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Today's Ayat for Thursday, 2018-12-06 / 28 Rabi` al-awwal 1440

VERILY, man is born with a restless disposition.  

[As a rule,] whenever misfortune touches him, he is filled with self-pity;  

  -- al-Ma`arij 70:19-20 as rendered by Muhammad Asad

إِنَّ الْإِنسَانَ خُلِقَ هَلُوعًا
إِذَا مَسَّهُ الشَّرُّ جَزُوعًا



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IslamAwakened has been asked to add commentary to our Today's Ayat
This is today's comment:

The Qur'an warns us about some of our bad habits
We are impatient, we are restless, we feel the pressures of time
These are among the tests we need to endure in order to fine-tune our selves
Patience, gratitude, and conscious awareness of the ever-presence of our Creator is the 'fix'

This is an OPINION. 
We must always read the verse(s) for ourselves!