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Today's Ayat for Tuesday, 2018-10-09 / 29 Muharram 1440

Whatever misfortune befalls you is of your own doing; God forgives much  

  -- ash-Shura 42:30 as rendered by Wahiduddin Khan

وَمَا أَصَابَكُم مِّن مُّصِيبَةٍ فَبِمَا كَسَبَتْ أَيْدِيكُمْ وَيَعْفُو عَن كَثِيرٍ



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IslamAwakened has been asked to add commentary to our Today's Ayat
This is today's comment:

It is human nature to blame someone or something else for our troubles.
Sometimes we are even half-right in this;
  but first we really need to clean up our own life;
    then, and only then, can we look at outside influences.

This is an OPINION. 
We must always read the verse(s) for ourselves!