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15:1  Alif Laam Raa. Those are the signs of the book and a Quran that makes things clear.
15:2  Those who do not believe will often wish that they had been Muslims.
15:3  Leave them eating and enjoying and let (false) hope amuse them, but they will come to know.
15:4  And We did not destroy any city but at the known prescription (of the time which was destined) for it (earlier).
15:5  No community can advance (the time of) its term (for destruction) nor can it postpone (it).
15:6  And they say, “O you on whom the reminder has been sent down ! you are certainly possessed by a jinn.
15:7  Why do you not come to us with the angels, if you are of the truthful ones?”
15:8  We do not send down the angels except with the truth and then they would not be given time.
15:9  We have certainly sent down the reminder and We are its Custodians.
15:10  And We had indeed sent (messengers) before you to the ancient sects.
15:11  And there did not come to them a single messenger but they mocked at him.
15:12  Thus do We make it to enter the hearts of the criminals.
15:13  (So) they (too) will not believe in it, and this (has been) the procedure of the ancients (who) have passed away.
15:14  And even if We had opened on them a gate of the sky so that they could keep on ascending in it,
15:15  they would only say, “Our eyes are intoxicated. No ! we are people influenced by magic.”
15:16  And We have made galaxies in the sky and adorned it for those who see.
15:17  And We have protected it from every driven away devil,
15:18  except him who steals a hearing, so a clear flame* follows him. * Probably a meteorite.
15:19  And the earth We have stretched it and We have put in it (sedimentary) mountains and caused to grow in it everything balanced (in due proportion).
15:20  And We have made for you means of livelihood therein, and for him (too) for whom you are not the providers.
15:21  And there is not a single thing but with Us are treasures of it and We do not send it down but in a known measure (according to a programme).
15:22  And We send the winds fertilizing, then We send down water from the sky and We provide it to you for drinking and you are not the storers of it.
15:23  And certainly, it is We Who bring to life and cause to die and We are the Inheritors.
15:24  And We indeed know those of you who have (lived and) gone before (you) and We indeed know those who are (yet) to come.
15:25  And your Fosterer will certainly gather them (all), He is certainly Wise, Knowing.
15:26  And We had created man from mud containing black particles # (which were) processed . # Probably carbon compounds
15:27  And the jinn We had created earlier from a fiery heat wave.
15:28  And when your Fosterer said to the angels, “I am creating man from mud containing black particles (which were) processed,
15:29  so when I set him up in equilibrium and blow into him of My spirit, then fall bowing down to him.”
15:30  So the angels bowed down all of them together,
15:31  except Iblis, he refused to be with those who bowed down.
15:32  He (Allah) said, “O Iblis ! what is your reason for your not being of those who bowed down?”
15:33  He (Iblis) said, “I am not one to bow down to man whom You created from mud containing black particles (which were ) processed.”
15:34  He said, “Then get out of it, for you are certainly driven away,
15:35  and there is certainly a curse on you till the day of judgment.”
15:36  He said, “My Fosterer ! so give me time till the day they are raised.”
15:37  He said, “So you are of those who are given time
15:38  till the day, the timing of which is known.”
15:39  He said, “My Fosterer ! because You have removed me from the way, I will definitely make (evil) fair seeming to them in the earth and I will definitely remove all of them from the way (leading to paradise),
15:40  except Your servants among them who exclusively (serve You).”
15:41  He said, "This (path of My servants) is the path (leading) straight to Me.
15:42  You will certainly not have any authority on My servants, except him who follows you from among those who are removed from the way (leading to paradise),
15:43  and hell is certainly the promised place for all of them.”
15:44  There are seven gates for it, for each of these (gates) there will be an assigned portion.
15:45  And those who guard (against evil) will certainly be in the midst of gardens with water springs.
15:46  (It will be said to them), “Enter them in peace, being secure.”
15:47  And We will remove whatever of ill feeling would be there in their hearts, (they will be like) brothers, (sitting) on couches, facing each other,
15:48  toil will not touch them there in nor will they be sent out from there.
15:49  Inform My servants that, “I am certainly the Protectively Forgiving, the Merciful,”
15:50  and (also) that, “My punishment is certainly a painful punishment.”
15:51  And inform them about the guests of Ibrahim,
15:52  when they entered in his presence and said, “Peace.” He said, “We are certainly afraid of you.”
15:53  They said, “Do not be afraid, we (have come to) give you the good news of a son possessing knowledge.”
15:54  He said, “Do you give me the good news when old age has effected me? Then what is it about which you give me good news?”
15:55  They said, “We give you the good news in truth, so do not be of those who are astray?”
15:56  He said, “ And who despairs of the mercy of his Fosterer except those who are despair.”
15:57  He said, “ Then what is your (other) business O you messengers?”
15:58  They said, “We are sent towards a criminal people,
15:59  except the family of Lut, we will certainly save all of them,
15:60  except his wife." We had destined that she should be of those who are to be left behind.
15:61  So when the messengers came to the family of Lut,
15:62  he said, "You are a people whom (we) do not recognise."
15:63  They said, "No! we have come to you with that about which they used to doubt,
15:64  and we have come to you with the truth and we are certainly truthful.
15:65  So go away with your followers during part of the night, and (you) follow behind them and do not let anyone of you turn round, but go to the place to which you are commanded."
15:66  And We decided (and revealed) that affair to him, that the roots of these (people who are to be left behind) will be cut off by the morning.
15:67  And the people of the city came rejoicing.
15:68  He said, "They are certainly my guests so do not defame me
15:69  and fear Allah and do not disgrace me."
15:70  They said, "Did we not forbid you from (speaking on behalf of everyone in) the worlds?"
15:71  He said," These are my daughters (for marriage), if you are to do (anything)."
15:72  By your life! they were certainly blindly wandering in their intoxication.
15:73  So the loud cry seized them at morning.
15:74  Thus We made their (city) turn upside down and rained on them porous stones of baked clay* . *Probably volcanic debris.
15:75  In that there are certainly signs for those who understand signs.
15:76  And the (city) is on the existing road.
15:77  In that there are certainly signs for those who believe.
15:78  And the inhabitants of the jungle were also unjust,
15:79  so We inflicted retribution on them and certainly, both (the cities) are on the open road (seen) clearly.
15:80  And the inhabitants of Al Hijr (The Rocky Tract) denied the messengers.
15:81  And We sent to them Our signs but they turned away from them.
15:82  And they used to carve out houses in the mountains (for their) security.
15:83  So the loud cry seized them at morning.
15:84  So that which they used to earn was of no use to them.
15:85  And We did not create the skies and the earth and that which is between them both, but in reality. And the hour of doom is certainly coming, so overlook, overlooking in a good manner.
15:86  Your Fosterer is certainly the Creator Who knows.
15:87  And We have given you seven of the frequently repeated (verses of chapter one) and the great Quran.
15:88  Do not strain your eyes (by looking) towards that which We have given for enjoyment to some groups among them, and do not grieve over them and lower your wing to the believers.
15:89  And say," I am certainly a clear warner."
15:90  Like that We will send down (the punishment) on the dividers,
15:91  who made the Quran into parts (accepting some and rejecting other parts).
15:92  So by your Fosterer, We will definitely question all of them
15:93  regarding that which they used to do.
15:94  So proclaim that which you are commanded to (proclaim) and turn away from the polytheists.
15:95  We are certainly sufficient for you against those who mock (at you),
15:96  those who set up another god with Allah, they will come to know.
15:97  And We indeed know that your heart is straitened due to that which they say,
15:98  so glorify by praising your Fosterer and be of those who prostrate.
15:99  And serve your Fosterer till that which is certain comes to you.