:88  Then (it came to pass that) he (- Samiri) produced (an effigy of) a calf for the people (to worship), a mere body (without a soul) which emitted a lowing sound. And then they (- Samiri and his followers) said, `This is your god as well as that of Moses,' so he (- Samiri) gave up (the religion of Moses)
20:89  Could they not see that this (calf) made them no answer and could neither avoid harm to them nor do good (to any)
20:90  Aaron had, indeed, said to them before (the return of Moses from the Mount), `My people! you have only been tried by this (calf). Surely, the Most Gracious (God) is your Lord, so follow me and carry out my biddings.
20:91  They said, `We will never give up to cleave to the worship of this (calf) until Moses returns to us.
20:92  (Moses turning to Aaron) said, `Aaron! when you saw them going astray what prevented yo
20:93  `From following me (and punishing them)? Dared you then disobey my biddings?
20:94  (Aaron) said, `O son of my mother! do not hold me by my beard nor (pull me) by my head. (If I was not strict to them it was because) I was afraid lest you should say, "You have caused a disruption among the Children of Israel and did not preserve my word".
20:95  (Moses now called upon Samiri to account for it and) said, `What were you after (by acting as you did) O Samiri?
20:96  He said, `I perceived that which they did not perceive. (My perception and insight being stronger than theirs.) I had adopted only some of the traditions (and the teachings) of the Messenger (- Moses), but that (too) I cast away. That is what my mind made fair-seeming to me.
20:97  (Moses) said, `Begone then (if it is so). It shall be your punishment to proclaim (yourself) an untouchable throughout (your) life. Not only that there awaits yet another threat (of punishment of the Hereafter) for you from which you will have no escape. Now, look at the god to which you remained so ardently devoted (as a worshipper). We will destroy it utterly and then we will scatter it away into the sea.
20:98  (Moses then addressing his people said,) `Your God is only Allah, there is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He. He comprehends all things in (His) knowledge.
20:99  In this way do We relate to you some of the important news of the days gone by. And We have indeed granted you from Us a (sublime) Reminder (- the Qur'an)
20:100  Those who turn away from this shall bear a (heavy) burden on the Day of Resurrection
20:101  Abiding thereunder, and grievous will the encumbrance be to them on the Day of Resurrection
20:102  The Day when the trumpet shall be blown, and on that Day We shall gather the sinners together, blue-eyed (- the spiritually blind ones)
20:103  They will talk one to another in a hushed voice (consulting together and planning in secret and saying,) `You have lived only for ten (centuries).
20:104  We know best what they will say, when the one of the most upright conduct among them will say, `You have lived (here) only for a day.
20:105  They ask you about mountains. Say, `My Lord will (blow them up completely and) scatter them as dust
20:106  `And He will render them a desolate and a level plane
20:107  `Where you will find no curve, no depression and no elevation.
20:108  On that day they will follow the call of him (-the Holy Prophet) in (the teachings of) whom is no crookedness. (All) voices shall be hushed up before the Most Gracious (God), so you will hear nothing but a faint murmur
20:109  On that day no intercession shall help (anybody) except that of him whom the Most Gracious (God) grants permission and with whose sayings (and doings) He is pleased
20:110  (God the Almighty) knows all that is before (-the people - their future) and all that is behind them (-their past); they cannot encompass Him with (their) knowledge
20:111  And all persons shall humble themselves before the Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining (God). And he who bears (the burden of) iniquity shall indeed fail in his objective
20:112  But he who does deeds of righteousness and is a believer, will have no fear that he will be deprived of his reward or suffer any withholding of his dues
20:113  Just as (We have revealed these verses) We have revealed the entire Qur'an in Arabic. We have explained in it in various ways Our warnings (against refusal and evil doings), so that the people may guard against evil and become righteous; or rather this (Qur'an) will bring forth for them a great glory and eminence
20:114  Highly Exalted is therefore Allah, the true King. And make no haste to recite the Qur'an (and anticipate the early fulfillment of its prophecies) before its revelation is completed to you. But say (in prayer), `My Lord, increase my knowledge.
20:115  We had given a stern command to Adam before this but he forgot; and We found no resolve on his part (to disobey Us)
20:116  And (recall the time) when We said to the angels, `Make obeisance to Adam (and his sons).' They (all) made obeisance, but Iblis (did not), he refused (to submit)
20:117  At this We said, `Adam! surely this fellow is an enemy to you and to your wife. Take care that he does not turn you both out of the garden (of earthly bliss) lest you fall into trouble
20:118  `It is (provided) for you that here you shall not feel hunger, nor shall you go naked
20:119  `And that here you shall feel no thirst nor will you be exposed to the sun.
20:120  But satan made an evil suggestion to him. He said, `Adam! shall I direct you to the tree which leads to eternal life and a kingdom which never decays
20:121  So they (Adam and his wife) ate from that (tree), so that their shortcomings became unveiled to them and they began to cover themselves with the leaves of the garden. Adam did not observe the commandment of his Lord, so he became miserable
20:122  Then (it came to pass that) his Lord chose him (for His benedictions) and turned to him with mercy and guided (him) to the right path
20:123  (The Lord) said, `Go hence! both parties one and all, you being enemies one to another. There shall most certainly come to you guidance from Me, (bear in mind the law that) he who follows My guidance shall not be lost, nor shall he be unhappy
20:124  `But he who turns away from My remembrance, he shall surely lead a straitened life. And (what is more,) We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection.
20:125  He will say, `My Lord! what for have You raised me up in a state of blindness, while I possessed good sight before?
20:126  He (the Lord) will say, `That is how (you acted). Our signs came to you but you disregarded them. This day you will be disregarded in the like manner.
20:127  That is how We recompense him who transgresses and does not believe in the Messages of his Lord. Indeed, the punishment of the Hereafter is extremely terrible and even more enduring
20:128  Does it afford them no guidance that We destroyed before them many a generation in whose dwellings they now go about. Indeed, in this there are signs for those who possess understanding
20:129  But for a word (of promise) already made by your Lord and the term (already) fixed (for them), the inevitable would surely have befallen them by now
20:130  Hence put up patiently with what they say and glorify your Lord with (His) praise before the rising of the sun and before its setting. And glorify (Him) during the hours of the night and at the ends of the day (in Prayers), that you may attain (real) happiness (and true bliss)
20:131  Do not strain your eyes towards (and hanker after) the glamours of this life which some groups of these (disbelievers) have been provided by Us, that We may distinguish the good from the bad through that. The provisions of your Lord (and His gifts) are far better and more lasting (than all this)
20:132  And bid your people to Pray and be constant and steadfast therein. We do not ask you to provide sustenance (for Us). It is We who provide sustenance for you. The good future is for guarding against evil
20:133  And these (opponents) say, `Why does he bring us no sign from his Lord?' Has there not come to them a clear evidence (about the advent of this Prophet) from what is (contained) in the former scriptures
20:134  Had We punished and destroyed them with a calamity before (the advent of) this (Prophet), they would have certainly said, `Our Lord! why did you not send a Messenger to us so that we might have followed your commandments before we were humiliated and disgraced?
20:135  Say, `Each one (of us) awaits (the end), therefore wait you (also). You will soon come to know who are the people of the right path and who followed right guidance (and who do not)?