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2:1  A. (Alef) L. (Lam) M. (Meem). The Surah opens with letters from the Arabic alphabet to draw attention to the miracle of the Quran, though written in the people's tongue cannot be emulated
2:2  This Book -the Quran- in which Providence is the Guide, occasions no, doubt and represents the spirit of truth guiding into all truth; it guides those: who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah
2:3  Who are strongly disposed to realise the unseen, especially Allah, Who is exposed only to mental view, perceived only by the mind, Who recognise His spiritual beings, His attendants and His messengers, and they sense with prudence the Hereafter, Who duly engage in worship and spend in benevolence and benefaction of the provisions of life We provisioned them
2:4  Who faithfully believe in all that has been revealed to you, O Muhammad, -the Quran- way of life, religious and spiritual virtues and all that has been enjoined, crediting all revelations to those sent before you in Al-Tawrah (the Torah) and Al-Injil (the Bible) and the like, affirming the certainty of the Hereafter
2:5  Their hearts have been touched with the divine hand, they have Providence as their guide, and it is they who will prosper
2:6  As to those who deny Allah, not lifting to Him their inward sight, it is all the same to them whether you warn them O Muhammad of menacing danger and misfortune or not
2:7  Allah has closed their hearts’ ears and denied them intellectual sense of hearing, and their minds' eyes grow dim as if covered with a film; they are disposed to denseness of intellect and shall suffer a fitting punishment
2:8  Among people are those who pretend to believe in Allah, give credence to His Omnipotence and Authority and acknowledge the truth of the Hereafter while in fact they hug their old irreverent conviction to their hearts
2:9  They apply their minds to deceiving Allah, AL-'Alim (the Omniscient), Who knows what is secretly suggested to the mind, and to deceive those whose hearts have been impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues, when in fact, they only deceive themselves, failing to perceive
2:10  Their ill-natured hearts reflect the morbidity inherent in their innermost being, and consequently did Allah make their seats of intellect melt away in disease and lassitude that they addicted themselves to vice, and there awaits them a fitting punishment for their intentional assertion of what is false
2:11  And when told to stop making mischief on earth nor create discord, they say: "But we only try to bring people to abandon the wrong course of life and conduct and adopt the right one till the new principle governs their thoughts"
2:12  Indeed, the reform they claim is nothing but a euphemism for ruin, they are composed more of mischief than ill-will, but they fail to perceive
2:13  And when told to conform their will to Allah’s will and to recognise Him, believe in Him and give credence to His Omnipotence and Authority as other people have conformed to His will, they say: "Shall we demean ourselves like the simpletons did and follow the same course they followed?" Indeed, they are the fools who said in their hearts, "There is no god," but they are ignorant and unknowing of the truth
2:14  And when they are face to face with those whose hearts are impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues they declare that they have conformed their will to Allah’s will, and when they are apart with their satanic confederates who delight in satanic wickedness, they assure them of their confederacy and that they confederate in their design but they were only laughing at the believers with an outward contempt of what they esteemed sacred
2:15  Allah gives them plenty of rope to allow them free scope and action in order to commit themselves to the loss in a maze of error
2:16  These are they who have been steered by false belief and exchanged the guidance of Providence to the path of righteousness for a perplexed path in a maze of error, and in consequence their embarking in bad business and their captivation in evil trade have caused them the loss of their souls, they were captive victors who lost in gain, nor could they hit the path of righteousness
2:17  Their example stands similitude exact of someone who has kindled a fire togive light to a body of companions and when the surroundings glowed with light, Allah extinguished their fire and their alacrity and quenched their light and cut them off illumination and enlightenment and left them in want of physical, spiritual and intellectual sight
2:18  Deaf and dumb, insensible to light, they are unable to retrace their steps that lead them into error
2:19  Their example stands similitude exact of a people who are overshadowed with dark thunder cloud floating in the floor of the vault of heaven and sends forth thunder and lightning, terrifying and startling, and they think that by plugging their ears with their finger tips to make them impervious to sound they would avert death, but Allah besets and bounds those who deny Him on all sides
2:20  Lightning very nearly snatches their sense of sight; as often as it emits for them gleams they proceed under its light and when it darkens, their eyes shrivel into darkness in their heads and they stand dead; and had Allah willed He would have deprived them of their sense of hearing and that of sight, faculties divine; He is indeed Qadirun (Omnipotent) to effect all things
2:21  O you people worship Allah, your Creator, and adore Him with appropriate acts and rites; it is He Who brought you into being and caused you and caused all those who preceded you to exist. This may help you lift to Him your inward sight and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
2:22  It is He Who set for you the earth at creation in the order of a settled habitation where you establish your abode* and made the heaven with its regions, spheres, celestial bodies and realms of space a construction of imposing magnitude and He sent down from the floor of the vault of heaven rain water and with it He caused the various products to spring from the soil**, products fit to be used as food for human sustenance. Therefore, employ your faculty of reason in forming conclusions and reason high of Providence and do not equal with Him deities haunting your imagination when the instinctive perception of the truth is natural to you
2:23  And if this state of affairs is giving you occasion to uncertainty and you are in doubt about the truth and authenticity of the Quran We have been revealing in sequence to Our servant the Messenger Muhammad then produce a Surah the like thereof and call on all those besides Allah who can bear witness to its inimitable nature if you are declaring the truth
2:24  If such an undertaking you fail to fulfil, and fail, you undoubtedly will, then save yourselves the fire whose fuel shall be people and stones; the stones sculptured and statued as false gods; the fire which has been especially prepared for those who deny Allah
2:25  Meanwhile, announces O Muhammad, blissful tidings to those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and there deeds wisdom and pious: that they shall be welcomed into gardens of bliss and surpassing beauty beneath which rivers flow. As often as they are offered any kind of the fruit therein, they express their thoughts in words: "But this is what we had before in life for our livelihood." In effect, they are offered what bears a marked resemblance to what they had in life, but not of a like nature; it has the power to excite relish and ecstatic delight unexperienced before. And therein shall they be accompanied by mates of their design: pure, chaste and holy fellows of their piety and therein they will have passed through nature to Eternity
2:26  Allah is by no means reluctant from fear of shame to give an allegory applying creatures as small as a gnat or a larger creature to describe subjects under the guise of some other subject of aptly suggestive resemblance intended to convey a useful lesson by which moral and spiritual relations are typically set forth. As to those whose hearts have been impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues, they know well that the simile narrated by Allah, their Creator, is the truth personified as it illustrates and ennobles the subject. But those who deny Allah wonder to hear Allah talk after this manner and they say: "What does Allah mean by such a parable?" In effect, such parables as Allah discourses are intended to stray the many who counsel deaf to the truth and to guide the many who have clean hearts to the path of righteousness and He misguides only the wicked who confirm themselves in the evil purpose and the ill intention
2:27  The wicked who do not fulfill their covenant with Allah after they have solemnly vowed to Him to do what has been enjoined, who disjoin humanity and policy instead of being joined together and separate the two hands that join one another in fidelity, and who disjoin all that Allah has ordained be joined together, and make mischief on earth and create discord, these are they who were born to be great losers
2:28  How could you people deny Allah when you were inanimate and He brought you into being from nothingness and caused you to exist, then He shall deprive you of certain functional activities to occasion your death and then at the predetermined moment He shall resurrect you and back to Him you return for judgment
2:29  He is it Who created for you all that is on earth, then applied He Himself to. the immeasurable expanse of the realm and set it in order and arranged it in seven heavens, and He is AL-'Alim who has infinite knowledge of all things
2:30  For once Allah made a proclamation, to the angels of a great event; He said to them: "I am inducting a Vicegerent* on earth." The angels said: "Will You assign the earth to someone who shall make mischief therein, create discord and shed blood, while we adore Your Eternal Name and to You we express our feelings of warm approbation and extoll Your glorious attributes!" "But I am," said Allah, "AL-'Alim, Who knows what you do not know."
2:31  Then, He created Adam; Foreknowing that he would be destined to inhabit the earth, Allah imparted to him knowledge of all the names denoting members of all classes of beings and objects, the animate and the inanimate, the material and the immaterial. He then presented them to the angels, saying: "Give Me the designations of all that I imparted to Adam if you are declaring the truth."
2:32  "Glory to Your Name," the angels said, "but the sum of what we know lies only in the range of the information and knowledge You imparted to us. You are indeed AL-'Alim and AL-Hakim (the Source of wisdom)."
2:33  Then Allah said to Adam: "Tell them, Adam, of the designations and the destined purposes of all imparted to you." and when Adam did , Allah said to the Angels: "Did I not tell you that I am AL-'Alim of all that is unknown in the heavens and on earth and of all you declare and of all you tried to conceal!"
2:34  There and then We said to the angels: "Prostrate yourselves to Adam in adoration." The angels prostrated to Adam in admiration except Iblis who declined with inordinate self-esteem. He was a disobedient rebel
2:35  We created from Adam his mate* who was mated to his design and said to him: "O Adam, make abode you and your wife in Paradise and eat as you will and wherever you will, it is all replete with choice of all delights, but do avoid this particular tree, keep off it and do not draw near it lest you both be wrongful of actions."
2:36  But through envy and hatred did Iblis, take delight in the portraiture of lawless passion and succeed in tempting them both to commit themselves to what they failed to realize would be an evil line of conduct that they ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree. With the prospect of pleasure and advantage of inciting them to evil, -AL-Shaytan- precipitated their ejection from the state of supreme bliss. In consequence, We said to them: "Upon Our command to all of you, We bring you down upon from this blissful state with mutual enmity toward each other, and you shall settle on earth for a predetermined point of time."
2:37  Prompted by the sense of guilt, Adam felt shame, but because guilt did not reside in the intention, Allah in mercy inspired him with a prayer for invoking His forgiveness, and in turn did Allah give up resentment against him and pardon his offence: it is He Who always accepts true repentance and the atonement made by the people, He is AL-Rahim
2:38  We said to them: "Go all of you from this blissful state, you are doomed to a lower state, and the earth shall be your state. And when it is decided that you shall receive directions thereon to guide you to the path of righteousness, then those steered by the spirit of truth into all truth shall have no ground for alarm nor shall fear or dread fall upon them nor shall they come to grief,"
2:39  "But those who choose to reject faith, denying Allah and His ordinances, refusing to recognise Our revelations and signs, shall be inmates of Hell, wherein they shall endure forever."
2:40  Oyou Bani Isra‘il: "render solemn acknowledgement of My divine favour and impel yourselves to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness to Me for the efficacious grace I conferred on you and keep the vow you rendered to Me so that I assert My vow to you, and regard Me with the profound reverence and awe dutiful to Me"
2:41  And be strongly disposed to believe in the Quran I have been revealing, corroborating and authoritatively validating the authentic AL-Tawrah, which you possess. Yet it is indeed incredible that you have received it with incredulity and, of all people of faith, you are the first to deny it and refuse to give it solemn recognition. Do not then exchange the truth of My revelations and My Prophet for the vanity of the fleeting and ephemeral world, and be careful not to come within the measure of My wrath nor neglect the profound reverence dutiful to Me"
2:42  "Nor irreverently mix up the truth guiding into all truth and poison it with what you forge of falsehood, nor conceal the truth when you know it conforms with fact and agrees with reality"
2:43  Pay reverence and veneration to Me, and duly engage in worship and give zakat (alms), for zakat is but a vehicle of prayer, and bow the knees with those who bow their knees to Me in reverence and adoration"
2:44  "Do you enjoin people to pay regard to what is just and right while you wilfully neglect to apply your hearts to wisdom and piety, when you peruse AL- Tawrah, and have knowledge of its text? Do you have no more sense than to indulge yourselves in vanity?"
2:45  "Resort to patience to possess your souls and have recourse to prayer, for more things are wrought by prayer, than this world dreams of, albeit that the practice of praying to Allah is viewed by people as involving labour and effort and is hard to accomplish, but not by those who humble themselves to Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues"
2:46  Who bear in mind, affirming with faith’s eye the certainty that they shall be in the venerable and revered Majestic presence of Allah, their Creator, and that they shall inevitably go back to Him"
2:47  O you Bani Israil: "Render solemn acknowledgement to My divine favour and impel yourselves to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness to Me for the efficacious grace I conferred on you and that I confined to you such prerogative as to be the chosen* for My mercy and blessings out of all people",
2:48  "And guard yourselves against the horror, the Day when no soul shall be allowed to pay the debt owed to Allah by another, nor shall humble intercession be accepted from any one on behalf of another, nor shall the equivalent in ransom pay for the expiation of the guilt of another nor shall any tutelary protector, other than Allah, be a very present help in the inevitable trouble"
2:49  Recall that We rescued you from tyranny and oppression suffered at the hands of the people of Pharaoh, who brutally slaughtered your sons and to serve their purpose they spared your women; this was indeed a severe but sure test of your actions and reactions echoing your true beliefs and the prevalent inclinations among you"
2:50  "And recall to the mind the big event of parting the sea to make a foot path for you across and We rescued you from the vengeful people of Pharaoh who pursued you, with malignancy and injurious action, and We drowned them before your eyes"
2:51  "Then We ordained the divine assignation for Mussa and arranged the place and the time where and when We would be exposed to his mental view and he was in audience of Us after the completion of exclusive religious devotion for fourty nights, and you became impatient and paid reverence and veneration to the calf which you regarded it as a godhead, characterizing yourselves by perversity of judgment and wrong actions"
2:52  "Yet We granted Mussa his prayer and extended to you Our mercy and forgiveness that you may hopefully impel yourselves to the feeling of gratitude"
2:53  "We gave Mussa the Book, the canon, illuminating the intellect and imparting the soundness of judgement in the choice of what is morally good, honest and straightforward, so that you may hopefully be guided into all truth"
2:54  "And that once when you idolised the calf and Mussa said to you: "My people, you have indeed characterised yourselves by perversity of judgement and perversed the divine command by idolising the calf, and this is an affront nothing but blood can expiate! Therefore, stand repentant in lowliest plight to Allah, your Creator, and slay the wrongful of action among you, then you will have pursued the acceptable course to Allah, your Creator." Yet Allah give up resentment against you and pardoned your offence; it is He Who always accepts true repentance and people’s atonement and He is AL-Tawab (the Relenting) and AL-Rahim
2:55  "Again you said to Mussa:" "We will not recognise your mission until we see Allah personally and perceive Him by sight." "There and then did heaven reverberate thunder against you and the fearful echoes thundered in your ears and with lightning did heaven strike you dead as you gazed your souls away"
2:56  "Then We revived you and the ambitious hopes which had seemed extinguished had been revived in your bosoms so that you may hopefully impel yourselves to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness"
2:57  "We overshadowed you with the clouds to protect you from the heat of the sun and We ordained that the heavens provision you with "AL Manna", the continual dew of Our blessed victuals, and with the quails, and We said: "Eat of the worthy victuals with which We provisioned you. " Yet these people were determined to defy Our authority; they did not actually wrong Us, but in fact it was themselves that they had wronged indeed"
2:58  "Remember that once We extended Our mercy to you redeeming you from the wilderness. We said to you: "Make entry into this town –AL-Quds- and eat as you will, wherever you will; it is all replete with choice of all delights and enjoy all that is wholesome and affords pleasure. Humble yourselves and bow your knees to Me as you go through the gate and let your bosoms surge forth and answer thanks. Express your thoughts in words invoking Me to relieve your hearts and unload your burden of sins. We will forgive your iniquities and reward those whose deeds are imprinted with wisdom and piety with what runs higher than what corresponds with their piety"
2:59  But the wrongful of actions had exchanged the virtuous spoken discourse authorized by heaven for the false discourse of their own making and in consequence did Heaven come upon them with a forcible impact of a torturing punishment in requital of their wickedness
2:60  "Recall to the mind that once when your people suffered thirst in the wilderness and Mussa prayed Us for water to slake their parched lips and quench their thirst and We said to him: "Strike the rock with your staff " and there gushed forth twelve springs and each tribe knew the spring belonging to them and then We said to them: "Eat and drink of the blessed victuals with which Allah has provisioned you and stop making mischief on earth and refrain yourselves from creating discord"
2:61  Again that once when you said to Mussa: "we cannot bear to eat always the same kind of food nor can we put up with it, and so beseech Allah, your Creator, on our behalf to make the soil produce for us what it vegetates of its verdure and of its cucumber, its garlic and lentils and of its onions. "Displeased as he was, Mussa said: "Will you people exchange the worthy and wholesome food for the food of the lower quality! " "If this be your wish, then leave Sinai and go down to a town and you will come to have what you asked for". There and then were they stamped with humiliation and misery and came within the measure of Allah's wrath. This was in the train of their denial of Allah's revelations and signs demonstrating Omnipotence and Authority and of bringing death unjustifiably upon the Prophets of their own nation. Such vices were a sequel to the disobedience natural to them that it drew after it their addiction to transgression
2:62  Nonetheless, those who are disposed to believe in the Prophets who dated far back into the past, and those who profess Judaism and the Christians, the various sects of the Sabeites or Mendaites and of the Sabians, and those who fall in line with the Prophet Muhammad, whoever believes in Allah, His Oneness, Uniqueness, Sameness, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Ultimate Authority and acknowledges the truth of Resurrection and Judgment and whose deeds are imprinted with wisdom and piety, shall Heaven reward them all for their homage thereto. No fear nor dread shall fall upon them nor shall they come to grief
2:63  "Also, recall to the mind that once when you camped at the foot of the Mount and heaven thundered and the awe –inspiring- echoes thundered in your ears as We entered with you into a covenant and We stabilized the Mount above you when it shook with such fits of awe for the profound reverence dutiful to Allah, and We said: "Adhere to all that We have imparted to you AL-Tawrah and observe the code of discipline and body of regulations and hold them in esteem and hold to your promise, pay attention and regard to it and be mindful of Our commandments so that you may hopefully entertain the profound reverence dutiful Allah"
2:64  " Thus still you have been disobedient, and had it not been for Allah's efficacious grace and mercy abounding in you, you would have incurred privation and suffered a great loss"
2:65  You knew those of you who broke the Sabbath We set apart for rest and worship, and you defiled yourselves with sin and so did heaven lay your transgression to your charge and decreed that you be monkeyfied and your monkey-like character and behaviour be viewed with contempt, and that you be despised and rejected of men"
2:66  Such fateful attribute We ascribed to them was intended to serve as an example to their contemporaries and to those who would follow, as well as a caution to those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah
2:67  Also, that once when Mussa said to his people: "Allah commands you to sacrifice a cow". They said to Mussa: "Are you trying to make us the object of a practical joke?" Mussa said: "Allah forbid that I be a simpleton"
2:68  They said to Mussa: "Beseech Allah, your Creator, to point out to us the kind of cow". Mussa said: Allah says: "It is a cow neither old nor young but in an intermediate stage and now Allah has commanded and you shall have to obey"
2:69  Again they said: "Beseech Allah, your Creator, on our behalf to indicate to us its colour". Mussa said: Allah says: "It is a vivid yellow cow particularly attractive to beholders"
2:70  Again they said to Mussa: "Beseech Allah, your Creator, on our behalf to specify the characteristic features of the cow since to us all cows are alike, and Allah willing we will be able to find the cow meeting the said features"
2:71  Mussa said: "Allah says it is a cow that has not been used in ploughing the land nor watering the fields, a cow free of all physical defects." There and then they said to Mussa: "Now you have brought us the truth," and they slaughtered the cow in sacrifice in spite of hesitation though they almost did not
2:72  "And you slew a man and the case was wrapped in mystery and you all tried to absolve yourselves of the blood guilt, but Allah would not permit it and He exposed the truth which you tried to conceal."
2:73  Their and then We commanded Mussa to say to you: "Strike the corpse with a piece of the heifer’s carcass," and there the man was brought to life only for as long as he made known in a supernatural manner, the name of the man who had killed him. Thus, Allah exhibits His unlimited power to effect what He will, in any manner He will and to resurrect all the dead when He will. He displays to you His signs and His marvels demonstrating Omnipotence and Authority so that you may hopefully comprehend and lift to Him your inward sight
2:74  "Thereafter, with all the blessings and mercy Allah extended to you, your hearts have been as hard as stone or even harder. In fact, among massive stones are some from which rivers gush out flowing copiously, others split to allow water to flow in streams and others shake with such fits of awe, shaking and splitting into atoms for the profound reverence dutiful to Allah is not unaware of all you do"
2:75  O Muslims do you really expect that Ahl al-Kitab (the Jews) would accept or believe or fall in line with you when some of them (the rabbi) comprehended the word of Allah and His precepts represented in AL-Tawrah and perverted the truth with falsehood?
2:76  When they meet the true believers face to face they declare that they have conformed their will to Allah’s. And when they are with their like-minded companions they are reprehended for conversing with the Muslims on Muhammad's mission documented in AL-Tawrah previously when assenting to this truth is against their interest; They say to them: "Do you reveal to the Muslims knowledge Allah entrusted to us so that they use it against us in the venerable, Majestic presence of Allah, your Creator; Have you no sense as to exercise the faculty of reason?"
2:77  Do they not know that Allah knows what they exchange secretly or whisper and what they suggest secretly and all feelings stored in their hearts, and He is well acquainted with all they utter out loud
2:78  Among them are illiterates who do not know the precepts nor the mandates according with AL-Tawrah’s texts; they only know what the demagogic rabbi had purposed, and the knowledge they imparted was wholly infested with falsehood yielding only false hopes vested with ignorance and illiteracy, thus affording conjecture
2:79  In cconsequence, woe upon those who reproduce Allah’s Book by wording it differently in a demagogic way, distorting meanings and relating them to Allah in order to exchange the truth for the vanity of the fleeting and ephemeral world. Woe betide them for their wrongful and unclean hands, they shall be miserable as a result of their sinful iniquities
2:80  They say: "Fire will not touch us but for a certain number of days". Say to them, O Muhammad: "Was that a promise Allah made to you granting you future security against vindication and in consequence you are relieved, knowing that Allah never breaks His promise! Or do you relate to Allah a world in a grain of sand or a heaven in a wild flower and your comfort flows from ignorance?"
2:81  Truly you people take liberties to impudently assume Allah. Indeed, the inequitable have guilt residing in their intention, and wrongful actions beset them on all sides, their punishment shall be commensurate with their deeds, and such persons are the inmates of Hell wherein they shall last forever
2:82  Whereas the faithful, of wise and pious deeds, shall rejoice beyond a common joy; they shall be welcomed into gardens of bliss and surpassing beauty wherein they will have passed through nature to Eternity
2:83  Again, We entered into a Covenant with Bani Isra‘il, thus: “You worship no one but Allah,” We said, “and adore Him with appropriate rites and commit your parents to your kind care and express a friendly and kind disposition to your kindred, the orphans and the poor and talk to people with eloquence and forbearance and engage in worship and give zakat for zakat is but a vehicle of prayer.” Yet you counselled deaf and paid no attention, with exception of a few who opened their hearts’ ears and heeded Our ordinance
2:84  Again, We entered into another Covenant declaring thus: "Do not shed your own blood", We said, "nor expel each other from your dwellings," and you sanctioned it and bore witness to its validity as stated in your own AL-Tawrah
2:85  Yet again you ignore the principles you supported and you kill each other and expel some of your own people from their homes and you ally yourselves with their enemies in sin and transgression against the divine law and moral principles. When some of them fall into captivity you revert to the principles in AL-Tawrah and redeem them, albeit the same principles forbid you to shed your own blood nor to expel each other from your homes. Do you people credit part of the Book upon the ground of Allah’s Authority and discredit part upon the ground of your authority? Indeed, he who adopts this line of conduct shall suffer for his offence; he shall be lost to shame here. Such persons shall be delivered to the abyss with its torrential scorching and roaring flames Hereafter; they shall suffer torment and be put to torture; and Allah is not unaware of what you do
2:86  These people, O Muhammad, have exchanged the Hereafter for here below, with gazes fixed upon the world and its vanities; their suffering shall never abate nor shall their excruciating pain be mitigated nor can anyone help them out of their misery
2:87  You, Bani Isra‘il, know that We gave Mussa AL-Tawrah and We sent other Prophets sequentially: We sent ‘Isa (Jesus), son of Maryam, with clear revelations and signs guiding out of darkness and superstition of later times and out of want of spiritual and intellectual vision into illumination and enlightenment, and We supported him by giving him countenance by the Holy Spirit. Yet is it not indeed incredible that as often as a Prophet is sent to you with divine principles not to your taste, you become extravagant in your account of yourselves and display inordinate self-confidence? Some you renounce and some you accuse of assuming false character, and others you kill or you conspire their death
2:88  They say to you, O Muhammad: "Our hearts’ ears are deaf, and our hearts treasure every branch of divine knowledge and wisdom that we can no longer absorb." The fact is Allah has cursed them for their irreverence and impiety. How their faith in Allah is shaken
2:89  When a Book was presented to them from Heaven, a Book , a treasure purposed to this life and life beyond, corroborating AL-Tawrah, they refused to accept it although it clearly foretold the Prophet Muhammad's coming; an event they had always been expecting and at times wishing it be hastened on to help them get the upper hand in argument and gain advantages in arguments and victories in wars over those who deny Allah. Yet when the prophesy was fulfilled and the Prophet Muhammad came with the Quran, they refused to acknowledge the truth of his mission. Consequently, Allah has consigned those who deny Him to misery and their homes shall be cursed
2:90  How worthless is the price they received for selling their souls to immorality and wickedness, inequitably rejecting the truth received from Allah guiding into all truth; a defying impiety induced by transgression -natural to them- and by base envy reflecting sincere hatred upon those whom Allah Has mercifully granted, the prerogative of Prophethood, an unreachable excellence. There and then they came again within the measure of Allah's wrath and incurred wrath upon wrath, and the punishment is humiliating to those who deny Allah and ignore His commands
2:91  And when they are told to acknowledge the statutes Allah has imparted to the Prophet Muhammad, the last of Allah’s Messengers carrying the enacted law entrusted by Allah, they say: "We only acknowledge what has been imparted to us," and they deny and renounce all else when they know the truth validating AL- Tawrah. Say to them, O Muhammad: "Why then did you slay Allah’s Prophets in the past if your hearts are truly faithful?"
2:92  Mussa came to you in earlier times with clear revelations and signs guiding out of darkness and superstition of later times and out of want of spiritual and intellectual vision into illumination and enlightenment, yet in his absence, you paid reverence and veneration to the calf and committed yourselves to evil conduct and wrong behaviour
2:93  And Recall when you camped at the foot of Mount and heaven thundered and the awe inspiring echoes thundered in your ears as We entered with you into a Covenant and We stabilized the mountain above you when it shook with such fits for the profound reverence dutiful to Allah and We said: "Adhere to all that We have imparted to you in AL-Tawrah and observe and esteem the code of discipline and regulations, hold to your promise, pay attention and regard". And your people said: "We have opened our hearts' ears " But their actions did not accord to their words. They impiously took the calf and drank with delight, to tame their wicked feelings. Say to them, O Muhammad: "If these are the principles of your faith steering your course of action, then how worthless is your apprehension of divine truth and system of religious belief, if you truly represent yourselves as people of faith?"
2:94  Say to them, O Muhammad: "If you truly believe in eternal bliss, excluding all else then wish yourselves dead if you declare the truth"
2:95  But never shall they wish their death because of what their wrongful hands have committed; and Allah knows the wrongful well
2:96  You shall find them, O Muhammad, of all people, the most eager, for longevity, even more than the Pagans, none of them aims for the grave but would rather be entangled in the web of life for a thousand years. But nothing shall alter his punitive destiny even if he is carried through the stealing steps of age to this desired advanced life span, and Allah is Bassirun (Omnipresent): He sees all that they do
2:97  Say to them, O Muhammad: they must realize he who defies Jibril (Gabriel), it is he who imparts the Quran to your consciousness with Allah’s Authority, corroborating AL-Tawrah and carrying the torch of truth guiding into all truth, inspiring those with faithful hearts with blissful tidings
2:98  He who defies Allah, His angels, His Prophets, Jibril and Mikhail, must realise that Allah is at enmity with those who deny Him and deny those who serve Him
2:99  We have imparted to you, O Muhammad, clear Quranic revelations guiding away from want of spiritual and intellectual vision into illumination and enlightenment, and none refuses to acknowledge them but the perverse depraved and faithless
2:100  Is it not the case that when they make a promise to you, O Muhammad and to others before you, some of them always break it? In fact, most of them are faithlessly disposed
2:101  And when the prophesy in the authentic AL-Tawrah was fulfilled and the Prophet Muhammad arrived carrying the final message from Allah with the Quran validating AL-Tawrah, some of them shut their eyes to the prophesy ignoring their own Book which conforms to the will of Allah and turned their backs upon it as if they were never aware
2:102  And they pursued vanity and neglected religion; they were attracted to characteristics befitting AL-Shayatin who attributed Sulayman's (Solomon) prerogative of Prophethood and power to the art of sorcery and occult qualities; a defying impiety and a serious offence for which Sulayman was innocent. In fact it was the blasphemers who defied Allah. They taught people necromancy which they practised through contact with evil spirits and through the knowledge they acquired from revelations imparted to the two angelic Babylonians Harut and Marut. But Harut and Marut made it clear that their art was a source of temptation and an incitement to evil and they cautioned against indulgence as it meant defiance to Allah. Yet those blasphemers pursued the evil aspect of this art using those spirits to sow discord between husband and wife and other similar evil acts. Nonetheless no one suffers harm unless divinely predetermined. They applied themselves to learning the art which inflicts harm upon them and they derive no profit from it. Yet they knew that he who engages in sorcery for vice shall have no bliss of the Hereafter; how worthless was the price they received for selling their own souls to immorality and wickedness if they only knew
2:103  Had they truthfully believed in Allah and entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Him, Allah would have been their hope and His mercy and blessings would have been far better than what they lost if they only knew
2:104  O you, faithful believers: Do not address the Prophet in Hebrew disrespectfully. Do not say "Ra’ina" when you desire His attention, instead say, "‘Unzurna" or turn your attention directing your eye upon us; and those who defy Allah shall endure torture
2:105  Neither the faithless of Ahl al-Kitab who defy Allah nor the Pagans wish that you receive Allah’s mercy and blessings, but Allah extends His mercy to whom He will. He is the source of sufficient grace abounding in whom He will and of the efficacious grace effecting ends
2:106  They question, O Muhammad, the wisdom of abrogation in certain circumstances. None of Our revelations or signs, secondary in character, do We terminate, but We replace it with a better or equivalent substitute; do you not know that Allah is Qadirun (Omnipotent) to effect all things
2:107  Do you not know that the Sovereign Authority and the supreme control of the heavens and earth resides with Allah, and besides Him you people have no guardian nor can any one afford you help
2:108  Or do you people wish to challenge your Prophet to produce supernatural acts as Mussa was challenged to perform earlier by his contemporaries who demanded to see Allah personally? Indeed, he who exchanges Faith for disbelief will have wronged himself and wandered from the path of righteousness
2:109  Many of Ahl al-Kitab wish they could turn you renegades, a desire induced by base envy reflecting sincere hatred for you people who have conformed to Islam, even though they have recognized the truth. Nevertheless, forgive them and do not entertain them with antagonistic thoughts until Allah circumstances matters of fact in His own manner and His command comes to pass. Allah is indeed Qadirun over all in all
2:110  And participate in the act of divine worship, giving zakat, for zakat is but a vehicle of prayer, and whatever you advance of piety toward future security, you shall find preserved in heaven’s realm. Allah is Bassirun (Omnipresent): He sees all that you do
2:111  And in their way of thinking they say: "No one shall be admitted to Paradise and enjoy the bliss and surpassing beauty of the Hereafter but he who conforms to Judaism or Christianity". This is the imagination.they entertain Say to them, O Muhammad: "Produce your convincing evidence if you declare the truth!"
2:112  But it is only he who gives a good impression to Allah, serving His purpose with wise and pious deeds: who shall find a pleasing reward in heaven’s realm and no fear or dread shall fall upon him nor shall he come to grief
2:113  And yet the Jews say: "The Christians are prone to a system not based upon truth." And the Christians say: "The Jews rely on a religion without the groundwork of truth, while both of them learn from the same Book." Without much knowledge of the Book, the Pagans said this but Allah shall judge them in Day of Judgement* in matters concerning their variance
2:114  And who is more wrong-minded than he who blocks the way to places of divine worship by placing obstacles and intends to destroy them in attempt to prevent religious observance and to preclude the adoration of Allah's Eternal Name Such persons were not to enter these places except secretly, fearing for their life. They shall suffer disgrace and multiple humiliations here, and be put to the torture Hereafter
2:115  And to Allah belong the East with its four cardinal points where the sun rises and the West with its four cardinal points where the sun sets, and therefore to whichever point in the universe you turn you shall be in Allah's August Presence. Allah is Wasi’un (Omnipresent),and 'Alimun
2:116  And yet they say: "Allah has begotten a son." Glory be to Him, His glorious attributes extolled, but to Him all that exists in the heavens and earth belong to Him and all exercise a submissive reverence to His Authority
2:117  He is it Who generated the heavens and earth and when He ordains something He only says: "Be" and it is
2:118  And those who are so ignorant to know the truth vented their hearts, which are overflowing with the sense of sin, they said: “If only Allah would speak to us or display a sign evincing both Muhammad's Prophethood and integrity!” This much said those who preceded them who had similar natured hearts as those who succeeded them. Their thoughts are so base, pursuing vanity. We have expounded Our revelations and signs evincing both Omnipotence and Authority to people who lift to Allah their inward sight
2:119  We have sent you, O Muhammad, with the truth as a spectacle and a warning to all, and you shall not be responsible for those who are born to be fuel for the fires of Hell
2:120  In fact, neither the Jews nor the Christians shall be pleased with you, O Muhammad until you conform to their system of faith. Say to them: "Indeed it is only the course steered by Allah the one and only way that leads to the path of righteousness with Providence as the guide. And should you be tempted to follow their wishes, given the knowledge imparted to you, then do not expect Allah to maintain you under His tutelage"
2:121  Those people to whom We gave AL-Tawrah and AL-Injil, who read their Book with careful scrutiny in search of truth, shall recognize what really proceeded from Allah and what has been adulterated by base admixture of false glosses. Such persons shall comprehend the truth and accordingly honour the Quran. And he who refuses to acknowledge the truth proceeded from Allah shall be an inherent loser
2:122  O you Bani Isra‘il: "Render solemn acknowledgement of My divine favour and impel yourselves with the feeling of gratitude to Me for the efficacious grace I conferred upon you and that I confined you to such prerogative as to be chosen* out of all people for My mercy and blessings."
2:123  "Guard yourselves from the horror of the Day when no soul shall be allowed to pay the debt owed to Allah by another, nor shall the equivalent in ransom pay for the expiation of the guilt of one soul or another, nor shall humble intercession be accepted from anyone on behalf of another, nor shall any tutelary protector other than Allah be of any help in the inevitable trouble."
2:124  For once Allah tested Ibrahim with divine commands which Ibrahim had fulfilled. In response Allah said to him: "I have ordained to appoint you as the Imam, or religious leader, of mankind". "Will this apply to my descendants?" asked Ibrahim. "My appointment," said Allah, "is not designated to the wrong- minded."
2:125  We ordained the Sacred House -the Ka’ba- a safe retreat for people, that you Muslims take Ibrahim’s station where he performed the prescribed acts of devotion, as a place of prayer. And We committed Ibrahim and Isma‘il to cleanse My House from moral and spiritual defilement and to impart real sacredness upon it and ceremonially purify it for those who revolve in it in procession ,for those who retreat for religious observance, for those who kneel in supplication, prostrating mentally and willfully acknowledging Allah's Omnipotence, perfection and Authority, and those who prostrate their reason to divine revelation
2:126  Then Ibrahim made a devout and humble supplication to Allah to bless the city of Macca. He prayed: “I beseech You, Allah, my Creator, to make this city a safe retreat affording security and peace of mind. And provision its people with the earth’s kind fruits favouring those among them who believed in Allah and in Day of Judgement with hearts impressed with religious and spiritual virtues.” “Quite the contrary”, Allah said, “but also he who shall be denied the heaven's bliss I will satisfy in life. I make him hold and enjoy the same to a predetermined point, then I will drive him into Hell. How evil is his destiny!”
2:127  And as Ibrahim and Isma‘il were laying the foundation of the Sacred House they prayed: "O Allah, our Creator, accept this service from us. You are AL- Bassir with unlimited audition, AL-'Alim"
2:128  "And make out of both of us, O Allah, our Creator, two Muslims who conform their will to Yours and of our descendants a Muslim nation who conforms their will to Yours. And show us our rites and articles of our faith and the prescribed order of performing religious and other devotional services and turn to us in mercy; You are AL-Tawab (the Relenting),and AL-Rahim,(the Merciful)"
2:129  "And send in their midst, O Allah, our Creator, a Prophet from among them to recite Your revelations, to teach them the Book, to acquaint their hearts with wisdom and to impart sanctity unto them; You are AL-Aziz(Almighty),and AL- Hakim (the Source of wisdom.)"
2:130  Who would reject Ibrahim’s system of faith and worship but a deranged fool? We have conferred such a prerogative confined to him here, and he shall be among the virtuous and nearest to Allah Hereafter
2:131  When Allah said to him: "Conform your will to Mine", he answered: "I vow to resign myself to Allah, Creator of the universe, and conform my will to His blessed will"
2:132  There and then Ibrahim bequeathed this rich legacy to his sons as later did his grandson Ya’qub (Jacob); they both enjoined their sons to the same belief. "O my Sons", they said, "Allah has chosen for you a particular system of faith and worship, you are enjoined to observe and practice it, therefore, adhere to it so that when death lays its hands upon you, and you pass through his door you will have conformed your will to Allah's blessed will"
2:133  Or you people were present when Ya’qub lay on his deathbed and you testify that he enjoined his sons to adhere to a system of faith other than Islam? In fact, you knew well that on his deathbed Ya’qub gathered his sons and said to them: "Whom shall you worship after I have departed life?" they said: "We will pay reverence to Allah, your Allah, the Ilah of your fathers, Ibrahim, Isma‘il and Ishak (Isaac), One Ilah to Whom we display our devotion and adoration by appropriate acts and rites conforming our will to His blessed wil"l
2:134  These were a people who passed through nature to Eternity; they are accountable for their deeds and you are accountable for yours, and you shall not be responsible for their deeds
2:135  Yet once more Ahl Al-Kitab explicitly say: "Be Jews or Christians, and thus be guided into all truth". Say to them, O Muhammad: "But rather the religion of Ibrahim as the true and straightforward, and his system of faith and worship; never did he incorporate with Allah other deities"
2:136  O Muslims, declare thus: "We believe in Allah and in all that has been imparted to us and in the Quran and in all that was imparted to Ibrahim and Isma‘il, Ishaq and Ya’qub and to the tribes of his twelve sons and to Mussa and ‘Isa. And we believe in all that was imparted to Allah’s Prophets; We do not discriminate between them and we conform our will to His blessed will; He is the heart of our purpose
2:137  So, if they faithfully espouse the same system of faith, worship and principles as you, then the spirit of truth has guided them into all truth, but if they should turn a deaf ear then they are at variance, and Allah’s blessings, like a beacon, shall guard you from their inequities; He is AL-Sami’(all- Hearing),and AL-'Alim
2:138  Say to them: "If your baptism symbolises purification and initiation, then who can confer a better spiritual baptism than Allah .He is the heart of our purpose and to His blessed will we submit ours"
2:139  Say to them, O Muhammad: "Do you dispute the definitive action Allah chooses for His message when He is Our Creator and we are all accountable for our deeds! Our hearts surge up and answer sincere thanks to Him"
2:140  Or do you claim that Ibrahim and Isma‘il, Ishak and Ya’qub and the Tribes were Jews or Christians when you know that AL-Tawrah and AL-Injil were sent down to Mussa and ‘Isa, founders of Judaism and Christianity? Do you know better than Allah, AL-Sami’ and AL-’Alim? Who is more wrongful than he who hides an attestation from Allah? Allah is not unaware of all you do
2:141  These were a people who have passed through nature to Eternity; they are accountable for their actions and you are accountable for yours, and you shall not be responsible for their deeds
2:142  And the fool among the people, were excited by the perception of an unexpected and inexplicable, bewildering event, so they began to speak their thoughts; they said: "What made the Muslims change their Qiblah, the direction to which they turn at prayer?" Say to them, O Muhammad: "To Allah belong the East with its four cardinal points where the sun rises and the West with its four cardinal points where the sun sets; He guides whom He will to the path of righteousness.."
2:143  Thus We made an ‘Umma (nation) of you Muslims with balanced reason so that you be witnesses of peoples’ actions characterizing their rival systems. The Prophet would be a witness of your actions, and your deeds are a witness of your worth. We initially established AL-Quds as the Kiblah toward which you, Muhammad, turned in prayer distinguishing those who obey the Prophet and exposing the disobedient who turn on their heels, reversing their position. This was hard on those with the rich legacy of Ibrahim before them but they bowed to Providence as their guide. Allah was not going to annul your religious and spiritual virtues, for Allah displays kindness to those who serve Him and those who do not: His mercy is extended to all
2:144  We have seen you, O Muhammad, turning your face skyward in expectation of something desired, hopeful of a change relative to Ibrahim, leader of mankind. Thus, We will appoint a Kiblah for you to meet your expectation. Therefore, wherever you may be, turn your face in prayer toward the Sacred Mosque, the Ka’ba at Macca. As for Ahl Al-Kitab, they know this to be the truth from Allah, their Creator, and Allah is not unaware of all they do
2:145  If you, Muhammad, were to present Ahl Al-Kitab with signs evincing your Prophethood and Allah’s Omnipotence and Authority, they shall never follow your Kiblah nor shall you follow theirs, nor shall they follow each other’s Qiblah, and should you be tempted to follow their vain wishes given the knowledge imparted to you, then you will miss the path of righteousness and indeed be wrong
2:146  In fact, Ahl Al-Kitab received the Scriptures from Us foretelling all present events. They know the truth of your mission very well. They know of the Quran and the Qiblah and assert their existence as much as their sons’ identity, but some of them hide the evident truth
2:147  But the truth has proceeded to you, O Muhammad, from Allah, your Creator, therefore do not permit their false assertions to cause you doubt and anxiety
2:148  Every one, individually or in a group, justifying faith as a conviction operative on the character and will, is distinguished by attributes characterizing him or the group with a particular aim or goal. Or with a Kiblah meeting his or their expectations and may or may not be based on spiritual apprehension of divine truths past or present. This must not be the cause inducing you people to contend against each other. The cause for which you should be ready to contend to your life's end is good will and deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety. One day, wherever you may be, shall Allah bring you all together to His venerable Majestic presence; He is indeed Qadirun over all things
2:149  And whenever you, Muhammad, depart from a place, turn your face at prayer toward the Sacred Mosque, for it is indeed the truth proceeding from Allah, your Creator, and Allah is not unaware of all that you do
2:150  Again, whenever you depart from a place, always turn your face at prayer toward the Sacred Mosque and wherever you people may be, inside or outside, turn your faces at prayer to ward it, so that you people do not stand at the mark of criticism by others except by the wrongful. Do not fear them but fear and revere Me so that I may bestow My favour upon you, and you may be guided into all truth
2:151  Even as We sent to you people a Prophet from among you to recite to you Our revelations, and impart sanctity, teach you the Book and acquaint your hearts with wisdom and with what you did not knew intellectually nor spiritually
2:152  Therefore, bear Me in mind with reverence so that I bear you in mind and impel yourselves with gratitude. And do not be callous with hearts barren of faith
2:153  O you who believe with faithful hearts: seek consolation in patience and in prayer and draw your souls close to Allah. Allah upholds the patient who endure trouble with calmness and composure, showing forbearance under provocation, bearing with others their faults and limitations and showing constancy in labour and effort
2:154  Do not consider the martyrs in Allah’s cause to be dead. They carried truth’s banners against odds and have acquired the glorious privilege of martyrdom through resisting shedding blood with spiritual armour. Do not say, "They are dead", for they are alive in heaven's realm but your senses do not perceive this fact
2:155  We will afflict you with some disagreeable events and misfortunes to test your faith’s qualities. We will make you experience fear, hunger and loss of wealth and lives, and a diminished yield in the earth’s fruits. But announce, O Muhammad, blissful tidings to the patient and constantly persevering, unwearied in the face of difficulties and hindrances
2:156  Who lift to Allah their inward sight when befallen with a misfortune or a calamity, expressing themselves thus: "We belong to Allah and to Him shall we return"
2:157  These are the recipients of Allah's efficacious grace, on whom Allah, their Creator, has conferred His blessings and mercy. Providence guides them into all truth
2:158  Behold, the mounts of Safa and Marwa in Macca, long-time objects of superstition to the idolaters, are in fact territorial divinities. Therefore, he who goes on AL-Hajj (pilgrimage) to the Sacred Mosque or on the minor Hajj, the ‘Umra, incurs no blame to go round in procession, and he who offers of his own accord to perform this virtuous rite shall find Allah responsive to pious actions. Indeed, Allah acknowledges what is esteemed a worthy deed; He is 'Alimun
2:159  Indeed, those who conceal the knowledge of the clear signs and revelations guiding out of darkness and superstition of later times and from want of spiritual and intellectual vision into mental illumination and enlightenment have come within the measure of Allah's wrath. They have earned the curse of Allah and of the angels and of the pious whose curse damages the accused; their own homes shall be cursed
2:160  But such misfortune would be cancelled for those who repent, make amends and declare the truth. Such persons shall come in My grace. I will pardon their offence. It is I who accept true repentance and people’s atonement. I am AL- Rahim
2:161  Those denying Allah, and rejecting the Faith, who died captivated in disbelief, had come within the measure of Allah's wrath. Such persons have earned the curse of Allah, the angels and of mankind
2:162  Such a curse of divine wrath and malignant fate shall follow them like their shadow until the day when they are dragged in chains into Hell, confined with shackles and put to unrelenting torment nor shall their punishment be put in respite
2:163  Your Allah is One Ilah; there is no Ilah but Him, AL-Rahman and AL-Rahim
2:164  The creation of the heavens and the earth, the constant alternation symbolizing night and day, the ships sailing and navigating for transport ,the rain* Allah sends down from the floor of heaven’s vault where He revives the earth after suffering death**, and what He scattered over it of animate beings, in addition to the air circulating in various directions with varying degrees of weight and pressure and the clouds** floating at various heights in the upper air, circulating in servitude between the vault of heaven and earth; are indeed signs with prodigies emblematic of Omnipotence and Authority, sensed by those who reflect
2:165  Yet among people are those who equal with Allah deities haunting their imagination and regard them with the same affection and devotion dutiful only to Allah. But those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand maintain Allah in the inmost affection of their hearts and reverence Him with true and affectionate devotion and consider Him the principle of their existence, the heart of their purpose and their Ultimate end. And if only the wrongful of actions could visualize the torture awaiting them, they would realize that to Allah belongs all power, and that Omnipotence is asserted as His own; He punishes severely
2:166  Then those who were authoritatively followed would declare their innocence distinguishing themselves from those who followed their path. No sooner do they perceive the penalty imposed for the evil wrought by want of thought,than the ties of their common belief would have been severed
2:167  Then those adherent disciples who followed would say: "If only we could have the chance to go back to life below we would withdraw their worldly interests and renounce them and their errors as they have renounced us Hereafter." Thus does Allah show them that their evil deeds now represent nothing but the trappings of woe and never shall they be released from Hell
2:168  O you people, eat of what is on earth. It is replete with choice of all delights, and enjoy all purity, lawfulness and wholesomeness and not what is forbidden. Do not follow AL-Shaytan’s footsteps nor walk in the footsteps of those with characteristics befitting AL-Shaytan; he is indeed your avowed enemy
2:169  He incites you and commands your sympathy to commit yourselves to an evil line of conduct and to disregard the horror of immorality, besides relating to Allah claims you know not to be true or false
2:170  And when the unbelievers are told to recognize Allah’s revelations consenting to them, they say: "We only lean on our fathers system of faith and worship." But how will it be if their fathers lacked sound Judgement in choosing means and ends and miss the path of righteousness
2:171  Their negative response to the Prophet fits exactly the example of the cattle’s response to the herdsman urging them forward: either of them can hear only the utterance but none of them can intelligently distinguish between shades of meaning nor perceive value differences; deaf, dumb and blind, they cannot claim the discourse with their intellect
2:172  O you who believe with faithful hearts: eat the worthy foods, We provisioned you, and impel yourselves to gratitude to Allah, if indeed it is He Whom you worship
2:173  He only forbids you to eat the flesh of a dead beast, and blood, the flesh of swine and the flesh of a beast slaughtered under the invocation of a name other than Allah’s. But under compelling circumstances, not through wilful disobedience and transgression, shall Allah relax the status of a sin incurred; Allah is indeed Ghafurun (Forgiving),and Rahimun
2:174  Those who keep others from the knowledge of Allah’s clear revelations in AL-Tawrah and exchange the truth for the worthless vanity of the ephemeral world, simply consume nothing but fire in their bellies. Allah shall ignore them in Day of Judgement, He shall not absolve them from guilt nor from notorious crimes and they shall be put to torment
2:175  These are the ones who have been steered by false beliefs and exchanged Providence's guidance to the path of righteousness for the perplexed path in a maze, and forgiveness and mercy for torment and torture; how persistent they are in their struggle to cast themselves to Hell
2:176  Such a destiny they incurred is simply the consequence of their negative response to the Book of virtues Allah revealed in truth and sincerity, and those who disputed its precepts have set themselves at variance, unable to mend this discord
2:177  Conformity of life and conduct in divine law for righteous living does not simply mean turning your faces at prayer toward the east or the west, but it entails adherence to principles serving as the basis of Allah’s system of faith and worship. It entails that you believe in Allah and in the Day of Judgement with faithful hearts, that you entertain with profound reverence the belief on ground of Authority in Allah’s, spiritual beings, attendants and Messengers, that you solemnly consent to Allah’s Books revealed to His Prophets and to the Prophets themselves, that you spend of your wealth in benevolence and benefaction on the poor among your kindred, on the orphans, on those in need and on the wayfarer who has no means of transportation, on those who make a request for aid in times of difficulty or distress and on redeeming and setting free servants who are completely divested of freedom and personal rights, that you engage in the act of appropriate worship, that you give zakat for zakat is the vehicle of prayer, that you fulfil the promise when you make one and that you exercise patience when befallen with a misfortune and the distress of warfare against enemies. These are the ones who have characterized themselves with virtuous qualities and stand true in Allah’s honour and these are the ones who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
2:178  O you who believe with faithful hearts, a prescriptive rule for retaliation is decreed for you to observe in the case of wilful murder as thus: a free man enjoying civil liberty for a free man enjoying civil liberty, a servant divested of freedom and personal rights for a slave with identical circumstances, a woman for a woman of the same social position. But if a brother (co-religionist) is in a position to forgive, then forgiveness should go hand in hand with sound Judgement and the demands should be agreeable to reason as judged appropriate to the circumstances. And the blood guilty should answer the demand in good will, with liberality and generosity. This is an admission of relaxation advanced by Allah, your Creator, in mercy to you. But he who transgresses thereafter shall be put to the torment
2:179  O you people of understanding, you have a bond in the law of retaliation with restraining force putting a check on wilful murder, redressing grievances, and conferring on you protection and security, that you may hopefully lift to Allah your inward sight and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
2:180  A prescriptive rule is decreed when you feel death approaching and he possesses useful, exchangeable valuables he shall leave behind, then he shall bequeath part of it equitably to the parents and next of kin. This is an obligation for those who are dutiful and revere Allah
2:181  If the will was not committed to writing but the intention was expressed verbally, then the auditor or auditors who change the deceased's equitable and just intention shall incur a deadly sin; Allah is Sami’un (with unlimited audition), and ’Alimun
2:182  But he who believes the testator has wronged without guilty intentions or if the testator’s motives were selfish and unjust and tries to redress the wrong and bring peace among those concerned, he shall incur no sin; Allah is Ghafurun and Rahimun
2:183  O you who believe with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues: the prescriptive rule of fasting is decreed for you to observe as it was observed by those who came before you in time, so that you may entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah and lift to Him your inward sight
2:184  It is a religious observance that lasts for a fixed number of days. But those of you who are sick or proceeding on a journey shall compensate the fast by the same number of days at a later date. As for those who experience hardship caused by fasting, they appease Allah by expiation of feeding an indigent. Nonetheless, he who voluntarily offers to commit good shall find benevolence and benefaction indeed rewarding; and if you are able to fast, it profits you, if only you knew
2:185  Ramadan is the month of fasting during which the Quran’s poignant disclosure was revealed to guide people into all truth; its clear revelations guide out of darkness and superstition and eliminate want of spiritual and intellectual vision into illumination and mental enlightenment, and its precepts are the standard to judge right or wrong. Therefore, he who grasps sight of the birth of the moon shall begin to fast. But he who is sick or proceeding on a journey shall fast the same number of days at a later time. Allah purposes to put you at ease and not make you experience discomfort. He wants you to complete the course of fasting so that you praise Allah and extol His glorious attributes for His guidance to the path of righteousness and that you may hopefully impel yourselves to feel gratitude
2:186  Should My servants call upon you, O Muhammad, for informing them about My attributes, then emphatically express that I am in their immediate proximity; I respond favourably to the humble petitioner’s prayer when he addresses Me. But those who aim for My blessings are expected to raise their internal consciousness, responding favourably to My system of faith and worship and believe in Me with faithful hearts, that they may hopefully be guided to the path of righteousness
2:187  It is lawful for you to approach your wives if you will at night when not fasting following sunset, between breakfast and dawn. As fitting garments, you are mutual sources of comfort. Allah knows your instinct, a source of self- deceit, and in His infinite mercy He gave up resentment toward you and pardoned your offence. Therefore, now you may feel free to approach them following the statutes ordained by Allah with pure hearts and minds, and you may eat and drink until you can distinguish between the black thread of night and the silver streak of dawn, and thenceforth you fast until darkness prevails at the close of daylight. refrain at all times from intimacy and emotions exciting your carnal desire While in retreat in the mosques exercising religious devotion. These are the limitations imposed by Allah, therefore, confine yourselves within them. Thus, Allah expresses His revelations to people with distinct apprehension of all involved, so that they may hopefully learn self-restraint in reverence dutiful to Him
2:188  And do not usurp others’ possessions unlawfully and present bribes to their judges to sway their discernment so that you sinfully devour a part of peoples’ possessions being aware of your evil doings
2:189  They call upon you, O Muhammad, to inform them about the new moons. Say to them: "It is one aspect of the varying appearances of the moon according to the extent of its luminosity indicating the point and passage of time in which the sequence of events take place in the material universe, and for estimating the point of time when AL-Hajj to Allah’s Sacred House is performed." You people must realize that it is not in conformity with conduct to the divine and moral law nor with righteous living that you irrationally enter the houses from the back doors, this is an irreligious notion*. It confers with divine and moral law to enter the houses from the front doors. And see that you lift to Allah your inward sight so that heaven may prosper you
2:190  And make the heart of your purpose to fight those who wage war against you in Allah’s cause, but do not initiate transgression; Allah dislikes those who go beyond the limits prescribed by Him
2:191  Kill them wherever you find them, and put them to death, and drive them out; since persecution for creed or opinion is worse than murder. But do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque unless they attack you there and if they do, then kill them, for such action receives invites commensurate consequences; the punishment of those who deny faith
2:192  But if they discontinue hostilities and conform their will to Allah's, then they shall find that Allah is indeed Ghafurun, and Rahimun
2:193  And fight them until persecution ends and agreement is reached and Allah's system of faith prevails, recognizing Allah and His control of destiny, His rightful claim to obedience, reverence and worship. Therefore, if they cease their hostilities and conform their will to Allah's will, then restrict your hostilities only to the oppressors
2:194  If they fight you during a sacred month, then retaliate during the sacred month, and breaking the solemn observances permits reciprocity. And if they transgress against you and break Allah's command, then lay their transgression to their charge and trespass against them to the same extent and revere Allah, and realize that He upholds those who restrain themselves in reverence to Him
2:195  And let reverence move you to spend in Allah’s cause and do not cast yourselves into ruin with your own hands, and imprint your deeds with wisdom and piety, for Allah likes those who perfect their illustrious toils and turn their thoughts on moral excellence and benevolence
2:196  And complete the rites of the pilgrimage and of the Umra ( minor pilgrimage) if you had started them unless your course has been obstructed by your enemies or you have fallen sick . Under the circumstances, you shall present whatever offering you can get with ease as a complement of your journey of devotion to Allah. And do not shave your heads or shorten your hair before the offering has reached its destination (the Sacred Mosque) and has been sacrificed and distributed among the poor. But in the web of these circumstances, the sacrifice is made where you are. And he who is sick or suffers an ailment of his scalp is absolved to change the order of succession; he may shave his head or shorten his hair before, providing he makes reparation for it; he may fast for three days (in the usual manner from the break of dawn till sunset) or feed six indigent persons or sacrifice an offering and distribute it among the poor. But under peaceful conditions, he who makes the minor pilgrimage (Umra) and wishes with contentment to remain in the holy precincts onward till pilgrimage, shall be obliged to present an offering such as he can afford. But if he cannot find the suitable object to offer or he does not have the means, then he shall fast three days while in Maccah and seven days on returning home, summing ten days in all. This is a duty incumbent only on him whose family does not reside within the environs of the ka'ba (Sacred Mosque). And regard Allah with veneration and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him and do realize that Allah punishes severely
2:197  The rites of the Hajj are observed during certain fixed, known months ending in the primary devotion of the first ten days of Zu AL-Hijja when Hajj to Ka’ba is made and chief rites are commonly observed. Therefore, he who takes upon himself to make Hajj, whether throughout the whole period or only at the end part of it, shall not engage in worldly matters until all religious devotional rites have been performed. No sexual congress, indecencies, nor wrangling are permitted during AL-Hajj, and whatever good deed you do shall come to Allah's knowledge. And fit out yourselves with what is necessary for the purpose, but the best provision indeed is piety, and revere Me, O you people of understanding
2:198  You are absolved to trade for livelihood betaking yourselves to Providence for His bounty. And when you throng back from Mount 'Arafat then praise Allah thankfully at the Sacred Mount –Muzdalifa- and thankfully extoll His glorious attributes for steering you to the path of righteousness although initially you were lost in the maze of error
2:199  And you people who fall short of performing AL- Hajj, of observing the final rites at Mount Muzdalifa instead of Mount 'Arafat through selfish motives, it is mandatory that you pour down from Mount 'Arafat from where people go the pace to spare the inconvenience, and invoke Allah's forgiveness; Allah is Ghafurun and Rahimun indeed
2:200  And when you have concluded your religious devotions and rites of AL- hajj, then praise Allah and extol His glorious attributes as you customarily praised your forefathers in pagan times, but Allah’s praises and glorious attributes should be extolled from one’s heart and innermost being. Nonetheless, among people are those whose thoughts are set upon the mundane of this world; they invoke Allah to bestow upon them life’s comforts to satisfy their enjoyment and content, and consequently never shall such persons have a share in the Hereafter
2:201  There are also others whose thoughts are upon both this world and the world to come. They invoke Allah to bestow upon them His efficacious grace here and Hereafter and to save their bodies and minds from suffering inflicted by the Fire
2:202  Such persons shall be apportioned the reward they merit for their deeds. Allah is swift indeed in executing the law
2:203  And exercise your minds in devotion and in meditation on three specific days following the conclusion of AL-Hajj when AL-Shaytan is pelted with stones in the valley of Mina. As this is optional, you incur no blame if you should leave Macca two days before or after the due date if you sincerely venerate Allah and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him and faithfully realize that to Him shall you be thronged
2:204  Among people there exists he who attracts you, drawing your interest and affection, and he conveys virtues of nature and to this end Allah is his witness, while in reality he is the worst adversary seeking to obtain his own end
2:205  When he turns his back and leaves or if he is in a position of influence over the conduct of others, he aims to exercise inherent mischief creating discord, and thus, reduces crops and cattle to ruins, contrary to Allah’s blessed word and ordinance Who detests physical and moral mischief
2:206  When he is told to revere Allah, he exaggerates displaying inordinate self confidence and is proud of inequity. This is he who best deserves malignancy and the abode in Hell, and how evil is the destination
2:207  Among people there is he who would gladly disavow the world in the cause of Allah, Who is the core of his purpose and the source of goodness, sympathy and kindness to His servants
2:208  O you people whose hearts truly believe, enter into friendly relations with one another and promote Allah’s requirement of peace and virtuous order and do not follow AL-Shaytan’s footsteps nor walk in the footsteps of those with AL- Shaytan’s characteristics; he is indeed your avowed enemy
2:209  And should you fall away from faith and practice or retreat into error after being guided into illumination and mental enlightenment, then you must realize that Allah is Azizun ( Almighty), and Hakimun (wisdom is one of His attributes) indeed
2:210  Do the unbelievers intend to wait until they distinctly perceive Allah and His angels descending, shaded under a canopy of clouds before they would conform to His blessed will? But when this matter comes to pass, the final Judgement will have been pronounced. To Him, the Ultimate Authority, all affairs, considered for decision, are submitted and executed here and in the Hereafter
2:211  Ask Bani Isra‘il, how many clear signs We imparted to them, signs guiding out of want of spiritual and intellectual vision into illumination and mental enlightenment! And he who distorts divine favour conferred upon him shall realize that Allah punishes severely
2:212  Life here has eluded the eyes and minds of those who embrace their irreverent conviction and speak in derision of the believers. But those who revere Allah shall be above them on the Day of Resurrection, distinguished with eminence. Allah provides livelihood and merits whom He will with the necessary means without measure
2:213  Mankind was a single ‘Ummah (Nation) of common descent occupying a definite territory. By natural generation, numbers multiplied and were scattered in various directions and became disunited emotionally and mentally. There and then Allah sent Prophets as a spectacle and warning to all. He equipped them with the Book of Truth guiding into all truth in order to judge between people regarding issues of reason. Yet those who disputed its precepts were the same who were given the Book (Ahl Al-Kitab) imparting enough signs guiding them into illumination and mental enlightenment. But they were no longer disposed to the truth due to their mutual enmity and malignant intention. Nonetheless, Allah will guide the truth-seeking believers to His path. Allah guides whom He will to the path of righteousness
2:214  Or did you people who conformed to Islam think you would qualify to reside in Paradise before enduring hardship and trials determining your real qualities of endurance and inclination, trials similar to your predecessors’ subjection! They were so stricken by misfortunes and calamities that they trembled and quaked in fear to the point that the Prophet himself and those in his line expressed their thoughts: "When shall Allah’s promised victory come to pass?" Allah’s assistance is indeed near; He is the relief for such persons when in trouble
2:215  They ask you, O Muhammad, what they should spend and to whose benefit. Say to them: spend in benevolence of whatever you righteously earned and regard the prior claims of family ties naturally owed to parents and kin and out of humanitarian duty owed to orphans and the needy and to those lacking means of transportation and journey on foot. And whatever divine deed you do shall come to Allah’s awareness
2:216  O you Muslims: as much as you dislike fighting, it is nonetheless, a prescriptive rule decreed as duty and moral obligation to defend your faith and to repel your enemy. It may happen that you dislike something and it proves beneficial to you and it may also happen that you like something and it proves harmful to you; Allah is Alimun but you are not
2:217  They call upon you, O Muhammad, for information and a reply relative to the question of fighting during the Sacred Month. Say to them: "Fighting during the Sacred Month is a grave offence and obstruction to Allah’s spirit of truth guiding people into all truth and an emphatic denial of the Sacred Mosque and the month's sanctity. And expulsion of Allah’s devotees from whence is a major offence to Allah and persecution for creed or opinion is worse than murder. The idolaters will continue to fight you until they succeed in forcing you to renounce your religion if they can. And he who turns renegade among you and dies captivated in disbelief and such persons shall be inherent losers; their hope shall be disappointed and their deeds shall be worthless here and Hereafter; it is these who shall be claimed by Hell and therein shall they remain forever"
2:218  Those who truly believed in Allah to the extent that they quit their homes and towns to settle where they could best serve Allah’s purpose and strive in His cause, justly expect Allah’s mercy and blessings, and Allah is -Ghafurun and Rahimun. Two questions arise, one concerning intoxicants and gambling, the answer of which is partly given below and partly in chapters Four and Five according to relevancy. The other question concerns spending money benevolently and the answer here relates to the amount and the degree
2:219  They ask you, O Muhammad, about intoxicants and gambling. Say to them: "They both involve a major sin as well as some advantages, but their evil outweighs their advantages." And they ask you how to spend in benevolence! Say to them: "Spend in benevolence and benefaction of what you can spare in excess of your actual requirements." Thus, Allah elucidates to you people His revelations and ordinances that you may hopefully consider the consequences
2:220  They contemplate their awareness of life here and in the Hereafter. and they call upon you, O Muhammad, to inform them about Islam and its position on orphans. Say to them: "Put an end to abuses and disorder and adopt the right course of reformation, it is better for them, and if you reverently commune and conduct interchanges, they are your brothers in faith. Allah knows well the one who is playfully malicious and the one who faithfully seeks reform. Had Allah willed, He would have afflicted you with difficulties; Allah is Azizun (Almighty) and Hakimun"
2:221  Do not join idolaters in wedlock before they believe in Allah, their Creator, with true faith. Indeed, a slave who believes in Allah is far better than an idolater even if adorned with qualities attracting your love; nor should you allow your women to join idolaters in wedlock before believing in Allah with spiritual faith; indeed, a slave who believes in Allah is far better than an idolater even if adorned with qualities attracting your love. These idolaters influence your actions and deeds and you will end in the Fire, whereas Allah graciously attracts you to settle in His Paradise, and enjoy His forgiveness. Allah explicates to people His revelations that they may hopefully open their minds’ eyes
2:222  They ask you, O Muhammad, for information relative to women's menstruation and whether sexual congress is permissible in its duration. Say to them: "It is an unwholesome phase in the woman's menstrual cycle fraught with systemic changes including personality alteration and a general decrease in resistance to disease. Therefore, leave women alone during menstruation and do not approach them until they are clear of it and have cleansed. When once they are ritually conditioned, you may feel free to approach them in the manner Allah has ordained. Allah likes those who in lowliest plight repentant stand and those who free themselves of physical, moral and spiritual defilement
2:223  Your wives are where you cultivate your crop of posterity; they are your field wherein you cultivate mutual affection and emotion directed to attaining pleasure or satisfaction, therefore, till your tilth virtuously as you will and advance piety toward future security and revere Allah. And realise that you are destined to be in His August Presence Hereafter, and announce blissful tidings, O Muhammad, to those touched by the divine hand
2:224  And do not abuse Allah’s Eternal Name in acts of swearing when referring to Allah in binding you to a false statement or an act or in refusing to make peace. Make reparations for your oath and correct the incorrect so that reputations are maintained and piety is credited for the sake of reverence and the ability to create peace among people, and your affirmation is as sacred as an oath. Revere Allah; Who is Sami’un (Omnipresent with unlimited audition) and 'Alimun
2:225  Allah excuses you for oaths in which the guilt does not reside in the intention, but He holds you responsible for oaths with guilty intention and Allah is, Ghafurun and Hakimun (Forbearing toward His creatures)
2:226  And those of you who make an oath to abstain from approaching your wives must not exceed four months. Should they reconcile with their own hearts and with Allah thereby resuming their normal relationship, they shall find Allah Ghafurun and Rahimun
2:227  However, if they should decide to divorce, Allah is Sami‘un (Omnipresent with unlimited audition) and 'Alimun
2:228  Divorced women shall remain for three months, or menstrual cycles, in order to regard their condition. They are not absolved to hide Allah’s creation in their wombs if they are true believers. There and then their husbands shall have prior entitlement to reclaiming them and resuming marital life if both agree to reconciliation. And women have as many rights as equal obligations, and men are a step higher than they are in the scope of responsibility, and Allah is Azizun and Hakimun
2:229  Divorce is permissible only twice, if each time both parties think they can reconcile with their hearts and with Allah. There and then they shall have to hold together in equity or else part in kindness. But if you decide on divorce, then you are forbidden to reclaim what you gave them of dower or gifts unless you fear obstinacy against Allah’s ordinances, then you are absolved if she wishes to buy her freedom. These are the limitations imposed by Allah, and those who transgress them are wrongful
2:230  If he happens to divorce her and reclaim her twice and then divorces her again a third time, then he has no right to reclaim her in wedlock, that is if they both are so inclined, before joining another man in wedlock. If the second husband willingly divorces her, then and only then, are they absolved to reunite in wedlock if they both believe they are able to honour the limitations imposed by Allah. These are the limitations imposed by Allah; He clearly explicates them to those who reflect
2:231  When you have divorced women and they have fulfilled their determined period of waiting for three months and both of you are willing to reconcile, then you either reclaim them in equity and honour or free them in equity and honour. Do not reclaim them for a selfish end or spite them and he who acts in this manner will wrong himself. And do not mock Allah’s revelations and statutes, and render solemn acknowledgement of Allah’s divine favour conferred upon you and revere the Book He sent down to you and the knowledge and wisdom He imparted to you to caution you to commendable conduct, and revere Allah, and realise that Allah is 'Alimun of all
2:232  And when you have divorced women and they have fulfilled their determined period of waiting, do not restrain them, O you who have influence, from reuniting with their separated husbands in wedlock if the women wish to reconcile their quarrel in equity and honour. This is an appeal incumbent on those who believe in Allah and in the Last Day with truly faithful hearts. This imparts sanctity to you and you become pious, for Allah is 'Alimun whereas you are not
2:233  Mothers who have given birth shall suckle their babies for a period of two years if deemed necessary to complete the course of breast-feeding. It is incumbent on the child’s father, whether normally married or in the process of a divorce to provide both mother and infant with the means of subsistence and life’s necessities and provide them with clothing according to his means, in equity and honour. No soul is charged with spending except within the means. Nor should a mother or father suffer on account of their child. And in the case of the father’s death, the heir shall be charged with the same responsibility. If both parents wish to interrupt breast-feeding in the infant’s interest and decide to wean, they may do so. If it be deemed necessary to engage a wet nurse to breast-feed the child, you may do so on the condition that the mother or the wet nurse are not denied their due. revere Allah and realise that Allah is Bassirun, He sees all you do
2:234  And in the event of a husband’s death, bereaved widows shall wait for a determined period of four months and ten days without any expectation other than the possibility of pregnancy, inevitably shaping the course of events. When the determined period of waiting has expired, those of you of influence are absolved of their inclinations as long as they are equitably and honourably disposed, and Allah is Khabirun (Omniscient) of all you do
2:235  You men incur no consequence if, at this time, you ethically and indirectly advance your marriage offer for consideration, or if you only entertain the idea or cling to hope. Allah knows well that attraction to women is natural to you and that you think about them. But do not secretly propose to them during this determined period, but you may hold honourable conversation with them. Nor can you enter into a marriage contract until the determined period has been fulfilled. You ought to realise that Allah knows what is hidden in your innermost being, therefore, beware of Him and be cautious and realise that He is Ghafurun and Halimun (Indulgent and Forbearing)
2:236  You incur no blame if you divorce women before consummating the marriage and before deciding on dower's payment or its amount. But in order to do equity and justice you shall compensate them for disappointing their expectations; the wealthy, according to his means and the restrained, within his means, an expression of good will affording pleasure. This is a duty incumbent on those whose deeds are wise and pious
2:237  And if you divorce them before consummating marriage but after already deciding on the dower’s amount, then they are entitled to half the determined amount unless they themselves, or their representatives, grant remission of the due amount. And to grant remission is nearer to piety. Do not forget to exercise good will among each other and to commit generosity, for the actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. Allah is Bassirun, He sees all you do
2:238  Observe your duty to Allah and maintain the prescribed prayers, especially AL-‘Asr, the afternoon prayer, and humble yourselves to Allah and exercise unqualified obedience to Him
2:239  And if you experience uneasiness caused by danger, you may perform your prayers on foot while walking or riding. But when normal conditions resume and safety prevails, then perform your prayers in the manner instructed by Allah Who made known to you what you never knew
2:240  Those of you who feel death approaching shall bequeath to their wives the means of sustenance for a period of one year, and in case of sudden death the heir is charged with the same responsibility. In either case, the widow shall remain in his residence for the same period of one year. But should the widows choose to change their residence voluntarily after fulfilling the determined period of four months and ten days, then you incur no consequence for what they do with themselves as long as they are equitably and honourably disposed; Allah is Azizun and Hakimun
2:241  And women who have been judicially separated from their husbands whether before or after consummation of marriage are also entitled to a reasonable endowment as separate maintenance, a gesture to those whose expectation they disappointed. This is a duty incumbent on those who do equity, reverence and justice and exhibit veneration for Allah
2:242  Thus, Allah explicates to you people His revelations that you may hopefully reflect
2:243  Have you not seen, O Muhammad, into the event of those who fled their dwellings by the thousands in the face of hostility from the enemy of faith in fear of death? Consequently, Allah pronounced them dead and their hopes died as well. Then in mercy He revived their hopes and infused renewed life into them. Indeed, Allah’s efficacious grace abounds in people but most of them show no gratitude nor do their hearts surge, responding thankfully
2:244  Therefore, fight in Allah’s cause and make it the core of your purpose, and realise that Allah is Sami‘un and 'Alimun
2:245  Who would like to lend Allah all the benevolence and pious deeds he can toward future security and Allah shall reimburse him multi-fold! Allah is He Who reduces to poverty causing want, and He also brings abundance and supplying want, and back to Him shall all of you return
2:246  Have you not seen, O Muhammad, into the discourse held by Bani Isra‘il’s chiefs with a prophet of their own sent to them after Mussa’s death? They said to him: "Nominate a king under whose power we can unite and fight in Allah’s cause." The Prophet said to them: "What if he is appointed and fighting is ordained and you refuse to fight?" They said: "But why should we not fight in Allah’s cause when we and our children have been expelled from our homes?" But when fighting was ordained they retracted their word and their true irreverent spirit betrayed them to their fall excepting a few; but Allah is wholly aware of the wrongful
2:247  Their prophet then said to them: "Now Allah appointed Talut (Saul) as your king." But they said: "How can he be given sovereignty over us when we claim priority in birth, rank and dignity and he is not as endowed with possessions and advantages!" Their prophet said: "Allah has chosen him to reign over you and has imparted to him a wealth of knowledge and privileged him with a distinguished stature, and Allah delegates His Authority to whom He will. Allah is Wasi‘un (Omnipresent) and 'Alimun"
2:248  Their prophet then said to them: "His delegated Authority is evidenced in the reclamation of the Ark of the Covenant, once lost to the enemy, carried by the angels with security provided by Allah, your Creator, and comprising of the relics abandoned by Mussa’s family and Harun’s family." "This incident," he added, "surely represents convincing divine evidence of Allah’s delegated Authority to Talut, which should be acceptable to you if indeed you are true believers
2:249  And when Talut advanced his troops and traversed some distance by marching, they came across a river. There and then said Talut to his troops: "Allah has preordained that you be tested now for inclination, sincerity and endurance, therefore, he who drinks of the river to satisfy his thirst shall be discharged from my forces, but he who does not drink shall join my forces, but excused is he who takes only a few sips from the palm of one hand. Yet they all satisfied their thirst except for a few. And when Talut crossed the river with those who exercised unqualified obedience to commands, they wrere confronted by Jalut (Goliath) and his superior forces whom they feared. They said: "On this day we are not a match for Jalut and his forces. But those who marched under the banner, believers touched by the divine hand, who believe they would be destined to be in Allah, the Creator’s, August Presence Hereafter, ventured to say: "How often, Allah willing, has a small force submitted a superior force?" Allah upholds the patient and persevering"
2:250  When they faced Jalut and his forces they prayed: "inspire us, O Allah, our Creator, to be justly confident and enduring and inspire our courage and help us make our steps firm, and bring victory and fortune to us so that we reduce those who deny You to ruin"
2:251  And so, they routed Jalut’s forces as Allah willed, and Dawud (David), then, a poor shepherd and unarmed youth) slew Jalut, and by His grace, Allah conferred authority, sovereignty and wisdom upon him and imparted upon him the knowledge He willed. And if Allah did not repress some people through others, indeed, the world would be full of mischief, but Allah’s grace abounds in the universe
2:252  These are Allah’s revelations, We relate them to you, O Muhammad, in truth, for you are one of the Prophets
2:253  We endowed such Prophets with privileges, some more than others. Among them was one spoken to by Allah, and He evaluated some a degree higher in rank. And We sent ‘Isa, son of Maryam, with clear revelations and signs guiding out of darkness and superstition of later times and out of want of spiritual and intellectual vision into illumination and mental enlightenment, and We supported him giving him countenance by the Holy Spirit, Jibril. And had Allah willed, never would have their successors fought against each other, especially after receiving intellectual enlightenment and mental illumination. But they were at variance in a state of discord and enmity, some recognising Allah and obeying His statutes and others denying Him or rejecting His ordinances and decrees. And had Allah willed they would not have warred against each other, but Allah does and enacts what He will
2:254  O you whose hearts truly believe, spend benevolently and with benefaction in Allah’s cause before the Day arrives when no buying nor selling shall be effected. Nor shall friendship alleviate him, whoever he may be, nor shall anyone be permitted to intercede on behalf of another, and Allah’s deniers shall be the wrongful
2:255  Allah, there is no Ilah but He, The Eternal, the Absolute, Purveyor of sustenance for all, and AL-Qayum (Omnipotent) Who preserves existence. It is not congruous with His divine nature to slumber or sleep. To Him belong all in the heavens and on earth. Who is it Who can intercede on behalf of another in His August Presence but by the graceful proclamation of His permission? He knows His creatures’ experiences and the course of coming events which bridge their span and no one can comprehend anything of His knowledge nor can anything be known except as He will. His Throne, His knowledge and His dominance and command extend over the heavens and earth, whose preservation does not tire Him or worn out with fatigue, and He is above all and beyond all, He is the Unique, whose attributes belong to the highest regions of thought and reality
2:256  Compulsion is incompatible with religion, therefore let there be no compulsion in religion. Now the path of righteousness has been distinguished from the path of error and holiness distinguished from vindictiveness. Therefore, he who rejects false beliefs and turns his attention to Allah with a religious mind, will have firmly grasped the eternal, unchangeable and most secure handhold which shall never separate, nor shall it suffer a break, and Allah is Sami‘un and 'Alimun
2:257  Allah is the Guardian of those whose hearts truly believe spiritually. He guides them out of darkness and superstition of later times and out of want of spiritual and intellectual vision into illumination and mental enlightenment, whereas those who denied Allah are guided by the prince of darkness, or by those with Satanic characteristics, leading them out of light and driving them into darkness and want of spiritual and intellectual vision. Such persons shall be the inmates of Hell fire, their eternal abode
2:258  Have you not seen, O Muhammad, into the discourse of the one who argued with Ibrahim against Allah, his Creator, only because he was in a position of power over the kingdom bequeathed to his sovereignty by Allah? Ibrahim said: "Allah is my Creator, He who gives life and determines the moment of death." The man said: "I as well grant life and occasion death." Then Ibrahim said: "Allah causes the sun to rise in the east, so then, cause it to rise from the west." And there the presumptuous infidel was thrown into confusion and defeat, and Allah does not guide the wrongful to His path of righteousness
2:259  Or, similarly, his similitude to the one who passed by a town (AL-Quds) which was empty of life and he could see nothing but the remains of decayed and fallen buildings. Then he exclaimed: "How shall Allah restore it and revitalise it after having suffered death and total destruction?" There and then Allah occasioned his death lasting a hundred years and then brought him back to life and asked him: "How long do you think you have been in death’s repose?" The man said: "In all probability a day or even less in all." "But," said Allah, "you have been in death’s repose for a hundred years, and now look at your food and drink, none of them decomposed, and look at your donkey and see how it shattered into fragments of bones. We will make you a miraculous sign demonstrating Omnipotence and Authority. And now regard the bones and see how We construct them and clothe them in flesh." And when the man witnessed Allah’s Omnipotence and Authority, he said: "Now I realise that Allah is Qadirun over all things"
2:260  And Ibrahim spoke to Allah and said: "O Allah, my Creator, show me how you bring the dead back to life!" Allah said: "Do you not assent to the truth of Resurrection?" "Indeed I do," said Ibrahim, "this is not to satisfy doubts but to satisfy my reason and heart and become a better man." "Then," said Allah, "take four birds and train them to get accustomed to you. Then, "Tie them, kill them, cut them into pieces, then place each piece on a different hill, and call them to you and they shall swiftly take wing, and this should cause you to realise that Allah is indeed Azizun and Hakimun"
2:261  The example of those who spend of their wealth in divine service is similar to sown individual grains of corn growing seven auricles, each auricle carrying a hundred grains. And Allah thankfully reimburses multi-fold to whom He will, and Allah is Wasi‘un, His grace abounds in the universe, and He is Alimun
2:262  Those who spend of their wealth in divine service and do not later remind the recipient reproachfully of past favours contributing to his mental anguish shall receive their reward in heaven, they shall have no basis for alarm nor shall fear or dread fall upon them nor shall they grieve
2:263  In fact, a kind word of friendliness and forgiveness is far better than benevolence followed by reproach inducing mental anguish, and Allah is Independent, Ghaniyun (Absolute) and Halimun
2:264  O you whose hearts truly believe: Do not cancel the divine reward you merit for your benevolence by the reminders of your generosity or inducing mental anguish. You are then like he who spends his wealth ostentatiously under the guise of benevolence only to attract attention and win people’s admiration while truthfully, he believes neither in Allah nor in the Last Day. His similitude is that of a rock covered with dust and fertile soil which has been exposed to torrential rain stripping it of its soil leaving it completely bare. Such persons have lost; unable to reclaim anything they had falsely earned. And Allah does not guide those who deny Him to His path of righteousness
2:265  The example of those who spend their wealth in divine service acting upon inspiration and stronger volition than their own, is comparable to an orchard at a high elevation with rich subsoil. The orchard is exposed to torrential rain effecting a yield double its normal produce. And in the absence of torrential rain it catches the moisture of the early morning and the light showers drifting down the valley. And Allah is Alimun of all you do
2:266  Would any of you like to have an orchard of date palms and vines, and rivers streaming beneath it providing him with diversified fruit trees, and when he advances in age and his progeny are still young or feeble, the orchard is struck by a fiery whirlwind? Thus, Allah explicates to you people His revelations and He makes His signs obvious to the senses that you may hopefully ponder
2:267  O you whose hearts have been touched by the divine hand, spend of the lawful and virtuous things you have earned and of the earth’s fruits We produced for you, and do not select corrupt returns for devotion to Allah and dispose of it benevolently if you yourselves would reluctantly accept it and would shut your eyes to it if unable to help. And Allah is Independent, Ghaniyun; His grace abounds in the universe, Worthy of all Praise
2:268  AL-Shaytan deceives your judgement in order to cause falsity to be accepted as true, he threatens you with poverty in consequence for spending in divine service and he portrays to you what would insidiously allure your minds’ eyes and tempt you to commit morally evil acts whereas Allah promises you forgiveness from heaven’s realm and confers upon you efficacious grace. And Allah is Wasi‘un, His grace abounds in the universe, He is Alimun
2:269  Allah confers sound judgement in choosing means and ends upon whom He will and acquaints his heart and innermost being with wisdom and wise dispensations, and he who is gifted with this divine attribute, has indeed been endowed with overflowing goodness, and all grace will abound in him. But no one reflects except those with intellectual power of perception to know, remember and judge
2:270  And whatever large or small amount you spend in divine service or whatever you vow to solemnly undertake, comes to Allah’s knowledge. And the wrongful shall have no guiding protectors to help them Hereafter
2:271  If you perform benevolent acts openly with good will and a clean heart, it is meritorious. But if you conceal your charitable acts when you offer in benevolence to the needy, it is better for you; such acts expiate some of your wrongs by benefits, and Allah is 'Alimun of All that you do
2:272  It is not your responsibility, Muhammad, to guide the strayed to the path of righteousness but it is Allah Who touches the hearts of whom He will with His divine hand opening their minds’ eyes to His path of righteousness. And whatever you spend in divine service reflects piety in your deeds and it is but an advantage to you, that is if what you spend is truly intended to fulfil your obligation to Allah and to satisfy your conscience and hearts. And whatever you spend in benevolence shall be reimbursed in your favour and you shall not be wronged
2:273  Among you are those who truly deserve benefaction; they have been restrained from earning their livelihood because they participated in the war of belief against unbelief. They keep up appearances exhibiting to those unacquainted with them a happy expression and satisfaction because their modesty obstructs their tongues. You know them by their appearance speaking a different language; they do not solicit peoples’ ears for charity. And whatever you spend in divine service comes to Allah’s Knowledge
2:274  Those who spend of their wealth day and night in divine service of containing their souls, whether they do it covertly or overtly shall be merited in heaven’s realm; they shall have no basis for alarm nor shall fear or dread fall upon them nor shall they grieve
2:275  Those who have such a voracious appetite that they indifferently devour all they can gain from their practice of usury are both offensive and defensive with respect to mankind and they assume the demeanour of the mentally disturbed who offer themselves to al-Shaytan who debased them mentally and spiritually. That is because they allege, "Just as trade is a means of livelihood, so is usury; it is commercial dealing." But just as Allah permitted legitimate trade and consented to industry, He utterly forbade usury. Therefore, he who bows his ears in receiving admonition from Allah, his Creator, and restrains and monitors his desires and actions, may keep the gain from the past and plead his causes and Allah mercifully decides upon them. But those who relapse into this evil practice shall be the inmates of Hell eternally
2:276  Allah denounces usury but repays charitable acts generously. And Allah does not like those who sinfully consent to the forbidden
2:277  Those who truly believe and mark their deeds with wisdom and piety and faithfully observe their act of worship and give zakat, for zakat is but the vehicle of prayer, shall be rewarded by Heaven and no fear or dread shall fall upon them nor shall they grieve
2:278  O you who have recognised Allah, revere Him and relinquish the amount owed to you in usury if your hearts are truly spiritual believers
2:279  And if you do not obey this rule of righteous life commanded by religion, nor fearing for your unlawful gain, then you must expect war between belief against unbelief waged against you by Allah and His Prophet. But if you repent, grow wiser and reform then you are entitled only to the principal, the capital sum lent, so that you do not wrong others or be wronged
2:280  And if the debtor experiences difficulty or is in a pecuniary situation, then give him respite until he is at ease and is able to return the debt. And if you are able to cancel the debt or a part thereof in benevolence, you shall merit the grace of Allah, if you only knew
2:281  And guard yourselves from the Day when you are returned to Allah and each soul shall be requited with the commensurate to its deeds, and none shall be wronged
2:282  O you with hearts touched by the divine hand, if you become involved in a debt payable at a fixed date, be it a loan, item borrowed or bought on credit or a business transaction, then commit it to writing. A scribe shall formulate an agreement or contract mediating the parties with recourse to the general principles of Allah’s justice. No scribe shall refuse to fulfil this function as Allah imparted it; he simply writes and the debtor dictates and keeps Allah in mind, and the scribe shall not decrease any of the agreed amount. Should the debtor be of unsound mind, weak, or incapable of dictating, then his guardian should dictate according to equity and good conscience. And select two of your men to be formally present as witnesses to the transaction. And if two men are unavailable, then one man and two commendable women so that later, if one errs due to a memory lapse, lack of experience or a biological factor, then the other will remind her of the correct testimony. And those who were called upon to witness the transaction and were associated with the event must not refuse when they are called in for evidence in the future. And do not be disinclined to commit the debt, small or large, to writing. Sanctioned by Allah according to judicial principles, this is recourse to a credited testimony preventing doubt. This is mandatory unless it is business involving bartered merchandise or collective management at an immediate cash rate, then you are absolved if you do not commit it to writing. But when you dispose of merchandise to a buyer for price, then such transactions must be witnessed. And neither writer nor witness should be made to suffer, for if you harm them, you commit a sin that shall be transferred to you, and revere Allah; He teaches you and shows you through information or instruction; He is 'Alimun of all in all
2:283  And if you are on a journey and cannot find a writer, then place a pledge in the creditor’s possession as a guarantee of good faith. And if the debtor considers the creditor a credible person then the creditor should prove himself trustworthy and return the pledge upon receiving the debt from the debtor, also expected to be trustworthy, and either of them should keep Allah in mind and revere Him. And do not conceal, destroy, suppress or refuse to provide evidence when summoned, and he who withholds testimony is indeed morally depraved with a soiled and sinful heart. And Allah is 'Alimun of all you do
2:284  To Allah belong all in the heavens and earth and realise that regardless of how you express yourself, in words or secretly in the mind and heart, all comes to Allah’s knowledge, and He shall judge you accordingly. He shall then extend mercy and forgiveness to whom He will and put to torment whom He will, and Allah is Qadirun to effect all things
2:285  The Prophet strongly believes in all that has been revealed to him from Allah, his Creator. He pays credence to it and embraces it as truth personified. Similarly act the true believers who revere profoundly, they believe in Allah, His spiritual angels or attendants, His books and His Messengers. And they emphatically declare: "We do not differentiate between one Prophet and another." And they beseech Allah for forgiveness with the following prayer of invocation: "We have, O Allah, heard Your message with receptive hearts and venerated Your revelations and all enjoined, and we obey all Your statutes and ordinances You decreed. O Allah, our Creator, kindly grant Your mercy and forgiveness to us; You are the end of all destiny
2:286  Allah does not charge a soul except with what it can bear; a soul shall qualify to reap the fruit it merits for its innocence and piety, and it shall pay its own debt and suffer accordingly. Therefore, beseech Him in heaven to take mercy on your souls, praying thus: "O Allah, our Creator, do not condemn us if we fail to remember, if we err innocently, if our imperfections fall short of the purpose, if we dissatisfy Your standard or neglect a duty. And present us not, O Allah, our Creator, with difficulties as the difficulties you imposed on those who came before us in consequence of their arrogance and wrongful actions." "And charge us not O Allah, our Creator, with the unbearable, pardon us, forgive us and have mercy on us; You are our Protective Guardian; help us gain advantage over those who deny you